by KK

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Cheating, Swinging, .

Desc: Sex Story: An unusual chain of events culminates at a swingers party.

As I sit alone in the room I suddenly think back to how this all started ten months ago...

At 5:00PM I got the call that my dinner meeting that night was canceled. As important as this meeting was for me I was glad that it was canceled because it would give me a chance to spend the evening with my wife. It seemed that lately I was always working late or going to dinner meetings and spending less time with Carrie. I decided to call to see if she would like to go out to dinner. When I called she wasn't home. I figured she must have gone shopping so I just headed home. When I got to the house around 6:00PM Carrie still wasn't home. That wasn't surprising to me. Carrie often went shopping or out to dinner with her friends when I had one of my dinner meetings scheduled. What did puzzle me a little was that her car was in the garage.

She usually drove herself when she went out with her friends. I didn't spend much time worrying about it, I just made myself a sandwich and got a beer and went down to my office in the basement, turned on my computer and went surfing on the net.

About 9:30 I heard the front door close and Carrie walking through the house. I shut down my computer and headed upstairs. By the time I got upstairs Carrie had turned on the TV in our bedroom and had gone into the bathroom. As I entered the bedroom I could see Carrie taking her clothes off. She had her back to me and with the TV on she didn't hear me enter the room so she didn't know that I was watching her. She was wearing a matching champagne colored bra and panty set that showed off her beautiful ass and firm breasts to their best advantage. I didn't say a word as she removed her bra, exposing her lovely tits in the reflection in the vanity mirror in the bathroom. She dropped her bra in the laundry basket and slowly slid her panties off of her ass and down over her beautiful legs. As she bent to lift her feet out of her panties I looked at her firm beautifully shaped ass and got an instant erection. After eight years of marriage Carrie's body could still excite me. As Carrie picked her panties off the floor I was thinking about how much I wanted to bury my cock in her tight pussy. It was with this thought in my head that I stood and watched as Carrie examined the crotch of her panties. Then she used the panties to wipe her pussy as though she were trying to clean herself. I didn't immediately understand the significance of what she was doing. I guess it was because I was so horny I couldn't think straight.

Anyway, I decided it was time to let Carrie know I was home. I said, "Hi babe, I'm home". Carrie turned quickly and let out a little scream of surprise then said "Oh God!" and she turned away from me almost as soon as she realized that I was there. She moved very fast, but not fast enough. In the brief moment that she was facing me I saw a white crusty substance clinging to her pubic hair and noticed that her pussy hair was all matted down. Without even realizing what I was doing I began to speak. I demanded, "Who have you been fucking?" Carrie didn't say a word; she just stood with her back to me. I walk over to her and took the panties out of her hand and looked at them. I could clearly see that the crotch of the panties was covered with cum. At that point I became extremely angry and started yelling at Carrie, called her all kinds of names. I called her a whore and a slut among other things. When I calmed down a little I asked her how she could cheat on me and how long had she been fucking around behind my back. Carrie responded by saying, "You have a lot of nerve to call me names and judge me. Did you think I didn't know every time you fucked one of those bimbos you called a customer after one of your so-called business dinners. How do you think I felt week after week finding cum stains in you underwear after you've been to one of your business dinners."

I was a little taken back. I didn't have any idea that she knew about that. But that didn't mater because those affairs were strictly business. I had to keep these women happy or I would lose their business. If it weren't for that we wouldn't have a beautiful home and two nice cars. I decided it probably wasn't the right time to use that defense. Besides it was her behavior that was in question hear not mine. It's a lot worse when a wife fucks around than it is when the husband does (at least that is what I thought then). At this point I asked Carrie whom she was fucking.

She said that who it was didn't matter and that she would never tell me. So I asked her how often she had cheated on me and she said, "You probably won't believe me but this was the first time."

I said, "Your right I don't believe you. At that point Carrie started crying so I grabbed my pajamas and went to the guest room to sleep.

For the next two days we didn't speak to each other at all. Finally on the third day when I got home from work Carrie broke the ice and asked me if I wanted a beer before dinner. We continued sleeping in separate rooms but we were at least speaking to each other. We didn't discuss the obvious problem between us but things were civil. As time went by I started to think things over and I realized that I still loved Carrie and didn't want to lose her and that maybe it was my fault that she had an affair. Maybe I didn't really need to have sex with my customers to get their business. The more I thought about it the more I realized I was an ass hole and I had nearly ruined my marriage. After that I stopped scheduling dinner meetings and handled all of my business during normal working hours. Things continued to improve at home. After four weeks of sleeping in separate bedrooms I decided it was time to make a move to get our marriage back to the way it had been before. That Friday I called Carrie from work and told her that I decided to forgive her and that I wanted to take her out to a romantic dinner. Carrie just said, "We'll see."

When I got home from work Carrie was coming out of the bedroom dressed in her sexiest cocktail dress. It was a short black number which was low cut in the front displaying Carrie's beautiful 34 C breasts. I was beginning to get excited at the site of her and I almost didn't hear what she was telling me as she came into the living room where I was standing. I had to ask her to repeat what she had said so that I could understand. She said,

"Your dinner is in the oven. It should be done in a half hour. I will be home late so don't wait up for me."

I said, "What this? You're going out. I told you I was going to forgive you and that I wanted to take you out. What's the story?"

Carrie said, "I don't need you to forgive me. That is not the problem here."

Before I could ask her what the problem was I heard a car horn and Carrie said, "Good night."

As the front door closed behind her I ran to the window to see her getting into a black Mercedes. As soon as the car started to pull away from the curb I went into the kitchen and turned off the oven. Then I ran to the garage and got my car and started off in the same direction the Mercedes had gone. Luckily I didn't catch any traffic lights and I was able to get within a half block of the Mercedes. I followed it into town where it parked in an area where there were three bars and two restaurants. I couldn't park near them or Carrie might have spotted me so I continued down the block until I found a parking space. By that time I got out of the car Carrie had disappeared into one of the bars or restaurants. Unfortunately I didn't see where she had gone or who she was with. I discretely entered the restaurants one at a time and looked for Carrie but was unable to find her. After that I went into each of the bars and looked around with no better results. In the last bar I gave up. I found a table in a corner and decided that I would sit there and get drunk. I was on my second martini when I saw an attractive blonde that looked to be about 30 years old approaching me. My first though is that she was some drunken bar fly looking for someone to buy her drinks.

When she got to my table she smiled at me (a very lovely smile) and said, "I noticed you sitting here by yourself looking very sad or depressed and decided to come over and see if I could cheer you up a bit. Would you mind if I sat down with you?"

It became obvious that she was not drunk or a barfly. She was well dressed, very attractive, spoke with the confident clarity of a well educated person and I said, "No, I wouldn't mind at all, as a matter of fact I think I would like it very much if you did join me."

She introduced herself simply as Julie and said that she was there alone. She had planned on meeting her husband there but something had come up and he wasn't going to be able to make it there that night. Julie then proceeded to tell me about herself. Where she went to college, what she did for hobbies, that she didn't have a career but did a lot of volunteer work and that she was 39 years old. I was amazed. She was 10 years older than me and I thought she looked maybe two years older. When she was done telling me about herself she said, "I can see that you are in some kind of pain. If you want to talk about it I am an excellent listener, and if you don't that's okay too."

For the next half hour we made small talk. I found her to be as good a listener as she said and before long I was telling her about everything that had happened between Carrie and me over the last few weeks.

When I was done Julie said, "What you have to do now is decide if you still love Carrie enough to try to work things out and if you can live with the memory of her infidelity. If you think you can do that then you just need to let Carrie have her fling and when she realizes that you still love her and can truly put all this behind you, she will come back to you. And if she doesn't come back to you it just means that as far as she was concerned things were already finished between you. Following her around and having arguments about her behavior will not help anything."

I knew she was right and I decided that I was going to try to save our marriage by being patient and letting Carrie come back to me on her own terms. In spite of the pain the image of Carrie with another man gave me I actually felt better after talking to Julie.

Around 10:00 PM Julie asked me if I could give her a ride home. Being as how her husband wasn't going to make it she didn't have a ride and she really didn't want to take a cab. I told her I would be glad to give her a ride.

As we left the bar I noticed that the black Mercedes was gone. On the ride to Julie's house she told me a little about her husband. That he was a successful attorney and she told me how they met in college and got married two years later. Then when we were about five blocks from her house Julie put her hand on my crotch and began rubbing my cock through my pants. I knew that I should stop her but I couldn't. I instantly had an erection. As soon as Julie noticed my hard on she undid my belt and pulled my zipper down. The she released my cock from my shorts and began stroking it. Almost before I knew what was happening I felt Julie's warm mouth engulfing the head of my cock. She began giving me the best blowjob I ever had and it lasted until I pulled up in front of her house. Julie got out of the car and said, "Come in so I can finish you." I followed her into the house and straight into her bedroom. We were both naked in less than a minute. When we fell into the bed Julie resumed the fantastic blowjob she was giving me. She had been going down on my cock for about five minutes when the bedroom door suddenly open and a man stepped into the room. He just stared at us and didn't say a word. I tapped Julie on the shoulder and pointed to the man by the door. Julie let my softening cock drop from her mouth and said, "Oh hello darling." and then to me she said, "Bill, I would like you to meet my husband George."

George gave a little bow of the head and said glad to meet you and then to Julie he said, "I am glad to see you got a ride home. Now I will leave you two to enjoy yourselves and each other."

After George left the room I look at Julie in shock. She said, "Oh don't worry about that, George and I have an open marriage. George actually encourages me to have sex with other men. Afterward I tell him about it and he gets very aroused and than he makes love to me. It is an arrangement that we both benefit from." Having said that Julie went back to work on my cock. I still didn't feel comfortable about the situation but I was caring less by the second. When Julie had me fully erect again she swung her leg over so that she was straddling me. Then she took my cock in her right hand and as she lowered herself down she rubbed the head of my cock on her pussy lips. Once the head of my cock was covered with a mixture of my pre cum and Julie's pussy juices, she started guiding my cock inside her tight pussy. By the time my cock reach the bottom of her warm moist hole I was no longer thinking about Carrie at all. Julie moved up and down on my cock for several minutes until she climaxed. \

After her orgasm Julie stretched out on top of me and we fell into a slow comfortable rhythm. Julie and I fucked until she had three orgasms and I got off once. As I was getting ready to leave Julie said, "While you are sorting things out with your wife feel free to give me a call anytime you want to talk or fuck. I would be equally happy to do either or both with you."

I got home about 12:30AM and Carrie was not home yet. I went into the kitchen and got the casserole Carrie had made for me out of the oven and put some on a plate and put the rest in the trash so that it would look like I hadn't gone out. Then I went into the guest room and changed for bed. I got into bed and laid awake thinking of everything that had happened that night. I gave a lot of thought to the advice that Julie had given me and decided to take the advice and I also decided to take her up on her offer of conversation and sex. I was still awake at 1:00AM when I heard Carrie come into the house. I remained quiet so that Carrie would think I was asleep. She came and peeked into the guest room before she went off to our bedroom in the back of the house. I quietly got out of bed and sneaked to our bedroom door which Carrie had left partially opened and watched as she stripped off her clothes. I was hoping that I would see some sign that would tell me that Carrie had not had sex. When Carrie removed her skirt and slip I saw what I hoped that I wouldn't see. Carrie wasn't wearing any pantyhose or panties. As Carrie continued undressing I could see the drying cum in her pubic hair. When Carrie stepped into the shower I went back to the guest room. I got back into bed and tried to figure out what I should do. The image of her pussy covered with some other guys cum kept swimming around in my head. I was angry, I was jealous, I was a little aroused, and mostly I was confused. Finally I drifted off to sleep around 2:30 AM.

For the next two weeks nothing changed. Carrie was cheerful and pleasant when I came in from work. She talked to me about the book she was reading or about what was on the news. Everything was back to normal except that we had no physical contact and we were still sleeping in separate bedrooms. We were both staying home nights which after two weeks made me suspicious. I began to wonder if she was having an affair during the day while I was at work. Friday afternoon I decided to go home a couple of hours early and see what Carrie was up to. I parked my car around the corner and sneaked around to the back of the house and started peaking in windows.

I couldn't see Carrie right away, but I finally spotted her coming out of the bathroom into our bedroom. Her hair was wet and she had a towel wrapped around her. She sat down at her vanity and began putting on her makeup. She spent about twenty minutes on her makeup then she got up and removed her towel. The line of sight I had into the bedroom had me looking up at Carrie's sexy ass. As she moved around the bedroom I got glimpses of her pussy, seeing it between her legs from behind. This view had me very hard. Carrie went to her dresser and got some lingerie out and put them on the bed. Watching her as she slowly began dressing in her sexy underclothes was better that watching any stripper I had ever seen. She started by putting on a pair of black fish net stockings which she held up with a black garter belt with a red ribbon trim. Next she put on a pair of very sheer black silk panties followed be a matching black silk bra. Standing there like that she looked so sexy I had difficulty breathing. After that she went into her closet. When she came out she was wearing a very short white cocktail dress. I could almost see the outline of her black panties through the dress. The odd thing was that when she put the dress on covering up the garter belt and her bra and panties it made her look even hotter than she did before. Finally she sat down and started brushing her hair. At that point I decided to go in the house and see what would happen next.

I went back to my car and drove back home and parked in the garage. When I went into the house Carrie didn't come out of the bedroom to greet me. I called out "I'm home" and Carrie called back "Okay, I'll be out in a minute." Her response, although it made no commitments, sounded promising to me. I began to think that maybe she had dressed up for me.

When Carrie came out of the bedroom she acted very friendly. She asked me how my day had gone and how I was feeling. I told her I had a good day and I was feeling fine. Then I told her that she looked fantastic. Showing no embarrassment she thanked me for the complement. Then she said, "I am sorry" and I started to say "Oh that's okay" before she finished talking.

Good thing I stopped myself because I nearly made a fool of myself as she continued to speak, "I was so busy doing the shopping and cleaning that I didn't get your dinner started. There is a steak in the refrigerator or if you don't want to cook you can go out to eat. I will try not to be out to late tonight. Maybe we can go see a movie or something tomorrow." Then I heard a car horn and before I could recover from my shock she was out the front door. I went to the window in time to see her get into the same Mercedes as before. I became extremely angry. I was almost ready to go throw all of her clothes out on the front yard. I stopped myself as I realized that act would end up being more humiliating for me than it would for her. I poured myself a large scotch and sat down. When I was about half done with my drink I decided to call Julie. Her husband George answered the phone. I felt a little uncomfortable but I asked to speak to Julie. George asked, "Who should I say is calling." I told him it was Bill and he gave me a very friendly hello and said that he would get Julie right away. He said that he knew she would be glad to hear from me.

When Julie got on the phone she said, "I am so glad you called. Am I going to see you tonight?" I told her that I would like to see her and that I needed to talk. She said, "Do you really need to talk or do you just want me to suck your cock again."

I laughed and said, "Both. But now that you have already cheered me up the blowjob sounds better that the conversation."

Julie asked, "How soon will you be here and are we staying in or going out."

I said, "I'll leave that up to you."

She said, "Okay, let's stay in. That will give us more time to talk and fuck."

I said, "I'll be there in an hour."

I showered, shaved, and put on clean clothes and headed for Julie's house. When I got there George answered the door. He shook hands with me and escorted me into the living room where Julie was waiting for me. George gave Julie a very loving kiss and started out of the room. I asked him as he was leaving, "Are you sure your all right with this." He turned to me and said, "Of course I am. I wouldn't allow it otherwise. It makes me very happy to know that Julie is enjoying herself with another man. Actually the thought of her having sex with another man excites me like nothing else can. And I don't just sit around while she gets hers. I have a date tonight too."

As he left the room George called back, "You two enjoy yourselves."

Julie fixed us drinks and a snack as I told her about how I had thought things were getting better and then Carrie went off with the same guy she had been out with two weeks ago. When Julie bent forward to hand me my drink I got a great view of her lovely breasts. I took the drink from Julie and sat down on the sofa. Julie put her hand on my cheek and said, "As bad as things may look now when the time comes for you to act, to either take Carrie back and forgive and forget or to leave her, you will know what to do and you will be happy with your decision." Then Julie sat down in an easy chair facing the sofa.

I thanked Julie and said that I felt much better just talking things out with her. She said that she was glad to be able to help. For the next few minutes we didn't speak. I found myself staring at Julie's knees. She was sitting with her ankles crossed and her knees close together. As I was staring her knees separated a little. Maybe four or five inches. I could now see some of Julie's creamy white thighs. As I looked at her beautiful legs I could feel my cock stiffen slightly. As Julie lifted her glass to sip her drink her legs spread a little farther apart. Now I could see a little bit of her panties. As we continued to sit in silence Julie's legs opened wider again. Now I had a clear view of the crotch of her panties. Her panties were white and very sheer. I could see the dark triangle of her pubic hair and just below that I could see the outline of her pussy lips through the thin material. By now I had a full hard on. With some difficulty I took my eyes of Julie's crotch and looked up to see her staring at me with a knowing smile on her face. She asked, "Do you like what you see?"

I didn't say anything. I just got up from the sofa and got down on the floor in front of Julie's chair. With my hands I spread Julie's legs farther apart and then pushed her skirt up to completely expose her panties. Then I put my hands on Julie's hips and pulled her forward in the chair so that she was now sitting on the edge of the chair. With my right hand I began to run my fingers gently over Julie's silk covered pussy. Julie responded to this by purring and pushing her hips farther forward. Next I slipped a couple of fingers under the crotch of Julie's panties and pulled them to the side to expose her pussy. I leaned forward and ran my tongue lightly up the crest of her pussy lips. As I did this I could almost sense a vibration going through Julie's body. When my tongue reached the point where her pussy lips were joined at the top I ran my tongue back down. I repeated this several times and then pushed my tongue as deep inside her pussy as I could make it go. Julie responded with a loud "Yes!" I then locked my lips onto her pussy and sucked and licked her into her first orgasm of the evening.

After her orgasm Julie had me stand up and she helped me out of my pants and shorts. Then she stood up and directed me to sit down. When I did Julie kneeled down on the floor between my legs and began stroking my cock. It didn't need any encouragement, as it was already rock hard.

Julie then sent a shock through my body by gently touching my balls with her still half filled drink glass. The cold from the ice filled glassed almost made me jump out of the chair. Then Julie took a sip of her drink and took three or four pieces of ice into her mouth. I could hear her chewing and sucking on the ice then she swallowed it. Next she slipped her ice chilled mouth over my raging hard on. What a sensation. I almost blew my load immediately. Julie began swirling her tongue around my cock as she slid her mouth up and down the shaft. This had to be one of the best if not the best blowjob I ever had. As I felt the pressure build in my balls I told Julie I was getting ready to cum. She just continued her licking and sucking. As I felt the first pulse of my orgasm start I yelled, "I'm coming."

At that point Julie pulled my cock from her mouth and amazed me as she used her hand to pump my load of cum into her drink glass. When my orgasm passed I had to sit back in the chair and relax for a few minutes to recover from the intensity of the experience. As I was sitting, feeling fantastic in the afterglow of the beautiful orgasm I just had, Julie held up her drink glass and I could see my cum inside the glass. Sum was on the side of the glass and sum had formed sticky looking globs floating in the drink itself. Then, to my surprise, Julie said, "Here's to you", and she brought the glass to her lips and drained it in one large gulp.

Julie made us another round of drinks and we sat a talked as we finished our drinks.

After we finished our drinks we moved into the bedroom for some slow and gentle sex. I was inside Julie for the third time that night when George walked into the room. He quietly walked to a chair next to the bed and sat down. As he was watching he pulled his cock out and began jerking himself off. I never would have thought that I could fuck a women while another man watched, especially if the other man was her husband, but when I saw how much he enjoyed watching us and I enjoyed fucking Julie so much I had no problem. Even with George watching, I had a very satisfying orgasm. When I pulled my softening cock out of Julie and rolled over to the side of the bed George stripped out of his clothes and slipped his cock into Julie's already cum filled pussy. I sat on the side of the bed mesmerized by the sight of George fucking Julie. I began to fantasize that I was actually watching George fucking Carrie instead of Julie. I was surprised to find myself with another erection. When Julie saw my erection she told me to put it into her mouth, which I gladly did. I can't swear to this but I think we all came at the same time.

Afterward I ask them if they had been involved in threesomes before. George said, "Oh yes. Many times. We belong to a group that has 'parties' occasionally."

I asked, "Do you mean swingers parties?"

George said, "I don't like the term swinger but I guess you could say that's what we are. We go to a friends house. It's a very large house just outside of the city and we swap partners or have threesomes or play sex games. We don't have the parties real often only every couple of months or so. You should come with us some time."

I said, "Isn't your group couples only? I mean wouldn't it become mostly guys if you don't make it couples only?"

Julie said, "Yes, it's couples only. You would go as my date and George would bring a date of his own. Would you like to come with me?"

I said, " I might like to try it but I would have to think about it. Let me know when the next party is scheduled and I will let you know."

As I got up and said my good nights both Julie and George told me to come back real soon.

Over the next week things continued to get better between Carrie and me. On Thursday she even gave me a little kiss good night. On Friday when I got home from work Carrie was dressed to go out again, only this time she hadn't dressed as sexy as before. She said to me, "I thought maybe we could go out to dinner together and talk things over." I quickly agreed and asked her where she wanted to go. She named our favorite restaurant.

We had a very pleasant dinner. We didn't talk a lot and when we did it was about nothing of importance. When we had finished dinner we went into the bar and found a quiet table in the corner where we could talk without being disturbed.

Carrie spoke first. She said, "How do you feel about what has been going on?"

I said, "You mean how do I like watching you go out, knowing that you are going to have sex with another man? Well I have to be honest. I don't like it at all and I wish you would end this so we can get our lives back to normal if possible."

"Well" Carrie said, "that is exactly how I have felt for the last three years every time you called to say you had a dinner appointment and the next day I would find some evidence that you had been unfaithful to me. I put up with it for three years and finally decided to get even.'

I asked, "Are we even now? Or is your plan to drive me crazy then leave me? I mean, do you still love me? Even just a little?"

"Of course I still love you. Why do you think I would go to all this trouble to teach you a lesson. If I didn't love you I would have left you a long time ago."

"Well then, is this the end of this? Can we now try to put our marriage back together?"

"No, it's not over yet. I am going to have one more fling. I won't tell you when because I want you to know it's going to happen but not when it's going to happen. I want to make sure you never forget this last time, because if you are ever unfaithful to me again after that I will start fucking every man I meet. And then when you can't stand it anymore I will leave you. I'm sorry but that's the way I am going to play this out."

I didn't like what she was telling me but I figured I got through the last two months I could get through a couple more weeks. I asked, "Does this mean we can start sleeping together again?"

Carrie said, "Not yet. Not till this is over."

We went home after that and I retired to the guest bedroom where I read till I fell asleep around 12:30 AM.

On Monday Julie called me at my office and told me that her group was having a party that Saturday night and she asked if I wanted to go. I told her that I didn't think it would be a good idea and then I told her about what Carrie had told me at dinner Friday night. Julie said that she understood but said that if I changed me mind she would love to take me to the party.

I quickly forgot about Julie's invitation, as the only thing I could think about was when Carrie was going to go out on her last date. Every night when I came home from work I was half hoping that I would find Carrie ready to spend an evening watching TV or reading but I was also half hoping I would find her getting ready to go out on her last date. I was on pins and needles all week. Then Saturday came. Carrie and I spent the day working in the yard raking leaves and cleaning up trash and getting the house ready for winter. We had just gone in the house to start dinner when the phone rang. Carrie answered the phone. She talked for only a brief time. I couldn't hear her conversation but she was in a good mood when she got off the phone. She came over and said to me, "I'm sorry honey but I have to go out. You will have to make your own dinner tonight."

With that she when into the master bathroom and got into the shower. When she came out of the bedroom nearly an hour and twenty minutes later she was wearing the white cocktail dress with the fishnet stockings, which told me what underwear she probably had on. Ten minutes later I heard the car horn. Carrie kissed me on the cheek as she left the house.

I was feeling depressed so I called Julie and asked if I could come over. She said, "Oh did you change your mind about the party."

I said, "I forgot about the party. Yes I changed my mind, let's go to the party. I'll pick you up in half an hour.

I showered and shaved and made it to Julie's house in 35 minutes. As we drove to the party Julie explained what I would see when I got there. She said, "John and Kim host all of these parties. About four years ago they bought an old eight bedroom farm house just outside of town. They restored the house and turned it into an inn. John and Kim had a house warming party at the inn and invited their closest friends. By closest friends I mean the people that had been having sex with them over that last year or two. While we were looking around the house George made the comment 'With all these bedrooms and the privacy of this location we should have a swap party here.' Everyone laughed, but John kind of smiled and said that might not be a bad idea. A couple of weeks later we got an invitation to John and Kim's first swapping party. Now they throw a party every month or two when they have no rooms reserved for paying guests. "

I asked how they would feel about a stranger dropping in on there party. Julie said, "Strangers are not problem. John and Kim have one rule, they get to have sex with any new guests first. So you can expect to be dipping into Kim shortly after we get there."

I asked how the party gets started. Do people just immediately pair off or do they socialize first?

Julie said, "Most guests arrive around 8:00. At that time everyone goes into the inn's bar for drinks and by 8:30 or 8:45 some of the guest begin pairing off. Some you don't see the rest of the night and others keep coming back to the bar to find another partner. Everyone is well fucked when they leave the inn. It will be close to 9:00 when we get there so there may be only a couple of people in the bar. But remember, you have to take care of Kim before anyone else."

I said, "I am looking forward to meeting Kim and I have the hard on to prove it."

Julie had it figured right. We arrived at the inn at exactly 9:00. The inn was a beautiful old house that looked more like it belonged on a plantation than a farm. The front door opened before we could ring the bell. Standing in front of me was a very beautiful Asian American women. She had jet black shoulder length hair, and almond shaped eyes that were nearly a color match with her hair. She was wearing a red silk blouse which was opened enough in the front to show off her beautiful proportioned breasts. She was wearing a short black skirt that displayed her shapely legs and most of her thighs. She was about 5' 7" tall. I felt my mouth begin to water as I look her over for the second or third time. Suddenly I was aware that Julie was speaking. I decided that I had better listen or I might miss something important. And boy was I right. What I heard Julie say was, "Bill, I want you to meet our hostess for the evening. This is Kim." The thought that I would soon be making love to this beautiful women was causing a crowding problem in the crotch of my pants.

As Kim escorted us into the bar I told her that I thought the Inn was very beautiful. She thanked me and asked me what I would like a drink. I told her I would love a gin and tonic and as she prepared the drinks I looked around the room. Julie had already disappeared somewhere into the house. There was one other couple in the room. The woman was very attractive and about forty years old and the man looked to be in his mid thirties. The woman had her hand on the man's shoulder and he had his hand half way up her thigh under the hem of her skirt. I watched as the woman leaned forward and kissed the man and his hand slid the rest of the way up her thigh. At that point Kim appeared in front of me with my drink. As she handed me the drink she asked "Would you like to sit and watch them for a while or would you like a personal tour of the Inn?"

I began to apologize for staring at the other couple but Kim stopped me. She said that one of the house rules was that all doors are to be left unlocked and that anyone who wanted to watch could watch, so if I wanted to watch it was all right. I told her that as interesting as it was watching the other couple I would much rather have her give me a tour of the house.

Kim started the tour by showing me around the downstairs. An impressive library, a beautiful formal dining room, a very large restaurant style kitchen, and a small den. The only other people we saw during the tour were in the den. In the den a man was sitting on the sofa getting what I knew was a great blowjob, because it was Julie that was doing all the blowing. Julie looked up at us as we came in and winked at me and continued running the very stiff cock in and out of her mouth.

As Kim and I began climbing the lovely curved staircase to the second floor Kim said, "There are eight bedrooms in the house. There are five on the second floor and three on the third floor. At the top of the stairs on the second floor there was a wide hallway straight ahead with doors on either side. There were three doors on the left and two on the right, and to the right of where we were now standing was the stairway to the third floor. Kim turned to me and asked "Shall we peek into the rooms and see who is doing what to whom?" Then she laughed.

The hallway was dimly lit and when Kim opened the first bedroom door on the left the lighting in the bedroom was only slightly darker than the hall. It was light enough to see the couple on the bed, man on top slowly stroking in and out of the woman but it wasn't light enough to get a good look at there faces. I wouldn't be able to recognize them if I saw them later but that wasn't important. The seen in the other four rooms on the second floor was about the same except that in one room there were two couples on the bed. It seemed to be a mass of arms and legs but they were obviously having fun.

Having completed the tour of the second floor we headed up the stairs to the third floor. At the top of the stairs was a landing. There were three doors off the landing, one to the right, one straight ahead and one to the left. We went to the room on the left first. As Kim opened the door I saw a young woman on her hands and knees on the bed facing away from the door. There was a man in front of her and although I couldn't see clearly I could tell she was sucking his cock. I could hear the sucking and slurping noises she was making all the way across the room and the look on the man's face was unmistakable. As I watched the action I noticed the girls ass. The globes of her ass were perfectly rounded and proportioned. Between her cheeks I could see the mound of her perfectly shaped pussy. I could see the wisps of hair surrounding the slit. It looked so beautiful I wanted to run in and put my mouth on her pussy and eat her till she came in my mouth. But I didn't move. Suddenly I was aware of movement from the side of the room. It was Geroge, Julie's husband. He climbed on the bed behind that beautiful ass and slid his cock into her pussy in one long slow smooth stroke. She must have been very excited and wet because George's cock went in so easily. I watched as George began stroking into her gradually picking up the pace. She pick up on George's pace and pushed back against him every time he pushed into her. In a couple of minutes the man getting the blow job let out a moan and became tense as he released his cum into the woman's mouth. At that point I realized that I had better fuck something very soon or I was going to have an accident. Kim must have read my mind because at that moment she suggested we find an empty bed.

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