Nisha, the Little One

by Sahebji

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, First, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: One evening I recieved a telephone call. A unknown girl was on the line. The conversation that ensued sounded quite mad but I found her very interesting. One thing led to another and we agreed to meet. Then what happened...

Dear readers, this is a story about my experiences with Nisha, my little one.

My name is Saheb Sahebji. I am young, 6 feet tall, slim with a strong well-built physique. I am a commercial artist by profession. When my story "Ramu and Cassie" appeared on the web I received several e- mails asking me to tell them the circumstances in which Nisha (Cassie"s best friend) lost her cherry.

"Aapke annurodh per main yeh katha sunata hoon (At your request, I narrate this story)."

A few words about Nisha, yes Nisha, the little one. Nisha was very different from any girl I had met before or after her. She was ... She was ... frankly words fail me. I do not know how to describe her to you. Best I can say is that she was a mixture of many qualities.

Actually I would say that she was like fresh breeze or a cool refreshing cocktail. Yes, definitely a heady cocktail. Believe me. The only draw back I saw in her was her insatiable curiosity. Nisha was curious to a fault, about everything and everyone under the sun. She was one of her kind. She was unique.

Why don"t I tell you all that happened so that you can judge for yourself? As I had a long relationship with her (for over two years) it would be unfair to subject you to each and every experience. I will therefore, if you permit me, restrict myself to the highlights of our long relationship. Nothing was normal or predictable with her. This will be evident to you from the way I met her in the first place.

One evening after work when I reached my flat I heard the phone ringing. I quickly opened the door and answered it. A young sweet voice said, "At last! If you don"t like answering the phone then why do you have one?"

I explained to her that I had just returned home and have responded as quickly as I could. She dismissed my apology by saying, "Excuses, nothing but excuses. Please may I speak to Ramu?"

"Ramu is not here," I told her.

"Oh," she said in a disappointed tone. Her question intrigued me. Ramu had left town several months ago. I quickly added, "What if Ramu is not here can I be of any service."

"Service? Yes, I"d like that. What kind of service can you render?" she said and laughed. Her laughter was like music to my ears. I liked her voice and her laughter. I decided to play along.

"I can do anything and everything Mere Aaka (My master)," I said.

"Mere Aaka? That is nice. Who am I speaking to?" she said laughing again.

"I am the Genie of this telephone," I told her not wanting to disclose my identity as yet.

"Tell me all you can do, My Genie," she said imperiously.

"I can press your feet. I can polish your boots Mere Aaka," I said.

"Not interested. Continue," she commanded.

"I can wash your clothes. I can iron them for you, Mere Aaka," I said.

"No, I have a dhobi (washerman) who does that. Go on," she said.

"I can drive you round the city. I can give you a conducted tour of all the historical sites in town, Mere Aaka," I continued.

"No thank you, I get enough of history in college. What else?" she wanted know.

"I can cook for you, Mere Aaka," I suggested.

"Interesting, what can you cook?" she asked.

"I can boil water for starters, Mere Aaka," I said.

She laughed and said, "Boil water? Some cook. Hot water is good for bathing only. Not interested. Tell me more."

"I can escort you to plays and take you to the movies, Mere Aaka," I told her.

"Stop. Movies, I love movies," she said.

"So do I, Mere Aaka," I said.

"Okay, My Genie, can you also procure movie tickets?" she queried.

I had to meet this delightful girl so I told her, "Absolutely. Just name the movie but there is a small condition attached to it, Mere Aaka."

"Hey! Genies don"t make conditions they only obey," she countered.

I said, "Mere Aaka, in today"s times of organized labor, we Genies also have an union and as per rule 33 part c sub section 2.4..."

She said, "Okay, okay, don"t get technical. What is the condition?"

"I must accompany you to the movies. Agreed?" I asked.

"First tell me can you get tickets for any show, any day for any movie I nominate?" she said.

"Definitely. Just name the movie, date and show, Mere Aaka," I boasted crossing my fingers.

"What if you fail?" She asked. This girl was thorough.

"Question of failure does not arise. I am a genie but should the eventuality arise then you can have my head on a platter, Mere Aaka," I told her.

"What will I do with the head of a Genie?" she wanted to know.

"You could play football with it or hang it above the mantle piece as trophy, Mere Aaka," I suggested boldly.

"Oh yes, it would be fun to kick a Genie"s big nose," she giggled.

That hurt. "I don"t have a big nose," I protested.

She decreed, "Of course you have. All Genies have big noses. Don"t you read any books? Okay I agree to your condition. Get two tickets for the matinee show on coming Saturday for Make aan...".

"As you desire, Mere Aaka," I replied.

"MG, I want to be fair with you. Tickets for this movie are not available at any price for the next three weeks or even more," she said.

"MG? Who is MG?" I asked.

"MG. My Genie, man! Are you dull," she laughed.

"Oh I see. We Genies don"t pay money for tickets we procure them with love," I told her.

"Best of luck to you, MG. Remember to keep a sharp knife handy. Byeee," she said and laughed.

"Hey, hold on. Don"t go away. How do I contact you when I have the tickets? Tell me your name and telephone number," I said.

"My name is Mere Aaka. You already know that. As for my phone number you know the well-known line "don"t call us we will call you". I will check with you at six on Friday evening. Not like today, be there, MG. Byeeee," and signed off.

This girl sounded very interesting I had to meet her. The movie she had named had been released very recently. It was doing extraordinarily well at the box office. To get tickets for it at such short notice would be nigh impossible. My only bet was Mr. H, an industrialist for whom I had done some work recently. He also owned a cinema hall in town. With a prayer on my lips that this movie is showing in his hall I opened the newspaper. Well my luck was in. The movie was running in four halls and Mr. H owned one of them.

It was not too late. I decided to call him at his office. His secretary connected me to him. He was very gracious. I introduced myself. "Of course, I remember you Sahebji. How are you? Even today people congratulate me on the excellent "ad" campaign you had designed for me. Tell me what I can do for you?" he asked. I told him my problem.

"Don"t worry, it will be done but check with me tomorrow at the same time," he said.

Next day, I rang him up again. His secretary said, "The boss is in a meeting but I have a message for you. You should contact the manager of the hall tomorrow. He will do the needful."

On Thursday I met the manager and he gave me two passes for the desired show. Happy at having got what she wanted I waited for her call on Friday evening.

Promptly at six on Friday evening the phone rang. As soon as I answered it she said, "MG, have you got the tickets?"

"Of course, Mere Aaka," I replied.

"Are you telling the truth?" she asked incredulously.

I said, "Absolutely. You remember what I said about my head..."

"Okay, okay don't get technical, MG, I believe you. My God my friends will die of envy when I tell them that I had seen this movie. MG, I will meet you at 3 p. m. on Saturday in front of the box office. Okay," she proposed.

"No, not okay," I said.

In an irritated voice she said, "What is your problem now?"

"How will I recognize you? Tell me what will you be wearing, Mere Aaka?" I asked.

"Clothes, of course. Did you think I would turn up in my birthday suit?" she said haughtily.

"Of course not, tell me what kind of clothes will you be wearing a sari, salwaar kammez etc." I persisted.

"Oh I see. Why did you not say this in the first place? Let me see. Normally I require two hours to decide on what to wear but today just because you have got the tickets, I will try to do it in two minutes," she giggled.

For two minutes there was complete silence. "Okay, I will be wearing a dark green sari with matching blouse etcetera, etcetera, etcetera got it," she said.

"Yes, now please describe yourself to me," I requested.

"MG, be patient. On Saturday you can see my beautiful self for yourself," she replied.

"Do you want me to take the wrong girl to the movies?" I threatened.

"You dare not. I will personally strangle you. Okay listen do you know Marilyn Monroe?" she questioned.

"I know of her but have never met her," I replied truthfully.

"Silly how could you meet her. Poor MM is dead and gone many, many years ago. Now pay attention MM was blonde, I am not, MM was tall, I am not. MM had lots of oomph, I don't... ," she said.

"Sorry to interrupt you, Mere Aaka. What is oomph?" I asked pretending ignorance.

She said, "You don't know what oomph is? You call yourself a man. Ask someone. Lastly, I am much prettier than MM was. Got it?"

"Yes, just one more thing. It will be very crowded in front of the box office; I suggest that instead of meeting there, we meet on the opposite side of the street. It will be easier to locate each other," I said.

"Good suggestion. Why did I not think of it? MG, you are really not as dumb as you sound. Right be there at 3 p.m. sharp. I am like time and tide and all that I don't wait for anyone. Byeee," she said and signed off.

On Saturday afternoon I reached the appointed place fifteen minutes early.

Punctually at 3 p.m., I saw a girl in dark green sari coming towards me. I studied her. She was just as she had described herself. She had long thick black hair done up in a plait, she was short. 5" 1" max. Her tits were small but suited her petite body and she was very pretty. I also noticed that she was not wearing a bra. Actually she did not require to, as her tits were very firm.

She stopped a few paces away from me. I waited to see what she would do. Within the next five minutes she looked at her watch no less than twenty times and started to tap her foot impatiently. I walked up behind her and recited:

Khwaab ho tum ya haqeekat, kaun ho tum batlao,

Der se door khardi ho tum, mere kareeb tau aajao.

(Literal translation of this couplet is "Are you real or a dream, tell me who you are? Since long you are standing so far away, come near me").

She gave me a dirty glance and moved away.

I moved near her and said, "It seems your friend had ditched you. Why don't you let me take you to the movies?"

She turned and with a menacing look said, "If you don't go away from here then I will shout and all these good people will beat you to pulp," and opened her mouth to shout.

"Are you going to have your poor MG beaten up by these people, Mere Aaka? I said softly.

"Oh MG, it is you. Have you got the tickets? Show me," she demanded.

"Yes, I have the tickets but first let us introduce ourselves. My name is Saheb Sahebji and you are?" I replied.

"I am Nisha. Show me the tickets please," she said.

"Come let us go otherwise we will be late," I told her. Reluctantly she let me conduct her across the street.

At the gate I showed the passes to the ticket checker. He touched his cap and said, "Welcome sir, we were expecting you," and handed over the passes to another man in livery and instructed him to show us to our seats.

"Madam, sir, please follow me," he said.

I glanced side ways at Nisha. She looked thoroughly impressed by this VIP reception. We were conducted to a box with two seats. The seats were plusher and more comfortable than in first class of an aircraft.

As we settled down Nisha again asked for the tickets. I gave them to her. After studying them for a few minutes she exclaimed, "These are free passes."

"I told you we Genies don't pay for tickets," I replied smugly.

Nisha looked at her surroundings and said, "Sahebji, don't tell me you own the damned cinema hall."

"Of course not it is owned by an industrialist for whom I had done some work," I told her.

"Who is he?" she asked. I told her his name.

"How old is he?"

"About 45," I told her.

"Is he married?

"I think so," I replied.

Her next questions were, "Is he very rich? How many halls does he own? He must be very rich? How many children does he have? Luckily the lights were dimmed at this point. I told her let us watch the movie now and we can talk later.

When the feature film started Nisha's hand slowly crept into mine and she would occasionally squeeze it. I looked at her to see if this was some sort of a hint. She was completely oblivious of what she was doing. The film contained lot of violence and I realized that whenever some shooting or fighting took place on the screen she would squeeze my hand.

At intermission time she quietly withdrew her hand. A waiter in spotless white uniform came and asked us if we wanted something to eat or drink. I asked Nisha. She said, "A coke and lots and lots of popcorn please. What about you?"

"No, I don't want anything," I said.

"Make it two cokes for me," she told the waiter.

When the waiter had left I said, "Nisha, I really don't want anything."

"I want two cokes for myself. Any objections?" was her curt reply.

When the goodies came she gave me one bottle and placing the popcorn bag between us said, "Eat and drink. Please no excuses."

I resigned to my fate. "Now that both my hands are going to be occupied whose hand will you squeeze when there is shooting? I asked her with a smile.

"Was I squeezing your hand? she murmured then with a grin added, "don't worry, I can now hold on to this bottle".

After the movie I invited her for a cup of coffee and snacks. We went to a small coffeehouse and chatted for an hour or so. We talked mostly about the movie. I asked her to tell me something about herself.

With tears in her eyes Nisha said, "I lost my father some years back and I now live with my mother and my 12 year old younger brother. After my father's death my mother looks after the family business. We live in our own house. We are well off but not rich. It is your turn now."

I told her that my parents were dead, I am a commercial artist I live alone and have a nine to five job.

At about seven thirty she suddenly said that she had to get back home. She did not allow me to drive up to her house and asked me to stop at the corner saying that she would walk the rest of the way.

Nisha said, "Sahebji, thank you very much for a wonderful afternoon. I enjoyed myself very much and had a great time. Byee," and shook my hand.

"A hand shake is all the reward I get for showing you a great time," I asked her. I felt her hand stiffen.

She asked, "What reward did you have in mind?"

"First promise that you won't say no," I said.

"Nisha never grants blind wishes even to Genies. Ask and I shall consider," was her imperious reply.

I said, "Nisha, I also had a great time. My wish is that you consent to go out with me again."

Her hand relaxed. "Of course I will go out with you again. I am glad that you asked me now otherwise I would have had to ring you again to ask you out," she said and laughed. After fixing our next date we parted.

On the way home I thought that I was lucky to meet such a beautiful and delightful girl. We dated for two months. During this time we went to movies, plays, coffeehouses, and for long walks among other things.

During this period I did not even attempt to kiss her. Normally, I am quite aggressive but for some unexplained reason, I was meek as a mouse in her company. I was quite happy with my lot.

Nisha loved short forms and started calling me SSji. I got in the habit of calling her "the little one". At first she objected, thinking I was making fun of her height but when she realized that it came from my heart she insisted that I call her only by that name. Whenever I called her Nisha she immediately thought that I was either angry or annoyed with her.

She would telephone me at all odd hours and chat for hours. I did not mind it but sort of liked it.

One evening, after movies we sat on a bench in a park talking. Suddenly Nisha said, "SSji, I have been thinking and have come to the conclusion that you don't like me."

Surprised, I said, "Of course I like you very much. Who told you this rubbish?"

She said, "You my dear SSji."

"Me? I never said anything of that sort," I replied.

She explained, "Fine look at it this way. We are going out together now for over two months and you have not even tried to kiss me even once. What is a girl to think?"

"I did not want to offend you that is why," I clarified.

"This way you ended up offending me even more," she said.

"Are you saying that you want me to kiss you?"

"My God, this man is dumb. Of course stupid, do you want me to give it to you in black and white?"

I bent over and tenderly kissed her on her beautiful red lips. "Do you call this peck a kiss? she asked haughtily.

She got up and walked up few steps and looked to her right and left. No one was in sight. She came back, seated herself on my lap and grabbed my head and gave me a long passionate kiss. When she had finished she said, "Now this is what I call a kiss."

Panting, I said, "Wow! You are a great kisser. Who taught you to kiss like that?"

She made a face and said, "Who can teach Nisha anything? Nisha learnt it by reading books and watching movies. Seriously SSji, you are first person who has ever kissed me."

"Here is another sample," she said and again started to kiss me.

This time she stuck her tongue in my mouth. We French kissed for a long time.

During the kiss my hand automatically went to her bosom and I slowly squeezed her small but pretty tits. She moaned loudly. After the kiss she complained, "SSji, tumne meri chuchi kyon dabayi? (SSji, why did you squeeze my tits?)"

"Didn't you like it? I asked.

"Yes, I liked it that is why I don't like it," she said in her unique logic.

"Theek hai aage se main teri chuchi nahin choounga (Okay, in future I will not touch your tits again)," I told her.

"Oh! You won't," she murmured softly in a disappointed tone.

When we sat in the car saying good night we kissed again and again. She suddenly opened the door and said, "I have an idea. Stay where you are."

She walked around to my side and after pushing her sari to one side stuck her tits inside the open window saying, "Have fun guys."

I did not know whether she said this to her tits, me or both. In the light of the street lamp I could clearly see her erect nipples. I did not want to loose this opportunity I turned my head and at first tenderly kissed them and then taking her erect nipples in my mouth by turns slowly sucked on them through her thin blouse.

During all this time Nisha moaned loudly and placing her hands behind my head pressed her tits against my face. Then I bit lightly on one of her nipples. "Oh you bad man that hurt," she said and pulling her sari over the two wet spots on her blouse she ran towards her house-waving goodbye.

On one Sunday afternoon I asked, "What would you like to do today little one?"

Instead of replying to my question, she said, "SSji, do you know that all the guys I went out before you..."

Just to tease her, I interrupted, "Oh you went out with other guys also."

"Of course, what do you think I am a freak or something? For your kind information you are the fifth," she replied haughtily.

"Okay, okay what about the other guys?" I asked.

"What was I saying? Yes, all the guys I went out before you tried to kiss me on the very first date and you kissed me after two solid months and that too when I prompted you. On the second date they wanted to take me to their room to show me some stupid collection or the other," she continued.

I interrupted again and said, "And naturally you went."

"Of course not, what do you think I am a whore," she said angrily.

"No, of course not. I didn't say that," I said defensively.

"You did not say it but you jolly well implied it. Never mind as I was saying you have not even once mentioned your room," she said.

"Flat," I corrected.

She said, "What?

"I don't live in a room but in a flat," I clarified.

"Whatever! It is the same thing isn't it? Yes now I know the reason your flat is not furnished," she said.

"My flat is beautifully and very comfortably furnished," I said proudly.

"How am to judge it. I have never seen it," was her indifferent reply.

"Are you trying to tell me that you want to go to my flat? I asked incredulously.

"My God SSji, what perception? What do you think I am trying to tell you for the last two hours?" she said sarcastically.

"But we met only twenty minutes back," I said meekly.

"Now you are again getting technical," she said with a grin.

"Okay, we will go to my flat but what will we do there?" I asked her.

"Do you have a TV?" she asked.

"Yes, a real big screen TV with the latest zoom technology," I said proudly.

"Must you always get technical and try to confuse me. Do you have a VCR?" she continued.

"Yes, that too," I said.

"Right, we will go to your flat and watch a movie. In case you don"t have the one I want to see, then you can go and get it. Okay," she decided.

When we entered the flat Nisha was all praises "Wow, what a lovely flat. It is beautifully furnished. I love it."

"I designed the interiors myself," I said proudly.

Nisha was not listening but was going from one room to the other.

"What are you looking for? There is no one here but us," I said.

"I am inspecting your flat. Do you mind? Tell me something..." she said.

I knew what was coming and interrupting her, said, "The flat does not belong to me. It is on rent. The landlord lives on the ground floor. He is married and has two children. The elder one is as old as you are and I am not going to tell you the rent I am paying. Anything else?"

She made an impish face and said, "SSji, now you are being rude."

Nisha walked up to the sofa and ordered, "Come here."

I walked up to her. She quickly climbed on to the sofa and kissed me. I got a hard on. As I did not want to lose control on myself, I said, "Nisha, cut it out and sit down. Here is the TV remote and this is the remote for the VCR. Now tell me which picture you want to see."

"I was only giving you your reward for a job well done in decorating your flat. You don"t have to get angry and don"t call me Nisha. I am your little one remember," she said.

While she was deciding which movie she wanted to see she unconsciously switched on the TV. The TV came on, on the VCR channel.

I suddenly remembered that there was a blue film in the VCR. I had been watching it with some friends a few days ago. I quickly removed it and locked it in a drawer. Knowing Nisha"s inquisitive nature, I put the key in my pocket.

"Why did you lock that tape?" she asked.

"It is a film not meant for young ladies like you. Have you decided which movie you would like to see?" I said changing the topic. She gave me the names of two movies.

"Bring any one of the two and please don't hurry back," she said as I was leaving.

I returned in half an hour or so. I was aghast. Nisha was watching the blue film I had locked in the drawer with rapt attention. "How did you take the tape out?" I asked angrily.

Without taking her eyes off the screen she twirled a hairpin between her fingers and, said, "I learnt to open drawers when I was a little girl. Your drawer was easy. Now shut up and sit down and let me watch," patting the space next to her. I sat down and started to watch the movie. Nisha cuddled up to me and placed her head on my shoulder.

On the screen a naked man was ramming his cock in the cunt of a naked woman. Nisha was panting slightly. Suddenly Nisha said, "SSji, yeh kaissi movie hai? Issme yeh log khullam khulla chudai kar rahe hain (SSji, what type of movie is this? They are fucking openly in it)."

"It is a blue film. I told you it was not meant for you," I told her.

Ignoring what I had said, she asked, "Inhain sharam nahin aati? (Aren't they ashamed?)"

"Of course not it is their job," I said.

"Tell me jab uss lardki ki choot main itna barda laurda jaata hai tau usse dard nahin hoti? (Tell me doesn't it hurt when that big cock goes inside the cunt of that woman," Nisha asked.

"Haan dard hoti hai lakin sirf paheli baar phir khabie nahin hoti (Yes, it hurts, but only the first time thereafter it never hurts)," I clarified.

"Yes, my friend also said the same," she said more to herself than to me.

I was also getting aroused. I kissed her tenderly and placed my arm round her and caressed her tits. "Oh SSji, your hands feels so nice. Itna achcha pahele mujhe kabhi nahin laga (It has never felt so good before). Please don't stop," she moaned loudly.

Her next question was, "Isse bachche hone ka dar nahin lagta? (Is she not scared of getting pregnant?)"

"No. There are many methods of preventing unwanted pregnancy," I said.

Again she said to herself, "Yes, my friend also said that."

She continued her cross-examination; "SSji, tell me do you know of these methods?"

"Yes, a few," I replied.

She asked, "SSji, tumne kabhie kissi ko choda hai (SSji, have ever fucked anyone)?"

"Yes," I replied truthfully.

"Meri saheli keheti hai chudai main bahut hee mazaa aata hai. Kya yeh such hai? (My friend told me that fucking is very enjoyable. Is this correct?)" she asked.

"Yes, your friend is right. Fucking is very enjoyable for both man and woman," I said.

During all this conversation she had kept her eyes riveted on the TV screen. She was now breathing heavily. Her breath was becoming shorter and shorter. After a silence of few minutes she wailed, "Oh mujhe chudai main kaissa mazaa aata hai janane ki bahut khuwaish hai (Oh I am so curious to experience the pleasures of fucking." I kept silent.

"SSji, ek idea. Tum kyon nahin mujhe chodete? Haan yehi theek rahega please tum mujhe chodo (SSji, I have an idea. Why don't you fuck me? Yes, that would be the best please fuck me)," she proposed.

"Nisha, have you gone mad? Do you know what you are saying?" I protested.

"Haan, main pagal hogayi hoon. Main jaanti hoon main kya keh rahi hoon. Main chahati hoon ki tum mujhe chodo (Yes, I have gone mad. I know what I am saying. I want you to fuck me). If you say no then I will go and fuck the first man I meet. I am determined to experience the pleasures of fucking. Now you decide," she threatened.

"Okay, but remember that once we start then I will stop only when it is over," I told her. She nodded. I picked her up and carried her into the bedroom.

In the bedroom I lay her down on the bed. I knelt beside the bed and started to kiss her and undo her blouse.

She caught my hand and whispered, "Chodene ke liye blouse uttarne ki kya zaroorat hai? (Where is the necessity to take off the blouse for fucking?)"

"Nanga hokar chodene main zayeda mazaa aata hai (It more enjoyable to fuck when you are naked)," I replied.

"Oh," she said and released my hand.

Thereafter she did not stop me but on the contrary assisted me to undress her. I looked at her, as she lay naked on my bed. Her eyes were shut. Her mouth was slightly open. She had a scared expression on her face. Her small firm tits were hard and the nipples erect making holes in the ceiling. Her choot was covered with tastefully clipped pubic hair. The slit was visible through its fur covering. Her legs were slightly apart.

While kissing and sucking her tits I ran my fingers in between her choot lips. Her buttocks bucked slightly as my finger pressed her erect clit. Nisha was now moaning loudly. "Nisha, when is your period due next," I asked.

Not understanding me correctly she replied impatiently, "Of course, I have my period. I am a big girl now in case you have not noticed."

"No, Nisha, tell me it is very important. When are your period due next?" I persisted.

"Oh I don't know. They finished just two days ago. My mind is not working. You work it out for yourself," she said between moans of pleasure.

"SSji, mujhe jaldi se chodo (SSji, fuck me quickly)," she said impatiently.

I did not want to lose this golden opportunity to fuck her virgin cunt. I immediately got on top of her and started rubbing my hard erection between her cunt lips.

"Oh bahut achcha lag raha hai. Yeh garam garam kya hai? (Oh the feels so nice. What is this warm thing?)" she asked.

"Yeh mera laurda hai (It is my cock)," I said.

Placing my cock on the entrance of her virgin choot I slowly applied pressure. "Oww, it hurts. Oh my God, yeh tau meri choot main guss raha hai (Oww, it hurts. Oh my God, it is entering my cunt)," she moaned.

My cock slid in easily till her virginal sentry stopped further progress. I gathered her firmly in my arms and whispered in her ears, "Darling, it will hurt a little now." She nodded and braced herself for the pain to follow.

Slowly, I pressed further. I felt her hymen stretching. "SSji, mujhe bahut dard ho rahi hai (SSji, it is hurting me very much)," she shouted.

Ignoring her protest I pushed harder.

"AAAAAAYYYYYIIIEEEEEE BAHUT DARD HO RAHI HAI MAIN MAR GAYI (AAAAAYYYYYIIIEEEEEE IT IS HURTING A LOT. I AM DYING," she said, with tears in her eyes, as her hymen tore and half of my rigid cock slid into her choot.

I kissed away her tears and said, "Darling, the painful part is over. Now you can relax and enjoy."

I started to fuck her with long slow strokes. I kept varying the length and the speed of my in and out movement. Soon the pain was forgotten and Nisha was moaning loudly, "SSji, it feels wonderful. I have never felt such intense sensation before," she shouted.

I continued to ram my cock into her choot. Suddenly her body ached.

"YES PLEASE GO ON. I THINK I AM ABOUT TO COME. Y ... HES Y ... HES I AM COMING OH, OH I AMMMM COMMMIIIIINNNGGGG," she screamed and fell back gasping for breath.

I did not stop. I continued to move my cock in and out of her choot. Soon she was moaning again. Her bottoms started to move in rhythm of my strokes.

"Oh SSji, don't stop now I think I am going to come again," she pleaded.

I increased my speed. I was also not too far away. "OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD I AMMMM COMMMMMIIINNNNGGG AGAAAIIINNNNN," she shouted and fell back panting.

At this very moment I shot my load inside her. For a few minutes we lay still kissing each other and savoring the intense feelings we had just experienced.

As we lay resting I lit a cigarette and asked her, "How was it? Did it hurt too much?"

"It was heavenly. I had never imagined it could be so wonderfully pleasurable. No, it did not hurt too much. My friend said that when she lost her virginity she had nearly died of pain," she said and cuddled up to me.

She lay with her head on my chest. I suddenly felt tears dropping on me. "What happened, little one, why are you crying?" I asked.

"Tum mere baare main kya soch rahe hoge? Suchchi main yahan chudwane nahin aayi thi (What must you be thinking of me? Please believe me, I did not come here to fuck)," she replied between sobs.

"I think you are my sweet little one. Many a times the circumstances become such that one does things that one never thought of doing. What was to happen has happened. So forget it and relax," I told her.

She said, "You must think I am a whore."

"Yes," I said.

She sat up erect and snapped, "What did you say?"

"Yes. I think you are my sweet little virgin whore," I said laughing. She smiled and relaxed.

After few minutes she started to bawl again. "Now what has happened, little one? I asked.

"Shut up. I am mourning the death of my virginity," she said seriously.

I kept quiet and watched her. After two minutes she wiped her tears and declared that the mourning period was over and said very solemnly, "What was destined to happen has happened? Who can stop "his" will"," she added, pointing towards my limp cock.

After a while she said, "SSji, kya main aapka laurda choo sakti hoon? (SSji, may I touch your cock?)"

"Of course be my guest," I said laughing.

She gingerly touched my limp cock with the tip of her fore finger. "No not like that. Take it properly in your hand. It won't bite you," I suggested.

As soon as she took hold of my cock it started to grow and get hard. "Oh yeh tau barda ho raha hai (Oh it is getting big)," she said giggling. I smiled.

"My God, it is becoming bigger and bigger," she said.

Soon my cock was standing in its full glory. "SSji, aapka laurda tau bahut barda hai (SSji, your cock is very big)," she observed.

"So that I can fuck you better my dear," I joked.

For a few minutes she sat contemplating my cock and then asked, "SSji, are you telling me that this huge thing went into my poor little choot (cunt)."

"Absolutely, didn't you notice?" I asked.

"Of course not, do you think I have eyes down there? Anyway, I was too tense and scared," she said, "I won't believe it till you show me."

I slowly entered her till whole of my rigid member was inside her. I said, "Now you can check for yourself."

She put her hand down and verified the truth of my statement. She laughed and said, "You are right the whole of it is in my hole. Now that you are already inside me why don't you fuck me again?"

"That is exactly what I had in mind," I told her and we had another satisfying fuck.

She said, "I know what I will call you from today. I will call you "the big one". Everyone will think it is because of your height but only we would know why. Is it okay with you?"

"Go ahead, I don't mind," I told her.

Then she wanted to continue seeing the blue film. I told her that TV is very heavy and I will have it shifted to the bedroom later. No, she wanted it done right away and was ready to cry. I had no choice. With her help I managed to move the TV to the bedroom. She sat cross- legged on the bed watching the film while manipulating my lund (cock) with one hand.

As soon as she saw that I was hard again she would say, "Dil maange more (My heart desires more) and we would fuck.

Once in between fucks she took my cock in her hand and said, "My dear big one, how did you like my choot? My choot enjoyed meeting you very much."

She repeated this couple of times. Then she turned to me and said, "Is your lund deaf and dumb? My choot is talking to him and he is not replying."

I said, "Listen what my laurda is saying. I enjoyed visiting you. I hope to visit you again and again but..."

Interrupting me, she snapped, "But what? But what?"

"But I think you are a little over dressed," I concluded.

She murmured, "Over dressed? Oh I see. My big one, you don't like my present dress. Next time when you see me, I will wear my birthday suit for you. Happy?"

"That will be nice," I laughed.

As she was leaving she said, "I hope you have not made me pregnant, big one. My mother is not going to appreciate becoming a grandmother as yet."

"Don't worry, I guarantee that you won't get pregnant. I told her.

She said, "Get some more dirty movies. I will be come again ... soon," and left.

Three days later I received a call from her, "I will be there in fifteen minutes be ready." Punctually after fifteen minutes Nisha arrived.

Seeing me still dressed, she said, "Man you are lazy. Come undress quickly, I have something to show to the big one" and went into the bedroom and started to take her clothes off. When we both were naked she caught my lund and pointing it towards her choot said, "Na darling, how do you like me in my birthday suit?"

Nisha had as promised removed her pubic hair. "You look beautiful. I would so much like to visit you," I replied.

She laughed loudly and pulling me by my cock led me to the bed and said, "What the hell do you think I came here for? Yes darling, now fuck me to my hearts content."

After a very satisfying fuck, Nisha said, "I would like to see the big one cum."

"Why not? Take it in your hand and move the fore skin up and down," I told her. At first she moved her hand very awkwardly but soon got the hang of it.

She sat cross-legged watching my cock intently. I started to moan, "It feels so good. Go on but a little faster. Yes I am about to come. Yes, little one, I am coming."

Hearing this she moved her face above my erect cock so that she could see my-cum coming out properly. I tried to warn her, "No, don't do tha..." but it was too late.

The first spurt caught her squarely in the face. Surprised she yelped and moved her head away. The subsequent spurts went high up in the air and fell back on my chest and stomach making big white blobs. She watched all the operation with girlish delight. Then her attention was drawn to the white blobs.

She stuck one finger in one of them and asked, "It feels quite gooey. How does it taste?"

"Try it for yourself," I told her.

She picked one blob in her finger with a swiping motion and put it in her mouth. "Hmm ... salty but not bad. I love salty things," was her verdict.

She dealt with the other blobs in similar fashion. She then licked my chest and belly and said, "Big one, now you are nice and clean again."

I laughed and said, "I may be clean but you missed the one hanging from your cheeks."

She stuck her tongue out and captured the truant blob and swallowed it. "Yes, this was good," she proclaimed.

When she was leaving she gave me a tube of hair removing cream and said, "Keep it with you. I don't want my mother finding it by chance and asking too many awkward questions."

The normal routine was that as soon as she arrived she would go straight into the bedroom undress and lie down on the bed. One day I asked her, "Little one, why are you always so impatient to fuck?"

"Kya karoon dil hai ki maanta nahin (What should I do my heart is never satisfied)" she said.

After we had made love and while I rested, she would watch blue films with my cock in her hand. When she felt that I was getting hard we would fuck again.

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