Tree House

by KK

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Cheating, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: A husband tells the story of how he spied on his neighbors and caught his wife cheating on him.

My story starts last on a Saturday last April, a month after my wife, Judy, and I had moved into our new home. Judy was working that day. She is a department manager in a large department store and often has to work nights and weekends. This particular Saturday she had gone in at noon and had to work till 8:00 that evening. It was a beautiful spring day and I had decided to do some work around our yard. This was the first nice weekend we had since we moved in the house so it was the first chance I had to mow the lawn and clean up the debris from winter. Our house is in a suburban area that was developed about ten years ago. All of the houses on our side of the street have large back yards that slant down away from the houses and end in a wooded area. The woods were about 200 feet back from the houses. Our house sits on the apex of a curve in the road and the backs of the other houses around us all angle slightly toward our property.

At the back of our lot there is a very large tree in which the previous owner had built a tree house. The tree house consisted of a platform about 6'X6' which was at least twenty-five feet above the ground. There was a low wall around the outside of the platform (about two feet high) cut and trimmed to look like an old western fort. Access to the tree house was via a ladder built against the tree.

My wife and I don't have any children so I didn't have any immediate need for the tree house, but it looked well built and sturdy so I was reluctant to tear it down. I decided that I had better climb up into the tree house to make sure it was safe because if one of the neighborhood children climbed up into the tree house and got hurt I would be liable. As I climbed up the ladder I pulled hard on each rung to make sure they were strong enough to hold my weight. When I reached the platform I saw that it indeed was very well constructed. I didn't need to worry about it collapsing.

I hadn't realized how high up I was until I stood up on the platform and looked around. I was actually standing a little higher than the level of the second floors of the houses in the neighborhood. I had just decided that the structure was safe enough that I didn't have to worry about tearing it down for a while and I was getting ready to climb back down when I noticed that from where I was standing I could see into the bedroom windows of at least six houses including my own. As I was swung my head around to look at each house individually I spotted movement in one of the windows. It was the bedroom window of the house that was two houses to the right of mine. Being that I was at least 200 feet away from the house and that it was a bright sunny day my view into the window was not very clear but I could make out that a woman was cleaning the bedroom. Although I couldn't clearly see her face I knew who it was. I had met her when we first moved in. Her name was Carla. She was my age, 25, and quite attractive. Actually the whole neighborhood was made up of couples in the mid twenties to mid thirties. I don't now why but I kept staring at Carla for a long while, then finally I decided I had better get down before someone saw me and began to wonder what I was doing up there.

After that I finished up my work and went into the house to shower and get something to eat. Later as I sat watching television I thought about seeing Carla and it made me think of an old fantasy of mine. When I was about twelve and just started getting interested in girls I use to here some of the other boys talk about sneaking a peak at there sister when she was getting out of the shower or peeking in a neighbor's window and seeing the girl next door naked. As we got older the stories got bolder. I remembered stories about guys in high school climbing a tree outside a college sorority house and watching the girls take showers. I don't know if any of those stories were true, but I had always wanted them to be and I had wanted to one of the guys looking in on the naked girls. Now after all these years I was thinking about peeking again. I thought it would be so easy. I could just go up into the tree house after dark and watch the windows and see what I could see. Then I thought, "I couldn't do that." If I got caught it would be totally humiliating. I gave up the idea and concentrated on the movie I was watching.

Judy came home at 8:30 that evening and said that she was exhausted. She made herself a sandwich and joined me in front of the TV. By 9:15 Judy was beginning to fall asleep so I told her she should go up to bed and I would locked up and be up after I watched a movie I wanted to see. Judy went up to bed and I went into the kitchen and put her dish in the sink and took the trash out to the trashcan behind the house. When I walked outside I was amazed at how pleasant a night it was. There wasn't a cloud in the sky and there was no moon so I could see millions of stars. I walked out into the yard and looked up at the sky again. I was just enjoying the beauty. As I looked back down I noticed that there were lights on in the bedrooms of four of the six houses. I suddenly thought of the tree house and turned to look at it. Funny thing was I couldn't see it. If I didn't know it was there I would never have spotted it. I decided right then that I had to try it. I had to see if I could catch any interesting activity in any of the houses. I went back into my house and went up to my bedroom. I looked out the window just to be sure that the tree house couldn't be seen from inside the house then I went into my closet and got out a dark sweat shirt and went back downstairs. In the hall closet I found my hunting binoculars. They are very powerful. I also found a navy blue baseball cap. I put on the sweatshirt and the cap and turned off the downstairs lights and slipped out the back door. I had a knot in my stomach but I was also excited. I listened to see if I could hear anyone outside. I heard nothing but the breeze in the trees.

I ran quickly and quietly through the back yard, which wasn't easy as I couldn't see very well and I still wasn't real familiar with the terrain in my yard. I found the ladder and carefully began to climb up to the tree house. I was very scared now. It was so dark under the canopy of the tree that I could just barely see the rungs of the ladder. I was sure I would fall. Finally I made it onto the platform. I was out of breath and trembling a little so it was difficult for me to hold the binoculars steady. After a while I settled down and I found that by sitting on the floor of the tree house I could lean the binoculars on the wall and steady them. I began scanning the houses back and forth but saw nothing. Three of the houses had lights on in the bedrooms but one of them had the drapes closed and no one was in the other two bedrooms. Of course the lights were off in my house. The only other house had some light coming from the bedroom but it wasn't from a light fixture. I realized that it was a TV in the bedroom. Then I saw that a man was lying on the bed watching TV. Nothing doing there. I scanned back to the other houses, still no activity. When I came back to the house with the guy watching TV, I saw a woman enter the bedroom. I knew who this couple was but I had never met them. Their names were Cal and Barb. Barb stopped next to the bed and I could see that she was talking to Cal, and then she turned and walked into the bathroom. As she entered the bathroom she turned on the lights. All of the houses in the neighborhood were built buy the same builder and they were all laid out basically the same way, and they all had the same lighting in the bathrooms. All of the bathrooms had a larger mirror that took up most of one wall. The lights ran all along the top of the mirror like the lights in a dressing room of a theater. Between the eight light bulbs and the large mirror they put out a lot of light. This helped my view a good deal. When Barb went into the bathroom she turned to the right which meant that she was headed for the toilet because that was the only thing on that side of the room. A minute later Barb appeared in the bathroom door. She was standing there wearing a blouse and her panties. She had removed her slacks and was now carrying them over her arm. She was talking to Cal again. Next Barb disappeared to the left where the closet would be and came back without the slacks but still wearing the blouse and panties. She stood in the door talking and began to unbutton her blouse. I began to get an erection. When she had finished unbuttoning the blouse she removed it and went toward the closet again. She came right back without the blouse and again started talking. As she was talking she reached behind her back and unsnapped her bra. As she slid the straps off her shoulders I felt my mouth go dry in anticipation. When she removed the bra I saw two beautiful, firm breasts with the kind of nipples you just want to suck on all night long. This time she didn't move from the door. She just tossed the bra to her right and hooked her thumbs in the waistband of her panties and began to slide them down. As she bent down to remove her panties her body blocked my view of her pussy so when she straightened up it was kind of like an unveiling. She had a narrow straight line of pubic hair that started about three inches above her pussy and ended right at the top of her pussy. All of the other hair had been shaved off. Even though I like a hairy pussy I found Barb to be a beauty and I knew that was true because my cock was telling me it was.

Bard stood naked in the door for about five minutes then disappeared to the left into the closet. When she came back out she was wearing a nightgown. Nothing sexy just something to sleep in. Then she turned off the light and got into bed. I couldn't believe it, here I was sitting out in a tree house with no hope of even touching Barb and I had a raging hard on and Cal who was laying not more than ten feet from where she was just standing naked and he didn't even touch her when she got into bed.

That was the end of the show from Barb and Cal's house. I began scanning the other houses again. The lights had been turned off in another of the bedrooms. Now only two rooms remained lit but one of those was the one with the drapes closed. The bedroom with the lights on and drapes open belong to Joe and Kathy. We had met them a few times but didn't really know them. I sat staring at the Joe and Kathy's window, waiting to see if anything would happen. After about a half hour I was ready to give up and go back to the house. Just as I was starting to get up I saw Kathy enter the bedroom followed by Joe. As they came into the room Joe reached out and pinched, or did something I couldn't quit see, to Kathy's ass causing her to jump and spin around to face him. Now I had the binoculars in place and could see that they were both laughing. Then Kathy put her arms around Joe's neck and gave him a kiss that looked as if it would curl his toes.

As the kiss ended Joe grabbed the bottom of the sweater Kathy was wearing and in one motion he pull it off over her head. Kathy was not wearing a bra. She had small but firm; beautifully shaped breasts and Joe's mouth went straight to them. From the look on Kathy's face I could tell she was enjoying having her breasts sucked. She had her hands behind Joe's head pulling him against her.

When Joe pulled his head away from Kathy's breasts he dropped to his knees in front of her. Then he reached up underneath her skirt and pulled her panty hose down. Kathy lifted her feet to help Joe remove them. Once he had the panty hose off Joe again reached under Kathy's skirt and pulled her panties off. Kathy stepped out of her panties and then lifted the front of her skirt, exposing a full triangle of dark hair, which Joe immediately buried his face in. As Joe worked on Kathy's pussy I could see that Kathy was rapidly approaching an orgasm. As she reached orgasm she bent forward and put her hands on Joe's shoulders and started humping Joe's face with her pussy. When it appeared that her orgasm had ended, Joe got to his feet and picked Kathy up and carried her to the bed where he dropped her on her back. As she lay there Joe quickly removed his clothes. As soon as he was naked he walked over to the bed standing so that his cock was hanging very close to Kathy's face. Kathy reached out and wrapped her right hand around Joe's cock and began to slowly stoke it up and down. After about a minute of this Kathy pulled Joe's cock to her mouth and stuck her tongue out and just licked the tip of his cock. She did this again and again increasing both speed and area covered until finally she just sucked Joe's engorged cock into her mouth. It looked as thought she was trying to swallow the whole thing. Then Joe began slipping his cock in and out of Kathy's mouth. He would pull it almost all of the way out and then push it in as far as he could. This went on for about five minutes until Joe pulled his cock out of Kathy's mouth and bent down and gave her a deep tongue kiss. After that Joe climbed on the bed and on top of Kathy. Then he reached between their bodies and took hold of his cock and guided it into Kathy's pussy. Once inside, Joe began pumping his stiff cock in and out of Kathy as fast as he could move. He continued at this rapid pace for about two minutes and Kathy started bucking up to meet his thrusts and from the look on her face she had begun at least her second orgasm of the night. Almost immediately after that Joe stiffened up and began pumping his hot load deep inside Kathy's pussy.

Joe and Kathy hugged kissed and cuddled for a little while afterward then Joe rolled over to his side of the bed and Kathy got up and went into the bathroom. She came back into the bedroom about ten minutes later with a nightgown on. Then she turned off the lights.

Now I was left sitting in the dark with a raging hard on and everyone else seemed to have go to bed. There was only one thing left for me to do... I pulled out my cock and jerked off. After recovering from my orgasm I started to get up to leave and I put my hand into the puddle of cum I hand just unloaded. As I stood up I tried to wipe my hand off on the wall of the tree house and I got a splinter in my hand. Without thinking, as if by reflex, I brought my injured hand to my mouth to try to remove the splinter. I didn't get the splinter but I did smear my own cum all over my face and got some in my mouth too. While I was trying to spit out the taste of cum from my mouth I stepped in the puddle of cum on the tree house floor and my foot slipped out from under me causing me to fall, landing on my ass in what was left of the cum on the floor. Now I had cum on my face, my hand and my ass, and in addition I had a splinter in the heal of my right hand. I made a decision right then. No more jerking off in the tree house.

After all that I carefully climbed down from the tree and headed back to the house. Later, after I had washed my face, changed my pants and removed the splinter from my hand, I reviewed the events of the evening. The only thing I found myself regretting was that I had no record of the things I had seen. I decided that I would take my position in the tree house again next weekend and this time I would take my video camera with me to record the action.

As luck would have it, it rained all the next weekend and Judy and I went away the following weekend. So three weeks went by before I could go back out to the tree house. When I finally did I didn't get to see much. I saw Barb getting undressed and I caught another female neighbor that I don't know coming naked from the bathroom and getting dressed in sexy underwear and a really hot outfit. That was it. And later when I watched the video I had recorded I was even more disappointed. The zoom on my video camera just wasn't powerful enough to get a good view of anything. I decided I needed a video camera with at least as much magnification as my binoculars.

The following week I went to the biggest electronics store in the area and went to their video department. I told the clerk that I wanted a camera with a very powerful zoom lens because my hobby was videotaping animals in the wild and with the camera I had I couldn't get close enough to get the pictures I wanted. I would end up scarring the animal away. The clerk tried to be helpful, but none of the home video equipment they had, had the kind of power I needed. After while the department manager came over and introduced himself as John and asked if there was a problem. I told him what I was looking for and he nodded his head and thought about it for a minute. Then he said that no one made a camera like the one I wanted for home use. What I was looking for was a commercial camera.

I ask him if they had any and he took me into a back room of the store. John said, "We don't have these on the show room floor because we don't want people playing with them as these cameras are very expensive. These are the cameras TV news crews use to shoot on location. The difference with these cameras is that they use _ inch tape instead of _ VHS format. Although you can plug this camera into you VCR at home and copy the _ inch tape to VHS."

I asked how much these cameras were. John told me that they start at $7000 and go up, some sell for as much as $25,000. I was a little shocked. I figured I would have to pay over $1000 and I was willing to go as high as $2000 but these cameras were totally out of my price range. I told John that I couldn't come close to those prices and thanked him for his time. As I was getting ready to leave he stopped me. He said, "I have a camera that is about 5 years old and was damaged in an accident. The company that owned it sent it in for an estimate to have it fixed then found out that they could get a new one with there insurance settlement so they left it with us. When I looked it over I found that most of the damage to the camera was cosmetic and that I was able to fix the camera quite easily. I didn't fix the camera case so it isn't pretty but it works fine and I think it's just what you are looking for. I could let it go for $1500. You interested?"

I said that I was interested and asked to see it. The manager brought the camera out to me. He said with this camera you could zoom in on someone 200 yards away and count his or her eye lashes. We took the camera outside the store and I pointed it down the street to a parking lot about two blocks away. When I zoomed in all the way I could see the color of peoples eyes. When we went back into the store we played back the tape we just made and the picture was sharper than any VHS video camera I had ever seen. I bought it.

I couldn't wait to try it out in the tree house. Unfortunately I was running into problems getting an opportunity to use the camera. Judy's work schedule wasn't cooperating. She was working mostly days when she had to work on a weekend and when she did work evenings she wasn't cooperating by falling asleep early. Then it was late spring going into summer so the days were long and on the weekends the neighbors were sitting out on their decks and patios.

I did manage to get out to the tree house occasionally and when I did the camera was incredible. The video images I was able to record were almost as good as being there. Actually, in some cases it was better because I could sit in the comfort of my own home to watch them. The only down side was that what I was taping was mostly just the different women of the neighborhood in the nude. I had only three occasions to record any of my neighbors having sex and only one of those sessions was hot. By the end of the summer I had managed to see every woman in the neighborhood naked at one time or another. I had even recorded my wife undressing one night when she thought I was out for the night with friends from work. That was the excuse I started using so that I could sneak out to the tree house with my camera.

Throughout September and October I was only able to get out to the tree house twice and on those nights was only able to record a couple of brief episodes of women undressing. That brings us up to the first Saturday in November. That day the weather was beautiful and the temperature was mild. I decided that I had to get out to the tree house that night, as I might not be able to get out again until next spring. I told Judy that I was going to go out with my friends from work that night. Judy asked what time I would be home. I told her I would be home at my usual time between 12:30 and 1:00 AM. Judy said, "I wish you wouldn't go out on the weekends when I'm home." I told her that in the future I would try not to do that.

At 7:00PM I went out to the garage and loaded the camera and batteries into the car along with my binoculars, my dark sweatshirt, a dark jacket, my dark cap three bottles of beer and bag of cheese and crackers. At 7:30 I said goodnight to Judy and drove away from the house. I drove around the corner and down to a park where I could leave the car. I took the camera and the dark clothes and things and headed into the woods. I had followed this route through the woods many times by now so I was at the bottom of the ladder in just a few minutes. I had everything up in the tree house and set up in about ten minutes. The camera was mounted on a tripod that I had taken down to the tree house earlier in the day and I put on the dark sweatshirt and cap. It was nearly eight o'clock and none of the bedroom lights in the neighborhood were on. At 8:15 the light came on in Cal and Barb's bedroom. I watched as Barb changed into her nightgown. She had stripped to her panties then pulled on the nightgown and walked out of the bedroom, turning off the light as she left. The next light to go on was the light in my bedroom. I watched as Judy walked through the bedroom into the bathroom. I watched her as she stripped off her clothes revealing the beautiful sexy body that I was so familiar with. I continued to watch as Judy got into the shower. While Judy was in the shower I pointed the camera at our bedroom window and zoomed in to focus on where Judy would be standing when she came out of the shower. When the shower door opened I put my eye to the viewfinder and hit the record button. I watched as Judy dried herself and once done disappear in the direction of the closet. I lifted my head to look around at the other houses. Still no other lights on so I opened a beer and went back to the viewfinder. When I looked I found Judy standing in the bedroom wearing the pretty new bathrobe I had bought for her on her birthday last month. Then Judy turned off the lights and went downstairs. I hit the stop button on the camera. I picked up the binoculars and quickly scanned all the other houses again. Nothing, so I went back to mine. Through the windows in the family room I could see Judy lying on the sofa watching TV. Her robe had separated exposing most of her beautiful legs. I was beginning to think I had made a big mistake choosing to sit out here in a tree house when I could have been home with my face between those lovely legs. As I continued to watch Judy she suddenly jumped up and headed out of the family room. I thought she must be going to the kitchen for a snack but she turned toward the front of the house. I couldn't see her but I saw the light in the front hall go on. A minute later I saw Judy coming back into the family room but then I saw someone following her. It wasn't until they both sat on the sofa that I recognized the visitor as Mike, our next-door neighbor. I suddenly had the feeling that I should be running home but I couldn't move. I saw Judy get up and go to the kitchen, When she came back she had two glasses of wine. Judy handed one glass of wine to Mike and then sat down on the opposite end of the sofa from him.

My mind was spinning. What was Judy doing sitting on the sofa with Mike with just a frilly bathrobe on and why was she serving him wine? I sat frozen, looking through the binoculars to the scene in my house. From the view I had I couldn't see Mike's face but I was looking directly into Judy's. She was talking, smiling and laughing. She definitely was not uncomfortable having Mike there while I wasn't home. As I was staring at Judy I noticed that her robe had separated again displaying her legs not only to me but also to Mike. Then Judy shifted her legs, which didn't allow me to see anything more, but I was sure that from where Mike was sitting he could probably see Judy's panties. After sipping her wine and talking for a while Judy stood up and moved over to where Mike was sitting and took his hand and pulled him to his feet. I watched as the two of them walk around the end of the sofa. I thought that maybe she was walking him back to the door, but as they reached the end of the sofa they turned and headed for the stairs. I couldn't see the stairs from my vantage point so I just had to wait to see what would happen next.

The next thing that happened was the bedroom light turned on followed by Judy and Mike entering the room. I immediately put down the binoculars and went to the camera. I hit the record button and looked through the viewfinder. I quickly focused on the two of them and zoomed in so I could see both of them up close. I could see that Judy was speaking and then Mike began to remove his clothes starting with his shirt and he didn't stop until he was naked. Seeing him standing naked if front of my wife was really strange. I was jealous but I didn't feel angry. Mike had an athletic body and by the look on Judy face she liked what she saw. Mike's cock was only semi hard. I could tell that it was slightly aroused but still was hanging down. When I looked at Judy again I could tell that she was staring at Mike's cock. Slowly Judy started to remove her bathrobe. When she dropped it to the floor she was standing in front of Mike in just a bra and panties. The bra and panty set she was wearing I had never seen before. The bra cupped Judy's breasts covering the nipples with a very sheer lace and leaving the tops of her breasts exposed. The panties where a sheer white trimmed with lace that matched the lace on the bra. The panties were sheer enough to see Judy's pussy hair through them. When I zoomed in on her crotch I could see her pussy lips outlined in the thin material. My heart was beating very fast and my mouth began to water.

Judy began to move so I had to pull back on the zoom so I could follow her activities and to also see what Mike was doing. Judy moved over to stand directly in front of Mike and then she dropped down on her knees. With both of her hands she picked up Mike's cock and began to look at it as if she were studying it so that she would never forget what it looked like. Judy's manipulation of Mike's cock had aroused it still more but he still didn't have a full erection, but I did. Judy leaned forward and put her lips on the tip of Mike's cock and then opened her mouth and slid her tongue out and around the head. The Judy sucked just the head of Mike's cocked into her mouth. I knew that now she was swirling her tongue around the head of his cock, because that is what she always does when she sucks my cock and it drives me wild. I could tell it was driving Mike wild too. Gradually Judy started to take more of Mike's cock into her mouth until she had the whole thing inside. Watching my wife suck another mans cock was giving me a tremendous erection. As Judy continued she began moving her head so the Mike's cock slid in and out of her mouth. Judy keep this up for a short time and the she slowly pulled her head back until Mike's now completely swollen member popped out of her mouth and pointed up instead of hanging down like it had been before Judy started on it.

Mike reached down and helped Judy to her feet and led her to the bed. There he laid her down and pulled her legs to the edge. Then he got down between Judy's thighs and carefully pulled her panties off. He held them up to his face and smelled them. Watching him do that I could almost smell Judy's scent. Next he dropped the panties on the floor and started kissing his way up the inside of Judy's thighs to her pussy. I have done this same thing to Judy on countless occasions and I knew that by the time Mike got to her pussy, Judy would be almost ready to have an orgasm. I zoomed the camera in to get a closer look as Mike licked and kissed his way to my wife's pussy. I zoomed in so close I could actually see the individual hairs on Judy's pussy lips. As Mike got closer to the honey pot I noticed that Judy's pussy lips actually opened a little and a small bead of moisture formed on her pussy and seemed to be clinging to one of the hairs growing on the soft mound that surrounds her pussy. As I watch this happened over and over until the opening of Judy's flesh covered love hole was slick with her juices. As Mike put his mouth directly over Judy's pussy she jumped a little then began a humping motion that usually means that she is about to have an orgasm. I suddenly realized something very odd. I found that I was pulling for Judy to have a big orgasm. I found that I had no feelings about Mike one way or another. I was seeing him only as a tool for my wife's enjoyment.

Mike gave Judy a very complete tongue job. She did have what appeared to be a very large orgasm. When Mike was done eating Judy he stood up and lifted Judy's legs up and leaned them against his shoulders then he slid his cock inside Judy. As Mike entered Judy I felt a sense of elation I couldn't explain. At that moment I felt extreme excitement with no jealousy or anger. As Mike pumped his cock into Judy I zoomed in on her pussy so that the picture I was seeing was just Mike's cock sliding in and out of Judy's cunt. Being in this close I couldn't see anything else going on. No facial expressions, no way of knowing if Judy was having an orgasm but I was totally focused on the picture of another man's cock in my wife's cunt. I never would have thought that it would affect me this way. As I continued watching Mike's pace suddenly increased then stopped for a moment then several more rapid strokes then he stopped again. Finally Mike pushed his cock in as far as he could and just held it there. Mike held this position for few minutes then he slowly began pulling out. As Mike's now softening cock pulled free of Judy's pussy there was a strand of his cum hanging from the head of his cock connecting it to the open lips of Judy's pussy. As Mike pulled farther away the strand stretched then broke. Most of the strand fell back on Judy's cunt. Then as Mike started to lower Judy's legs a large drop of cum came to the surface of Judy's pussy. I was transfixed by this sight. Mike was no longer in the camera's view. The only thing I could see was Judy's beautiful pussy with a small trail of cum running along the seam formed by the outer lips of her pussy ending in a larger pool of cum which formed when Mike removed his cock. The rounded mound of Judy's pussy and the way it looked decorated as it was by the cum dripped on it and leaking from it made me think of the term 'cream pie' used in the porno business to describe internal cum shots. The name just seems appropriate for what I was looking at. I have read stories about men eating their wife's pussy while it was full of another mans cum. I knew that if I were with Judy at that moment I would have eaten some of the cream pie.

I kept the camera locked in on Judy's pussy until she started to move, then I pulled back. When I did I found Judy was moving to prop herself up on her pillows. Mike wasn't in the room. I began to wonder if Mike had left when he came back into the bedroom from the bathroom. He climbed onto my bed next to my wife and kissed her. As they lay there next to each other Mike began teasing Judy's nipples through the lace of her bra. Finally he bent down and began kissing the tops of her breasts while her reached around behind her back to unhook her bra. When her r tits were released from the bra Judy lay back and closed her eyes and Mike began to lick and suck on Judy's breasts. While he was playing with Judy's breasts, Mike ran his left hand down to Judy's pussy and began finger fucking her. Judy in the mean time had started stroking Mike's cock with her hand and she had it nearly hard again.

After a short time of this Mike pulled away from Judy and said something to her and she seemed to nod approval and then she spoke and Mike nodded. Next Mike rolled over on top of Judy and slipped his cock into her dripping pussy. He stroked into her for about a minute then pulled out and got off of her. Then they both moved around in the bed so that they were in the classic 69 position. First Judy sucked Mike's cock, which was covered with his cum and her juices, into her mouth then Mike locked his mouth over Judy's cum filled pussy and began eating her. Watching Mike eating my wife's pussy brought back a feeling of jealousy. I wanted it to be me eating her out. As I watched, Mike brought Judy to orgasm then turned around so that he could fuck her in the missionary position. He must have stroked into her for a good ten minutes before he finally dropped his load. As he started to pull out I zoom the camera in for an extreme close up. This time her pussy seemed to have even more cum leaking out. I watched for a minute as cum slowly ran out of her pussy and down to her ass then onto the bed sheets.

When I pulled back with the camera Mike was getting dressed. When he had finished he went over and gave Judy a kiss and then left. Now I was totally confused. I didn't know whether to go home immediately and confront Judy or should I just wait and see if Judy had anything to say to me, like "our marriage is over. I'm in love with someone else." I decided to let things go for a while and just see what would develop. I stayed in the tree house for about another hour while I finished the other two beers I had brought with me. While I waited I watch Judy clean herself and the bedroom up and hide any evidence of her visit from our neighbor. At 11:30 I climbed down from the tree house and went back to my car. I was back home by midnight.

When I walked into the house it was silent. I walked quietly up to the bedroom and found Judy there asleep or at least that is what she wanted me to believe. I could tell by her breathing that she was just faking sleep. I was feeling very horny and had hoped that maybe that I would make love to my wife. But I guess she had all the sex she needed already. So I retreated to the bathroom and took matters into my own hand. It took me less than two minutes to bring myself off. Once the sexual tension of being extremely horny had been relieved I was able to think more rationally about the things that had happened. My wife had been unfaithful to me with our next-door neighbor. That hurt me. I wondered if this meant that she didn't love me any more. I couldn't stand the thought of losing her. Then I remember they way she had indicated to me that she would rather I stayed home with her than go out for the evening with my friends. Maybe this whole thing was my own fault. I decided to wait till morning before I made and decisions about what to do. I thought that if Judy still loved me I would be able to tell by the way she acted toward me the next day. With that I undressed and went to bed.

As I got into be I had a sudden vision of Mike fucking my wife in this very bed, but instead of getting upset I began to get a hard on. I put those thoughts out of my head and fell asleep.

I woke up about 8:30AM that Sunday morning and Judy was already up and dressed. After I showered I went down stairs to find Judy in the Kitchen getting ready to cook breakfast. Now Judy very seldom cooks breakfast so I knew this was important. I got very nervous as I waited for Judy to turn around so I could see her face. Would her expression be the 'We need to talk' look that meant nothing but trouble, or would it be the 'I love and I feel guilty so I am cooking you breakfast' look? When she finally looked at me she was smiling and she said, "Hi sweetie, how do you want your eggs cooked?" I could feel the tension go out of my body and I smile back and said "Scrambled". Then I felt a little playful so I asked, "What did you do last night?"

Judy turned quickly and I could see a little flush beginning in her cheeks but when she saw that I was still smiling she said, "I watched TV for a while but fell asleep on the sofa. I woke up there around ten and went up to bed and went back to sleep. Did you have fun last night?"

I said, "I had a very interesting time. To top the evening off I saw a sex video about a woman screwing her husband's friend. The sex in the movie was so hot it left me very horny. I came home hoping to get a little but you were sound asleep. Boy was I disappointed."

Judy's cheeks continued to redden but she didn't give away that anything was wrong. She said, "If you were that horny you should have waken me. I was horny when I went to bed last night and probably could have quickly got into the mood again." I was impressed. That was a great touch. I should have waken her. She could say that because I didn't wake her up, and besides, she wasn't really asleep.

Judy spoke next, "What do you want to do today? You want to go out for lunch then catch a movie?"

I said that lunch and a movie sounded like a good idea. During breakfast and the rest of the morning Judy was always close to me, touching me or occasionally giving me a kiss. She was going out of her way to show me she loved me. At 11:00AM the phone rang. I answered and recognized the voice of one of the girls that work for Judy. I gave the phone to Judy. When she got off the phone she looked upset. She said, "I have to go into work for a hour or so. The girls that worked last night didn't put out the signs for today's sale so I have to go in and make sure the right signs get put out. I'm sorry. I wanted to spend the whole day with you. I'll get back as soon as I can."

I said, "I understand. It's not your fault. We can do lunch another time and we can go to a later movie. Get back when you can and we will do something."

Judy kissed me and went upstairs to change for work. For an instant I wondered if this was all a trick so that she could sneak off with Mike but I quickly realized that idea was ridiculous. Even so I went upstairs to watch her dress. She didn't put on anything I wouldn't expect her to wear to work.

As Judy headed out the door she kissed me again and said I will be home as soon as I can.

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