Through the Fence

by Maquido

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Oral Sex, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: An early effort and kind of rough. A straight and shy next door neighbor enjoys a fantasy in the privacy of her back yard not knowing that the couple next door are enjoying her as well.

Alan Fielding hurried home from the airport. He had been on a job in Chicago, but it was going so smoothly that he was able to leave a day early. His wife was not at home and he rushed up stairs to shower and change. He wanted to get out of the house before she came home. She wasn't expecting him and he planned to just leave her a note saying he had gone to the health club to unwind. He was hoping that Barbara, a new member of the health club, would be at her usual Thursday afternoon workout.

He didn't even know Barbara's last name, but he had learned to enjoy watching her work out. Alan really enjoyed looking at women and Barbara worked out in skintight body suits that clung to her like a second skin. And, she never wore tights. Her legs were always bare to where the body suit clung to her curves. He always tried to subtly position himself so that he could watch her as she worked out. He often got so turned on he masturbated in the club's shower.

He quickly showered and changed into a pair of loose fitting jogging shorts and a T-shirt. He was putting workout clothes into his gym bag when he glanced out the back window and noticed Alice Cole sunbathing in her back yard. He did a double take. Alice was wearing a black bikini. He had never seen her in something that skimpy.

Before that morning, Alice had never even owned a bathing suit as daring as the one she was wearing. The summer before she and her husband had taken a day cruise on a sailboat with the Fielders. At one point Debra had removed her cover-up to disclose a very small bikini. She had stretched out on the foredeck. Alice, in a one-piece bathing suit, noticed the attention that Debra received and had wished that she had been so daring. She did not consider herself a prude; she liked to imagine herself as someone as daringly sexy as her friend Debra.

All of that was brought to Alice's mind that morning. She reviewed a design job. A developer of a trendy shopping area in downtown Houston had recently purchased another block of buildings for development. New shops and restaurants would soon displace the few current tenants. Alice was doing some of the interior design work.

One of the buildings was an old movie theatre that had lost out as movie houses converted to multi- screen, mall based theatres. The State Theatre had been a grand theatre in the fifties, but currently showed porno movies. The developer intended to restore its nostalgic class and have it show first- run, non-mainstream films. Alice would be doing the interior design of the re-done theatre and had been given a tour of the lobby by a somewhat embarrassed representative of the developer.

"We'll come back another time when there isn't a movie being shown," he told her.

A couple of times the theatre doors open as men came out to leave or use the rest room. When the doors opened she could hear the sound of the exaggerated sex being performed on the screen. It intrigued her, she had never seen a porno film and was halfway sorry that she couldn't take a peek at the screen. What did they actually show, she wondered? What did the people look like? Did the women enjoy all the sex?

Those thoughts were on her mind as she walked through the nice shops just a block over. Maybe that's why the bathing suit caught her eye. She was thinking about how inexperienced she was about all the sexy things about life when she saw the rack of skimpy bikinis. They made her remember Debra's unashamed exposure on the sailboat and she decided to buy one of the suits. She could at least try it out in her back yard where nobody could see her.

She bought one. Back at home she tried it on and looked at herself in the mirror. She had to admit that her body looked pretty good. She turned and examined herself and the way the bathing suit emphasized her body in a tantalizing way. Her breasts moved invitingly in the skimpy top and her nipples were clearly outlined.

The thin black triangle of material between her legs could not be stretched enough to cover all her pubic hair. She would have to shave more than she ever had if she was going to wear the suit in public. Boy, she thought, wouldn't it be something to wear it like this. She moved her legs a little further apart. Dark black curls were visible on either side of the crotch of the bathing suit. She smiled at how daring she was being in the privacy of her bedroom. Yep, that would cause a double take or two on the beach.

She turned and looked at her rear. Her buttocks were exposed way up the sides. She tugged the suit down until it just barely covered the top of the crack between her buttocks. Or how about this, she thought, as she slid it down a little lower, revealing about an inch of the shadowed cleft between her cheeks. They'd like that. She moved it lower until the bottom of the bathing suit was about halfway down her rear. Boy, wouldn't that be something, sunbathing or walking the beach exposed like that. She felt the first stirring of arousal and pulled the suit back up, laughing at herself.

Looking in the mirror she realized one thing for sure, she would need to even out her suntan. She'd do it. She'd wear her new bathing suit to sunbathe in the back yard. The Fielders were the only ones that could look down into the yard and they were both gone.

Alan Fielder continued to look down at Alice. He'd always appreciated her beauty, her dark brunette hair and dark brown eyes. He knew she had a nice looking body, but it was terrifically exciting to see shy Alice, who he knew so well, laying there in that skimpy bikini, exposing that body in ways he'd never seen. It was an unexpected opportunity that carried with it the added excitement of being a previously forbidden experience. He wondered if she had ever done this before and whether he'd just missed seeing her. He absent-mindedly rubbed his growing erection.

He wanted a closer look.

She was on a lounge chair, on her stomach with her feet toward the fence and toward his storage shed. His storage shed was built against the back fence. He knew he could stand in the shed and look through a knothole into the Coles' back yard. He'd done that before, just checking to see if he could catch a glimpse of Alice through the windows. He never had. He went downstairs and made his way quietly across the back yard and into his storage shed, very carefully closing the door behind him.

Alice was daydreaming about sunning on the beach in a bikini with other people around. It was an exciting thought. Of course she'd seen other women that undid their tops to sunbathe, but it was something she'd never imagined having the courage to do. But, hey, this was her back yard and she was at least pretending to be daring.

She laughed a little at herself as she raised up, reached behind her back and undid the tiny strap that held the top.

Alan was watching. He had only the briefest glimpse of the side of one breast as she undid her top, but it was more titillating to him than if he'd found her completely naked. He pulled his shorts down and wrapped a hand around his stiff cock. He moved his hand, sliding the skin of his penis back and forth against the rigid muscle underneath.

She lay her head with her cheek on her folded arms. Her breasts were pressed beneath her swelling from her sides in tantalizing curves. The bottoms of the bikini were so high on her hips that Alan could enjoy the concave indention in each cheek that was defined by the obvious firmness of her buttocks. He squeezed himself a little harder, heightening the sensation of his long, slow strokes.

Alice had no idea that she was being watched, but she was thinking about it. It was exciting to her, thinking about someone seeing her dressed in only the briefest of bikini bottoms. She fantasized being on the beach being watched. In her fantasy she slept and in her sleep, her legs parted slightly. She smiled to herself as she parted her legs slightly. The fantasy she was engaged in caused her to slowly move her hips in a circular motion in response to the tingling pressure of arousal she felt in her groin.

Alice had no idea that she was being watched, but she was thinking about it. It was exciting to her, thinking about someone seeing her dressed in only the briefest of bikini bottoms. She fantasized being on the beach being watched. In her fantasy she slept and in her sleep, her legs parted slightly. She smiled to herself as she parted her legs slightly. The fantasy she was engaged in caused her to slowly move her hips in a circular motion in response to the tingling pressure of arousal she felt in her groin.

Alan breathed in sharply. Geesh, he thought, it's almost looks like Alice knew he was there and was putting on a show. That thought made him even hornier. He slowed down the movement of his hand on his cock. He wanted to savor the experience without coming too quick.

Alice raised her head to look around. He stopped stroking, afraid to make the slightest noise. But the sight her nipple made him start rubbing himself again. The darker skin of her nipple was in sharp contrast to the lighter skin of her breast. The most exciting thing to Alan was that the nipple was swollen. He started to think that maybe Alice was turned on. He would have given anything to know what was going on in her mind.

She was enjoying the free ranging fantasy in her mind. She had raised up and glanced down. There was no guessing on her part, she knew she was aroused and that the swollen hardness of her nipples were a direct result. The slight breeze blowing across her nipple stimulated her even more. In her fantasy she was no longer innocent in her exposure to the eyes of strangers. She was putting on a show. She was teasing the men who watched her. She spread her legs even further apart until her ankles were a couple of feet apart. She thought about the hair she had seen in the mirror and wondered what it would look like to someone behind her. She reached back and trailed a finger between her legs along the edge of the bathing suit. She could feel the silky hair that crept from beneath the suit. She smiled at the thought of what it must look like.

When she spread her legs wider, Alan almost came. He stared intently between her legs and could see the dark hair that the suit could not hide. It curled from underneath in swirls that disappeared high up between her cheeks. He wondered for a second if she had any idea what it looked like and then, Alice; sweet, shy, innocent, sexy Alice; reached back and felt herself. It was all he could do to remove his hand from his twitching cock, but he had to in order to keep from coming.

The only person more surprised at Alice's actions than Alan was Alice herself. She was real excited by now. She knew that if she were to touch herself, she would be wet. How exciting it would be to be somewhere where she was a complete stranger to everybody and do this for real. She wondered how women could wear such revealing bathing suits and not be in a constant state of arousal. Especially those thongs that consisted of nothing more in the back than a strip of fabric so narrow it was lost in the cracks of the ladies that wore them. Would she ever have the courage to wear such a garment?

She looked around, and confidant that no one could see her, she pulled the bottom of her bathing suit between her cheeks. She clenched her buttocks at the unusual way it felt, stimulating in a new and exciting way.

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