Country Fuck

by interested1uk

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Fiction, Gang Bang, .

Desc: Sex Story: a fuck in the country

The weather was glorious, so we decided to use it to our advantage, and indulge in our favourite pass-time of fucking in the open air. Having walked quite a distance, with me trailing slightly behind to watch the lovely firm cheeks of her firm, round arse sway with a hard-on inducing movement, as though her arse was fitted with ball-bearings.

Dressed in a very short, filmy summer dress, she gave occasional glimpses of a sexy pair of brief red nylon knickers, above the lace patterned hold-up stockings that I like her to wear for these outings. On the odd occasion, I would get a flash between her parted legs, which gave a preview of what was to come later. We eventually find a secluded spot, which seems just the place that we have been looking for.

She stopped and sat down with her legs slightly apart, giving me a glimpse of the gusset of her panties, which are showing a damp spot where she has become excited about the prospect of the fuck that is about to happen.

I sat down beside her and slowly slid my fingers under the hem of her short skirt, which by now has ridden up to mid thigh. I carried on until I reached the top of her stocking and felt the delight of bare flesh, which heralded the delights of her smoothly, shaven pussy lips and wet cunt.

Meanwhile my other hand has not been idle, and had been slowly unbuttoning the front of her low-cut filmy summer dress. At last I revealed her firm 36D tits, encased in a lace-trimmed bra that she don't really need. The bra is a front-loader, and easily undone, releasing her twin globes in all their glory. As I run my thumb over her large nipples, they harden into little bullets, which made her breathing quicken as her sex impulses started their work.

I can feel other evidence of her increasing excitement, as I could feel her pussy lips start to lubricate with the slightly musky aroma of her juices showing me how aroused she had become.

She had not been idle in the meantime, and had undone the zip of my trousers to slide a searching hand in to locate, my hardened cock to full arousal, which she then pulled out of from my trousers, and started to wank me with delicious slow but firm strokes. This caused droplets of pre-cum to appear at the tip of my cock, which she eagerly licked off with her soft velvety tongue, which she can't resist doing. Nor can she stop herself, as she loves its slightly salty taste.

I had reached the point where I must fuck her before I came over her hand. So I lowered her to the ground, and slide her tiny white panties down, and off her delightful stocking-encased legs. Both her legs automatically parted as I do this, and gave me a wonderful view of her puffy, shaven cunt lips that were by now beginning to open, and are obviously soaking wet with her love juices.

I had an irresistible urge to lick her love petals and have a taste of her honey-flavoured cunt, and I pushed my tongue between those silken lips until I had reached as far as I can go. I lick round those soft lips until I found the hard nub of her fully roused clit, and give that plenty of attention. She immediately had a mind-shattering orgasm, which flooded my mouth with her sweet juices, and I swallowed every drop that she released. When she had finished cumming, I pushed a finger past the entrance of her cunt to search for her G-spot. I found it, and a few, gentle strokes sent her into another massive orgasm.

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