Relative Relief

by Will Wanton

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Consensual, Lesbian, Incest, Mother, Daughter, Oral Sex, Water Sports, Scatology, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: After a masturbation session, Will goes to wash her hands in the bathroom, only to find her mother sitting on the toilet. After her mother tells her she'll be done soon and she should go about her business, Will finds herself strangely attracted to the sounds and smells of her mother, and decides to act on them.

This story contains: incest between mother and daughter, some mild water sports and scat. Although the female character in this story is also named Will, this is not myself I'm projecting here.

I'm Will, an 18-year-old girl with brown long hair and nice body. I have normal size breasts, not too small and not too large (some men will think they can never be too large). Let me be honest, writing these stories I am always way too horny and wet to be patient and describe details that really don't matter a fuck. So I will always make a point of cutting through the bullshit.

I have a 42-year-old father (Randy) whom today is still attractive, same goes for my 38-year-old mother (Veronica), who has grown wider around the hips but that's as far as it goes. I have a 16-year-old sister (Angelique) and 15-year-old kid brother (Ron).

Myself I'm bisexual and my family knows and accepts. My brother sometimes teases me with it and my sister sometimes seems to feel awkward, but that always fades soon.

This is the story about my discovery of several hidden desires of both my family and me.

It was a Thursday night in a random month when I walked into the bathroom to wash my hands after I had been finger fucking my pussy and ass in my bedroom. As I walked in, I found my mother sitting on the toilet taking a piss. Since my brother was out and my mother isn't embarrassed to be found in this situation by my father or me and my sister, she hadn't bothered to lock the door. So I walked over to the sink, and started to wash my hands. As I did this, I couldn't deny the sounds of my mother pissing. The hissing sound as her yellow liquid shot from her urethra and the splashing sound as it hit against the porcelain did something to me I'd never experienced before. I had been in the bathroom before when my mother was on the toilet but something was... exciting me this time. The thought of my mother on the bowl, with a strong stream of warm piss shooting from her cunt, the smell, and not least the fact that it was my own mother... made that itching, warm feeling return to my pussy, even though I had been frigging it for over 30 minutes just a few minutes ago.

As I washed my hands I concentrated on the sounds and smells of my mother, and when I suddenly heard her let go of an incredibly loud fart, I barely managed to suppress a shiver. The odor of her butt gas was filling the room and it was driving me crazy.

"I'm sorry, Will. I couldn't hold back," my mother apologized.

"Don't worry about it, mom," I replied, "This is the right place to do that."

"Yeah but I feel bad doing it when you're here."

"Mom, if I cared, I wouldn't get in here when you're relieving yourself."

"You know, I have to do number two too, but I'm afraid the smell will drive you away," my mother said with a sense of humor.

"Mom, no smell of yours would drive me away. You're my mother, I love all of you AND your smells."

That sentence had more meaning than I intended it to have, but whether my mother noticed the undercurrent of those words or not, she gave me the impression to be convinced.

"Well, okay. Here goes then."

After another fart was shot from her butt, I heard the distinct crackling sound of a thick turd forcing it's way out. I could barely contain myself, and I started looking at the reflection of my shitting mom in the mirror. Although not clearly, I saw the shadow of a thick turd, that was lowering down from between her legs. The scent of her shit drove me over the wall and all I could think of was how much I wanted to just sit in front of her and watch that brown log being squeezed from her hairy asshole (I know it's hairy, I've seen it from time to time when changing clothes). I just knew I was going to frig away at my cunt for this the moment I got to my room so I decided to take a mental picture. I looked at my mom in the mirror and took note of the piss still dripping from her hairy pussy, the brown turd starting to curl a little, then break off and, with a loud splash, falling into the yellow pool in the toilet bowl. And the odor, the smelly, shitty odor would have me squirting a pint of girl juice later (I'm a squirter).

My wanton lust was growing more perverse with each second. I was starting to wonder what it would be like to lick the piss off her cunt, or finger fuck her shit covered pucker, having my own mother scream out loud to "keep fucking her shitty asshole with my middle finger."

I was kind of shocked. Never had I even imagined kissing any family member on the lips, let alone the depraved thoughts I had now. But I wasn't ashamed. They were fantasies, and besides, my parents, being open-minded as they are, taught me that anything that happens with consent from all parties is never wrong.

Knowing how open minded my parents are, as I mentioned, I decide to go for broke and see what happens.

"Mom, have you ever... you know... fantasized... about someone close to you. I don't mean friends, but..."

My mother looked at me in silence, then started smiling and, damned if I didn't notice, opened her legs a little wider.

"You mean people who are related?"

"Well... yeah. I mean... is it so strange that, for instance when you have a gorgeous brother, or sister, that you fantasize about them?"

"Of course not. Like your father and I always told you, fantasies belong to you. Nobody gets hurt with them. And you don't even need consent. So you can think or fantasize of anybody and anything you want."

"But what if I wanted more than fantasize? Wouldn't it be wrong to want to be with a relative, you know... sexually?"

"Well, it can be. But we also taught you that anything that happens with consent of all people directly involved is good. So I would be a hypocrite if I said that it was wrong for, say, a brother and sister to make love if they both really wanted it with all their hearts."

"Then I have another question," I said more confidently knowing my mother didn't disapprove of the notion of incest.

"What if it wasn't a brother and sister, but a mother and son, or a father and daughter... or a mother and daughter?"

My mother smiled and knew exactly where I was heading.

"Why don't you just tell me exactly what you want to say, Will?"

"Okay then. Before I came in here, I never even thought about it. But in a matter of minutes, I'm surer of this than I ever have been of anything in my life. Mom, I want you. Thinking back, I never stopped to think about it, but now I do, you drive me wild. Sitting there with your legs spread, looking at your lovely pussy. I hope you have some of the same feelings I have."

"Oh honey, you don't know how long I've been thinking about you like this. I just wanted you to make the first move, if you ever would. I wouldn't want this unless you're a 100% about it. The idea of making sweet love to our children had me and your father captivated for years now. This is why we were always so open with you. We were hoping that some of it would come back to us.

There is nothing in the world I would rather do than go to bed with you. Let me just finish here and I'll meet you in your room."

But I had other plans. In complete bliss, I kneeled in front of my mother and pushed her back against the wall.

"But Will, we can't do it now, not like this. I'm still dirty. Let me just wipe and freshen up."

"Like I said, mom, I love ALL of you. And this is exactly like I want you right now."

I spread her thighs and smelled the scent of her piss as my face got closer. Not wanting to waste time with games, I buried my face into her crotch and my tongue into her dripping wet slit. I tasted the salty piss that was coating the entire inside of her pubic lips, and started licking it off with abandon. I actually started leaking through the material of my white cotton panties as I tasted and immensely enjoyed my mother's piss.

"Oh Christ, Will. You're eating my pussy so good. Can you taste my piss? Do you like it? I'll have lots more for you very soon. I'll make you drink gallons of my piss."

My mother lifted her legs and put one stocking-clad foot on the washing machine and the other against the tiled wall. Leaning back against the wall her entire crotch area became perfectly accessible to me. I lapped lusciously and thirstily through my mom's entire juicy slit from bottom to top, starting just above her brown, dirty asshole. I just wasn't ready for that YET.

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