Birthday Treat

by Hooterz

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Desc: Sex Story: Fantasy birthday present for my lover.

"Happy birthday darling" I whisper in your ear adding a gently pouty kiss to your neck while running my hands across your bare shoulders and down across your chest. Reaching for my hand you pull me from behind you and down onto your lap holding me tight against your body nuzzling your head into my shoulder. "come with me" I suggest taking your hand and leading you from the lounger on the deck encouraging you inside. "you need to get ready for your surprise, it will be here soon."

From that you figured you had your surprise figured out, perhaps a few family and friends, a bbq and a few beers you were thinking and looking forward to an afternoon socialising and celebrating. As I led you through the lounge I dipped my hand into the ice bucket picking several cubes out putting one in my mouth and running the others over your body as I stopped and pushed you up against the wall pressing myself into you my legs firmly holding one of yours between as I glided and ground my pussy up and down your leg. dropping the cubes to the floor I leaned my head to your chest, the ice still in my mouth I pouted outwards and ran it from your chin, down your neck and straight down the middle of your chest stopping directly above your shorts, sucking it back into my mouth and continuing down the hall way and into our room. A dirty little smirk appears on your face as you close the door behind you thinking that a quickie is called for before our guests arrive. you reach out for me and run a finger across my lips which I open and suck your finger in, licking it and sucking till I back away. You try to encourage me to partake a little more saying "quick before everyone arrives. I know you want it too."

I laugh, and as you wonder why laugh, I quickly point out that "everyone" will not be arriving. Your smirk turns to a puzzled expression, where I point out all will be revealed soon. I walk to the ensuite and turn on the shower, walk back to you and grab your shorts and drop them to the floor and suggest perhaps you may like to take a quick shower while I continue to organise your present. still looking suspicious of me you take a dip in to the water and tell me you wont be in long so I should hurry with my surprise. I smile and leave you to it.

just as I do the door bell chimes and with shaky legs I run to the window and look out to see it is the arrival of my present to you. too late for 2nd thoughts now I think to myself as I pull back the door and welcome Jesse inside. She asks where the birthday boy is and I tell her that I have you keeping yourself busy for the next few minutes, to which she is happy to hear, "It will allow us just a little more time to become more familiar ourselves"

the only thing I could do now was lead her to our bedroom and become more familiar as she had suggested.

as I settled excitedly on the edge of our bed Jesse began to undress before me.

I heard you call out from the shower and turn the water off telling me I had better be ready because you were coming "ready or not"

with that Jesse removed the remainder of her clothing till she stood directly in front of me in nothing but a gorgeous blue lace g string and bra set, as I had brought for her, so as we could provide a little more of the double delight in our matching outfits. no doubt, I couldn't deny she was stunning and I knew you would just love your present. We heard you moving around in the bathroom and figured that we had mere seconds to "arrange ourselves" into a more inviting and compromising position for which you to discover us. She jumped onto the bed behind me and pulled me back by my shoulders then wriggled her way over the top of me rubbing her firm breasts over me as she slid further down and used her fingers to slightly pull aside my g string and lower her lips to my shaven mound. I felt quick light flickers of tongue across me and instinctively responded by raising my hips and offering her and the bathroom door a full and open view. My hands reached around her hips and pulled down. my head was spinning at the view I had of her cunt and I knew immediately that this present wasn't just going to be for your enjoyment. Never had I looked so willingly and excitedly at another girls pussy before, never had I wanted to kiss, lick and fuck one like I did now. At that moment you appeared from the ensuite and stood shocked staring at my pussy being licked by a women you did not know. Jesse looked up at you her face seductively smiling and in a whispery tone said "happy birthday, cum join in the fun" speechless and stunned you cocked your head around to see my face, my eyes fixated at your stiffening cock. As your cock hardened, my smile grew and my nerves settled. "yes' I thought, this will be a birthday you'll remember for a very long time."

"darling, there is something else" as I directed your vision to the bedside cabinet, where I had placed a new digital video camera simply wrapped in a single chiffon bow. you had hinted you would like to have a new one and there went my thoughts of giving you your wish and one of your fantasy's in one day. I had anticipated your wish to use it immediately and had it all set up to go for you once the bow was removed. firstly, you leaned across the bed and planted a kiss upon my forehead, I looked at Jesses cunt, inches from your face and winked, to which you turned, moved a little closer and while taking in this amazingly unexpected view flicked out your tongue and licked her slit back and forth several times before returning to my lips and sticking your tongue inside of my mouth in a deep and very appreciatitive kiss. Jess turned her head back down to my pussy which she had taken to fingering while watching you cum over to me to thank me. she wasted no time in getting her tongue inside me swirling it around my clit and then deep into my cunny, her hands moulded up and down my legs and back to my hips as she ground her own cunt down onto my face, I reached my hands back to her cheeks and pulled them wide apart and inserted a finger into her arse. By now the precum was leaking from your cock as you stood just inches away from jesses face filming her licking and sucking on my very willing cunt, each flicker of her tongue on my pussy lips causing a ripple through my body my own mouth lapping at her cunt and causing her juices to flow across my lips. she moved forward on me to reach out and grab your cock encouraging you closer, I slithered from under her and reached out taking the camera from your hand as you pulled her head forward onto your rock hard bursting cock her mouth open wide taking you in completely right in till her nose was buried in your pubes. with a mouthful of cock her tongue slipped out and underneath to lick your balls. I moved down the bed and placed the camera underneath your near exploding cock as you continued to fuck her face fast and hard. as you did I got back behind Jesse and reached around to fondle her tits my thumbs and forefingings pinching and pulling on her nipples, this making her suck harder on you and causing her to thrust her hips and arse back into my tits. I pulled back my arms and used both hands to spread her cunt wide and thrust 4 fingers directly into her cunt and wiggled them round. I could see in your face you were ready to blow your load down her throat so I thrust harder inside her, 4 fingers soaking wet and my thumb pressing into her arse, through her gentle moaning I could feel her tensing up ready to cum and the twitching of your cock telling her you were about to fill her mouth with your first load of birthday cum. with two hands you held tight to her head keeping the head of your cock pulsing against her tonsils and in 3 more thrusts her mouth was full of cum. you released one hand from her head and brought it to her mouth forcing her lips closed tight around you as you slowly withdrew from her the tension of her lips stretching your dick as you pulled away. when you were out jess turned to me placing her mouth above mine, I opened my lips to receive your cum dripping out of her mouth down into mine then our lips locked in a deep hard pash our tongues swishing and swirling the taste of your cum back and forth between each other. you had of course reached for the camera after it had captured you face fucking her and now lay beside me filming my first real girly pash complete with cum covered tongues.

Then I felt your mouth on my fingers, you were sucking and licking on jesses cum that was encasing my hand, I had damn near been fisting her cunt and my fingers were drenched. we rolled over and Jesse was on her back I moved up and placed my shaven mound on top of her bush and ground down on her, I was so wet from watching you fucking her mouth her bush was soon glistening from my juices, you sat the camera on the bedside table and came around behind me your cock already hardening again as you rubbed the tip of it across my butt, then you leaned back a little watching our two pussys rubbing against each other. slowly you began to stroke your cock swapping your view as jess and I continued to rub pussys, French kiss and rub and suck at each others breasts, devouring each other and filling the room with moans of pleasure and the sweet smell of sex.

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