Exchange of Fantasies

by KK

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Oral Sex, Cream Pie, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: A married couple decide to exchange sexual fantasies.

Chapter: 1 The Challenge

Christy and I have been married for eight years and are as much in love today as we were the day we married. When we met neither of us was very experienced sexually but we were both willing to try just about anything. As a result our sex life has never been boring. The events I am about to relate to you had their beginning about four months ago.

One night Christy and I were fooling around in bed like we always do before we make love. As I was lying next to Christy slowly sliding my hand up and down her thigh she said, "Do you have a sexual fantasy that you have had for a long time and you wish it could come true but you don't expect it ever will?"

I was surprised by the question but I knew the answer. The answer was yes but I told Christy, "No, I don't." I said no because I knew that Christy would never act out my fantasy and if I told her what it was she would probably get made at me. Then I said, "Why, is there some special fantasy that you want to fulfill?"

Christy replied, "Yes there is but I will never tell you about it because I believe that you're lying to me when you say you don't have a fantasy. You're just saying that so you won't have to tell me what it is."

I said, "All right, you caught me. I do have a fantasy and I am not going to tell you what it is, O.K.?"

"Well does this fantasy involve me or is it about someone else?"

"Oh, it's about you, you can believe that."

For the next hour Christy kept trying to get me to break down and tell her about my fantasy. I told her that she was the one who brought all this up so she should tell me her fantasy first. She said, "If I go first how do I know that you will tell me your fantasy when I'm done?"

I said, "What this all about. Why are you so hung up on this fantasy crap?"

Christy replied, "I have had these fantasies for the last two years and they get stronger all of the time. I feel the need to experience them, but because it requires a very large favor from you the only way I could ever ask you to let me live out my fantasies is if I can return the favor by granting you your wildest fantasies."

Now she had my interest. I said, "Well maybe there is some way we can work this out. What you want is an exchange, you will promise to do whatever is necessary to fulfill my fantasies if I will promise to do whatever you want for yours, is that it?"

"Yes, that's the idea."

"Okay then, you tell my your fantasies and if it is something I can do I will tell you mine and if you can grant mine we'll go ahead and do it."

"Just because I brought up the idea doesn't mean I should have to go first. Besides I asked you first."

It was apparent that we were not getting anywhere so I suggested, "Why don't we both write down our fantasies and then tomorrow night we exchange them. That way nobody has to go first and we can study each other's fantasies in private and decide if the trade is worth it. If we both agree to the trade then we will go through the fantasies. If either of us doesn't agree that's the end of it. Is that agreeable?"

"Yes, I think that will work."

With the fantasy issue settled for the night we made love and went to sleep.

Chapter 2 The Fantasies

The next day I left work a little early to get home so I would have time to write my fantasy before dinner. I wondered what kind of fantasies could have Christy so hot that she would be willing to go through all of this to make them come true. I wasn't worried that it would be something that I couldn't agree to because I knew she would never agree to act out my fantasy, and if she wouldn't agree to mine the whole deal was off anyway. When I got to the house I went into my study and began writing.

My fantasy began about a year ago when I was having a few beers with our neighbor John. As we got a little drunk we began talking about sex. We discussed the relative merits of our wives and how good they were in bed then we started talking about actresses we would like to fuck, from there we started talking about which of the women in the neighborhood we thought were hot. Finally we started talking about porno movies. We were talking about what kind of scenes made us the hottest. I told John that the scenes that got me hottest were the lesbian scenes.

I said that it would really turn me on to see two women make love. Then John surprised me by saying that when she was in college his wife Suzi had a couple of lesbian affairs. One with her junior year roommate and one with an instructor she needed to get a good grade from. He said Suzi wasn't a lesbian, she just enjoyed sex and was always ready to try something different.

John and I never talked about that again but ever since then I have had a fantasy about Christy seducing Suzi while I watched. This fantasy comes back to me every time I see Suzi, which is frequently as she is a good friend of Christy's and is our next door neighbor. I know Christy will never agree to that but that is the fantasy I wrote down and sealed in my envelope.

After dinner that night Christy and I exchanged our fantasies and went off to read them and decide what to do about them. I still knew that Christy wouldn't agree to do my fantasy so it didn't matter what I decided about hers, so I was inclined to agree with hers no matter what it was.

I went into my study and began reading Christy's fantasy. It started out, "Just remember that I love you more than anything else in this world. With that said my fantasy is to FUCK three men."

When I read that I felt a shock got through my system. It took me a few seconds before I could continue.

Christy's note continued "Notice I didn't say make love to them, I said FUCK them. This would be done one at a time. I know the idea of me having sex with another man is difficult for you to think about but it gets even more difficult for you as we go along. You see, the three guys I want to fuck are people you don't particularly like. The first one is Bill Jasper, your boss. I have heard from women at some of the parties we've been to at Bill's house that he likes to have sex with the wives of his employees any time he gets a chance. I was told he has a small cock, about four and a half inches long but that he is an expert at giving oral sex. I want to experience having my pussy eaten by an expert and I want to see what it's like to suck a cock that easily fits into my mouth. This fantasy starts when we go to one of Bill's parties. You and I have sex before we leave the house, then during the party I let Bill lead me off to someplace private and let him perform oral sex on me. I won't tell him that the pussy he is eating has already been filled with cum by you. After he gives me an orgasm or two I let him fuck me and after he leaves a load of cum inside me I suck his little cock until he cums in my mouth. Then we go home where I will tell you everything that happened while you suck my pussy clean."

I couldn't believe what I was reading. I also couldn't believe that I was getting sexually aroused rather than upset by the thought of Christy having sex with another man.

"The next guy I want to FUCK is Wendell Bradley, the manager at the branch bank on First Street. A couple of the girls at the bank told me that he acts like a bit of a wimp but he has staying power in bed. They said that he can fuck for longer that anyone else they know. I want to experience being fucked through multiple orgasms before getting a load of cum up my cunt. The fantasy for this one is that I stop at Kelly's bar after work one night. He goes there every night on his way home. I flirt with him and get him to invite me to his apartment where I let him fuck me. As soon as it's over I call you from the cell phone and tell you that I am on my way home. When I get home you meet me in the bedroom and help me undress. When I am naked I sit on the chair at my dressing table and you kneel down between my legs and eat all of the cum from my pussy while I tell you what Wendell did to me.

"The third and last of my targets is Jim Carpender, the shipping manager from my store. I know Jim would like to get in my pants because he often flirts with me. The reason I want to fuck him is that the word among the women at the store is that he has a huge cock. You know I love your cock but I want to feel a truly big cock inside me just once. This fantasy is that one day at work I tell Jim that I need him to bring some important papers by our house on his way home. When He gets here I invite him in for a drink while I am looking at the papers and I tell him you are out of town. I then let him seduce me and fuck me with his huge cock. As soon as we are finished I ask Jim to leave, then I come upstairs to you and you go down on my pussy and suck all of Jim's cum out of my cunt.

"These are the fantasies that have been on my mind for the last couple of years. They don't mean that I don't love you because I do. They are just experiences that I fantasize about having. I hope you can agree to help me fulfill these dreams."

When I finished her note my heart was racing, my palms were sweaty, and I had a raging hard on. Everything about her note surprised me. I was expecting something like I take her to Hawaii for a romantic vacation and we have sex on the beach. The language in the note was unlike Christy. She never says fuck or cunt or talks about sex in such graphic terms. The tone of the note was so sexual that the fact that she was saying she wanted to be fucked by these other men didn't upset me. In fact the whole idea kind of turned me on. Another thing that struck me was that given what she asked for in her fantasy made it more plausible that she would agree to grant me my fantasy. The one thing I knew I would have a problem with was that she wanted me to eat her out after each of her fantasy encounters. Eating another man's cum from her pussy would be difficult.

I walked into the bedroom about 11:00 that night and Christy and I just looked at each other for a while without speaking. Finally Christy broke the silence. She asked, "Well what do you think?"

I couldn't tell what answer she wanted to her by the tone in her voice but I said, "You understand what you are asking for here requires me to give a lot of myself. First to give you permission to have sex with these other guys and then to humiliate myself by going down on your pussy after you have had sex with them. But if you are willing to grant my fantasy, then I will grant yours..."

Christy replied, "I would never make love to another woman except in extreme circumstances. And this is an extreme circumstance, so I will do it."

I said, "Well then I guess all that is left is to decide when we start."

Christy said, "Why don't we start when Bill throws his next party. In the mean time I can start figuring out how I am going to seduce Suzi."

I agreed that we would start at Bill's next party.

It was six weeks after our decision to act out our fantasies that we received an invitation to a party at Bill Jasper's house.

Chapter 3: The Party

Although we hadn't discussed the fantasies since we agreed to begin them at Bill's next party I couldn't think of anything else as we got ready to go to the party. Christy laid out a short black cocktail dress, a pair of thigh high black stockings, a pair of black satin panties and a matching bra and a pair of black spike heeled shoes. After she showered and put on her make up she began getting dressed. When I came into the bedroom after my shower Christy was standing in front of me and asked me how she looked. She looked terrific and I told her so. She slowly walked over to me putting on a shy kid act with her hands behind her back. I asked her if she was ready to go and she said "All except for this." and pulled her hand from behind her back. In her hand were the black satin panties she was going to wear. Then she said, "It's time for you to flavor my pussy for your boss" and then she lifted her dress above her waist and bent forward over the bed so that her ass was facing me. Looking at her pink pussy lips peeking out from between her legs gave me an instant erection. I stepped up behind Christy and ran my hand down over he ass and let my fingers find the soft mound of her vulva. I gently separated her labia and slipped my finger inside. Christy's pussy was already slick with her juices. With my free hand I positioned my cock at the entrance to her slippery opening and pushed it in slowly. It easily went in to the hilt. Once I was in all the way I started fucking her with short quick strokes and kept at it till I came deep inside her. When I pulled my cock out of her she was a little wobbly. She walked slowly into the bathroom and cleaned herself up so that she wasn't dripping then put her panties on. Ten minutes later we were on our way out the door.

We had been at the party about an hour when we saw Bill standing at the bar by himself. I looked at Christy and said "This is it, last chance to back out"

"Do you want to?"

"Let's do it."

Then Christy walked over to Bill. I went part of the way over so I could hear their conversation. When Christy walked up to Bill she said, "Bill, you have such a lovely home here and you have done such wonderful things with it."

Bill replied, "Thank you for noticing. Have you ever been through the whole house? I would be glad to show it to you now if you'd like."

Christy said, "I'd love to see it." Then Bill led Christy out of the room. That was the point of no return. After what seemed like an eternity I looked at my watch to see that only five minutes had gone bye. I realized that I better find something to do to keep myself occupied or I wouldn't last the night. I got another drink from the bar and sat down with some coworkers and joined in their conversation. The next time I looked at my watch it was a half hour later and still no sign of Christy or Bill. I wondered if Bill was sampling my wife's treasures right then.

It had been just over an hour when Christy appeared next to me and gave me a very sloppy tongue kiss. I could smell the faint scent of semen on her lips and there was a very slight taste of it on her lips and in her mouth. After she kissed me two or three more times, Christy took me by the hand and said, "Let's go home."

We didn't talk in the car on the way home. As soon as we got in the house Christy led me up to the our bedroom. She sat on the edge of the bed and indicated that I should sit on the floor at her feet. When I sat down Christy began telling me what happened at the party. She said, "When I went over to speak to Bill he offered me a quick tour of the house. After showing me through most of the house he said he was going to show me the room in his house that he liked best. We entered what appeared to be his office. It was beautiful, with bookshelves on every wall. I was examining the bookshelves when he closed the door and came over to me and said, "You are a very lovely woman. Your husband is a very lucky man. Over the years I have offered some of my employees wives the opportunity to help their husbands careers and many of them have been happy to do just that. Now you look like the sort of women who would like to help your husband get a nice raise next month. Am I right about you?"

"I told him that I was always glad to help you when I could, and asked what I would have to do to help get that raise?" The slimy bastard said follow me, and walked over to one of the book cases and pulled a hidden latch and a door sized section on the bookcase swung open. I followed him into another room. When he turned on the lights I saw that it was a small bedroom with no windows. There was just a bed a small table and a couple of chairs. I looked around and said, 'What, no television?'

"Bill said, 'No one comes in her to watch television.'

"Bill closed the door and went over and sat in one of the chairs, then he turned to me and asked me to take my panties off and give them to him. When we first entered the room I was nervous but when Bill asked for my panties I felt a tingle in my pussy. I stood right in front of Bill and lifted my dress up and pulled my panties down and stepped out of them and then I handed them to Bill. He examined them. He turned them inside out and looked at the crotch then he held them up to his nose and inhaled deeply. Then he looked at me and said that I had an interesting scent.

He put my panties on the table and motioned for me to come closer then said that he wanted to kiss my pussy. He lifted the hem of my dress above my pussy and pulled me to him. He put his face between my legs and I move them farther apart to give him access. He planted little kisses all over my pussy mound. After a minute of this he straightened up and told me to take the rest of my clothes off and lay down on the bed. I got undressed and lay down. Bill came over to the bed and gently caressed my body with his hands and lips from head to toe occasionally stopping to suck a nipple or kiss the inside of my thigh. It felt wonderful. He asked me to spread my legs apart so her could get a good view of my 'love hole'. Then he began getting undressed but he seldom took his eyes off my pussy. His stare was so intense I began to think I could feel it inside my pussy.

When he was naked he got on the bed with me and began the caressing again. This time he followed his hands down my body with his lips. When he got to my pussy he lifted my legs over his shoulders and pushed his mouth hard against my hot pussy. You know I love oral sex but this was on a whole other level. Perhaps it was the anticipation or maybe he is a magician when it comes to eating pussy. I had two orgasms within the first ten minutes and as he was building me up to a third he moved around so that his cock was in front of my face. I noticed that it was small but I was to hot at that moment to even think about that. I just took his cock into my mouth and tried to concentrate enough on giving as much pleasure as I was receiving. When my third orgasm hit, Bill quickly turned around and shoved his cock in my pulsing cunt. You can say what you want about big cocks verses small cocks but Bill was doing just fine with his little dick.

Bill lasted about ten minutes before he blasted his load inside me. When he pulled his softening cock out of me I bent down and sucked it into my mouth and cleaned it off for him."

Christy's story had my cock so hard it was beginning to hurt. I leaned forward and kissed her and told her I loved her then told her to continue her story. Then I reached up he dress with my right hand and ran my fingers over the crotch of her panties. I could feel that her panties were wet. Then I slipped my fingers inside her panties and into her cum filled cunt. When I did this Christy pushed herself forward to get more penetration, then she began speaking again.

"Now that I wasn't in the throws of an orgasm I was able to examine his little prick. It was so cute that I couldn't stop playing with it. I rubbed it between my fingers, I kissed and licked it and then I sucked on it. After ten minutes I had him hard again. At about four inches long it looked like the cock of a fourteen-year-old boy. I began to really enjoy the sensation of having his whole cock inside my mouth. When he was ready I asked him to fuck me again. He rolled me over on my stomach and pulled me up on my knees and got behind me. Then he slipped his little wiener in my cunt and began fucking me as fast as he could. We both hit our orgasms within just a few minutes. When Bill pulled his cock out of me he asked me if I want to clean it off for him again. I just turned around and opened my mouth. He put his cock in my mouth and I sucked him clean. While I was lying there with his limp dick in my mouth he said, 'Anytime you want to work on a promotion for you husband let me know.' That's it. After that we got dressed and came back to the party."

. Now it was my turn to perform. I reached under her skirt with both hands and started to pull Christy's panties down. As I pulled them, Christy raised her ass off the bed to help. When I got her panties off I looked at them and could see that they were very wet front and back. I slipped her panties in my pocket and moved my head between her legs under her dress. Christy spread her legs and moved forward on the bed to help me. With my face just inches from her pussy and with her dress over my head I could smell the mixture of cunt juice and semen. I hesitated for a couple of seconds wondering if I was going to be able to go through with this, to actually suck on Christy's pussy when it was full of another man's cum. Then I just pulled Christy forward and place my mouth over the opening of her vagina and sucked her puffy cunt lips into my mouth. I pushed my tongue as far inside her as I could. With my tongue inside her I felt Christy flex the mussels inside of her pussy. When she did this I felt a large glob of semen being forced into my mouth. At that point I was too hot to care, I just swallowed it and kept on sucking on her. Christy had an orgasm that seemed to empty everything that was left inside he pussy so I began to lick the area between her pussy and her asshole. This area was slick with cum. I kept at it for another five minutes and then I got up and lay on the bed next to Christy. Christy then helped me remove my pants and gave me a fantastic blowjob. She sucked on my cock until it exploded in her mouth, and then she cleaned me up. We cuddled for a while then made love slowly for the next hour then went to sleep.

Chapter 4 The Banker

For the next couple of weeks after the party Christy and I didn't speak about our fantasies. I began to think that Christy was satisfied having lived out one fantasy and was not interested in continuing any further and I wasn't sure how I felt. I was still a little confused. I never believed that my wife's fucking another man would be such a turn on for me. Then one afternoon Christy called me at work and told me that she would be a little late getting home that evening as she had some errands to run. Christy often ran errands after work so I didn't think anything of her call. That evening Christy came home around nine o'clock. She walked the house and came over to the chair I was sitting in and dropped down into my lap with her arms around my neck. She gave me a big open mouth kiss and then kissed me several times along my cheek and around my neck ending at my ear. She sucked my ear into her mouth and let it pop back out then she whispered into my ear. She said "Honey, I want you to put your hand inside my panties and put a couple of fingers into my pussy."

The combination of her kisses and this request gave me an instant hardon. I slowly ran my hand up Christy's leg and realized when I reached her upper thigh that instead of wearing panty hose like she normally does when she goes to work, Christy was wearing thigh high stockings with a garter belt. When my hand brushed the crotch of her panties I felt a dampness that I wasn't expecting and when I slipped my hand inside Christy's panties I was surprised to feel that her pubic hair was dry and crusty feeling in some places and wet and sticky in others. When I slipped my fingers inside her pussy I felt the obvious presence of semen.

As the realization of what all this meant was registering in my brain, Christy began whispering again, "Can you fell the load of cum that Wendell left inside me? If you go down on my pussy now and clean me up with your mouth and tongue, I will tell you the details about how I got fucked by Wendell Bradley tonight."

I was so horny I thought I would explode before I could hear Christy's story. I told Christy to stand up in front of me and remove her dress. She did as I asked and was soon standing in front of me in just her bra and panties. As Christy stood there I got down on my knees in front of her. I ran my hands up the inside of her thighs and Christy spread her feet farther apart giving me better access to her pussy. As I looked at Christy's panty covered pussy I noticed some spots of drying cum on her upper thighs just outside the crotch of her panties. I leaned in close to Christy's pussy and inhale deeply. Now for the second time in a month I was smelling the scent of hot sex created by my wife's juices being mixed with another man's. The scent aroused me. I began licking the dried cum off Christy's thighs. When I had removed these few spots from her legs I pulled Christy's panties off. As I studied Christy's exposed pussy I noticed how the lips were swollen and the hair was matted and sticky. I ran my fingers through her pussy hair and felt different sensations; the downy softness of her clean hair, the wet and slippery hair along her pussy lips and near the opening to her love hole, the damp sticky hair near her pussy lips where the cum had begun to dry, and finally the course bristly hair where the cum had completely dried. I looked up into Christy's face and she smiled down at me then pulled my face up against her pussy...

I put both hands into Christy's crotch and used my thumbs to spread her pussy open. When I did this a thin but steady stream of semen began to leak from Christy's hole. I watched as this cum began to collect on her pussy lips, then I leaned forward and licked the drip off Christy's pussy. I watched as more drips formed and each time one did I licked it off. When the flow from her pussy was nearly stopped I had Christy sit in the chair and I sat on the floor between her legs. I looked up and told Christy to start telling her story while I ate her pussy. Then I put my mouth over her pussy and inserted my tongue into her love hole. Christy jumped a little and let out a little moan then she began to talk.

Christy began, "As I was getting dress this morning I noticed that my only black panty hose had a run in them. I was in a hurry so I put on my thigh highs and a garter belt to keep them up all day and finished dressing. You know I only wear those stockings when I want to look sexy, and the last time I wore them was at Bill's party. Thinking about what I was wearing at work began to make me horny. All morning I was thinking about how badly I wanted to fuck you. At lunchtime I had to run over to the bank to cash a check and when I went inside I saw Wendell Bradley talking to a customer and I decided that I was going to make part two of my fantasy come true today.

"After work I went over to the bar I had heard he frequents and he was there. I stood at the bar next to Wendell and acted like I was waiting for someone that was late. When I cursed under my breath but just loud enough for him to hear, Wendell turned to me and asked what was wrong. I told him that I was waiting for my boyfriend and he was late. I said that we had a fight the day before and I was hoping we could patch things up. Then I said that I was mad enough to leave with someone else just to teach him a lesson. Wendell tried to act caring and suggested we go to his apartment for a couple of drinks while I decide what I really want to do about my insensitive boy friend. I told Wendell I would like to go with him but that I wasn't sure if I should if it was a good idea given my mode. Wendell said, 'I think I have just what you need and I only lives a couple of blocks from here.' As Wendell took my hand and started leading me toward the door, I said that I wasn't sure I was doing the right thing, but I didn't resist. Fifteen minutes later we were sitting in his living room sipping a very strong gin and tonic

"When I finished about half of my drink I pretended to be a little tipsy. I started complaining about my boy friend again. Wendell moved over close to me on the couch and put his arm around me as if to comfort me. Then Wendell said, 'If you really want to punish this guy you should find some nice guy and have sex with him.'

"I though this was a pretty lame attempt at a seduction but I had to play along so I could get what I wanted. So I agreed with Wendell. I said, 'Yes, that would show him. I should just go fuck someone else'

"Then Wendell asked, 'Do you have someone in mind? You should do this tonight or you may not have the nerve to do it later.'

"I said, 'What about you? Would you like to make love to me tonight?'

"Wendell almost jumped out of his clothes. He had me strip to my stockings and garter belt. He asked me to leave those on. Wendell isn't much on technique but he makes up for that in enthusiasm. He began by kissing his way to me breasts which he squeezed and sucked for a few minutes the he worked his way to my pussy. He wasn't hitting the spots I like but he was bringing me toward an orgasm. Oh honey, I have to stop for a minute. You are making me cum now!"

With that Christy went into an orgasm. She humped her pussy against my face until the orgasm passed. Now her pussy was very wet and messy. I had to start cleaning it all over again, but I wasn't complaining and I was sure that Christy wouldn't complain. As soon as Christy recovered from her orgasm she started her story again.

"Just before Wendell brought me to orgasm he stopped eating me and stood up and pressed his cock against my lips. I opened my mouth and let him push his semi hard cock into my mouth. I began sucking and licking him. I had him rock hard in about two minutes. He had a very nice cock. It was about six inches long and two inches thick. It was a good mouth full for me. After about five minutes of me sucking his cock he pulled back and stood up. He took my hand and led me to his bedroom. Once on the bed Wendell got on top of me in the missionary position and gently but firmly slid his cock all of the way into my pussy. Then he lay down on top of me and talked directly into my ear. He said, 'This first fuck will be rather fast. As soon as I cum I would like you to suck my cock again. I recovery rather quickly and will last a long time on the second fuck' Then he began quickly stroking in and out of my hot cunt. It took him about five minutes before he yelled 'I'm coming', and he blasted his load inside me. The feel of his hot cum triggered my orgasm.

"When we both recovered form our orgasms, Wendell rolled off me and I got on my knees and began sucking his sticky love pole. It only took Wendell five minutes to get hard again. When he was fully erect he asked 'Are you ready for the fucking of your life?' With that he mounted me in the missionary position and fucked me like this for about five minutes then he put me on my hands and knees and he got behind me and fucked me that way for a long time. I had and orgasm while in this position. Next he put me on my back and he stood on the floor at the edge of the bed. He pulled me to him and raised my legs over his shoulders and fucked me in that position for another ten minutes. In all he changed positions five times, I had three orgasms and he finally blew his load in me with me bent over the bed and him standing behind me. After he came Wendell lay down on the bed and I sucked his cock for about ten minutes. After fucking me for nearly an hour non-stop, Wendell was hard again after only ten minutes of my oral attention. He asked me if I wanted another quickie. I asked him what his definition of a quickie was. Wendell said that if he wanted to he could cum again in about ten minutes. So I said prove it. We went back to missionary position again and true to his word Wendell fired another load of his cum into me in just about ten minutes. After that he was done and I was sore."

When Christy was finished with her story she just put her head back and closed her eyes while I slowly brought her to orgasm with my tongue. After that we had dinner and went to bed. Once in bed Christy sucked me off and then fell asleep with my cock still in her mouth.

Chapter 5 Christy and Suzi Exchange Gifts

It was the Saturday after Christy and Wendell had been together and I was sitting alone in my bedroom. Christy had just called and said that she was on her way home from shopping with Suzi and she was going to invite Suzi in for a drink. Ten minutes later I heard Christy's car pulling into the driveway and a minute later the two women came into the house with several packages from different stores at the mall. As they were talking and opening bags I crept out to the loft so that I could watch them without being seen. When I look down I saw Suzi sitting on the sofa looking at store receipts and Christy was in the kitchen mixing drinks.

For the next fifteen minutes the two women sipped on their drinks and talked about the their purchases. As they started their second drink Suzi was showing Christy some sexy panties she bought at Victoria's Secret. Both women laughed about how skimpy the panties were then Christy asked Suzi, "When you buy sexy panties like these, do you do it to please John or is it to please yourself?"

Suzi replied, "I will show these panties to John and say 'Look what I got for you' and he'll be happy. But most of the times that I'll wear these panties he won't even know. I like to wear sexy underwear because it makes me feel sexy even if no one else knows I am wearing them..."

Then Christy asked, "When you have sexy undies on, do you every let anyone else see them. I mean other that John?"

Suzi laughed and said, "Well sometimes I'll flash someone. Like sometimes when I am in a restaurant I will let my legs separate a little more than necessary when I get out of a booth or chair if I think someone is looking. And sometimes when I'm wearing a blouse that is open at the top I will bend over a store counter to give the clerk a peek at my breasts. I don't do it often and I don't let John see me doing it. It gives me a little kick to know that I gave someone a little thrill. Haven't you ever done that?"

"Yes, but not very often. Have you ever flashed another woman?"

"A couple of times when I thought the woman was staring at me."

"Have you ever had another woman flash you?"

"Oh yes, lots of times."

"Do you look?"

"Depends on the women. If she is attractive I will look."

At that point Christy got up and took their glasses out to the kitchen and made another drink.When she came back into the living room Suzi was standing and putting her purchases back in their bags. Christy handed Suzi a drink and stood next to her. Then Christy asked, "Suzi, have you every had sex with another woman?"

Suzi looked a little starteled by the question but responded, "Why do you ask?"

"I'm just curious, I've often wondered what it's like?"

"Well since you asked, while I was in college I tried everything at one time or another. Do you really want to know what it's like?"

"I think so."

Suzi set her drink down on the table and turned to face Christy. Then she leaned forward and gave Christy a very light kiss on the lips. When Christy didn't back away Suzi took her drink from her and put it on the table then put one hand on each side of Christy's face then kissed her full on the mouth. On the third kiss Christy began to respond, kissing back just as passionately as Suzi was kissing her. The two women stood hugging, kissing and caressing each other for the next several minutes. Finally Suzi pulled away and asked Christy, "Do you want this to go any farther?"

Christy replied, "I'm not sure how far I want this to go."

Suzi asked, "Perhaps we should go up to your bedroom?"

Christy responded, "I would like to go tidy my bedroom up a bit first, give me a minute before you come up, Okay?"

Suzi agreed and sat down with her drink while Christy hurried up the stairs to me. When She got upstairs she took me by the arm and silently lead me to the bedroom closet. From Inside the closet I had a good view of the bed and I could stay out of sight. Once Christy was comfortable that I Suzi wouldn't discover my presence she went out into the hall and called down to Suzi.

When the two women came into the bedroom Suzi started kissing Christy again. Then Suzi began unbuttoning Christy's blouse and when she was done she slid the blouse off Christy's shoulders and let it drop to the floor. Next Suzi stepped up behind Christy and unhooked her bra. Suzi slipped Christy's bra off and reached around from behind to cup Christy's breasts. Suzi told Christy that she had lovely tits and asked if she could kiss them. Christy said, "Please do." Suzi turned Christy around and kissed each nipple once then began licking and sucking on Christy's tits, going from one to the other. I could see that Christy was enjoying this because she had her head back and her eyes closed and was making the little sounds in her throat that she makes during sex.

Suzi straightened up and asked, "Would you like to see my tits?" and began removing her blouse and bra. Suzi had beautiful large firm breast and Christy seemed to like what she saw. Christy reached out with both hands and felt Suzi's tits and said, "These are beautiful." Then Christy bent forward and began kissing and licking Suzi's breasts. After a few minutes of having her tits loved Suzi said, "Why don't we take our pants off and get comfortable.

. Then Suzi and Christy removed their slacks. I could tell now that Christy was getting very turned on by the wet spot that appeared in the crotch of her panties. When both women had stripped to their panties Suzi asked, "Are you ready to make love to me? To do everything I ask you to do?"

Christy looked nervous but nodded her head and said, "I think so. I don't know if I will be able to do everything but I want to try."

Suzi sat on the edge of the bed and indicated that Christy should sit on the floor in front of her. Christy got on her knees on the floor so that she was positioned with her head at the same level as Suzi's pussy. Then Suzi said, "Okay, now remove my panties."

Christy hooked her fingers into the waistband of Suzi's panties and began pulling them down as Suzi lifted her ass so that Christy could get them off. Once the panties were removed Suzi asked, "Have you ever been this close to another woman's vagina before?"


"Well then, you should take a few minutes to study it. I think that you will find that the vagina is actually a beautiful thing." Christy did as she was told. She studied Suzi's pussy from ever angle even having Suzi spread her legs more to give her a better view. Christy ran her fingers through Suzi's pubic hair and touched the soft mound around her pussy.

When Christy was done with her examination Suzi said, "Now it's time to develop an appreciation for the scent that the pussy gives off. Put your face as close to my pussy as you can without touching it and take a couple of minutes to get used to the scent."

Christy put her arms around Suzi's hips and leaned in close to Suzi's pussy. Christy obviously didn't mind the scent of Suzi's pussy because it was Suzi that had to tell Christy when to stop. And when she did Christy said, "Suzi, you smell wonderful."

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