Conference in Las Vegas

by KK

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, .

Desc: Sex Story: A husband gives his wife permission to have a good time in Las Vegas, and she does.

The trip was unexpected but the gift my husband gave me for the trip was even more unexpected. Brent and I have been married for eight years and have had a wonderful marriage for the most part. The only major problem being an affair Brent had on a business trip five years ago. Brent felt terrible about cheating on me and told me all about the affair when he got home. He said that he and his boss had been out drinking and met a couple of girls. Brent's boss insisted on taking the girls out to dinner and drinks and one thing lead to another and Brent ended up in bed with one of the women. He told me that he never intended for anything like that to happen and promised that it would never happen again.

I was very hurt and angry and it took me a long time to forgive Brent and even longer for me to trust him again, but in time we got passed it. Since then Brent has been on several business trips but he assures me that he has not cheated on me again and I believe him. Brent has always been honest and straightforward with me and I know he would confess if he cheated on me again.

A few weeks ago my boss asked me if I would be willing to cover a business conference in Las Vegas for him. He told me I could take Brent with me and gave me the dates of the conference. It was only two weeks away. My boss said the conference started on Monday and ended Thursday. I said I would go because I knew that Brent would love to go to Vegas with me. When I got home that night and told Brent about the trip he was very excited until I told him the dates of the conference. Brent said, "Honey, I can't go. I have an important customer presentation I have to give that week and I can't turn it over to anyone else on such short notice."

I told Brent that I would call my boss and tell him I wouldn't be able to go to the conference after all, but Brent said, "I think you should go. It would be good for your career and a fun experience for you. You've never gone anywhere without me before so I think you should go and have fun."

I said, "Are you sure?"


The next day I made all of my air and hotel reservations. I would fly to Vegas on Sunday, stay at the Monte Carlo hotel and return home on Friday. A couple of days before I was to leave I began getting my clothes together for the trip. As Brent watched he laughed at me because I was only planning on taking my business suites."

Brent said, "You know you are going to Las Vegas don't you?"

"What do you mean?"

"You don't wear business suits to a conference in Vegas. You should take casual clothes and take your bathing suit. You are not going to be spending all of your time in meetings. You have got to have some fun while you're there."

I guessed Brent was right so I put my business suits back in my closet and packed casual clothes and my swimsuit.


On the Saturday evening before I was to leave Brent gave me a package, which contained a lacy black bra and panty set with a matching pair of black thigh high stockings. Brent said, I am taking you out to dinner and I want you to wear these.

I knew what that meant. Over my new sexy underwear I wore a black spaghetti strap cocktail dress. When Brent saw me he said, "You look good enough to eat, maybe for desert."

At dinner we talked about my trip and things I should do while I was there. At first I was nervous about going to Vegas by myself but the more we talked about it the more excited I got.

After dinner we drove down by the lake and sat in the car looking at the boats bobbing up and down at their moorings. Brent kissed me and said, "I am going to miss you but I want you to have fun while you're in Las Vegas," then he kissed me again. The second kiss was more passionate than the first and I felt Brent's hand sliding up my thigh under my dress. He continued to kiss me as he teased my pussy, which was already beginning to tingle with anticipation. When I couldn't stand it any longer I blurted out, "Why don't you just take me home and fuck me?"

I didn't have to ask twice. Ten minutes later we were in our bedroom and Brent was on his knees in front of me, pushing my dress up over my hips. He pressed his mouth over the gusset of my panties and blew hot air through them against my pussy. The sensation was amazing. Then he pulled the gusset aside and buried his tongue inside my dripping wet pussy and nearly brought me to orgasm. It only took an additional two minutes for him to bring me off in a tremendous white-hot orgasm. Then Brent laid me on the bed and as I recovered from my wonderful orgasm he undressed. As soon as he got on the bed with me I took his rock hard cock into my mouth and sucked it the way I know he likes it done. I was ready to bring him to climax in my mouth but Brent pulled back and said that he wanted to mount me from behind. I got on my hands and knees on the bed and when I felt the head of his cock probing my slippery slit I reached back between my legs and guided his cock to my opening. As I felt him enter me I pushed back to take his full length inside me.

I am not sure if I had two orgasms or if it was just one very long orgasm, but it was wonderful. Our sex had always been good but this was one of the best love making sessions we had had in a long time. After Brent finally filled me with his love cream we both collapsed on the bed and we were soon asleep.


Brent drove me to the airport the next morning and waited with me until my plane boarded. As he was kissing me good-bye he told me that he put a gift for me inside my suitcase. Then he said, "I want you to have fun while you are in Vegas."

I asked what the gift was but Brent wouldn't tell me, he just said, "You'll have to wait till you get to your hotel to find out." I had to get on the plane so I kiss him again and headed down the jetway.

The flight out was nice. I read a little, slept a little and watched some of the television shows they had on the plan, and then looked out the window as we flew over the Grand Canyon, Lake Mead and the Hoover Dam. It seemed like I was in Vegas in no time at all. Seeing the strip hotels and casinos as we made our landing approach increased my excitement. Luckily my suitcase was one of the first off the plane so I was able to quickly catch a cab and I was in my room at the Monte Carlo by 1:00 PM.

After a quick look out my window, which faced the MGM hotel, I began to unpack. I had completely forgotten about the gift Brent said he put in my suitcase until I discovered the gift-wrapped package under one of my blouses. I set the package aside to open it later after I finished unpacking and hanging my clothes. When I had hung my slacks and blouses and had put my panty hose and underwear in the dresser drawers I sat down on the bed with Brent's gift. There was a card attached to the outside of the box that said "Read Me First." on the envelope.

I opened the card and read, "Dear Marci, I just wanted another chance to tell you and show you how much I love you. I want you to make sure you have a very good time while you are in Vegas and I hope this gift will help. I won't ask, so when you get home you can tell me as much or as little about your trip as you wish. Love, Brent"

When I finished reading the note my hands were shaking and I wasn't sure why. I slowly removed all of the wrapping then I set the box on the bed and carefully lifted the top off. The contents of the box were hidden under tissue paper. I folded back the tissue paper to discover a very sexy bra and panty set. They were red satin with a sheer lace mesh in the front of the panties and in the cups of the bra.

When I lifted the frilly under things out of the box I found another note from Brent underneath. This note said, "I guess you get the idea now. I want you to know that you have my blessing to do whatever you need to make this trip pleasurable but whatever you decide to do, don't do it for me, do it for yourself."

I put the bra and panties back in the box and reread both notes several times. I didn't know what to think. I had never cheated on Brent and can honestly say I had never thought seriously about cheating on him. Even after his affair it never entered my mind to have sex with another man. I was in shock. Did these notes really mean what I thought they meant? Was Brent telling me that I not only have his permission, but also that he wants me to have an affair? I didn't know how to feel. Should I be happy, angry, sad? I read the notes again, and then put everything, notes and lingerie in one of the dresser drawers. Then I picked up the phone and called Brent.

When he answered the phone there was no hint in his voice that he was thinking about his gift to me. He asked my about my trip, how was the flight, how is the hotel room, how is the weather, etc. I wanted to broach the subject of the gift but Brent wouldn't let me. Finally I just said, "Brent, what is this all about? These notes and the sexy bra and panties. What is it you want me to do?"

Brent said, "I think you already know the answer. I don't want you to do anything more than have the best time that you can while you are in Vegas. I will leave it completely up to you to decide how you do that... Now I don't want to discuss this any further. We can talk about it when you get home if you want to. Just know that I love you."

I said, "Well okay. I love you too.' We talked for a couple more minutes that said our good byes.

I sat looking out the window at the huge video marquee in front of the MGM as I tried to make sense of this whole thing. I wasn't very experienced in sex when I met Brent. I wasn't a virgin but I had only had sex a few times with two different men. Since I met Brent ten years ago he is the only one I have had sex with. Brent and I experiment a lot. We have tried about everything two people can do together without endangering their lives. We even tried role-playing. Sometimes I would pretend to be someone else and I would go to a bar and talk to and dance with some of the guys there then Brent would come in and we would act like we didn't know each other. Brent would come over and talk to me and buy me a few drinks then ask me if I wanted to go for a ride with him. I would say yes and he would take me to some dark parking lot and make love to me in the back seat of the car. The first few times we did that it felt kind of silly but we had fun and later we both really looked forward to those little adventures. Over the years we rented a lot of porn movies and we enjoyed watching them and having sex afterward. We often tried things we saw in the movies and if we enjoyed them they became part of our normal routine.

No matter how hard I tried I couldn't come up with any reason why Brent would suddenly want me to have an affair, so I gave up. I decided not to think about it, at least for a while. I wasn't in Vegas to have an affair but I decided to just relax and enjoy myself and see what happens.

After that I tried not to think about Brent's gift or offer or what ever it was and just went out to explore a little. I checked out the casino at the Monte Carlo and played slots for a while then I took the tram to the Bellagio and walked around the beautiful hotel. After that I walked down the strip to check out some of the other hotels and casinos. I had never been to Vegas before so all of this was a bit of a sensory overload. Eventually I wandered back to my hotel and played slots and craps, had dinner and went off to bed. That night I dreamed that I had sex with a man I didn't know. Afterward I tried to find Brent to tell him but every time I saw him he would disappear again... When I woke up in the morning I was surprised to find that I was aroused by my dream.


After showering I had breakfast in the cafe at the Monte Carlo then I went over to the MGM where my conference was being held and went to my first meeting of the day. There were about 100 people at the conference, mostly men. The men were of all ages, sizes and shapes and as hard as I tried I couldn't help but fantasize about which of the men I might like to have sex with. By the end of the day it was a very short list. I had ruled out all but a very few of the men because of their age, weight, or their demeanor. Several of them were just too impressed with themselves. In the afternoon sessions I sat next to a woman named Lori. She was about thirty-five years old and very attractive. She and I teamed up during the discussion sessions and quickly became friends. After the final session of the day Lori and I and several others from the conference went to dinner after which I returned to my room and got on my computer to catch up on my e-mail for the day. After that I went to bed. As I lay in bed trying to get to sleep I realized that it was only nine o'clock. Here I was in Las Vegas and I was in bed at nine o'clock. I couldn't sleep anyway so I got up and dressed and went down to the casino.

I sat down at a black jack table next to a good-looking man just to see what would happen. We introduced ourselves. He said his name was John and I told him mine and said that I didn't know how to play and asked him to help me. He said he would be glad to teach me and we played for about an hour. I was beginning to like John and had decided to just let things happen and see how it all turned out.

At one point I was sure he was about to suggest we go somewhere for a drink when this blonde showed up and said, "John, I've been looking all over for you. Bill and Susan are waiting for us to go down to the Bellagio."

John said that he had nearly forgotten and he quickly picked up his chips and left. That left me at the table with an older couple so I decided to call it a night. As I walked to the elevators I had mixed feelings about the evening and myself. I didn't know how I should feel about the fact that I was ready to go off with a guy I just met. All he had to do was ask. I found myself both disappointed and relieved that his wife showed up. When I got back to my room I went back to bed and still couldn't sleep. As I lay there I started to fantasize about what might have happened if John's wife wasn't around. I surprised myself by how quickly I began to imagine him making love to me. My fantasy was getting me very hot and without really thinking about it I slipped my right hand between my legs and started gently rubbing my clitoris. I very seldom masturbate. Generally the only times I do is when Brent is out of town on business and that's usually only after he has called me and we've had an erotic conversation about the things we would like to do to each other. This was the first time I ever played with myself while thinking about having sex with anyone other than Brent. As I dipped two of my fingers inside my pussy I could feel my juices running down onto my hand. I couldn't believe how wet I was fantasizing about having sex with John. I continued playing with my self for about fifteen minutes than I hand an intense orgasm. Shortly after that I feel asleep.


By the end of the conference sessions on Tuesday I knew that I had no interest in any of the men I had met in the sessions. It turned out that Lori was also staying at the Monte Carlo so we walked back to the hotel together. As we were walking through the casino Lori suggested that we stop in the lounge and have a drink before changing and going out to dinner. This sounded like a good idea to me so I agreed.

We found a quiet table in the back of the lounge as far away from the sound of the slot machines as we could get. At first we talked about the educational content of the conference but by the time we got to our third drink we began talking about the men attending the conference. We talked about which ones we thought were cute, which were sexy and we both agreed that all of them would be too self-absorbed to be any good in bed. Then Lori surprised me by asking, "So did you manage to find anyone interesting to go to bed with last night?"

I couldn't believe that Lori would be so forward as to ask me something so personal. I felt myself blushing as I said, "No."

Then Lori said, "Oh, I thought maybe you had. I saw you sitting at the black jack tables with a real hunk last night."

I don't know whether it was the drinks or just the comfortable way I felt with Lori, but I found myself telling her about John and how I would have been willing to go to bed with him if his wife hadn't shown up.

Then Lori asked, "Do you often fool around when you get away from home?"

"No. Actually I have never cheated on my husband and anyway this is the first time I've been away from home without Brent."

"Well if you were so ready to go off with John last night, then you must have been thinking about having a fling for a long time."

"Believe it or not I had never thought about having and affair until yesterday and it was my husband who put the idea in my head." I then went on to tell Lori about Brent's gift and the notes he sent along with it.

When I finished telling the story all Lori said, "Wow. He really gave you permission to do what ever you want? So you must have been pretty disappointed when John's wife showed up last night."

"I was disappointed and relieved."

"Did you try to find another guy?"

"No. I went back to my room."

Then Lori really embarrassed me by saying, "I'll bet you had to get yourself off as soon as you got back to your room, didn't you?"

"Lori!" Then I surprised myself by saying, "Well actually I did play a little." I thought, 'Why am I telling her this?'

Lori said, "I'll bet you played a lot. You had yourself ready for sex and only one way to relieve the tension. Listen, don't be embarrassed. I do it all of the time. I travel to conferences like this a couple of times a year and I look forward to the sex. But on the nights when I don't connect with anyone interesting I end up in my room with my joy toys."

I said, "Joy toys?"

"That's what I call my vibrator and my dildo. Don't you have any toys with you?"

I said, "No. I seldom play with myself and I wouldn't be comfortable using a vibrator on myself."

"You have to try it sometime. I like to turn on Porn movies in my room and bring myself off a few times while I watch the action on screen."

I was suddenly aware of how strange this conversation had gotten. I didn't know how to change the subject and I wasn't sure I wanted to. As I sat trying to think of something to say Lori said, "Why don't you and I go out tonight and find a couple of men and have some fun?"

I found myself saying yes without even thinking about the suggestion. Then Lori said, "Stick with me and I'll get us laid tonight. And if I don't we can always go back to my room and play with my joy toys.

Then Lori suggested we go to the casino at the Bellagio and play black jack. She said, "You'll be surprised how easy it is for two women to attract men. Much easier than for a woman by herself."

Lori was right. When we got to the Bellagio we found an empty black jack table with a dealer waiting for players. Lori and I sat down there and by the time the dealer had shuffled all of the cards and loaded the shoe two men joined us at the table and quickly introduced themselves. Their names were Roger and Sam. Roger was about 45, tall and slim. He had dark hair with just a little gray at the temples. Sam was shorter, maybe five feet eleven and about 40 years old. Sam was heavier that Roger but was build like an athlete. We talked and play cards for about an hour then Sam moved to sit next to Lori leaving me sitting next to Roger. We played cards for about another hour then Roger asked us if we had eaten yet. When we said no they invited us to have dinner with them and we accepted.

After dinner and a few drinks Roger took me aside and said, "I find you very attractive and I would like to make love to you."

I was surprised by his directness but it took the guesswork out of where things were going. I said, "You don't waist any time do you. Just get right to the point. So I'll be just as upfront as you. I would like you to make love to me."

As Roger and I headed for the elevators I turned and gave Lori a thumbs up signal. As we walked through the casino I thought about what was happening. I was actually going to this man's room to have sex with him and I was excited. As we stepped onto the elevator I suddenly started to wonder what his cock would look like. Would it be big or small? How would it feel inside me? What would it taste like? By the time we got off the elevator on the fifteenth floor the only thing I could think about was sucking Roger's cock. I just wanted to hold it in my hand then put it in my mouth. I wanted to compare the way it smelled, it's texture, and it's size with Brent's. I could feel myself getting wet as we walked down the hallway to Roger's room.

When we got in the room Roger asked me if I would like a drink. He said he had the makings for gin and tonic and I said that would be fine. Roger fixed the drinks then as he handed me my drink he pulled me to him and kissed me. As he did I let my hand brush over his cock. I could feel that it was already hard.

When we broke off the kiss Roger suggested that I take my clothes off while he watched me. Normally, when Brent and I are making love, I like to start with my clothes on and take them off a little at a time but I was so horny I didn't need the extra foreplay. I don't really know how to take my clothes off seductively but I did the best I could. I slowly removed my blouse then my slacks. When I removed my bra Roger told me to leave my panties on then he told me to come over to him so he could suck my nipples. Just hearing him say that made my nipples harden. When Roger flicked his tongue over my nipples it felt like a small charge of electricity shot through my body. As he continued to suck on my nipples I closed my eyes and thought about how much I wanted to rip his pants off and take his cock into my mouth. This obsession with Roger's cock was a surprise to me. I always enjoyed giving oral sex to Brent but I never got this excited just thinking about doing it to him.

When I thought I was about to go crazy Roger pulled back and started removing his shirt. Once he had it off he asked me to help him with his pants. I unbuckled his belt, unbuttoned his pants and pulled his zipper down. As I pulled his pants down I pulled his under shorts down with them.

There it was. The cock I had been obsessing about for the last twenty minutes. It was hard and standing straight out. It was smaller than Brent's. About an inch shorter and not quite as big around but I thought it was beautiful just the same. I got down on my knees to help Roger step out of his pants and as I leaned forward to pull the pants off over Roger's foot his cock touched my cheek. I didn't move. I just let it stay there as I finished removing Roger's pants.

Now I was on the floor directly in front of Rogers cock. I reached up with my right hand and ran my fingers down the shaft. His cock jumped a little at the first contact. Then I wrapped my fingers around his cock and slowly pumped his erection as I lifted my left hand up to caress his balls. A large drop of the clear liquid that Brent calls 'pre-cum' was already forming at the tip of Roger's cock. I leaned forward and licked the drop of pre-cum off Roger's cock then I ran my tongue around the head several times and then I took him inside my mouth. Because of it's smaller size I was able to get much more of his cock into my mouth than I could with Brent's. I pumped his cock with my mouth for several minutes then I held it up so I could suck his balls into my mouth. I held his cock against my cheek as I licked and suck on the soft skin bag that contained his testicles.

As I continued to lick and suck on him I began to wonder what his semen would taste like. While stroking his cock with my hand I looked up at Roger and said, "I want to make you cum in my mouth. Do you want to lie down while I do that?"

Roger lay down on the bed and I got on with him and took his cock back into my mouth and spent the next five minutes sucking him to climax. When the first hot jet of his semen hit the back of my throat I nearly choked on it but I quickly got it under control and took his whole load in my mouth. The taste was a little disappointing after the build up I gave it in my mind. It had a stronger, saltier taste, actually unpleasant when compared to Brent's. I couldn't bring myself to swallow so I quickly went to the bathroom and spit it out into the sink.

I went back in the bedroom and lay down with Roger and said, "My turn."

Roger rolled over and pulled my panties off then pushed has mouth against my pussy began sucking and licking my sensitive vulva. It felt pretty good in spite of the rough way he was biting down on my labia. I kept trying to guide his attentions to my clitoris but with no success, however I did achieve orgasm after only a short time. As soon as I had my orgasm Roger turned himself around so that I could suck his cock while he continued his attack on my labia. When I had managed to bring his member back to full attention, Roger positioned himself between my legs and pushed his stiff cock inside me. He started to slowly pump into me gradually picking up speed until he was slamming his cock into me so hard I could actually feel his balls hitting my bottom. As I felt my orgasm beginning to build toward release I kept hoping that Roger wouldn't come before me or I might not get off at all. It turned out that we both climaxed at about the same time.

Afterward we sat and talked for a while then I got dressed to leave. Roger asked me if I wanted to spend the night. I told him I had to get back to my hotel because I had meetings in the morning and would have to get up early to shower and dress.

Roger said, "Your in town on business? Really? Your company sent you hear?"

"Yes, my company sent me here. I'm not here on vacation."

"I just though that you and Lori were in town looking for a good time."

"Well a girl has to do something in her spare time."

"Can we get together again tomorrow night?"

I didn't expect him to ask me out again. At the time I didn't know why I decided so quickly, but I said, "I'm sorry but I've already got other plans." Roger didn't seem too disappointed as he walked me to the door and kissed me good night.

When I left Roger's room I went straight back to the Monte Carlo and back to my room. I stripped off my clothes and got into bed, turned off the lights and started to think about the events of the night. My first thought was that it was one hell of a night of wild sex but as I though more about it I realized that the only thing that made the sex wild was my excitement about the idea of having an affair with a stranger. In retrospect Roger wasn't very good. His cock was nothing special, his semen tasted bad, he couldn't find my clitoris when he was giving me oral sex and he was too rough. Then he was in such a big hurry to finish intercourse he just barely giving me an orgasm before he climaxed.

It became clear to me that if I hadn't been as horny as I was to begin with the sex would have been terrible. At that moment I thought of Lori telling me that on nights like this she would use her joy toys. As I thought about that I slipped my hand between my legs and started rubbing my clitoris. I pushed one finger inside my pussy and discovered that it was still slick with Roger's semen. The thought of his load inside me aroused me. I though of Lori again, saying that she would turn on a porn movie while she played with herself. That seemed to be a good idea to me so I searched through the darkness to find the TV remote on the bedside table. I turned the TV on and selected the adult movies form the menu. The names of the movies didn't mean anything to me so I selected one at random.

It was apparent within the first few minutes of the movie that there was no plot to the story so I turned the sound way down and fingered myself as I watched the sex scenes. I had already given myself one satisfying orgasm and was working toward a second when a new scene started in the movie. It stated with an attractive blond woman sitting on a sofa reading a magazine when some one comes to the door. When she answers the door a beautiful brunette comes in. The two women go back and sit on the sofa. They sit talking for a while then the brunette reaches inside her handbag and pulls out a vibrator. She is talking about the vibrator and showing it to the blonde then she hands the vibrator to the blonde. The blonde studies the vibrator then turns it on. Then the blonde pulls her skirt up and removes her panties and starts rubbing the vibrator on her pussy.

While the blonde played with the vibrator the brunette sat and watched her. When the blonde pushed the vibrator inside her pussy and closed her eyes the brunette pulled another vibrator out of her bag and removed her slacks and panties and started playing with her own pussy. The scene continued for several minutes showing the vibrators going in and out of the women's pussies and then showing the expressions on the women's faces as they pleasured themselves. After a while the blonde got down on the floor in front of the brunette and watched her for a minute then she took the vibrator from the brunette and continued pushing it in and out of her pussy. Then the blonde started kissing the brunette's pussy. Soon the two women had their heads between each other's legs.

The idea of two women making love to each other had always disgusted me but as I watched this scene I began to wonder what it would be like to make love to another woman. As I brought myself toward orgasm I thought about what it would be like to taste another woman. Then my orgasm washed over me. This orgasm was more intense than either of those I had with Roger. As I lay in bed afterward I thought about Lori saying, "Stick with me and I will get us laid tonight. And if I don't we can always go back to my room and I'll show you how to use my joy toys." I wondered if she was serious and if that happened, what would it lead to? Did she have something else in mind? I had to admit, I was curious.


Wednesday morning I didn't get a chance to talk to Lori as we were put into different discussion groups. During one of the breaks Lori came over and said, "Meet me in the lounge at the hotel tonight after the last session."

My discussion group finished at 5:30 that evening and Lori was already seated in the lounge when I arrived. She had a drink waiting for me when I got to the table. As I sat down Lori said, "So how was Roger last night?"

I said, "He was a warm body and not much more, but I got off anyway."

Lori said, "I need details."

So I told Lori about my evening with Roger and finished by saying, "When I got back to my room last night I could have used one of your joy toys."

"You should have come to my room and borrowed one."

I said, "Would you have showed me how to use it?" Then I laughed.

Lori laughed too but then said, "I don't think you would need any instructions but I would have showed you if you wanted me to."

" Okay, your turn now. Did you do it with Sam?"

Lori said, "I did and it was great. Unlike your Roger, Sam took his time and really made love to me. He had a beautiful cock. To me the size of a man's cock doesn't have anything to do with whether he is a good lover or not, but Sam was a great lover and he had a big beautiful cock. After Sam slowly undressed me, kissing my body as he exposed it, he brought me to orgasm with his tongue. Then I returned the favor and sucked on his massive cock until he climaxed. We had a couple of drinks and then started again. We made love for over an hour in many different positions. When I finally left his room I must have been walking funny. I had no need for my toys when I got back to my room last night."

"Well at least one of us got what she wanted."

"Why don't we go back to the Bellagio tonight and see if Sam is around. If he is you can go with him tonight."

"I can't go back there tonight. Roger is still around and I don't want to run into him."

Lori said that she understood and asked what I wanted to do. I suggested that we check out Mandalay Bay and Lori agreed.

Lori and I had dinner at the Monte Carlo and then headed over to Mandalay Bay. We cut through New York, New York and took the overpass to Excalibur and from there we took the monorail to Mandalay Bay. We walked around the casino for a while then found a table in one of the bars.

It was a little before eight o'clock and there weren't many people in the bar yet. There were a few young couples sitting together across the room from us and there was an older couple by themselves a few tables away. There was a handsome well dressed man, probably in his late thirties sitting at the bar talking to an attractive blonde woman. I noticed that Lori seemed to be interested in the couple at the bar. She watched them for a while then turned to me and said, "See the couple at the bar?"


Then I heard Lori say, "She's a looker."

That surprised me. Was she interested in the woman? I said, "Yes, she is very attractive."

Lori looked at me with an odd expression on her face then she started laughing. "I said she's a hooker not a looker."

Laughing, I said, "What makes you say she's a hooker? She doesn't look like a prostitute to me."

"I know she doesn't look like a hooker but I have seen her in Vegas a couple of times, working different casinos."

Knowing that the girl was a hooker, I couldn't stop staring at the couple. Lori lost interest in them almost immediately after she told me about the woman and she began scanning the casino for men.

Around 8:30 another man walked over to the couple at the bar. I couldn't hear their conversation but the blonde stood up and seemed to be saying good night to the man she had been talking to and then she left with the man who had just arrived. The man at the bar sat facing the bar for a minute then he looked around the room and looked directly at Lori and me. I quickly looked away so he wouldn't think I was staring. Lori wasn't paying any attention and didn't noticed when the guy got up from the bar and came over to our table.

When he got to the table he said, "I was sitting by myself at the bar and I noticed the two of you sitting here and decided to come over and say hello. My name is John Taylor."

I introduced myself and Lori did the same. Then John said, "Would it be all right if I sat down with you for a while?"

Lori and I both said, "Sure."

John sat next to me and asked what we were doing in Vegas. After we explained about our conference John told us he had recently moved to Vegas. He said that he had been a lawyer in a large law firm in Boston, but after he got divorced he decided to move to Las Vegas and go into practice with friend from College. He said that he had been living in Vegas about six months.

As we continued to talk John directed more and more of his conversation toward me. After a while Lori asked me to go to the ladies room with her. At first I thought that Lori might me upset that she was being left out of the conversation, but instead she was happy for me. On the way to the girls room she said, "You and John seem to be hitting it off well. Is he the guy you want to go to bed with tonight?"

I laughed at her directness and said, "Yes. I want him."

Lori said, "Okay, when we get back to the table I'll make an excuse to leave and I'll go find myself a warm body for the evening."

Lori was true to her word. As soon as we got back to the table she said, "I saw some people from the conference in the casino. I am going over to join them. Is it safe to leave you two alone?"

I told Lori I would see her in the morning and she left. John and I talked for a while longer and suddenly John got very serious. He said, "I see that you're married."

"Is that a problem?"

, "Yes."

That surprised me. Here was a guy that just a short time ago was talking to a prostitute, now here is talking to a willing woman that he never has to see again and it bothers him that I'm married. I said, "Why is that a problem?"

"Because I like you and would like to spend some more time with you. The problem is, one of the reason's I got divorced was that my wife was cheating on me. It bothers me that I might be contributing to your cheating on your husband."

I said, "You may not believe this but my husband gave me his permission to have a fling while I am here." Then I gave John an abbreviated account of Brent's gift to me. I'm not sure if he believed me or not, he didn't question me about it.

John sat quietly for a minute then asked, "Would you like to go some where else?"


"I don't know. Where would you like to go?"

"How about my hotel room?"

John smiled and said, "Okay."

It was a pleasant evening so John and I walked back to the Monte Carlo outside. We walked and talked but all of the time I was thinking about what I was going to be doing with John. Just like the previous evening I began to think about John's cock. It thrilled me to think that I would be able to compare his cock to Brent's and also to Roger's. I began to feel dampness in my panties long before we got to my room.

As soon as we closed the door to my room John had me in his arms and he was kissing me. He stopped for a moment and said, "If I am moving to fast just tell me and I'll try to slow down. I haven't had sex in over six months and I may be a bit too aggressive."

The idea that I would be John's first lover in over six months increased my excitement. I did nothing to slow John down. John unbuttoned my blouse and opened my bra and took my breasts in his hands and for the next several minutes he alternated between kissing and sucking on both of my breasts. His touch was firm but gentle and I loved the attention he was giving them.

John finished removing my blouse and bra then he led me over to the bed. He opened my pants and pushed them down over my hips and let them drop to the floor. Then he pushed my panties down my legs and he knelt down on the floor to help me step out of my pants and panties. Still kneeling on the floor in front of me John told me to sit on the edge of the bed. When I did, John pushed my knees apart and put his head between my legs. I felt myself breathing harder as the sensation of John's tongue on my vulva shot through my body. When his tongue penetrated between my labia I had a small orgasmic tremor. This passed quickly but when John sucked my clitoris between his lips and started flicking his tongue across it I exploded into orgasm. He continued doing this until my orgasm finally passed then he went back to penetrating my vagina with his tongue. He had me floating in ecstasy the whole time.

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