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Desc: Incest Sex Story: Concluding segment to "Empathetic" series.


Sara stood slack-jawed with her hand still on the door and stared at--her sister? "Kristen?"

"What is this a surprise or something? You don't remember telling me it was OK for us to stay with you when we came up on break?" And the young blonde indicated a girl standing next to her that Sara hadn't noticed.

"Um, yeah. S-sure. I just was kind of busy--"

"Can we at least come in?" Kristin interrupted.

Sara was still a bit wide-eyed and slow as she stepped out of the way and let the two enter her apartment. It was a small two bedroom place and Kristen spun around once to take it all in then remembered her friend. "Sara, this is Tammy. Tammy, Sara." The two nodded at each other, then Kristen's eyes took in her sister again. "Wow, Sara, got a hot date tonight?"

Sara was wearing a short skirt that just managed to cover the lace at the top of her stockings. Standing as she was, the outline of one strap of her garter belt could be seen. Her top was a low cut, clinging weave that displayed a deeper cleavage than Kristen thought Sara possessed. Sara glanced down and before she could reply, Kristen added, "Is that a Wonderbra or did you get a boob job?"

Sara flushed now and got a little impatient. "Look Kristen, I have to go out. And no, it's not a date, it's a work thing. You didn't tell me you were coming so soon."

"Earth to Sara? It's the tenth. I told you we'd be driving up after our morning classes."

Sara's sister was six years younger than her and had always been a tag along type. In the past she hadn't minded too much, but today--tonight, that was a problem. "Look, I have--" Sara was interrupted by the phone ringing, "I have to get that." And Sara hurried to the bedroom, passing the phone by the couch.

Being the younger, Kristen was used to being discounted a bit. Her idolization of her sister Sara was mixed with some resentment and a little jealousy at times. Sara had been the beauty queen of the family, and always the popular one in school. It was a bit of a surprise to all when she went off to college and afterwards moved to the city on her own for work.

As for Kristen, she was quite pretty, but in her sister's shadow, she always doubted it. In her pursuit of their parents' attentions, Kristen had taken a different path, focusing on athletics. She was a top soccer player and was in her second year of a full ride scholarship at the university. Despite being the leading scorer on her team, she stood out mostly because of her looks. The athletics had kept her trim, and toned her legs to a picture of perfection, but her breasts, at a small B cup, were slightly smaller than Sara's, and she couldn't think of herself as pretty when she knew Sara was so much better looking.

Her friend Tammy was very similar to Kristen in looks and in being the second sister. They were on the team together and shared a dorm room this year. Tammy looked up to Kristen in the same way she looked up to her own sister. She went everywhere with Kristen and, in reality, had a bit of a crush on her, but she was still struggling with the concept. To her, Kristen was beautiful, intelligent, and incredibly capable, and the more she was around her, the more she looked up to her.

To some extent, Kristen's looks and abilities worked against her. While she saw herself constantly climbing to be acceptable, others saw her as the take charge captain of her team. Combined with her looks, guys on campus were quite intimidated by her attitude, especially the ones Kristen was hot for. Having a hard time getting a date had lowered Kristen's self-image more.

Now the two were on spring break and Kristen was determined to have fun. When she had spoken with Kristen on the phone, Sara had promised her she'd take them out on the town to some of the hotter spots around. Both Kristen and Tammy had been excited to get up here and head out tonight, but it was looking like they may not get a chance.

Kristen began to get another idea and went into her little sister mode. She looked at Tammy and put one finger to her lips while motioning her to stay where she was, then she tiptoed over to the side of the bedroom door to eavesdrop on Sara's conversation.

Sara was talking a little heatedly in a low voice. "It's got to be tonight, it was very hard to set up... [pause] But you promised, Joe! It's got to be tonight." There was another pause and then she added in a different almost enticing tone, "Please Joe?... I got toys... It'll be good, I promise." Finally her pleas must have succeeded, "Great! Remember: Amoretto's, seven-thirty, I'm leaving right now."

Kristen watched Sara hang up the phone and then pick up an oversized handbag that did not go with her outfit. She grabbed something off the bed--a long black thing with what looked like straps--and stuffed it into her purse. Kristen quickly backed away before being caught, and with a wink to Tammy feigned a conversation, "--so Jean got so pissed when-- Oh, hey Sara, who was that?"

"Oh, um, nobody. Look I have this work thing I have to go to. There's pizza and other things in the freezer and help yourselves to anything else. Tomorrow's Saturday, we can have a great time tomorrow night and I can show you some great spots if you've got good fake IDs." Sara said all this while looking around the room for any potential embarrassments she might have left in the open. Then she opened the front door and said, "OK?" And as soon as Kristen began to nod, she said, "See ya." And quickly closed the door behind her as she left.

Kristen and Tammy stood in surprise with their eyebrows raised and slowly turned their heads to look at each other. Kristen said, "OK, so maybe she's a bit of a nut." Her eyes dropped into a scheming expression and in a low voice she said, "Wanna follow her?" Tammy was immediately there and nodded quickly. "OK, grab the phone book and let's go." As Tammy started to look for it, Kristen moved to the door to open it a crack and make sure the coast was clear.

As Sara got into her car and headed out, she felt a tremendous relief. The arrival of her sister had been a tremendous shock, and she'd feared her opportunity might be missed. Over the last couple days she had tried hard to set up the small get together of people from work, but her primary concern had been for an excuse to see Jennifer away from work.

Driving to the restaurant, Sara again wondered about her present state. Her obsession with Jennifer puzzled her. A couple weeks ago Sara considered her just a bimbo competing with her for Steve's attention, but since her encounters with Joe, Jennifer had become an obsession for her. The way she dressed, the way she acted, and even her obviously dyed blonde hair had become arousing to Sara. Fantasies of Jennifer had taken over her thoughts, even when she wasn't masturbating. And in each fantasy her fixation on dominating Jennifer had grown.

Last evening, after getting her coworkers' acceptance to tonight's dinner, she had gone to an adult store for the first time in her life. She had been intent on just running in to buy a strap-on--any strap-on--and getting out, but when she saw what was there she'd fallen under a spell. The variety of things there amazed her, and she even took the time to ask questions from an obviously aroused clerk. She didn't get out of there until over an hour had gone by, and over two hundred dollars had been charged on her credit card.

Amoretto's turned out to be a large Italian restaurant with a good sized bar. Kristen waited in the car while Tammy slipped inside to scope it out and see if the coast was clear. After a few minutes, Tammy came out and got her, and they made their way inside as nonchalantly as possible. Careful in their lookout for Sara, they found an unoccupied, dark booth in one corner of the bar.

In the center of the bar, several tables had been pulled together for a gathering of about a dozen people. Soon after Kristen sat down she noticed Sara come out of the restrooms in the back, straightening a lock of hair. The waitress came over and they fished out their fake ID's with practiced ease.

After the waitress left, they resumed watching Sara and the crowd around her. Sara was a bit distracted, she seemed to be splitting her attention between watching the entrance and looking--almost leering--at an attractive blonde girl dressed almost as sexily as Sara. The blonde was sitting close to a really handsome guy in his early thirties. They were all in the same group made up of what looked like young professionals. One young girl was quite pretty and looked like Kristen's age. Kristen noticed Sara look at this other girl occasionally as well.

Kristen and Tammy stayed out of site as best they could and speculated on the people they watched and what was going on. They began to realize it was just some boring get together of coworkers, and then they noticed Sara's attention fixate on the entrance.

A casually dressed man of indeterminate age had just walked in and was holding his head with one hand and squinting a bit as he looked around the room. When his eyes met Sara's there was a flash of recognition. While he made is way to a small, open table in back by the restrooms, Kristen felt a tingle of intrigue. She and Tammy looked at each other with raised eyebrows again and then turned back to watching Sara and this new guy.

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