by Couture

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Coercion, Lesbian, FemaleDom, Humiliation, Water Sports, School, .

Desc: Sex Story: Two young girls at the beach think making fun of other women is funny. Until...

© 2002 Couture

God, Lauren would you look at the size of that one. You know, they shouldn't even make bathing suits under a size six." Tina slurred, before taking another sip from her rum and coke.

It was a pretty typical thing for her to say on a typical summer afternoon at the beach as we basked in the hot glow of the sun. It was what we had done most every day of our summer break as we worked to become, not just tan... but the goddess's of tan when we returned back to school. Yes, when we returned to school, everyone would either want us... or want to be us.

"Look at him." Tina nodded toward the surfer coming out of the water with his board under his arm. "What a bod and look at the size of his package. Boy I'd like to ride his board."

"You'd like to ride any board," I laughed.

"Bitch. Oh-my-God-oh-my-God." Tina patted my brown shiny thigh urgently.

"Never mind. I thought for a minute there that two hundred pounds of cottage cheese was walking down the beach, but it is just some fat lady."

I watched the woman turn to look at us in anger. I was thankful the sunglasses hid my eyes.

"Woohoo, boy that woman should be the poster girl for those cheese ads. Look at those thighs. Jesus!"

I grabbed Tina's rum and coke, opened the top and poured the contents in the sand.

"Damn it, Lauren, what'd ja do that for?"

"You're drunk and you're going to get us in trouble." I tossed the empty cup in Tina's lap. "I think she heard you."

"So what? We're dancers. We could kick da' shit out of her fat ass." Tina turned the cup up over her mouth and was rewarded by a drop or two of the leftover rum and coke.

"Fuck, I am like so goddamn thirsty I could almost drink that nasty ass ocean water."

"Go ahead."

"Shit, you know I love the beach, but I hate the fuckin' water. Did you know that when you flush a toilet," she pointed out at the blue-green expanse of water. "That's were it ends up. Pretty ain't it. The world's biggest fucking toilet bowl. She reached into my beach bag, without asking. "You have any water left?"

Her hand came out with my empty water bottle.

"That's all that's left," I said.

"Come on Lauren. Let's get outta here. Go make some drinks or something."

"Okay, let me jump in the water to cool down for a minute." I walked down to the water and waded in. It was cold, but felt wonderful. I leaned back to dunk my head beneath the small waves and wondered why was it that when you lay out, the heat seems to concentrate in your head?

By the time I got back, Tina had already packed our stuff up. "Come on, let's go. I've got to piss like a race horse," she said.

"Just go in the water. That's what I do."

"Jesus, you're sick... and that is exactly why I don't go in the water."

We walked toward the public beach house. Well, ran was more like it. No matter how much time we spent at the beach, hot sand was still hot sand; you're feet could never get used to it. I bore the pain for as long as I could, but finally, I couldn't stand it any more.

"Wait, Tina, I've got to put my flops on."

"Gotta go. Meet me in the bathroom."

She ran from her knees down, with her thighs pressed tightly together. I giggled at how silly she looked trying to hold in the contents of her bladder. I slipped my feet into my flip flops.

I trudged along in the deep sand, until I arrived at the bathhouse. It was a good thing she wanted to go here, because by now, I had to pee too. I opened the door, the outrageous sight causing me to drop my beach bag and gasp in shock.

There, crying helplessly on the floor was my friend Tina and sitting astride her with a hand clasped over her mouth, the woman she had referred to as 'Cottage Cheese Thighs."

"Tina?" I gasped.

The woman turned to look at me. "There's the other one. Get her."

An unseen opponent grabbed me on either side of my tiny polka dotted bikini bottoms. I screamed and struggled in outrage, but my bottoms were pulled up painfully in my crotch until I was balancing on my tip toes. "Ow-ow-ow-please," I begged.

"Are you going to be quiet?" the woman holding me asked.


"Are you going to cooperate?"

The spandex bikini bottom had become a knife in my pussy. Of fucking course I was going to cooperate. "-yes."

She eased off on the pressure, but not enough so that I could come off my toes. I reached down to remove the fabric bunched up in the cleft between my lips.

"No bitch. Get those paws on top of your head."

I obeyed. Feeling more helpless than I had in my life. The hands holding my bikini switched from the sides to the front and back.

"Now what's your name little girl?" Cheese Thighs asked.

"Lauren." My bikini lowered a little more. However, my sigh of relief turned into a gasp, as the fabric began to travel back and forth over my labia.

"And hers?"

"It's-ah-it's-ah Tina." I couldn't believe it. The fabric was stimulating me and I was getting aroused. I gazed down at my rock hard nipples poking through the thin bikini top and wished the woman was holding her hand over Tina's eyes instead of her mouth.

"And listen closely to this next part now Lauren, because this is very important," she said. "Are you listening, Lauren?"

"y-yes." I think I may have moaned it. I wanted to curl up and die.

"Yes, ma'am," she corrected.

"Mm-yes-ma'am." My attacker grew more aggressive and the fabric sped in its travels up and down my soaking sex.

"Yes, ma'am what?"

"Ah-yes, ma'am, I'm ah listening ma'am." I could see Tina's wide-open eyes out of the corner of my vision. I looked away, to avoid them. I couldn't bear the embarrassment.

"Good, now tell me Lauren. Does your foul-mouthed little friend usually say nasty things about other women?"

I looked down at Tina's eyes, begging me for silence. Begging me to lie.

"Don't look at her. She can't help you now. Look at me."

I looked at the powerful older woman. It was difficult to hold her fierce gaze.

"Answer my question."

"Yes, ma'am, she does."

April moaned into the woman's hand. She renewed her struggles, but the woman just bounced up and down a few times on Tina's chest and soon my friend quieted again.

"But she usually doesn't say it so loud ma'am. She had too much to drink." I tried to help where I could, but I felt myself compelled to tell the truth.

"What's wrong Lauren, you look flushed. Are you feeling well?"

"Ah-it's ah-hot." I lied. The truth was; I was hot. I prayed I hadn't soaked through my bikini.

Her look turned angry.

"It's ugh hot ma'am," I said quickly.

The cloth suddenly jerked up harshly several times, leaving me once again balanced on my tip-toes. "Oh!" I gasped with every sharp tug.

"What's hot, Lauren? And you better tell me the goddamn truth!"

I looked down at my swollen sex. My cunt lips were fat and divided by the fabric of my bikini, which had disappeared in the folds of my pussy. My shiny tan thighs were stained by my juices.

"My pussy ma'am. My pussy is hot." Of its own volition, my pelvis began to buck in time with the jerks.

"Take off your suit."

"What?" I gasped in disbelief.

"Didn't I tell you to listen carefully bitch?"

"Yes, ma'am." Oh God, my pussy was making wet smacking sounds as the fabric pulled and tugged between my thick lips.

"Take off the bitch's suit and give it a flush."

"No wait!"

The woman behind me undid the knots holding my bikini together. After that, she simply tugged it out of my hands, as I struggled to shield my nakedness. I tried to follow her and stop her, but she easily overpowered me, tossed my bikini in the toilet and flushed. I watched helplessly as it spun around and disappeared down the drain. Shit, I was fucked now. Big time.

"Are you going to listen carefully from now on, Lauren?"

"Yes, ma'am." This game, if it could be called that, had suddenly gotten even more serious.

"Good. Move your hands out of the way. I want to see this body you are so proud of."

I reluctantly lowered my hands, though I kept my legs close together as best I could.

"Nice tan bitch, but I want a show. Gale, oil her down so she can give us a good show."

I huddled against the wall, as Gale approached me with a bottle of tanning oil. "Please, don't hurt me." I begged the woman.

"Don't worry. I promise we won't touch you a bit if you do as we say." Cottage Cheese thighs said.

Gale opened the bottle and squirted it on my stomach and thighs. "Rub it in."

I did as she requested, trying my best to keep up as she liberally dumped the contents on my body.

"Get down on your knees and keep rubbing it in bitch. Give us a good show."

Next, she squirted it on my breasts. "Do a good job on them nipples now. Do a real good job."

I could see they were getting turned on, and wondered what Tina must be thinking seeing me behave like some sort of trained slut. I bit my tongue to keep from moaning as I messaged my hard nipples.

"That's good. Get down on your hands and knees and face the other way."

I did has she commanded. I must have looked like a wanton whore, as aroused as I was in such a position.

"Now, if you know what is good for you, you better not spill a drop."

"Yes, ma'am."

Then she began to allow a small stream of the oil to escape from the bottle and drip down to my ass. I reached a hand back and rubbed it onto my bottom to keep it from dripping. Soon my bottom was coated, but the flow of oil didn't stop. There was nothing to do but to force it into my already soaked cunt. It's shlurping sounds causing me to blush.

But still the oil dripped down.

"I think you better think of somewhere else to put it," she warned.

Gale's heavy breathing caused me to look up. Her fingers were busy beneath her bikini bottom. God, she couldn't mean it could she? I felt the oil drop down on my tightly clenched pucker in answer. I didn't have time to think about it, I just moaned loudly, as I plunged my slick finger in.

"Look at her Glenda. Look at her do it."

There I was, down on my hands and knees on the bathroom floor, fucking my asshole with my finger in front of two strange women and my best friend. Goddamn her, why did she have to open her big mouth at the beach?

I was moaning out loud and I could feel my orgasm approach. Oh Jesus, it was going to be big. I plunged another finger in my cunt and sped up the pace.

In response, she kicked my hand out of the way. "That's enough slut." She had to grab it forcefully to get me to stop. "I said stop."

At the time, I wanted nothing more than to finish. Only Tina's watching presence caused me to stop.

"That's a girl. Now get on up. No, don't cover up. As a matter of fact, spread yourself for me. Show me the pink stuff."

I stood in front of my captors, legs spread like a slut, and doing my best to keep my labia held open with my slick oily fingers. I had been defeated. They knew it and I knew it. From the look in her eyes, Tina knew it too.

"How does it feel to have such a hot body now, Lauren?"

"N-not so good ma'am. It feels embarrassing."

"Tell me, would you like to have a bathing suit to cover up with?"

"Yes ma'am."

"Well, since your friend caused you to lose yours, I think it's only fair for you to have hers. Don't you?"

This was the easiest question so far. "Yes ma'am."

"Then come over here and get it."

She stood up, letting Tina go free. She tried to flee. Oh no you don't bitch, you're not going anywhere. I grabbed at her, but my hands and body were too slick from the oil, so I grabbed a handful of her hair and forced her down on her back.

"No, Lauren, please..." she begged.

"Fuck you Tina," I said.


I borrowed a move I had seen Glenda perform. I lifted up and sat back down on Tina's stomach with force, driving the air form her lungs.

"Help," she tried again, but it was no more than a whisper. I repeated it.


"Shut up." I bounced again. This was actually quite fun. This time she was quiet. She breathed raggedly trying her best to catch her breath. She ceased to struggle. I had won.

Gale and Glenda clapped in approval. "Way to go, Lauren. Now, why don't you show us what she looks like naked.

I reached down and pulled down on Tina's bikini bottoms.

"Please," she begged.

I don't know what possessed me. Well, actually I do know. The feeling of my aroused cunt sliding around on Tina's chest made me do it. I slid back and smothered her face with my ass and cunt. "Are you going to shut up?" I waited for her answer, but realized she was unable to in her current situation. "Nod your head if you understand."

She nodded her head, causing her nose to slip back and forth between my nether lips. I whimpered in response and looked up to see the reaction from Gale and Glenda. They smiled back at me wickedly. As a matter of fact, Glenda was working one of Gale's nipples with one hand and another was down her bikini bottoms.

"I said nod if you can understand." I barked down at Tina. It was then, I made a new discovery... I loved this.

Her pert nose bobbed up and down, pleasuring me.

I lifted up and allowed her to breath. "Okay, now kick your bottoms off." When she didn't obey quickly enough, I sat back down on her face.

Soon she was squirming on the dirty tile floor, as she attempted to wiggle out of her bikini bottoms. She put on at least as good a show as I did earlier. I looked down and could see the cause of her hesitance. She was wet and aroused. Her tiny pink pearl peaked out from between her moist aroused lips.

Glenda noticed this immediately. "I see someone has been a naughty girl, hasn't she Lauren?"

"Yes, ma'am."

"Is your friend a slut?"

"I think so, ma'am."

"Spread her so we can see for sure."

"Yes, ma'am."

Tina had shaved her bikini area into a tight triangle as I had, but where I was bare on my mons, hers was covered by hair. I grabbed it and pulled, opening her. I pulled harder until she moaned in pain. "Open your legs Tina."

Tina's legs opened, spreading her flower. Her nectar gushed forth from the delicate organs within.

"Yes, she is definitely a slut. Let's see her top now."

I turned around and slid down Tina's stomach until our crotches rubbed delightfully together. Oh God, I wanted her. I looked down at her face, which she turned away to avoid my stare. I pinched her nipples, causing her crotch to rise up and grind against my own. I noticed the top was thickly padded. Much thicker than I first thought. I grabbed her bikini top and lifted.

"C'mon Tina. Lift up."

She cupped her hands over her breasts, holding her top.

"You know you deserve this. This is all your fault."

"Not my top. Please," she begged, first to me and then to Glenda. Her arms lifted and the heavily padded top soon followed.

Her breasts were small. Tiny.

The two women burst out in laughter and I gaped. Tina began to cry.

"I can see why she makes fun of other woman now. She looks like a boy."

They came in for a closer look. "Look at her. Jesus, my daughter had bigger tits at age seven."

"And such tiny nipples too. Move your hand girl, so I can touch it."

Tina blushed crimson red. Crying, she reluctantly moved her hand off her chest.

Gale tweaked the dime sized pink disc, causing Tina to moan loudly and buck beneath me.

"Jesus, did you see that Glenda?"

"Do it again, Gale."

She did it again for and even stronger reaction.

"Maybe she's got all those nerves condensed down in those two tiny nipples," suggested Glenda.

"Don't you dare so much as twitch this time Tina or should I call you Tiny Tina."

She teased Tina's small nipple, first going around it in slow circles, before moving to the other one. Tina's face wrinkled in concentration. Gale's fingers grew more insistent, lightly pinching both nipples.

"Ahhh," Tina moaned, unable to control her desires. Gale stood up and walked back over to Glenda. She held up the Tina's bikini.

"You want this bikini, Laurel?"

"Yes, ma'am."

"Tell me. Have you ever had a lesbian experience?"

I hesitated. I almost lied, but I couldn't risk the suit. "Yes."

"What happened?"

"One of my friends was sleeping over and we were talking about boys. She pulled up her nightshirt and started to masturbate. Then she asked me to do the same. I was scared a first, but I pulled down my panties and played with myself too. I never invited her over again."

"Did it turn you one when you were watching her?"


"Good. Now, you'll understand why I want to watch your friend lick you down there and if you want this bikini, you'll get her to do it."

Oh God!

Tina struggled to get out from under me at those words. "N-No, please. Don't do it Laurel."

My well oiled body slipped over top of her easily and I pinned her arms beneath my legs. She was still struggling, so I settled back down on her face. The feel of her nose and cheeks, sliding across my wet sex was indescribable and I didn't want it to end. But Tina had to breathe.

I lifted up. "Are you going to behave?"

"Yes," Tina gasped.

I reached down and tweaked her tiny nipples. "You know we need that suit." I pinched on nipple and then alternated to the other. Back and forth. Her lean stomach quivered in response.

"Come on Tina. It's all up to you now. Come on... do it."

Gale and Glenda's hands were busy in the bottom of each other bikinis. I saw Gale whisper something in Glenda's ear causing the woman to smile and look below me.

Then I felt it; the tiniest touch of Tina's tongue on my sex. "That's it Tina. You can do it. Don't worry, I'll never tell a soul."

This seemed to be what was holding her back. She licked me up and down my hot groove, dancing her tongue over my pink flower.

"It won't be long now baby. Suck my clit."

She sucked my little nub into her mouth and beat her tongue over it. I could feel the sharp pangs of pleasure emanate from deep in my cunt.

"That's it baby. Stick you nose in my cunt. Oh shit, fuck me with your nose."

I looked back up and Gale and Glenda. Glenda's top was pulled down and Gale was sucking on a large pink nipple. Both their bikini bottoms lay at their feet, and each woman was busy thrusting several fingers in the other's sex. Glenda looked at me knowingly and she tossed Tina's bikini to me.

I could pick it up and leave now, I realized. But I couldn't leave now, not with the pleasure Tina was giving me down below.

"Faster Tina. Oh my teeny tiny Tina. Oh God, I'm so fucking close."

She slurped as she sucked harder at my clit. Her tongue kept up its steady beat on my clit, persistently searching for my orgasm. She found it and it rushed forth, escaping my cunt.

I sat back on Tina's face and humped my hips. My body spasmed, dancing in orgasm in front of our two captures. It was an orgasm like no other.

Afterwards, I was dazed as I came down from the pleasure high. I reached forward and picked up the suit and realized that Tina was still licking me.

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