Here Cums the Bride

by KK

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Cheating, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: Husband remembers his wedding day and celebrates his annaversary.

I have been married to my beautiful and sexy wife Judy for five years Now and I love her more now than the day we married. To start this narrative I want to go back to my wedding day five years ago yesterday.

That morning I drove out to the old resort hotel, where the wedding was to be held, about two hours early. I had worked at the hotel while I was in college and it's where Judy and I met. As I wandered around the grounds I remembered all the fun I had the three summers I spent working weddings and parties and now three years later I was back for my wedding. As I walked around the grounds I thought about my favorite place on the hotel grounds. It was a small room behind the wedding chapel used to store extra chairs and party props. In the time I worked at the hotel I don't remember anyone other than me going into the room. I used to sneak off to this room during slow times to smoke a joint or just relax for a few minutes.

One day after I had helped set up for an early wedding, I slipped off to the storage room for some quiet time before the reception started and I had to start tending bar. As I was sitting there smoking I heard voices that seemed to be coming from the far corner of the room behind some old party props that looked like they hadn't been moved in years.

My curiosity got the better of me and I began moving boxes and props until I could get to the back wall and locate the source of the voices I was hearing. What I found was an old heating vent in the wall about three feet above the floor. The vent was opened on my side but covered on the other side where the voices were coming from. As I listened to the voices I realized they were coming from the bride and bride's maids as they were getting dressed for the wedding. Listening to them talk about their boyfriends and how good or bad they were in bed and giving wedding night advice to the bride was getting me aroused. I just wished I could see as well as hear them. After about 20 minutes I heard someone come into the room and announce that it was 'time'. I listened as they all left the room.

As soon as they left I had to run out and get the bar set up for the reception. All that day I kept fantasizing about what it would have been like to be able to see into that room while the wedding party was getting ready. As I was cleaning up after the reception ended I decided to find the room the wedding party had been using and see if I could find where in the room the old vent was located.

When I had finished all my work I headed over to the wedding chapel. It took only a minute to find the room. It was right off the back of the Chapel. I was surprised that I had never been aware of it before. When I entered I found that it was a long narrow room. All along one wall was a long counter surface with a mirror above it. The mirror was surrounded by lights. It looked like one of those dressing rooms they show in movies all the time. At the far end of the room there were sinks and toilets. On the wall opposite the counter I noticed an old heating vent about a foot off the floor. When I examined it I found that someone had put a piece of wood behind the vent to close it off. I went and got a screw driver and removed the vent cover, removed the piece of wood behind it and reinstalled the vent. Then I went back around to the storage room to check out the view. Looking through the vent from the storage room I could see the whole dressing room. I couldn't wait for the next wedding in the chapel. I put the piece of wood over the vent hole on the storage room side so that my handy work would not be discovered, then I arranged the props and other old materials so that I could easily slip in behind the props to get to the vent and so no one coming into the room would see me.

There was a wedding scheduled for the following Saturday. I wasn't scheduled to work this reception as I had worked a party Friday night. I went out to the hotel about two hours before the wedding and went into the storage room and opened the vent. I didn't have to wait long. The bride's maids arrived about fifteen minutes later. I couldn't believe the show I was getting. I watched as these beautiful ladies stripped naked and began dressing in there beautiful gowns. Then the bride arrived. It was a real kick to me that I got to see the bride naked on her wedding day before the groom did. For the next year I watched many wedding parties go through the process and I saw all kinds of exciting things. I watched as women undressed, dressed, and sat on the toilet to pee but my favorites were once when I saw the groom sneak in and have sex with one of the bride's maids and once just before leaving the room for the wedding ceremony the bride lifted up her gown and each of the four bride's maids kissed her on the pussy. I didn't know what that was about but I loved it. During the spring semester of my senior year there was a bad storm and the wedding chapel was badly damaged so the hotel had to stop using the chapel for weddings.

It was during this time that I met Judy but I never told her about my secret place. Judy and I attended the same college and during our junior and senior years we both worked at the hotel. During the time we worked at the hotel Judy and I only dated a few times. It wasn't till after graduation that we began to really fall in love. And it was three years later that we decided to get married.

We were having a hard time finding a place to hold the wedding until our old boss from the hotel called and said they were reopening the chapel and wanted to know if, as a wedding gift to us, we would like to have our wedding in the newly repaired chapel. Of course we jumped at the offer.

This brings us back to my wedding day. As I walked around the hotel grounds I suddenly thought of the vent in the storage room and wondered if when they repaired the chapel if they had found my little secret. I went straight to the storage room. I was pleased to see that nothing in the room had been touched in the three plus years since the last time I had been in there. When I got to my viewing position and opened the vent I could still see the whole room. The only change was a fresh coat of paint. Suddenly the door to the dressing room opened and in came two of Judy's bride's maids. I maid a quick decision and went out to my car and got my cell phone. I called my best man and told him that I was going to spent some time by myself and that I would meet him in the chapel just before the start of the ceremony. Then I went back to my private viewing room.

I watched as the bride's maids quickly changed into their gowns. These were some beautiful girls but none could match the beauty of my Judy. Finally Judy came into the room. She was wearing blue jeans and a T-shirt and she was carrying her gown. I watched as Judy stripped naked. She didn't seem to mind that her friends where watching her. Next Judy opened a little bag she had brought in with her. She pulled out a pair of white silk French cut panties and slipped them on. She was facing the mirror as she pulled the panties up. Looking at her reflection I could see her dark pubic hair through the sheer material of the panties. The idea that later that day I was going to pull those panties off her was making me very hard. Judy looked at herself in the mirror and pulled the panties just snug enough to make them hug the shape of her pussy mound. Then she reached back into her bag and pulled out a bra. The bra matched the panties. Judy has very beautiful breasts. They are what I think are the perfect size not to big not to small and very firm. And as sexy as they look with her standing there they looked even sexier with the lacy sexy silk bra on. Next Judy pulled on a pair of thigh high white lace stockings. The trim around the top matched the trim on her panties. Next she put on a half slip and sat down and started working on her make up. When Judy finished with her make-up her mother came in and helped her into her wedding gown. I know I wasn't supposed to see her in her gown but I couldn't stop watching her. Once they had the gown hanging the way they wanted it, Judy's mother finished fixing Judy's hair then put her vale on. Judy stood up and put her shoes on and took one last look in the mirror. Judy's mother asked her if there was anything else she needed and Judy just said, "There's 15 minutes left before we start. I think I would like to be alone for a little while." Her mother said okay and ushered all the bride's maids out then return to Judy and kissed her on the cheek then pulled Judy's vale down over her face and left the room.

Judy sat quietly for about a minute then said out loud "Mrs. Richard Craven," then she pumped her fist and said "yessss!" That made me feel great. Judy stood up and took one last look in the mirror and started toward the door. As she turned to the door I started to leave to get to the chapel before her when suddenly there was a knock on the dressing room door. I turned to see what that was about and watched as Judy opened the door. It was a man with a basket of flowers and an envelope. The man came into the room and said, "My name if John and I have a message for you." Then he handed Judy the envelope. As Judy opened the envelope I noticed John locking the dressing room door. I began to get worried but I didn't move. Judy didn't seem to notice what John was doing as she opened the envelope and read the enclosed message. I watched as Judy calmly folded the note and put it back into the envelope. She put the envelope into the little silk purse she had around her wrist. Judy turn and looked at John and said, "I really though he would have forgotten about this." With that John took a towel off of the dressing table and dropped it on the floor in front of Judy. Then John helped Judy get down on her knees, while she held her gown out of the way to keep from crushing it. John stepped in front of her, opened his pants and pulled his cock out then he reached down and lifted Judy's vale. I couldn't believe what was happening. I felt like I was frozen where I was and couldn't move. I continued to watch as Judy reached out and took his soft cock in her hand, leaned forward and began to run her tongue over the head and down the sides. Next she sucked the whole thing into her mouth and pulled back slowly causing John's cock to slowly come out from between her lips. I still couldn't move. I wanted to scream 'stop' but I couldn't and at the same time I could feel my cock getting harder by the second. The odd thing is that while I was upset by what I was seeing I felt no anger toward Judy. I felt as though she had no choice in what was happening.

As Judy continued working on John's cock I could see that it was growing rapidly now. Within two minutes Judy had John fully erect. She gave him just a little more oral attention then she stood up. John turned her around and had her lean over the counter in front of the mirror. He had positioned Judy right in front of the vent so that I was no more than five feet from them. I could easily have shouted for them to stop and they would have heard me, but I didn't. John bent down and lifted Judy's gown and slip up and pushed it up over her hips and rested it on her back. I now had a perfect view of the back of Judy's lovely legs and her beautiful silk covered ass. Judy's panties were stretched so tight over her pussy mound that I could see the outline of her pussy lips through the material. John began to slowly pull Judy's panties down over her ass and down her legs then he had her step out of them with one foot so she could spread her legs a little. From my vantage point I was looking up at Judy's great ass and the mound of soft flesh with a coating of fine soft dark hair which conceals the split which protects the opening to Judy's wonderful pussy. As I watched this all I wanted to do was put my mouth on her pussy and suck up her love juices. Reality came back when John got on his knees behind Judy and began running his tongue up and down Judy's slit. I couldn't see what he was doing as his back was now blocking my view.

After a few minutes John stood up again and when Judy's pussy came into view I could see that her lips were now in full view. John stepped up behind Judy and began working his cock into her. Once he had the head started into her he pushed it all the way in. As he started pumping into her I noticed that she was pushing back against him. John started stroking slowly at first but picked up the pace considerably as he neared his climax. When he did cum he came deep inside Judy. Then he stopped stroking and just stood still until his cock became flaccid and slowly slipped out of Judy's pussy. As his cock came out I saw one drop of cum fall to the floor and for a few seconds nothing else. Then I saw another drop form but it didn't come out.

After that John started to pull his pants up and Judy was reaching for a towel to clean herself with when there was a knock on the door. Judy froze for a second then answered the knock. A voice from outside said "Come on, it's time. Everyone is waiting." Judy replied "I'll be right out and just bent down and pulled her panties up snug and fixed her gown. I heard John say, "I will hide in here till your gone, then I'll leave."

At that moment I realized that I had better get moving. So I quickly slipped out of my hiding place and headed to the chapel. I went into the chapel through a side door and quickly walked over to my best man who looked very relieved to see me. I don't remember a lot of what happened during the ceremony except that I couldn't stop thinking about what I had seen. I remember when the minister said "You may now kiss the bride", as I kissed her I was picturing her with John's cock in her mouth. Strange thing is I was aroused.

The whole time we were standing in the reception line and having pictures taken, I kept thinking about the fact that Judy had a pussy full of cum that I didn't put there. I decided right then that as soon as we headed to the reception hall I was going to make some excuse so that I could take Judy up to the room the hotel had given us and before she could clean herself up and remove the evidence I was going to pretend to accidentally find the cum in her pussy and make her explain what had happened.

I had no trouble getting her up to the room as I supposed she was hoping to use the time to clean herself up. I soon as we got into the room I began kissing her and while she was kissing me back she was trying to keep me from lifting her gown up. I whispered in her ear that I wanted to taste her pussy. Judy said, "Not now I have to go pee." I wouldn't let her go. I finally had to put it in the form of an ultimatum. I said, "You're acting as if you have something to hide" which she denied. Then I said "You are not leaving this room until I taste your pussy." I could feel that she was getting desperate then she finally gave in. I could almost feel that her resolve was gone and that she would be telling me everything I wanted to know in a couple of minutes. I reached down and grabbed the hem of her gown and quickly pulled it up till I had it high enough that the hem of the gown was now over her head. This left her helpless to defend herself. I push her down on the bed. This left her completely exposed. I expected her to try to cover herself up by she didn't move. I guess she just wanted to get it over with. I was already to start yelling "What's this all over your pussy? Is this cum? How'd it get here?" But when I looked down I saw the most sexy sight I have ever seen. Her panties were tightly covering her pussy again only this time they were soaked through with cum. Now her panties were transparent and I could see her matted pussy hair and the swollen lips of her pussy. I was suddenly overcome with passion. I just couldn't bring myself to start attacking her when all I wanted to do was make love to her. I heard her make some kind of sound. I think she might have been starting to cry. I don't know what came over me at that point. I just reached down and pressed my fingers against the wet spot in her panties. Then I said "My, you certainly are wet. And you pretended that you didn't want me to do this." Next I pulled he panties off, spread her legs and buried my face into her pussy. Right then I decided that I didn't want to know what that episode in the dressing room was about. As I licked and sucked on her pussy I told her that I couldn't ever remember when she was that wet or tasted that good before. When I said that, I could feel her body relax and a few minutes later she had an orgasm. After her orgasm I quickly dropped my pants and inserted my cock into my bride's wonderful pussy. Judy had another orgasm and then I filled her pussy.

When we were done Judy looked more relaxed, maybe even happy. She went off to the bathroom to cleanup thinking that the all evidence of her prenuptial activity was now washed away or more accurately eaten away. While Judy was in the bathroom I opened her little purse and took out the note John had given her. The note read:


This note is to introduce you to John. John has been kind enough to agree to collect on the debt that became due on this the morning of your wedding. I hope by collecting this debt today I don't cause any irreparable harm to your marriage, but a bet is a bet and the debt must Be paid.

Also please accept this check as a wedding gift and I wish you and your husband nothing but the best.

Love always, George

The check was for one thousand dollars. Wow!

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