Nisha, the Little One

by Sahebji

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, First, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: One evening I recieved a telephone call. A unknown girl was on the line. The conversation that ensued sounded quite mad but I found her very interesting. One thing led to another and we agreed to meet. Then what happened...

Dear readers, this is a story about my experiences with Nisha, my little one.

My name is Saheb Sahebji. I am young, 6 feet tall, slim with a strong well-built physique. I am a commercial artist by profession. When my story "Ramu and Cassie" appeared on the web I received several e- mails asking me to tell them the circumstances in which Nisha (Cassie"s best friend) lost her cherry.

"Aapke annurodh per main yeh katha sunata hoon (At your request, I narrate this story)."

A few words about Nisha, yes Nisha, the little one. Nisha was very different from any girl I had met before or after her. She was ... She was ... frankly words fail me. I do not know how to describe her to you. Best I can say is that she was a mixture of many qualities.

Actually I would say that she was like fresh breeze or a cool refreshing cocktail. Yes, definitely a heady cocktail. Believe me. The only draw back I saw in her was her insatiable curiosity. Nisha was curious to a fault, about everything and everyone under the sun. She was one of her kind. She was unique.

Why don"t I tell you all that happened so that you can judge for yourself? As I had a long relationship with her (for over two years) it would be unfair to subject you to each and every experience. I will therefore, if you permit me, restrict myself to the highlights of our long relationship. Nothing was normal or predictable with her. This will be evident to you from the way I met her in the first place.

One evening after work when I reached my flat I heard the phone ringing. I quickly opened the door and answered it. A young sweet voice said, "At last! If you don"t like answering the phone then why do you have one?"

I explained to her that I had just returned home and have responded as quickly as I could. She dismissed my apology by saying, "Excuses, nothing but excuses. Please may I speak to Ramu?"

"Ramu is not here," I told her.

"Oh," she said in a disappointed tone. Her question intrigued me. Ramu had left town several months ago. I quickly added, "What if Ramu is not here can I be of any service."

"Service? Yes, I"d like that. What kind of service can you render?" she said and laughed. Her laughter was like music to my ears. I liked her voice and her laughter. I decided to play along.

"I can do anything and everything Mere Aaka (My master)," I said.

"Mere Aaka? That is nice. Who am I speaking to?" she said laughing again.

"I am the Genie of this telephone," I told her not wanting to disclose my identity as yet.

"Tell me all you can do, My Genie," she said imperiously.

"I can press your feet. I can polish your boots Mere Aaka," I said.

"Not interested. Continue," she commanded.

"I can wash your clothes. I can iron them for you, Mere Aaka," I said.

"No, I have a dhobi (washerman) who does that. Go on," she said.

"I can drive you round the city. I can give you a conducted tour of all the historical sites in town, Mere Aaka," I continued.

"No thank you, I get enough of history in college. What else?" she wanted know.

"I can cook for you, Mere Aaka," I suggested.

"Interesting, what can you cook?" she asked.

"I can boil water for starters, Mere Aaka," I said.

She laughed and said, "Boil water? Some cook. Hot water is good for bathing only. Not interested. Tell me more."

"I can escort you to plays and take you to the movies, Mere Aaka," I told her.

"Stop. Movies, I love movies," she said.

"So do I, Mere Aaka," I said.

"Okay, My Genie, can you also procure movie tickets?" she queried.

I had to meet this delightful girl so I told her, "Absolutely. Just name the movie but there is a small condition attached to it, Mere Aaka."

"Hey! Genies don"t make conditions they only obey," she countered.

I said, "Mere Aaka, in today"s times of organized labor, we Genies also have an union and as per rule 33 part c sub section 2.4..."

She said, "Okay, okay, don"t get technical. What is the condition?"

"I must accompany you to the movies. Agreed?" I asked.

"First tell me can you get tickets for any show, any day for any movie I nominate?" she said.

"Definitely. Just name the movie, date and show, Mere Aaka," I boasted crossing my fingers.

"What if you fail?" She asked. This girl was thorough.

"Question of failure does not arise. I am a genie but should the eventuality arise then you can have my head on a platter, Mere Aaka," I told her.

"What will I do with the head of a Genie?" she wanted to know.

"You could play football with it or hang it above the mantle piece as trophy, Mere Aaka," I suggested boldly.

"Oh yes, it would be fun to kick a Genie"s big nose," she giggled.

That hurt. "I don"t have a big nose," I protested.

She decreed, "Of course you have. All Genies have big noses. Don"t you read any books? Okay I agree to your condition. Get two tickets for the matinee show on coming Saturday for Make aan...".

"As you desire, Mere Aaka," I replied.

"MG, I want to be fair with you. Tickets for this movie are not available at any price for the next three weeks or even more," she said.

"MG? Who is MG?" I asked.

"MG. My Genie, man! Are you dull," she laughed.

"Oh I see. We Genies don"t pay money for tickets we procure them with love," I told her.

"Best of luck to you, MG. Remember to keep a sharp knife handy. Byeee," she said and laughed.

"Hey, hold on. Don"t go away. How do I contact you when I have the tickets? Tell me your name and telephone number," I said.

"My name is Mere Aaka. You already know that. As for my phone number you know the well-known line "don"t call us we will call you". I will check with you at six on Friday evening. Not like today, be there, MG. Byeeee," and signed off.

This girl sounded very interesting I had to meet her. The movie she had named had been released very recently. It was doing extraordinarily well at the box office. To get tickets for it at such short notice would be nigh impossible. My only bet was Mr. H, an industrialist for whom I had done some work recently. He also owned a cinema hall in town. With a prayer on my lips that this movie is showing in his hall I opened the newspaper. Well my luck was in. The movie was running in four halls and Mr. H owned one of them.

It was not too late. I decided to call him at his office. His secretary connected me to him. He was very gracious. I introduced myself. "Of course, I remember you Sahebji. How are you? Even today people congratulate me on the excellent "ad" campaign you had designed for me. Tell me what I can do for you?" he asked. I told him my problem.

"Don"t worry, it will be done but check with me tomorrow at the same time," he said.

Next day, I rang him up again. His secretary said, "The boss is in a meeting but I have a message for you. You should contact the manager of the hall tomorrow. He will do the needful."

On Thursday I met the manager and he gave me two passes for the desired show. Happy at having got what she wanted I waited for her call on Friday evening.

Promptly at six on Friday evening the phone rang. As soon as I answered it she said, "MG, have you got the tickets?"

"Of course, Mere Aaka," I replied.

"Are you telling the truth?" she asked incredulously.

I said, "Absolutely. You remember what I said about my head..."

"Okay, okay don't get technical, MG, I believe you. My God my friends will die of envy when I tell them that I had seen this movie. MG, I will meet you at 3 p. m. on Saturday in front of the box office. Okay," she proposed.

"No, not okay," I said.

In an irritated voice she said, "What is your problem now?"

"How will I recognize you? Tell me what will you be wearing, Mere Aaka?" I asked.

"Clothes, of course. Did you think I would turn up in my birthday suit?" she said haughtily.

"Of course not, tell me what kind of clothes will you be wearing a sari, salwaar kammez etc." I persisted.

"Oh I see. Why did you not say this in the first place? Let me see. Normally I require two hours to decide on what to wear but today just because you have got the tickets, I will try to do it in two minutes," she giggled.

For two minutes there was complete silence. "Okay, I will be wearing a dark green sari with matching blouse etcetera, etcetera, etcetera got it," she said.

"Yes, now please describe yourself to me," I requested.

"MG, be patient. On Saturday you can see my beautiful self for yourself," she replied.

"Do you want me to take the wrong girl to the movies?" I threatened.

"You dare not. I will personally strangle you. Okay listen do you know Marilyn Monroe?" she questioned.

"I know of her but have never met her," I replied truthfully.

"Silly how could you meet her. Poor MM is dead and gone many, many years ago. Now pay attention MM was blonde, I am not, MM was tall, I am not. MM had lots of oomph, I don't... ," she said.

"Sorry to interrupt you, Mere Aaka. What is oomph?" I asked pretending ignorance.

She said, "You don't know what oomph is? You call yourself a man. Ask someone. Lastly, I am much prettier than MM was. Got it?"

"Yes, just one more thing. It will be very crowded in front of the box office; I suggest that instead of meeting there, we meet on the opposite side of the street. It will be easier to locate each other," I said.

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