Fall From Grace

by curious2c

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, NonConsensual, Rape, Drunk/Drugged, Slut Wife, Spanking, Light Bond, Gang Bang, Interracial, White Couple, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Pregnancy, .

Desc: Sex Story: How a wife, by misunderstanding her husband, gets in over her head in trying to 'please' him.

My husband worked hard to provide for us. We had no children yet, and since he was only twenty-eight, and I was only twenty-five, we had decided to wait until we were in our early thirties. Our thinking was that we would be more 'set' in life and able to better take care of our kids then.

Well then I messed up my marriage in a very real, painful, and probably unforgivable way. It all started one afternoon. Cleaning my husband's home office, I stumbled across a magazine. It had letters from people. They were very erotic. Mostly they were about the more private aspects of their marriages.

I couldn't believe what some of these people had supposedly done. I read stories about wives having sex with one, two or even larger numbers of strangers. How some husbands had encouraged and even watched or participated in their sexual depravities. I was shocked at first, never realizing that MY husband would have such 'reading' material in his possession.

I found myself reading most of the letters and I guess, trying to understand my husband's motivation for liking this stuff. I also had a curiosity about these people and their relationships. How could a man watch his wife have sex with another man? Why would a woman do such a thing?

After reading most of the stories, I put the magazine back exactly where I had found it. I never mentioned it to my husband. I tried to put those words out of my mind. How some of the women had been so sexually gratified and fulfilled in their slutty behavior was beyond me.

A week later cleaning the den again, I dug out that magazine only to find three more sitting underneath it. His 'collection' was growing. In my curious state of mind, reading them didn't seem like such a bad thing. Perusing through them thoughts came to mind, unbidden, but very stimulating. Soon I was in a very serious way, horny, as I had ever been.

Breaking away from my reading, thinking about the whorish and slutty ways these wives enjoyed themselves had put me into the mood to do something that I hadn't done since High School, that being to masturbate. Which became a great release for the fire inside me.

From that day on, while my husband was at work, his wife read and masturbated. His collection grew to ten magazines. Some of the stories had definite marks of wear and tear. They involved the wife having a group of black men taking her and using her as their personal slut.

My thoughts soon became, after days of reading and fantasizing, that I was one of those women. I was the slut; I was the plaything of all of those huge big blacks. They would use me in so many ways. They took my anal virginity, made me swallow their cum, and they would fuck me in two's and three's for hours on end. They were demanding of me and treated me like their personal whore.

After several months the 'need for read' as I thought of it, became an overpowering addiction. Spending as much as two or three hours of my day masturbating, reading, and dreaming of how I could be a good slut too.

There were some benefits to my being addicted to these stories. My husband got sex almost every night, and even though it was only vaginal, well... he was happier than I had seen him. I still wouldn't go down on him, although he had tried to get me to, I would however let him, on occasion, go down on me. He seemed to really like licking and sucking on my pussy even if I was reluctant to let him.

I had been brought up in a very strict and religious house. My father had been a minister and therefore I had a pretty sheltered life. Ted, my husband, took my virginity on our wedding night. I found it to be a 'nice' feeling and even had an orgasm. The pain had been pretty hard for a bit, but by the third night, well, I looked forward to having sex with Ted a lot. I couldn't bring myself to show him how much I liked it though, being so inhibited by my bringing up. I didn't want Ted my new husband to think that his wife was a wanton slut.

One night, after dinner, I hinted about his 'collection'. Ted became upset and even a little mad at me.

"Jane, why would you snoop through my desk? You should know that is my private spot. I never go through your vanity or your purse, or even God forbid, your diary. Why would you invade my privacy like this?"

I knew that I had really hurt him. On the other hand, I was miffed that he thought to sneak around and use magazines for sexual relief. Wasn't I, his wife, attractive enough for him? Didn't I turn him on enough? I finally blurted that out.

"Ted, I am your wife. You should be getting turned on by me not some porno magazine. Those stories are, are, well, I can't believe that you would read trash like that."

I had realized towards the end of my barrage at him, that I had been reading that 'trash', I had been masturbating over those stories, I had been fantasizing about those men, I wanted to deep down experience something like that in my life.

"Jane, have you been reading those magazines? Tell me you haven't been reading them too."

Embarrassed, I could only silently look at the floor. Ted took my silence as a positive answer.

"Jane, you don't understand at all. Those magazines are not mine, they are... well who's they are is not important. What is important is the fact that I don't read them and you shouldn't even know about them."

"What do you mean you don't read them Ted? I have seen those parts that are almost worn through the pages where you have been obviously reading them over and over."

My indignance at his claim of those magazines not being his inflamed my temper. How dare he accuse me of doing something bad when HE was the one who had brought them into my house to begin with.

"You just don't understand Jane. I can't tell you any more than that. They... are... not... mine... just drop it. Please?"

We went to bed mad at each other, and for the first time in several weeks we had no sex. My anger was stuck in my head for days afterwards. I still read and masturbated. Ted tried to get me to have sex one night and I refused.

"You tell me the truth about those magazines and I will think about letting you have a little Ted." I was being very stubborn. Ted, for his part still refused to talk about them.

One day when I went to the desk, I found that they were all gone. He had gotten rid of them or moved them somewhere else. I tore the house apart looking for them, never finding them. When Ted got home the mess the house was in stunned him. I was in our bedroom frantically masturbating, just having an orgasm when he walked in.

"Jane! What on earth have you been doing?"

"I have been masturbating Ted. Haven't you ever heard of masturbating? Oh yeah, sure you have because those women in 'those' magazines masturbated a quite a bit for their lovers."

I was horny, mad, frustrated, and tired of Ted's refusal to tell me about those damn magazines. I also needed to get him off balance so that he wouldn't get the upper hand with me.

"What have you done to the house? It looks like a tornado hit the place."

"Fuck you Ted. You are always on my case about the most stupid things. You won't even admit that you like those magazines. You know what Ted? I LIKE those magazines. I have read them, and I liked what I read." I ran into the bathroom and locked the door. The chasm between us deepened even more after that.

We went for a month with just per functionary words between us. Words like, 'How much milk do we have?' or "Did you get the mail?" We said nothing personal or loving at all. I had refused Ted sex for this whole time and he was getting very uptight about the situation.

One night he gently pushed me into our recliner.

"Jane, we can't go on like this. Why are you being so stubborn? Can't you just forget this? Look, I am sorry about those magazines. I wasn't reading them, you have to trust me on that."

For the first time in weeks I wavered. I finally knew that he must be very embarrassed about my finding them like I had. I decided that if we were going to stay married I had better get over it, and now seemed like the perfect time to relent.

"I'm sorry Ted. It's just those magazines disturbed me. The thought of you reading them instead of coming to me for your thrills hurt. I love you and don't want to lose you Ted. I am sorry."

He swept me onto my feet and hugged my tightly. His lips were dancing all over my face and neck. I was horny too. I knew that we were going to have some great sex tonight for sure.

"Jane honey, I love you to, and I am glad that you apologized to me. I have always only wanted you sweetie, and you have been the only one I have thought about sexually. Just you and me only, no one else. I am glad that you understand that they were not mine and that is the important thing now."

I decided to let Ted think that I believed him. I knew deep down he did love me even if he couldn't bring himself to tell me why he had gotten those magazines. For the first time in a month we had very intimate sex.

He held me tightly in his arms, kissing me. I became active too. I rubbed against him, feeling his hardness. His cock was so nice and hard. I couldn't wait to feel it inside me. I stroked it, outside his pants. I could still feel it throb and move as I ran my hand over it. His desire was inflaming me.

His hands were on my back and they started down, grasping the cheeks of my bottom. I could feel them pulling on my dress, lifting it oh so slowly upwards. The cool evening air wafting through our open window brushed lightly over my bottom causing shivers to run through me.

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