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Desc: Sex Story: An unusual chain of events culminates at a swingers party.

As I sit alone in the room I suddenly think back to how this all started ten months ago...

At 5:00PM I got the call that my dinner meeting that night was canceled. As important as this meeting was for me I was glad that it was canceled because it would give me a chance to spend the evening with my wife. It seemed that lately I was always working late or going to dinner meetings and spending less time with Carrie. I decided to call to see if she would like to go out to dinner. When I called she wasn't home. I figured she must have gone shopping so I just headed home. When I got to the house around 6:00PM Carrie still wasn't home. That wasn't surprising to me. Carrie often went shopping or out to dinner with her friends when I had one of my dinner meetings scheduled. What did puzzle me a little was that her car was in the garage.

She usually drove herself when she went out with her friends. I didn't spend much time worrying about it, I just made myself a sandwich and got a beer and went down to my office in the basement, turned on my computer and went surfing on the net.

About 9:30 I heard the front door close and Carrie walking through the house. I shut down my computer and headed upstairs. By the time I got upstairs Carrie had turned on the TV in our bedroom and had gone into the bathroom. As I entered the bedroom I could see Carrie taking her clothes off. She had her back to me and with the TV on she didn't hear me enter the room so she didn't know that I was watching her. She was wearing a matching champagne colored bra and panty set that showed off her beautiful ass and firm breasts to their best advantage. I didn't say a word as she removed her bra, exposing her lovely tits in the reflection in the vanity mirror in the bathroom. She dropped her bra in the laundry basket and slowly slid her panties off of her ass and down over her beautiful legs. As she bent to lift her feet out of her panties I looked at her firm beautifully shaped ass and got an instant erection. After eight years of marriage Carrie's body could still excite me. As Carrie picked her panties off the floor I was thinking about how much I wanted to bury my cock in her tight pussy. It was with this thought in my head that I stood and watched as Carrie examined the crotch of her panties. Then she used the panties to wipe her pussy as though she were trying to clean herself. I didn't immediately understand the significance of what she was doing. I guess it was because I was so horny I couldn't think straight.

Anyway, I decided it was time to let Carrie know I was home. I said, "Hi babe, I'm home". Carrie turned quickly and let out a little scream of surprise then said "Oh God!" and she turned away from me almost as soon as she realized that I was there. She moved very fast, but not fast enough. In the brief moment that she was facing me I saw a white crusty substance clinging to her pubic hair and noticed that her pussy hair was all matted down. Without even realizing what I was doing I began to speak. I demanded, "Who have you been fucking?" Carrie didn't say a word; she just stood with her back to me. I walk over to her and took the panties out of her hand and looked at them. I could clearly see that the crotch of the panties was covered with cum. At that point I became extremely angry and started yelling at Carrie, called her all kinds of names. I called her a whore and a slut among other things. When I calmed down a little I asked her how she could cheat on me and how long had she been fucking around behind my back. Carrie responded by saying, "You have a lot of nerve to call me names and judge me. Did you think I didn't know every time you fucked one of those bimbos you called a customer after one of your so-called business dinners. How do you think I felt week after week finding cum stains in you underwear after you've been to one of your business dinners."

I was a little taken back. I didn't have any idea that she knew about that. But that didn't mater because those affairs were strictly business. I had to keep these women happy or I would lose their business. If it weren't for that we wouldn't have a beautiful home and two nice cars. I decided it probably wasn't the right time to use that defense. Besides it was her behavior that was in question hear not mine. It's a lot worse when a wife fucks around than it is when the husband does (at least that is what I thought then). At this point I asked Carrie whom she was fucking.

She said that who it was didn't matter and that she would never tell me. So I asked her how often she had cheated on me and she said, "You probably won't believe me but this was the first time."

I said, "Your right I don't believe you. At that point Carrie started crying so I grabbed my pajamas and went to the guest room to sleep.

For the next two days we didn't speak to each other at all. Finally on the third day when I got home from work Carrie broke the ice and asked me if I wanted a beer before dinner. We continued sleeping in separate rooms but we were at least speaking to each other. We didn't discuss the obvious problem between us but things were civil. As time went by I started to think things over and I realized that I still loved Carrie and didn't want to lose her and that maybe it was my fault that she had an affair. Maybe I didn't really need to have sex with my customers to get their business. The more I thought about it the more I realized I was an ass hole and I had nearly ruined my marriage. After that I stopped scheduling dinner meetings and handled all of my business during normal working hours. Things continued to improve at home. After four weeks of sleeping in separate bedrooms I decided it was time to make a move to get our marriage back to the way it had been before. That Friday I called Carrie from work and told her that I decided to forgive her and that I wanted to take her out to a romantic dinner. Carrie just said, "We'll see."

When I got home from work Carrie was coming out of the bedroom dressed in her sexiest cocktail dress. It was a short black number which was low cut in the front displaying Carrie's beautiful 34 C breasts. I was beginning to get excited at the site of her and I almost didn't hear what she was telling me as she came into the living room where I was standing. I had to ask her to repeat what she had said so that I could understand. She said,

"Your dinner is in the oven. It should be done in a half hour. I will be home late so don't wait up for me."

I said, "What this? You're going out. I told you I was going to forgive you and that I wanted to take you out. What's the story?"

Carrie said, "I don't need you to forgive me. That is not the problem here."

Before I could ask her what the problem was I heard a car horn and Carrie said, "Good night."

As the front door closed behind her I ran to the window to see her getting into a black Mercedes. As soon as the car started to pull away from the curb I went into the kitchen and turned off the oven. Then I ran to the garage and got my car and started off in the same direction the Mercedes had gone. Luckily I didn't catch any traffic lights and I was able to get within a half block of the Mercedes. I followed it into town where it parked in an area where there were three bars and two restaurants. I couldn't park near them or Carrie might have spotted me so I continued down the block until I found a parking space. By that time I got out of the car Carrie had disappeared into one of the bars or restaurants. Unfortunately I didn't see where she had gone or who she was with. I discretely entered the restaurants one at a time and looked for Carrie but was unable to find her. After that I went into each of the bars and looked around with no better results. In the last bar I gave up. I found a table in a corner and decided that I would sit there and get drunk. I was on my second martini when I saw an attractive blonde that looked to be about 30 years old approaching me. My first though is that she was some drunken bar fly looking for someone to buy her drinks.

When she got to my table she smiled at me (a very lovely smile) and said, "I noticed you sitting here by yourself looking very sad or depressed and decided to come over and see if I could cheer you up a bit. Would you mind if I sat down with you?"

It became obvious that she was not drunk or a barfly. She was well dressed, very attractive, spoke with the confident clarity of a well educated person and I said, "No, I wouldn't mind at all, as a matter of fact I think I would like it very much if you did join me."

She introduced herself simply as Julie and said that she was there alone. She had planned on meeting her husband there but something had come up and he wasn't going to be able to make it there that night. Julie then proceeded to tell me about herself. Where she went to college, what she did for hobbies, that she didn't have a career but did a lot of volunteer work and that she was 39 years old. I was amazed. She was 10 years older than me and I thought she looked maybe two years older. When she was done telling me about herself she said, "I can see that you are in some kind of pain. If you want to talk about it I am an excellent listener, and if you don't that's okay too."

For the next half hour we made small talk. I found her to be as good a listener as she said and before long I was telling her about everything that had happened between Carrie and me over the last few weeks.

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