Lurkers In The Hall

by Stormbringer

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fiction, Cheating, Gang Bang, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Size, Caution, .

Desc: Sex Story: Couple moves into the husband's family manor and hear noises in the walls. This was an old attempt of mine to write a Lovecratian horror story.

Author's note: This is an erotic horror story based on the works of HP Lovecraft.

Thomas got out of his bmw and looked up at the old mansion. The large old house stood out against the sky and the sea beyond, surrounded by primevil forests, but alone on this shunned and deserted stretch of coast.The sun was rapidly fading, casting long shadows from the house's turrets out towards the sea. The shadows extended the two hundred feet towards the edge of the cliff. Thomas could see whitecaps on the stormy Atlantic heading towards the shore and he heard the waves breaking against the storm wracked cliff over four hundred feet below the mansion.

"So this is Hollingswood Hall," said his wife, getting out of the car and walking over towards him. "Spooky isn't it?"

Thomas couldn't help but agree. The house haunted him, not with ghosts, but with memories. He never lived here, but he visited his grandfather here many times before the old man went mad.

Hollingswood Hall was built by Caleb and Hester Hollings in 1810 with additions in 1870 and 1911. Thomas's grandfather had the house completely renovated in 1962 and the crazy old coot lived here alone after his wife's disappearance in 1970. It was known that he had abused his wife and everyone thought that he had killed her.

Thomas started choking up as he stared at the old mansion. Beth put her arms around his shoulder and hugged him. It seems that history was repeating itself, thought Thomas, thinking of his brother. Edward had moved into the house last year and his wife had disappeared eight months ago. Edward had almost been convicted for her murder, but no body was ever found. Still, many of his family and friends thought he killed her and shunned him. Edward had become a little mentally unbalanced and was now a recluse, ignoring human contact.

"He didn't do it, I know he didn't do it," muttered Thomas.

"I know dear," said Beth holding him tight. "That cliff looks dangerous, she probably wandered to close to the edge... and well you know."

"That's probably what happened," said Thomas, mustering his courage. "I hope you don't believe in curses."

"If I did, I wouldn't be here," said Beth. Truth was, she had always dreamed of living in a house like this. Even if it was on a desolate stretch of coast in the middle of nowhere. Maine was far from Boston, but once they had moved in, she'd have all her girlfriends up to visit.

Hand in hand they walked down the long driveway, past the big empty fountain and up to the large oak doors of the mansion. Thomas unlocked the door and opened it. The last rays of the setting sun shining inside the door.

Skrit skrit skrit skrit

"Welcome to our new home." said Thomas flicking on the light. He looked around the floor and cocked his head, listening. He could swear he had heard something just after opening the door.

"Wow," said Beth, looking over his shoulder. It was even more impressive then she had imagined. The entry hall was huge with a large chandelier hanging from the ceiling and a big staircase winding up the far wall.

As they entered the mansion, they both jumped as a loud "dong" echoed throughout the house. A magnificent grandfather clock dominated the Southern wall of the foyer and was chiming eight o'clock. To the left of the old clock hung an old painting of a stern faced young couple in late 18th century clothing.

"That's Caleb and Hester," said Thomas noticing his wifes' interest.

"They're definitely your ancestors," said his wife jokingly. "He has your nose."

Thomas unconsciously rubbed his large hooked nose and pointed at the picture to the right of the clock. "That's Elijah Hollings, their grandson."

Beth looked at the picture. It showed a handsome young man with the family nose, wearing a blue civil war uniform.

"Elijah fought with the 20th Maine under Chamberlain. He was killed at Gettysburg. His parents never recovered from his death. His mother went mad and his father, Jacob, confined her to the attic for seven years until she died."

"How tragic," said Beth.

"It gets even weirder. Elijah's father supposedly began sleeping with his younger sister after that and got her pregnant. The rumors of their incestuous affair got back into town and the constable came up here to arrest them, but they had fled before he arrived and no one knows what happened to them. Various family members lived here after that, but eventually they all drifted away until my great-grandfather moved back here in the thirties.

"Your family is full of secrets and skeletons in the closets," said Beth.

Thomas nodded and led his wife on a tour of the rest of the main house before they headed up the stairs to retire for the evening. He waited for his wife under the covers of the large king-sized bed. Beth came out of bathroom wearing a tight form-fitted negligee that hugged her voluptuous body. Thomas felt his penis hardening under his pajama bottoms. Even after two years of marriage he had trouble believing that a sexy young girl like Elizabeth was his wife. He smiled and moved over to allow his wife to slip under the covers.

Thomas was a full thirty years older then his twenty three year old wife. Beth was the daughter of a business associate and he found himself completely smitten when he first saw her. Lucky for Thomas, it was common for the daughters of Boston high-society to marry older, wealthy men and Thomas's associate consented to the courtship.

Beth was a lusty young girl and it was Thomas's one regret that he rarely could keep up with her in the bed room. All his energy was devoted towards business, with little left over for sex. Tonight, however, he decided they should break in their new house with some serious love-making. Beth snuggled up next to him and he felt her hand slide under his pajamas. Her hand caressed his semi-erect penis and began tugging on it to make it completely erect. Thomas rolled over, reaching for the light switch.

"Why don't you leave it on for a change," said Beth.

Thomas laughed, but switched off the light. It wasn't proper to make love with the lights on. Maybe, if he was younger. He rolled on top of his wife and he felt his penis touch her vagina and bend as he tried to insert it. Beth reached down and squeezed his penis to make him hard enough to enter her. Her hand guided him inside her hot vagina.

Skrit skrit skrit skrit

"What's that noise?" whispered Beth.

Thomas rolled off her and flicked the light on.

Skrit skrit skrit skrit

He heard something scurrying across the floor, but didn't see anything. "I think we must have rats," he said.

He was reaching for the light switch again when his wife interrupted him, "Leave it on. I don't want any rats crawling into bed with us and they're pretty big by the sound of them."

Thomas did and he rolled over back into his wife's arms. He tried to make love to her, but his erection was gone. Sometimes his penis just wouldn't cooperate. Beth tugged on his penis for a while with no results and then she sighed and rolled over. Thomas rolled over and tried to sleep. The light kept him awake for several hours before he finally drifted off.

Thomas woke early the next morning and reached out for his wife. His hand patted the sheets. Beth wasn't there.

Thomas panicked for a minute, his heart thumped in his chest, and then he relaxed. He was over-reacting. Beth was probably downstairs in the kitchen. He slipped his feet into his slippers and pulled on his robe. Thomas tied the belt on his robe and headed downstairs. He walked through the foyer and into the kitchen. There was no sign of his wife. He felt his throat tighten up with fear and his heart started thumping in his chest. "Beth," he yelled, hearing her name echo back at him. There was no answer.

Thomas ran through the house shouting his wife's name several more times before it hit him. "Oh my god, the cliff," he said aloud. Thomas ran out to the car and grabbed his binoculars. He headed for the cliff's edge.

The salty smell of the sea filling his nose as he walked past the house and towards the precipice. It was a chilly, gray morning and a slight breeze was blowing towards the sea. His legs started shaking as he neared the edge and he fell to his knees and crawled towards the crumbling edge of the cliff.

Thomas peered down. The cliff fell straight down for over four hundred feet. A few jagged rocks pierced the water and during low tide there was about a hundred feet of beach stretching out from the cliff wall. He could see the beach now.

Thomas scanned the beach and sighed with relief when all he saw was white sand. Then he saw the dark patch in the water. His hands shaking, Thomas picked up the binoculars and brought them up to his eyes. He trained the binoculars on the dark spot and his heart started beating again. Beth emerged from the water wearing her tiny string bikini. He set the binoculars down and wiped the sweat from his forehead. He chuckled nervously at his fear of a family curse. Beth loved to swim, he should have guessed she wouldn't pass up an opportunity like this.

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