Fall From Grace

by curious2c

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, NonConsensual, Rape, Drunk/Drugged, Slut Wife, Spanking, Light Bond, Gang Bang, Interracial, White Couple, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Pregnancy, .

Desc: Sex Story: How a wife, by misunderstanding her husband, gets in over her head in trying to 'please' him.

My husband worked hard to provide for us. We had no children yet, and since he was only twenty-eight, and I was only twenty-five, we had decided to wait until we were in our early thirties. Our thinking was that we would be more 'set' in life and able to better take care of our kids then.

Well then I messed up my marriage in a very real, painful, and probably unforgivable way. It all started one afternoon. Cleaning my husband's home office, I stumbled across a magazine. It had letters from people. They were very erotic. Mostly they were about the more private aspects of their marriages.

I couldn't believe what some of these people had supposedly done. I read stories about wives having sex with one, two or even larger numbers of strangers. How some husbands had encouraged and even watched or participated in their sexual depravities. I was shocked at first, never realizing that MY husband would have such 'reading' material in his possession.

I found myself reading most of the letters and I guess, trying to understand my husband's motivation for liking this stuff. I also had a curiosity about these people and their relationships. How could a man watch his wife have sex with another man? Why would a woman do such a thing?

After reading most of the stories, I put the magazine back exactly where I had found it. I never mentioned it to my husband. I tried to put those words out of my mind. How some of the women had been so sexually gratified and fulfilled in their slutty behavior was beyond me.

A week later cleaning the den again, I dug out that magazine only to find three more sitting underneath it. His 'collection' was growing. In my curious state of mind, reading them didn't seem like such a bad thing. Perusing through them thoughts came to mind, unbidden, but very stimulating. Soon I was in a very serious way, horny, as I had ever been.

Breaking away from my reading, thinking about the whorish and slutty ways these wives enjoyed themselves had put me into the mood to do something that I hadn't done since High School, that being to masturbate. Which became a great release for the fire inside me.

From that day on, while my husband was at work, his wife read and masturbated. His collection grew to ten magazines. Some of the stories had definite marks of wear and tear. They involved the wife having a group of black men taking her and using her as their personal slut.

My thoughts soon became, after days of reading and fantasizing, that I was one of those women. I was the slut; I was the plaything of all of those huge big blacks. They would use me in so many ways. They took my anal virginity, made me swallow their cum, and they would fuck me in two's and three's for hours on end. They were demanding of me and treated me like their personal whore.

After several months the 'need for read' as I thought of it, became an overpowering addiction. Spending as much as two or three hours of my day masturbating, reading, and dreaming of how I could be a good slut too.

There were some benefits to my being addicted to these stories. My husband got sex almost every night, and even though it was only vaginal, well... he was happier than I had seen him. I still wouldn't go down on him, although he had tried to get me to, I would however let him, on occasion, go down on me. He seemed to really like licking and sucking on my pussy even if I was reluctant to let him.

I had been brought up in a very strict and religious house. My father had been a minister and therefore I had a pretty sheltered life. Ted, my husband, took my virginity on our wedding night. I found it to be a 'nice' feeling and even had an orgasm. The pain had been pretty hard for a bit, but by the third night, well, I looked forward to having sex with Ted a lot. I couldn't bring myself to show him how much I liked it though, being so inhibited by my bringing up. I didn't want Ted my new husband to think that his wife was a wanton slut.

One night, after dinner, I hinted about his 'collection'. Ted became upset and even a little mad at me.

"Jane, why would you snoop through my desk? You should know that is my private spot. I never go through your vanity or your purse, or even God forbid, your diary. Why would you invade my privacy like this?"

I knew that I had really hurt him. On the other hand, I was miffed that he thought to sneak around and use magazines for sexual relief. Wasn't I, his wife, attractive enough for him? Didn't I turn him on enough? I finally blurted that out.

"Ted, I am your wife. You should be getting turned on by me not some porno magazine. Those stories are, are, well, I can't believe that you would read trash like that."

I had realized towards the end of my barrage at him, that I had been reading that 'trash', I had been masturbating over those stories, I had been fantasizing about those men, I wanted to deep down experience something like that in my life.

"Jane, have you been reading those magazines? Tell me you haven't been reading them too."

Embarrassed, I could only silently look at the floor. Ted took my silence as a positive answer.

"Jane, you don't understand at all. Those magazines are not mine, they are... well who's they are is not important. What is important is the fact that I don't read them and you shouldn't even know about them."

"What do you mean you don't read them Ted? I have seen those parts that are almost worn through the pages where you have been obviously reading them over and over."

My indignance at his claim of those magazines not being his inflamed my temper. How dare he accuse me of doing something bad when HE was the one who had brought them into my house to begin with.

"You just don't understand Jane. I can't tell you any more than that. They... are... not... mine... just drop it. Please?"

We went to bed mad at each other, and for the first time in several weeks we had no sex. My anger was stuck in my head for days afterwards. I still read and masturbated. Ted tried to get me to have sex one night and I refused.

"You tell me the truth about those magazines and I will think about letting you have a little Ted." I was being very stubborn. Ted, for his part still refused to talk about them.

One day when I went to the desk, I found that they were all gone. He had gotten rid of them or moved them somewhere else. I tore the house apart looking for them, never finding them. When Ted got home the mess the house was in stunned him. I was in our bedroom frantically masturbating, just having an orgasm when he walked in.

"Jane! What on earth have you been doing?"

"I have been masturbating Ted. Haven't you ever heard of masturbating? Oh yeah, sure you have because those women in 'those' magazines masturbated a quite a bit for their lovers."

I was horny, mad, frustrated, and tired of Ted's refusal to tell me about those damn magazines. I also needed to get him off balance so that he wouldn't get the upper hand with me.

"What have you done to the house? It looks like a tornado hit the place."

"Fuck you Ted. You are always on my case about the most stupid things. You won't even admit that you like those magazines. You know what Ted? I LIKE those magazines. I have read them, and I liked what I read." I ran into the bathroom and locked the door. The chasm between us deepened even more after that.

We went for a month with just per functionary words between us. Words like, 'How much milk do we have?' or "Did you get the mail?" We said nothing personal or loving at all. I had refused Ted sex for this whole time and he was getting very uptight about the situation.

One night he gently pushed me into our recliner.

"Jane, we can't go on like this. Why are you being so stubborn? Can't you just forget this? Look, I am sorry about those magazines. I wasn't reading them, you have to trust me on that."

For the first time in weeks I wavered. I finally knew that he must be very embarrassed about my finding them like I had. I decided that if we were going to stay married I had better get over it, and now seemed like the perfect time to relent.

"I'm sorry Ted. It's just those magazines disturbed me. The thought of you reading them instead of coming to me for your thrills hurt. I love you and don't want to lose you Ted. I am sorry."

He swept me onto my feet and hugged my tightly. His lips were dancing all over my face and neck. I was horny too. I knew that we were going to have some great sex tonight for sure.

"Jane honey, I love you to, and I am glad that you apologized to me. I have always only wanted you sweetie, and you have been the only one I have thought about sexually. Just you and me only, no one else. I am glad that you understand that they were not mine and that is the important thing now."

I decided to let Ted think that I believed him. I knew deep down he did love me even if he couldn't bring himself to tell me why he had gotten those magazines. For the first time in a month we had very intimate sex.

He held me tightly in his arms, kissing me. I became active too. I rubbed against him, feeling his hardness. His cock was so nice and hard. I couldn't wait to feel it inside me. I stroked it, outside his pants. I could still feel it throb and move as I ran my hand over it. His desire was inflaming me.

His hands were on my back and they started down, grasping the cheeks of my bottom. I could feel them pulling on my dress, lifting it oh so slowly upwards. The cool evening air wafting through our open window brushed lightly over my bottom causing shivers to run through me.

I unzipped his pants, and then unbuttoned them. They fell to the floor. I pushed his underwear down and bent a bit to get them to fall down over his knees. When they were in a puddle on the floor around his ankles, he worked off his shoes, and then stepped out of the clothes at his feet.

I fought an irresistible urge to reach out with my tongue and lick his cock. I wanted to. I was still too inhibibited to let him know that his wife was fast becoming a real slut.

Meanwhile, I had unbuttoned his shirt and had it off of his shoulders. Naked, he hugged my body tightly to his. Holding me, then lifting me, he carried me into our bedroom. As he set me down on the floor to stand before him, he pulled my dress up and over my head, leaving me in bra and panties. I was so wet my panties had a huge spot almost dripping as I stood before my loving husband.

He removed my bra with a practiced hand, baring my breasts to his view. I shuddered as I realized that I loved him looking at my body. My nipples hardened, begging for a touch of his tongue. My panties followed my bra, tossed over to the side of the room.

My hands were holding his hard, hot, shaft. I wanted him like never before. I wanted him to 'take' me like one of those sluts in his magazines. I wanted to be used, and used hard. I wanted him to force my submission to his will. I wanted to be his slut. His whore. I was so on fire with desire and need that I was almost ready to cry.

His hands were fondling my breasts. Pinching my nipples he rolled them and pulled gently on them. I wanted him to be rougher. I needed him to be more forceful. He was being too gentle with me. Insanely, I pushed him down onto the bed. I followed his body, landing on top of him. My pussy was dripping wet and I wanted his hardness deep in me NOW.

He looked into my eyes and started to say something. I kissed him hard and deep, preventing him from saying anything to ruin my mood at this point. My pussy lips opened up and once I got in the right position, I enveloped his penis, his hard hot cock, deep into my wet, needful pussy. I was telling myself, cock, Jane, cock! I wanted to act or rather, be the slut for Ted that I thought he wanted me to be.

We made love for hours. Ted was drained when I finally got too tired to go on. I had fucked him royally. I had been the most active fuck bunny tonight. I let him eat me out twice. I even gave his cock a little lick with my tongue at one point, but couldn't bring myself to go any farther.

Ted was curious about my new persona. I never gave him a chance to ask, I went to the bathroom and showered. When I got out he was asleep. Lying in bed next to him I watched his face for a long time that night. I just wanted to look at him, study his face. I guess I was trying to 'see' those stories in his head and get a feel for what he was thinking when he read them.

We got a long much better for the next months. I really got sexed up and kept Ted busy in bed almost every night. He even mentioned that he liked the 'new' me. Our anniversary was coming up so we made plans to go out of town and have a week in Las Vegas. Kind of like a second honeymoon.

Ted took me downtown and we went on a shopping spree, buying me new clothes. I decided to get some really daring dresses, the kind that I hadn't until now had the nerve to wear. I was blessed with a great body, but I had never felt 'right' exposing it in anyway. I had been lucky to get fairly large breasts, but with them had come my parents drilling me to keep them covered in bland, almost ugly clothes. Baggy sweatshirts, loose high-necked dresses.

With my new outlook on life, I wanted to get racy, and be sexy in dress and actions. Ted didn't know what to think about my new code, but I could tell he loved it. He was proud to be walking by such a sexy, desirable 'babe' as he put it. Especially since that 'babe' was his wife.

I got some real sexy lingerie, some short, very short, low-cut dresses; one dress was silk, a one piece with a plunging neckline front and back. My belly button was just about exposed, as well as the swell at the top of my butt. In the mirror in the changing booth I could see the very start of the 'crack' of my butt. There was no way that I could wear a bra, or for that matter panties with it. My breasts were visible on both sides, and the material barely covered my nipples. It made me feel so wanton. So, well, slutty. I didn't let Ted see this one. I wanted to surprise him in Vegas one night.

To complement my new dresses, I got some spike high heels. They had about six-inch heels, and I practiced walking in them at home. Ted didn't know about them either. This one particular look was going to knock his socks off. (More than that I hoped!)

On the day we flew out to Vegas, Ted was quiet. He had something on his mind. Arriving at the hotel, he left me standing at the front desk while he made a quick phone call to someone. Later, on our way to our room, he told me some bad news.

"I have to go to work on Monday. The boss has scheduled an important meeting that I have to attend. I will try to get a red-eye flight Monday night so that I can be back to spend the rest of our week together."

"Ted, you promised that we would be here for the whole six days."

I was extremely disappointed. He could tell that this was going to upset me; it was probably what had preoccupied him on the way out here.

"Jane, I promise that I will do my best. Please don't be mad, we still have most of the week ahead of us honey, we can still have a lot of fun. Besides, I really do not have a choice in the matter, it involves my department in particular."

I knew that there was no way around this. His overbearing boss was always doing things like this to him. Stay late, work the weekend, take your vacation later, it was most aggravating to me. Actually to both of us, I really wasn't being fair to Ted at the moment.

"Oh, honey, I'm sorry. I know that you are not doing this on purpose. I will be all right. It will be fun. Let's go to our room, and maybe we can get an early start on our fun."

Our room was very nice. The bed was huge, and we also had a Jacuzzi in the bathroom. We put away our things, then settled in. Getting undressed, I tried to be as sexy and seductive as I could. The effect was not lost on Ted. By the time I was naked, he was in bed with a nice hard erection.

"Is that all for me?"

"Who else is here Jane? Who else would I have something like this for? Only one person in the world, you Jane."

I knelt on the bed and prowled up to him on my hands and knees. As I straddled his body, I stuck my tongue out and started to lick my way up his chest to his mouth. Hands intertwined, we began to grind against each other. Soon I had his cock in my pussy, and I was literally bouncing on my husband. It didn't take long and we both went over the edge. As I felt his hot spray of his love hitting the sides and back of my pussy, I went into a big orgasm. It seemed to go for a long time.

Lying together later, I had an urge to play with his cock. As I fondled him, he began to move around. Soon, Ted had his head at my wet, sloppy pussy. His tongue sent little shocks through me. He had gone down on me after having fucked me only once before, that being just a week ago. I was so into the moment, I didn't even think to try and stop him. In almost no time at all I was rolling through several small but very satisfying orgasms.

In the morning, we went out and gambled for a bit. Then we took in a couple of shows. That evening we were in the hotel lounge having some after dinner drinks. A live band was playing and being in a dancing mood I pried Ted out of our seats and began to dance with him.

"Honey, can we go up to our room and change? I don't' know about you, but I would like to have a shower. Afterwards, we could come down and dance to your hearts content."

"O.K. Ted, but no sex until after we have had some dance time in. I have a surprise for you, and believe me I think you will go crazy about it after we get back."

I had an idea that this would be a good time for that black silk dress and those sexy high heels. I figured that I could slip off the heels to dance, and then putting them on to leave, well, I could really put on a show for my horny husband.

As Ted was showering, I got to thinking about those magazines. I also thought back to the two times he had licked me after cumming in my pussy. That was something new in our love life, and I was sure at that moment that Ted was imagining licking the cum of other men out of me. The cum of other BLACK men.

I then decided that maybe, since we were going a bit wild here, I could dance with some black guy's and really get Ted worked up. Maybe, if I liked the situation, and I thought that Ted was into it, I would even go a little bit farther than dance. I was feeling so wicked, and slutty at that point. I wouldn't have sex with any of them, just some flirting and possibly some light petting. Make Ted a little jealous in order to get him on edge for some wild sex.

When Ted got out of the shower, I was dressed and had a coat over my sexy new dress. He saw the heels and looked up to my face with such a lustful stare that I almost took off the coat. I didn't want to go and have sex now and miss the live dance though, so I just got him to get dressed and we went down to the lounge.

Arriving at the lounge, there was a fair crowd. I saw quite a few black men hanging around and dancing. Ted got us a table in the back of the place. It was darker there, and the table had enclosed booth on both sides so it was very private. In the mood I was in this was even better.

As Ted removed my coat, I heard a ripple of gasps and other comments go throughout the bar. Ted stood frozen by my side as my new dress and most of his wife's body came into view. He was just standing there, gawking at me. Tickled by his response, I teased him a bit by leaning towards the table and putting my purse clear across to the other side, at the back. This move caused my dress to slink away from my breasts and gave a good show to him and several other men in the vicinity. Most of those other men being strong looking and black.

My poor husband was shaking like a leaf as he guided me to my seat in the back of the booth.

"GOD Jane, you look so... gorgeous, so beautiful so SEXY. When did you get that dress?"

"This little old thing? Well Ted, you were in the store with me while we were shopping, don't you remember?"

"Honey, if I had seen you in that dress I would surely have remembered it."

I was so pleased at the effect I had on him, and those other men. It made me feel like I was the queen of the land. I felt slutty, almost whorish. Ted was at the point of drooling. After a few drinks, we danced to some fast songs. I discovered that my dress was hard to keep in place, so I started to beg off on the faster ones, keeping to the slow ones so that I wouldn't get kicked out of the lounge for exposing myself.

About an hour after dancing, a few bold men started to ask me to dance. At first I refused. One guy came up and asked me and as I was refusing him Ted had a look in his eyes that I took to mean he would like to see me out there in another man's arms. I quickly changed my mind accepting a dance.

Ted had a strange look on his face as my new dance partner walked me out on the dance floor. The song finished as we were walking out and a fast one came on. I almost quit to go back to the table but the man's dark hands firmly guided me out on the floor before I could protest.

As we danced the man stayed very close to me and started to do a sexy bump and grind. Soon I was bumping up against him, and at one point I actually straddled his leg and rubbed against him. It got me so hot, having that contact with his warm, firm body. My pussy was tingling and I was getting wet. Since I only had on garter-belt and stockings, I could feel a cool breeze hit my clit when I moved quickly around him.

His hands held me loosely at my hips sometimes dipping down and grabbing my bottom. He didn't leave them there long enough for me to complain though. Then the song was over.

We walked back to our table and he sat down next to me. Ted was on the other side. The stranger ordered drinks for us and after a bit the waitress brought them to us. It took a while before she got back with them. Soon the stranger had me back out dancing. We danced a fast one then a slow one. His hands still wandered a bit, but overall he was being a 'gentleman'. We finished the slow dance and headed back to our table.

As we walked back to my husband, another man intercepted us and he talked me out on the floor for the next dance. These guys knew each other, and were very persuasive. As I danced with my new partner, I saw the other guy sit down at our table. He was talking with my husband who couldn't take his eyes off of me.

This song was a fast one also. My new partner, who I found out was named John, was bold and held my body firmly in his control. His hands didn't try anything at first, but soon he was getting pretty brave. I felt one hand at the back of my dress, right on my skin, just above my bottom. I had a shiver run through me. My thoughts were mixed and the alcohol had given me a 'looser' attitude. After our dance John and I went back and sat down. Ted was still on one side of me while John was next to me now.

As we talked we found out that my first dance partner was named Chub. We had several drinks, and I noticed that John or Chub were always watching me as I drank. I thought that I must have been exposing something when I tilted my head back. I faintly noticed that the drinks were getting stronger too.

Chubb took me out for the next couple of dances. He got a view of my breasts a few times on the two fast songs we danced to. His technique at dancing was getting more forceful also. He danced me over into a darker area on the floor. As we got into progressively darker areas, his touch got bolder. I had the feeling that he was going for broke. I didn't discourage him, since I knew that Ted was watching us and I really wanted to get Ted worked up. Besides, I figured that Ted would stop us if he thought we were going too far.

I flirted with him a bit. His hands moved around me and as he would change positions in our dance they would 'slip' over a breast here, into the back to touch my bottom there, and pretty soon, well, I was hotter than I had ever been in my life. He never kept his hand anywhere long enough for me to stop him or cause me alarm. His timing was good and I knew he was doing it on purpose.

Getting back to our table, Ted rose up and let me in. As I slid by him Chub slipped in behind me, effectively cutting Ted off from sitting by me. John had slipped around to be on my other side. Ted looked a little pissed off, but not wanting a scene played out here and now, I gave him a 'it will be all right' look. Ted sat down, a little miffed. I liked his being jealous.

As the band came back from break, Ted got up and wanted to dance. I begged off, since I was tired from being on the floor for so long already. He looked hurt, but didn't say anything. As he sat back down, I felt a hand on my thigh. Looking over at John, I realized that Ted could not see what was going on. Soon Chub's hand was on my other thigh. I had two strange black men rubbing my legs under the table in front of my loving husband, and he knew nothing about it.

As they fondled my body, they talked to Ted as if nothing was happening under the table right in front of him. Ted, since he couldn't see what they were up to just carried on the conversation. We discovered that John, and his friend Chub were business partners.

"Yeah, Chub and I share everything Ted. We have been together in business for eight years. Chub is the muscle and I am the brains." They laughed at his remarks, obviously having a great time feeling me up in front of my clueless hubby. Their hands were going higher a little bit at a time. I, feeling like a first class slut, spread my legs a few inches, encouraging them.

"We even shared a couple of girlfriends in the past. We're more like brothers than anything. John even helped me to get through college. He is my best friend." Chub was sincere, but I could see a 'look' pass between them as he said that.

By now, their hands were just below my hot wet pussy. I could feel fingers lightly moving upwards, seeking out a target. I was too turned on and also fearful that Ted would start trouble if I let on what they were doing. I was also thinking in the back of my mind, that Ted really wanted to see this anyway didn't he? After all, I thought, what about those stories in the magazines?

Just before their hands reached their intended target I made a move to slow things down a bit. I didn't know at the moment how far I wanted them to go. To be honest, I had already gone much farther than I had intended to. I vaguely knew that I was behaving in a real slutty and whorish way. It was so out of character for me to do this. My feelings were tossing and turning. I felt like I was watching from overhead, not in control of my actions, but it felt good too.

I got up to go to the bathroom and Ted excused himself to go at that time. I was so horny and turned on. I had two black men, fondling me, almost to the point of finger-fucking me in public, in front of my husband, and he was unaware! God, it felt so wicked, so slutty. I loved the feelings I was having at that moment.

"Jane, maybe we need to go up to our room. I would like to have you to myself now honey."

"Ted, I just want to stay a little bit longer, please? I still want to dance and kick up my heels sweetie. Just a little bit longer, please? I am having so much fun."

Ted reluctantly agreed. After I got out of the bathroom, John was waiting at the entrance to take me onto the dance floor. We swirled away together, and as I got out there I saw Ted give me a lost, lonely look. 'It's only for a couple of dances.' I thought. 'He can wait that long for Christ's sake!'

John danced me into the dark recesses of the floor and off to the side. Out of sight of Ted. He was still dancing with me, but I felt a large lump in his pants now. His hands were even more insistent in their explorations of my body.

"Jane, you are a very beautiful, attractive lady. You turn me on so much."

"Thank you John, but maybe we should get on the main part of the floor, don't you think?"

"Let's just stay here for a bit babe. I think you like what we are doing here tonight, don't you?"

Selfishly I wanted his attentions to my body. I was hornier than I had been in my life, with all of the feelings racing through me. I wouldn't be fucking these guys, just flirting and letting them feel me up a bit, I thought to myself. No harm in that is there?

"Well, you devil, I guess we can stay over here for a little bit, but remember, my husband is right over there, watching."

"I don't think he can see us where we are Jane, and even if he could, would you care? Hell, he may even want to watch you being sexy with another guy."

I shivered with the knowledge that this black man, holding me in his hands, knew my thoughts and feelings so well. I did want him to continue fondling me. I even, at this moment, wanted him to go a lot farther for some crazy reason. Both of them, I wanted both of them to go farther. I thought of those magazines and those stories. I thought of my fantasies.

Suddenly, I realized his left hand was on my breast, under my dress. His warm skin on my skin. His fingers rolling my nipple between them. I felt a gush of wetness in my pussy. I didn't even try to stop him I was so turned on. I wanted him and I wanted him NOW.

Chub showed up alongside of us as John continued to fondle my breast. He now had both nipples in his hands and he was massaging me so indescribably well. Chub put a hand on my back and soon it was underneath my dress and fingers touched my bare bottom.

I moaned softly. I didn't mean to, it just came out. Hands on my breasts suddenly became lips! John had my breast's bared and was sucking on one of them. I felt his teeth lightly biting a nipple, and then pulling off in an almost painful tug. Each time it happened, I felt my pussy gush more wetness.

Chub's hand was now around my front and his fingers were stroking my wet, hot, pussy. I shuddered as my first climax coursed through my body. I had climaxed in public, on a dance floor. Not only that, but I climaxed while being fondled by two black men who were strangers to both my husband and I.

Other dancers on the floor near us stared at us as they danced around. I overheard some saying things.

"What a slut!" "Did you see that woman?" "Did I just see what I thought I saw?"

John supported me in his arms until I could get a grip on myself. We went back to the table, where my husband was concernedly looking around for me.

"What are you doing Jane?" He was looking at me with a look that I couldn't quite figure out.

"I'm great! We just had a great dance; I danced with John and Chub. They are so wonderful and nice."

"I didn't ask how, I asked what, WHAT are you doing?"

I saw Ted looking down at my chest. Oh GOD, my breasts were hanging out, and you could see red marks where John had sucked two big hickies on them. Ted looked up into my eyes with a shocked expression.

"Jane, we need to go to our room now. Please?"

"In a minute Ted, I want to have a drink before we leave these two nice gentlemen." I put my breasts back in the dress and sat down. John and Chub sat on either side of me again. This time it was obvious they were feeling me up in front of Ted.

Chub put a hand on my dress on his side of me and pulled it to the side, exposing my breast. John grabbed the other side and pulled it away. One of them untied the top little keeper strap, and then the whole top of my dress was lowered down to my waist. I was topless in the lounge, sitting between two black, virile, sexy men.

Their hands were on my breasts, fingers pinching and pulling on my nipples. Ted had a look of shock, then anger. He started to get up to say something when John stopped him.

"Hey man, sit down before you get us all in trouble. Your wife loves what we are doing to her, and if she wants us to stop, we will. I don't hear her yelling for us to stop. You need to chill man, chill."

"Take your hands off of my wife!" Ted was furious.

"Ted, it's all right honey. I don't mind it is only some groping. It's not like I am fucking them or anything. After all, this is your deepest fantasy isn't it? To see me with black men? Isn't that what you really want?"

I was teasing him a bit. I felt so sexy and he was so upset. I figured that he would calm down, and when he did we would go to our room. I was feeling so reckless at this point. Sober I probably would have been yelling and in tears being handled like this in public by two black strange men. Ted sat down hard. His hands were shaking. He had a wetness in his eyes that I couldn't quite understand. The fog in my mind was dimming my sense of reality.

"Jane, please... please... lets go to our room. I think we need to go to our room now, by ourselves. Please Jane, come with me."

He spoke so softly I almost couldn't hear him. I was getting worked up to another orgasm by the hands in my pussy and on my breasts. John and Chub hadn't let up at all. The fire in my body was consuming me totally now. I was a little pissed off at Ted for wanting me to go upstairs to our room, when I was doing what he so deeply imagined about.

"You go on ahead Ted, I'll be up in a bit."

He stood, looking like he was going to cry.

"PLEASE Jane, please come with me?"

"You go on ahead, I'll be along when I am ready. I am going to dance for a bit more first. I am sure that John and Chub will walk me to our room later."

"Jane, I am begging you, please come with me now."

I was getting mad at him. Who in the hell did he think he was? He started all of this by having those porno mags in his desk. It was his idea. Fuck him, I was staying with my two admirers for now. I would deal with Ted later.

"Go, Ted, I will be along later I said. I will be all right with these two MEN."

I meant to dig into his pride a bit with my last comment. He wanted this, now I was going to finish it, whether he liked it or not.

Ted turned and walked away. His shoulders were slumped; he had the look of a man who had lost everything. I felt kind of bad about being so rough on him, so I decided to make it up to him later. I would try to do something special for him, like maybe suck his cock for a first. Yeah, that would make it all right; I would lick and suck his cock.

After Ted left, I danced a few more times with John and Chub. They got real bold with me and soon they had my dress off as we sat in the booth. I felt a hand on the back of my head and it was pulling me down to John's crotch. As my head cleared the side of our table, I saw his enormous cock sticking out of his pants.

Subconsciously, I licked my lips. The pressure on my head continued until my lips were touching the monstrous head. I opened my lips and the head went into my mouth. John could soon tell that I had never done this before. It amused him.

"No... I... I haven't done something like this before. I have never had a man in my mouth." I was trying to stop what was quickly a situation going out of control.

"Hey Chub, this bitch has a virgin mouth. I wonder what else is virgin on her?"

"Lets get her up to our room, and we will find out John."

They kept me on the edge of an orgasm with their hands and fingers, while John had me licking and sucking on his huge, hard cock. I choked and gagged several times, but his hand on my head refused to let me quit what was obviously a pleasurable act for him. Before he came in my mouth he pushed me off of his cock.

"It's time Chub, lets get our new whore up to the room. She is begging for it now."

I had never had feelings like this before. I didn't understand how I could be so slutty, sucking on a strangers black cock in a public place, while I myself was naked. I felt like I was out of control of my own actions, and even worse, I didn't care. I had found this whole sexual depravity in public to be such a turn on that I didn't care.

They stood me up, and Chub grabbed my dress. They led me naked through the lounge and into the lobby. Whistles and catcall followed us as we left. Thankfully the lobby was vacant as we headed to the elevator. Riding up in the elevator, Chub got me on my knees and had me suck on his large cock.

For some reason that I couldn't understand, I really wanted to please these men. I had an overwhelming urge to do as they asked, or rather, ordered. Somewhere deep inside me a voice was screaming for me to stop this, to not do this to my husband or myself. It just didn't have the strength to get up the nerve to stop this.

When the doors opened on their floor, I was still sucking on him. I heard a gasp. Turning as I stood up to get out of the elevator, Ted was standing in front of me. He had seen me kneeling naked in a public elevator with a large black cock in my mouth.

He had seen his sweet loving wife sucking on a stranger's big black cock in public. A stunned and terrible look of pain shot through his eyes. He turned and walked away. I was not so sure now that this was what he wanted. I began to go after him, to go with him, but John and Chub held me back. Stranded between these tow men I helplessly watched my husband enter our room down the hall.

"Come on baby, let the loser go. We have just what you need slut. Two nice, big, hard, cocks. Black cocks. You will love it."

"No, I have to go with Ted. You don't understand. I can't go with you guys."

They drug me to their room down the hall. I struggled but they were stronger and forced me to go with them. In their room I saw that they had cameras and other things all over the place. One bed was set up with straps. The bedside table held a case that had evil looking things in it. I only saw a dildo sticking out of it, but I could there were other things in there that I couldn't identify.

I soon found myself tied down, spread eagle on the bed. They put a ball gag in my mouth because I was starting to yell.

"Bitch, you need to shut the fuck up before you get really hurt. We are just going to have some fun with you and in the morning we will let you go. For tonight, well, you are our play toy. Cooperate, and you might even have fun, fight, well, don't fight. I wouldn't want to hurt you real bad."

I couldn't say anything with the gag in my mouth. It almost choked me, having that big rubber ball in me. There was nothing I could do. I had chased away my only source of help, and I was at the mercy of these two demons. Tears flooded my face and ran to the mattress. For the first time this night I really realized that I was in very serious trouble.

The first thing they did was decide to shave my pussy. As they shaved me I started to get wet. Horrified that they would think I liked it I tried to prevent it. My body betrayed me though.

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