Sexy Sista Likes Her Trash White

by Stormbringer

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Reluctant, Cheating, MaleDom, Gang Bang, Interracial, Black Female, White Male, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Size, .

Desc: Sex Story: Sexy black caseworker gets the cocks she needs from white trash while on a home visit.

© copyright 2002 by Stormbringer

"Keep it real girlfriend. It ain't that bad," said Monique out loud to her reflection in the mirror.

She practiced smiling quiting as the crow's feet appeared again. She had just detected this sign of aging today, two weeks after her 33rd birthday. She sighed and arched her back thrusting her bare breasts upwards. Was it her imagination or didn't her hard nipples reach as high as they once did?

Monique stepped back and turned around still proud of her looks and body. She was a vain woman and planned on fighting the effects of aging to the bitter end. She grabbed some hand cream and rubbed it around her eyes hoping the crow's feet would go away. She was a sexy woman, knew it, and dressed to attract attention. Her husband was pestering her for a baby and she had finally relented and gone off the pill, but she feared what would happen to her figure when she got pregnant. She could have been a twin with the actress Halle Berry except that her skin was darker and her breasts were slightly bigger. Other then that, they had the same figure, were the same height, and Monique styled her hair after Halle's, short and curly.

Monique stepped into a pair of lacy blue panties, then put on a matching bra. She wore them because they made her feel sexy, even though no one else would see them not even her husband James. He had been hired as a salesman by a company that needed some color and surprised everyone there by doubling sales in two years. Unfortunately, that met he was on the road so often that she wasn't all that worried about getting pregnant. She wished he were around to practice with though. Monique was reaching her sexual peak where her husband's interest was waning after eleven years of marriage. Not that James had ever been that good in the sack. He came too quickly, humping like crazy once he got his dong inside her then rolliing off and falling asleep. She hadn't married him for his fucking though, she had married him because he was tall, good looking, and muscular. He looked great standing next to her.

Monigue pulled on a short tan skirt that would have been shorter if her boss at Social Services would have allowed it. A white blouse and matching tan jacket, plus tan heels, completed her business professional look.

Monique parked the shiny black bmw her husband had bought her on the side of the street just before the dirt road. She refused to dirty it on the muddy road leading to the four trailers. She didn't like walking too much either since her heels sank into the mud, but the car was more important. She usually had to walk past the rednecks who seemed to do nothing but stand around guzzling beer, eye-balling her and whistling as she strutted by. Today the dirt road was empty as a light rain was falling. Monique held her case file over her head as she ran up to the trailer and knocked.

The boyfriend answered the door. He was wearing boxer shorts and a tight, beer stained tee shirt. He was a good looking white boy, shaggy, unkempt, with a very impressive chest. He had no sign of a beer gut, despite the fact that she had never seen him without a can in his hand. His name was Nick and he was a lazy waste of a human being. He and his redneck buddies worked construction and had been laid off with all the rain and the recent housing slump. He seemed perfectly content to let his girlfriend support his lazy ass and their two year old son working ten hours as a waitress six days a week. Monique had read the file several times, Jennfier wasn't the only girl he had knocked up, he had fathered four other kids all with different women over the last six years. Rumor was he had knocked up Jennifer again and the "oops" law wasn't going to give them the state assistance increase she had requested.

"Hey," he grunted letting his eyes roam her body, pausing briefly on her impressive cleavage. Nick was one of the rednecks who often whistled at her when she came to see Jennifer. He hung out with two buddies, another muscular construction worker and a fat guy that had lost the battle of the bulge with the beer. They stood around in the yards drinking and shooting BBs at empty cans and birds.

"Hello Nick, I'm here to see Jennifer."

"She aint home. Why don't you come in and wait?"

"Alright," she said. Monique didn't really want to stay with the redneck, but she didn't want the rain messing up her fifty dollar hairdo either. "I'd like to check on the baby." Nick just grunted. He was already sitting back on the couch, engrossed at whatever was on the tv, drinking a beer, and scratchng himself. Monique went to the baby's room crinkling her nose at the smell of a dirty diaper. "The baby needs changing," she said coming back to the living room.

"Jenn will be home soon," said Nick staring at the tv. Grunts, moans and panting were coming through the speakers. "Have a seat."

Monique sighed and walked over to the comfy chair. She surreptitiosly placed a newspaper on the dirty chair and sat down on it. A loud scream came from the tv and Monique looked to see a naked woman writhing in orgasm as some stud screwed her doggy style. The trash was watching a porno and didn't even care that she could see it. "Could you turn that off please?"


"Could you at least go put some pants on?"

"Nope. You gonna get me more money?" he asked taking his eyes off the tv long enough to look at her, but they quickly moved down to her exposed thighs from where she had crossed her legs.

'Nope,' she thought, but she said, "No Nick, the law is clear. Assistance will be provided only for the first child."

"I need more money," he said turning to look at the tv again. Nick burped, leaned to the left and Monique got the impression he was farting though she heard nothing. It was a fart that changed her life.

As Nick shifted his body back down, the opening of his boxer shorts parted and his penis fell out. It didn't just peek out like her husband's did some times, Nick's penis burst out, semi-erect and reaching well past the leg of his boxers. It wasn't even completely hard and it dwarfed James' dick. NIck didn't seem to notice that he was exposed.

Monique was flabbergasted at the sight of the white man's huge dick. She couldn't take her eyes off it. She gasped as it extended another inch and rose up off his thigh a little.

She briefly looked up at him, then at the tv. He was staring intently at the screen which showed a woman getting doubly penetrated while sucking on the rather large cock of a third man.

She quickly looked back at his dick. It had grown another inch and was now hovering in the air between his legs. It was fully hard now and she could see ten fat inches, with at least two still inside his shorts. Nick had a twelve inch cock.

"See something you like?" Nick's voice broke her concentration. He had caught her staring.

"Sorry, no I..." Monique stammered unsure of what to say, but also unable to turn her head away from it as Nick slowly stood up. "What are you doing?" she asked watching as he stretched his boxers out freeing his cock and let them fall to the floor. Nick said nothing as he took several steps toward her. Monique just stared hypnotically at the swaying albino snake getting larger as he came closer. Nick pulled his shirt off revealing a perfect pair of sun-bronzed six pack abs. "What are you doing?" she asked again as the naked white man stepped between her legs pointing his cock at her mouth.

"I need you to take care of this for me." Nick grabbed the base of his shaft. "You like my cock?" he asked slapping his penis against her cheeks. "You know how good this will make you feel?"

Monique pulled back still in awe of the huge shaft. She reached up to grab it to keep him from slapping it against her face and when she touched it she didn't want to let go. It was hot to the touch and her fingers didn't come close to meeting it was so thick. His penis seemed to throb in her hand and she couldn't help herself as she slid her hand down towards the base, stroking him. His cock seemed to like that, swelling even more, the head turning an angry red. She had never seen a penis this hard before. It was as hard as a plastic dildo.

"That's it girl, feel every inch of it, touch the head." Monique did as he said, sliding her hand back up to the big, round cock-head as large and as hard as a golf ball. "Check out my nads too."

Monique lifted the shaft up by the tip and stared at his balls. They were sized to match his huge cock, big and hairy, promising gallons of sperm. How many women had felt these monsters empty into them? How many bastard babies did this man have that she wasn't aware of? It made her pussy wet just looking at them, but it also sent a shiver of fear up her spine as she thought of their potency. "I should be going," she said reluctantly releasing his shaft.

"No bitch, you aint going anywhere until you take care of this here hard-on." He thrust his cock forwards with enough force that she was forced to grab it again to protect herself. "You know you want to try it slut. Wrap them black lips around my cock."

"What about Jenn?"

"She wont be home for hours. Now's your chance to try a real man."

Her nipples suddenly ached as they hardened rubbing against her bra. Her panties had gone all cold and clammy from her dripping pussy. Why was being treated like this turning her on? James was always gentle and respectful, but then she had never wanted her husband as much as she wanted the foot-long shaft still thrusting at her lips. She opened her mouth to protest, but ended up getting a mouthful of cock-head.

"That's it slut, suck on that white lolipop."

Monique thought about pulling back to get it out of her mouth, but her tongue was already licking around the head as her lips clamped down on it just under the ridge. It was as if her tongue had a mind of its own, she licked every inch of his cock head tasting precum that was oozing out of his pee-slit.

Monique's mouth was watering and she began bobbing her head along the tip, filled with a strange desire to please the well-hung redneck. At the same time he was grabbing the back of her head to push more of his cock down her throat, she was grabbing his ass to pull him into her mouth as she attacked his cock like a mad woman.

When they were first married, Monique had often blown James, but normally just for a few minutes before mounting him. Only once had he cum in her mouth and she had spit it out into a tissue finding it distasteful. She had learned to deep-throat her husband, his head just entering her throat when she had swallowed it all and she was quite good at it, but Nick was a whole other story. She gagged like a schoolgirl as his huge invader entered her throat and half of his cock still extended beyond her lips.

Monique relaxed her throat and suppressed her gag reflex. She purred contentedly as several inches entered her throat. She squeezed his ass cheeks, surprised at how hard they were, not soft like her husband's. She pulled him forward taking another inch down her throat. She was bobbing her head rapidly now, trying to take a little more with each thrust.

"You black bitches sure know how to treat cock," he groaned. Nick was thrusting his hips forward to match her rhythm. Surprisingly, instead of feeling insulted, his words seemed to spur her on.

Monique relaxed releasing his ass and let Nick do all the work. One of her hands found it's way to his balls and she began kneeding the big testicles. Nick grunted loudly and pulled her head down his cock making her choke, but he held still as his cock gave a large spasm.

His cock was jerking in her throat pumping hot semen into her belly. She had never swallowed before, but Nick left her no choice sending his cum straight into her belly. He pushed back on her head, his shaft leaving her throat until just the head remained in her mouth and one last huge wad of cum filled her mouth until her cheeks bulged out and she was forced to swallow more, some dribbling down her chin.

Nick pulled his cock out and squeezed it, running his hand up to the head, one last string of cum shooting out to fall from her eye to her chin. His last little wad was as big as one of her husband's entire orgasms.

Nick was breathing heavy as he sat down on the arm of her chair to rest. Monique wrinkled her nose from the taste of cum in her mouth, but her tongue was already licking up the mess on her chin. It didn't taste as bad a she remembered, but was definitely better hot.

Monique sighed, that had been the most rewarding sex she had in years and it was just a blow job. She craved having his big dong crammed into her pussy, but was thankful it had just been a blow job, the thought of having all that potent white seed fill her womb frightened her, but only made her crave it more.

Monique reached out to play with his cock, watching her long nails wrap around it as it laid across his thigh still leaking sperm. The monster was still plump and bigger then her husband's though it was now soft. She squeezed and tugged at it still fascinated with the big dick and it didn't stay soft for long. "Oh my god,"she cried as it hardened in her hand.

Monique hadn't seen a man recover this quickly since she was in high school.

Nick stood off her chair and took her hand. He pulled her up and led her over to the couch. She stood before him as he sat down, his hands sliding up under her skirt. She gasped in surprise as he yanked her panties down. He pulled her into his lap as she straddled him.

Monique leaned forward to kiss him, but he just crinkled his nose and turned his mouth away not wanting to kiss her after she'd swallowed his cum. Instead, Nick leaned her back and pushed her jacket off. "Damn, thems some nice tits." He was staring at her breasts practiclly drooling. Her back was arched, thrusting her breasts forwards so that they strained at her blouse. His hands were trembling with excitement as he fumbled with her buttons. He unbuttoned a few then grew impatient and ripped her blouse open. Her blouse joined her jacket and panties on the floor as Nick ran his hands over her lacy blue bra. Nick didn't bother looking for a hook, he just flicked her bra up over her tits and yanked it over her head.

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