Nosy Housewife And The Last Of The Mad Nazi Scientists

by Stormbringer

Copyright© 2002 by Stormbringer

Sex Story: Couple gets new neighbors and the wife starts snooping around. This was my attempt at a pulp style story with a damsel in distress theme.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Reluctant   Fiction   Cheating   Gang Bang   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Size   Transformation   .

© copyright 2001 by Stormbringer

Chasity Chase looked out her window as the movers unloaded large crates off the moving van. An old man and a young boy seemed to be supervising the operation. She sighed. Chasity had been hoping for another housewife to move in next door to alleviate the boredom. Her husband worked for President Reagan and worked long hours, sometimes seventy or more a week leaving her alone most of the day. Most of the residents of this suburb of DC were older then the twentyfive year old housewife. Anyway it was too early to make a judgement call on the new neighbors. The young boy had to have a mother, right? She'd make up a care package and take it over once they got settled in. Maybe she would find out a little more then.

Chasity went to the supermarket and returned with some fresh fruit and a bottle of wine. She began putting together a nice fruit basket to carry over to the new neighbors so that she could snoop... er welcome them to the neighborhood.

Chasity walked next door with her basket and knocked on the door. Much to her surprise a dwarf answered the door. He was between three and four feet tall with crooked teeth, a slight hunch back, and appeared in his fifties. She had mistaken him for a child earlier. "Ja, vhat can I do for you?" The dwarf had a German accent.

Chasity was a little caught off guard, but quickly recovered. "I just wanted to welcome you to the neighborhood." She held up the basket.

"Der doctor ist very busy," said the dwarf not moving from the door.

Past the dwarf, a man wearing a white lab coat exited a door with stairs leading down to the basement. "Vhat have we here?" said the man. He appeared quite old, but moved like a much younger man. "Who is this lovely creature?" He kissed her hand and bowed.

"I'm Chasity Chase. My husband, Dick and I live next door to you."

"I'm Gunther Von Horne," he said gesturing her to come in, though they didn't move beyond the foyer. The dwarf just stepped asside and scowled at her.

Chasity could see boxes and boxes of strange equipment lining the hall. There were strange metallic instruments, glass tubes, and lots of wires. "Need any help unpacking?" she asked hoping to get a closer look at the boxes.

"No thank you my dear," said Von Horne. "As you can see, I'm very busy at the moment. Perhaps ve can get together later after Ludwig"- he gestured towards the dwarf- "and I are settled in. I thank you for the basket and the wine."

"Just being neighborly," she said as she was shown out the door.

Chasity waved bye and slowly walked back through the yard staring in the windows as she went.

"You're begining to remind me of that nosy neighbor on "Bewitched" said Dick Chase.

Chasity sighed and let the curtain fall. Her husband didn't understand her curiosity. Doctor Von Horne had been next door a little over a week now and there were lots of strange goings on in his house. Lights were on all night and sometimes they would flicker. She could hear the hum of machinery walking along the street past the house and packages of all sizes arrived every day. Ludwig would meet the delivery person in the yard and sign for them. Later, the doctor would come out and help move the larger ones inside.

"Besides," said Dick, "shouldn't you be getting ready?"

"Yes, give me a half hour," said Chasity taking one last glance out the window. Dick was flying out west tomorrow and it was always their ritual to make love before his extended trips.

Chasity headed upstairs and stripped off her clothes and what her husband refered to as "her old lady underwear" in the bathroom. She always took a bath before and after sex. She wanted to smell nice going into it and always felt dirty afterwards. She bathed and put on her rather conservative nightgown. Chasity was shy and didn't like showing off her body even to her husband despite being quite attractive. Her husband said she had the body of a Playboy playmate, the perfect girl next door. She thought she was too skinny and her C cup breasts were a little too big on her thin build. Her rear end was bony too. Chasity let her long black hair down, brushed her teeth, and headed into the bedroom.

Dick was lying on the bed naked, his penis already erect with anticipation. He wasn't shy about his body at all and looked forward to their rare sex sessions. Chasity turned out the lights, pulled off her nightgown, and slipped under the cover. Dick joined her and climbed on top. Fifteen minutes later, she was back in the bathroom showering.

Chasity returned from taking Dick to Delos airport just as the sun was setting. She fixed herself dinner and as it was Thursday settled down to watch the Cosby show and Cheers. Just after Cheers, she heard the hum of machinery next door and her lights flickered. Chasity got up off the couch and peeked out the window. The lights were on in the basement of Doctor Von Horne's, flickering again as if his machines were drawing large amounts of power.

Chasity couldn't take it anymore. She had to know what was going on over there. It was dark outside and there weren't any street lights between their houses. She felt reasonably safe walking over there.

Chasity crept through the yards and walked up to one of Von Horne's basement windows. She fell to her knees and peered in. What she saw looked like something out of a thirties horror movie. A regular Frankenstein's laboratory filled the room. Huge tubes, machinery, electricity flickering between electrodes. She could see Gunther Von Horne fooling with some kind of computor screen tha looked far more advanced then her Commodore 64.

Chasity jumped a mile when the voice behind her said, "Vhat are you Doing?"

Her heart beat a mile a minute as she turned staring into the ugly face of Ludwig the dwarf. His lips were back, baring his crooked teeth like a snarling dog. "I was just looking for my cat," she said standing so that he wouldn't be so intimidating. "I'll be going now." She backed away from Ludwig. The dwarf didn't say anything else, just stood there scowling as she returned to her house.

Chasity was wide awake when she went to bed that night. It had taken an hour for her heart to quit beating so rapidly. She tossed and turned for a while finally dozing off after midnight. She awoke at two thirty and sat up in bed. She had heard a crash downstairs.

Chasity listened carefully, her heart thumping in her chest, but the noise did not repeat itself.

Still, she needed to be sure and wanted to know what had fallen. She got out of bed and headed downstairs, turning on the lights as she went. Nothing appeared amiss. Her bare feet padded on the carpet as she headed towards the dark kitchen.

Chasity entered the kitchen and was about to flip on the light when she noticed the shadow out of the corner of her eye. The scream had just made it to her lips when the hand holding the cloth clamped down around her mouth. The light came on and she was staring into Ludwig's evil face. Confused, she looked down. He was standing on one of her kitchen chairs.

Chasity couldn't move and her legs felt weak. One of her nightgown straps slid down her arm, exposing one breast. Ludwig grabbed her breast and cackled just as she saw Von Horne enter the room. The doctor picked her up effortlessly for a man that had to be eighty. She fell limp in his arms as he carried her from her home.

When next Chasity opened her eyes, she was being bound by her wrists and dangling from the ceiling of the doctor's basement. The ropes cut into her wrists, but the pain was eleviated a little as she was lowered to her feet. She felt drunk from the drug and was too messed up to be scared. She fell forward over a table and felt her nightgown being lifted up over her back. She was too weak to struggle as the hand removed her panties.

"These things are as old as I am," said Von Horne behind her. Burn them." Ludwig cackled and walked past her carrying her panties.

Chasity feared she was about to be raped from behind, but instead she felt a sharp pain above her right butt cheek and then another above the left. Ludwig returned and pushed an IV set over behind her. "Vont it take longer with the incisions so small?" asked the dwarf.

"Ve have time I hope. Besides, I don't want to leave permanent scars. Return to her house and look for a calendar or date book. Find out when her husband is returning. He vill have to be eliminated."

Chasity watched the dwarf leave again. The IV tubes were inserted in her butt cheeks and began pumping them full of fluid. The doctor walked over to a table and returned with a long needle. "What are you doing to me?" she asked hoarsely. Her mouth was dry from the drug.

Von Horne walked behind her. "This I call sensitizer." Chasity jumped as he inserted the needle directly in her anus, pricking her several times. "Vhy don't you sleep some more my dear." Chasity closed her eyes and drifted off.

Chasity awoke and found herself standing on her feet, her arms above her head dangling from the ropes. Ludwig was standing in front of her with a knife in his hands. He grinned at her as he made a cut in her nightgown between her legs. He set the knife down, placed his hands between the tear and ripped outward. The tear exposed more and more of her flesh, eventually reaching her crotch, previously only seen by her husband and gynocologist. The dwarf patted her pubic hair and Chasity tried to pull away, but was entirely restrained. He continued ripping her nightgown until it hung in tatters from her body. Her nude torso now entirely exposed.

Von Horne returned with a scapel in hand. Her eyes grew wide as he stood before her. He raised the scapel and made two swift cuts in the tops of her breasts. She barely registered the pain he was so skillful as Ludwig pushed another IV over towards her. "What are you doing to me?" she asked again.

"This I call Fluid Flesh," said Von Horne proudly. He hooked the IV into the slits in her breasts. "It vill fill the fat cavities, eventually bonding with your cells. It will make your breasts bigger. Plus, they will remain proud and firm your entire life."

"But why?"

"So men find you hard to resist of course."

"Vhat now herr Doctor?" asked Ludwig.

"Shave her."

Chasity felt Ludwig's hands on her pubic hair again and then the cold touch of metal as he began shaving her. Von Horne grabbed another needle and returned. This time the pain was quick, but sharp as he stabbed the sensitizer into her nipples. She watched with disbelief as they became swollen and erect. She could feel the cold air from the air conditioning caressing her nipples.

"Better knock her out again," said Von Horne. Ludwig stood on a chair and covered her mouth and nose with the cloth again. The last thing she remembered was the doctor pulling up a stool and sitting before her vagina. He had another needle and a smaller IV of fluid flesh. Her eyes widened in terror as she went unconcious.

Chasity thanked god she wasn't in pain when she woke up again. She was bent over at an old angle, backwards. Her hair had been let down and was wet, dripping down her back. The ropes were hauled up so that she was dangling again. She opened her eyes and saw another poor woman in the same predicament as she. This woman had wet blonde hair, large, firm breasts and a thin waist that tapered down until swelling again from her perfectly round hips. Chasity opened her mouth and said, "hello." The woman opened her mouth back, but no words came out of her mouth. Chasity's eyes opened wide and the woman followed perfectly in sync. She was looking in a mirror.

Gone was the beautiful girl next door. She now looked like a stripper or a porn star. Not that she had ever seen either. Her hair was dirty blonde now. Her breasts probably a double D capped with long swollen nipples. The mirror moved slightly and she could see her rear end refected from another mirror behind her. Her bony ass was now two perfectly round milky white orbs.

The mirror moved back so that she was looking at her torso again. She looked positively wanton, slutty even. Her worst new feature protruded from her newly shaved vagina. Her clit was swollen and dripping fluid. It was almost as if it had been forced out of her vagina and it made no move to recede back in. Not only was it soaked, but her entire vagina was wet with her juices. Her whole body seemed alive, and sexually charged.

"What have you done to me?" she asked as Ludwig pushed the mirror asside.

Von Horne grinned evily as he pushed over a computer screen on an arm. "You are the prototype my dear. The first in an army of slave-sluts to do my bidding." The doctor poked yet another needle into her arm.

"I'm not a slut."

"Not yet," he replied. He brought down an evil looking device topped with hooked needles. Don't struggle my dear." The device hooked into her eyelids and held her eyes open. "The drug I just gave you will make you highly susceptible to suggestion. Enjoy." He swung the computer moniter around so that it was in front of her face an she began to read.

Her eyeballs flickered back and forth as she read the text. It was a series of sex stories, one after the other. At first they were simple romantic stories. Then they turned hard core. Women were revealing their bodies to watchers. Wives were cheating on the husbands. They were making love to strangers... no, they were fucking them and they took their penises... cocks into their mouths. They got big cocks shoved up their asses. There were women who took three cocks at once. Who fucked black guys. Who licked other womens pussys. The women were all happy and satisfied to serve the needs of others. The screen went blank as the stories ended and the doctor pushed the monitor away. "You are the first to be turned loose on the governemnt of the United States. Germany shall have its revenge by destroying the country that destroyed it. I shall turn this country facist for letting the Soviets rape half of the fatherland. You will go to var with the Soviet Union and Germany shall rise again like the phoenix from the ashes of the two superpowers." Von Horne cackled maniacaly.

"But how," said Chasity. She was free of the machines now and Ludwig was lowering the ropes. She fell to her knees and he cut the ropes binding her.

"I shall create an army of slutty interns to descend upon the married congressmen of your country and I shall blackmail them. No man could resist a buxom slut like you. They will vote the way I tell them. They will sponser the bills I write. Nominate my supreme court justices and one some day shall become president."

"But I'm not a slut." She struggled to her feet.

"Aren't you?" Von Horne unbuttoned and removed his lab coat. His chest was that of a much younger man, rippled with muscles. It did have a somewhat plastic appearance, but was quite sexy. Chasity felt an itch in her pussy. He continued, "Another use of the fluid flesh. I have embalmed my body with it. I shall not die until my organs give out."

Speaking of organs, Chasity licked her lips when Von Horne's popped out as he removed his pants. "Fuck me, that's a big cock," she said, shocked by her language, but staring greedily at the Doctor's foot long schlong. He had found something else to make big with the fluid flesh. Even his balls were sized to match his cock and promised gallons of sperm.

"Do you like what you see?"

"Yes sir."

"What do you want to do with this?" He waved his cock before her.

"I want to fuck and suck it."

"Excellent, but first let me have a taste of those big boobies." The docor bent over and licked around her nipple. Chasity screamed with delight, they were so sensitive she shivered with pleasure. He sucked one long nipple between his lips and teased it with his teeth while twirling the other nipple between his fingers. Chasity gasped and moaned as her pussy spasmed. She had orgasmed. She had cum for the first time in her life and all he was doing was sucking on her nipples. Dick had never given her an orgasm in four years of marriage.

Chasity came again, this one was a lot bigger. Something was kneeding her clit. The doctor backed up and she looked down. Ludwig was between her legs and had sucked her protruding clit into his mouth. He was sucking on it like a baby on a bottle and each time sent spasms of pleasure through her body. He was naked too, she could see his deformed back, but what he was doing between her legs felt too good to deny. She came again when he inserted two fingers into her pussy.

"Enough," shouted the doctor. "Let her free Ludwig."

Ludwig backed off, wiping and licking her juices from his chin. The nude dwarf's cock slid along the ground it was so big and obscene. It was just starting to grow, making it's slow ponderous way skyward. It had to have been fourteen inches long and looked bigger on the dwarf's body. It was magnificent.

"I got the dosage wrong vith Ludwig," said Von Horne. "He's never complained though. Now come show me how much you love my cock."

Chasity smiled and fell to her knees before the doctor. She took his cock into her mouth finding the experience at once familiar and strange. She had the memories of hundeds of blow jobs on cocks of all sizes, but her mouth and throat seemed unaccustomed to having anything in them and she found herself gagging. Dissappointed in herself, Chasity decided to take it slow and easy despite her craving for a taste of his sperm. Besides, Von Horne's cock was so nice it deserved some extra special treatment.

Chasity removed it from her mouth and began kissing it from top to bottom. Her kisses changed to licks as she coated his shaft with her saliva paying extra special attention to the crown and pee slit, even licking his big hairy balls. She moved back up to the tip and began bobbing her head, taking more into her mouth with each thrust. The golfball-sized head of Von Horne's cock pushed against her throat. She relaxed and took several inches in her throat.

"Mein gott," said the doctor. "You can really suck cock. No man shall resist blow jobs this good."

"Thank you," she said flushing with pleasure at the compliment. She swallowed his cock again, this time swallowing ten inches before he grabbed the sides of her face and began thrusting his cock down her throat.

Chasity felt something poking her back and she fell forwards on her hands and knees so Ludwig could fuck her. His thick cock easily slid about half way into her soaked pussy. It stretched her out like no man ever had. Her pussy seemed to mold itself around Ludwig's monster prick, squeezing it tight and coating it with more lubrication. The muscles in her pussy spasmed trying to force it out, only to clamp down again and pull forward. Her body was responding to Ludwig's superior cock trying to force it to fuck her.

Chasity purred with pleasure as Ludwig pulled most of his cock out. He slowly pushed it back in, the shaft rubbing against her swollen clit. Von Horne chose that moment to explode in her throat. His sperm slid into her belly and she pulled back so that his cock-head rested in her mouth. Her cheeks bulged out from his second wad His sperm was hot and sweet. It felt like she was tasting it for the first time as she swallowed it down her throat to make room for more. She wasn't disappointed as her cheeks bulged out from another equally large wad.

Chasity wanted to savor every drop, but Ludwig's cock was really doing a number on her clit. She screamed as an orgasm exploded through her body and Von Horne shot his last wad all over her face. Von Horne backed off and she fell down resting her hed on he arms. She kept her ass thrust up letting Ludwig fuck her doggy style. It was one of her favorite positions.

Ludwig's cock was incredible. Each thrust teased her blood engorged clit sending spasms of pleasure up to her brain and an orgasm seemed to explode every tenth thrust or so. She felt so full, it felt like his entire cock was shoved up her pussy. She knew it was impossible and guessed that she had taken close to a foot of his rod.

Ludwig lasted a long time and she lost count of the orgasms he gave her. Finally his cock swelled up and he shot wad after wad of hot cum directly into her womb. Chasity screamed into her hands as her biggest orgasm yet exploded like firecrackers, one after another expanding out from her pussy.

"That was incredible," said Chasity after the dwarf had pulled out and she had caught her breath. she smiled up at Von Horne "You're hard again," she cooed in delight.

"Not bad for an eightyfive year old man. The fluid flesh keeps it partially erect constantly so that it only requires a little blood from me to make it hard."

"Would you fuck me this time?"

"Gladly my dear. Climb up on the examination table."

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