by Erstwhile Ether

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Mult, Reluctant, Mind Control, Lesbian, Incest, Sister, DomSub, FemaleDom, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Concluding segment to "Empathetic" series.


Sara stood slack-jawed with her hand still on the door and stared at--her sister? "Kristen?"

"What is this a surprise or something? You don't remember telling me it was OK for us to stay with you when we came up on break?" And the young blonde indicated a girl standing next to her that Sara hadn't noticed.

"Um, yeah. S-sure. I just was kind of busy--"

"Can we at least come in?" Kristin interrupted.

Sara was still a bit wide-eyed and slow as she stepped out of the way and let the two enter her apartment. It was a small two bedroom place and Kristen spun around once to take it all in then remembered her friend. "Sara, this is Tammy. Tammy, Sara." The two nodded at each other, then Kristen's eyes took in her sister again. "Wow, Sara, got a hot date tonight?"

Sara was wearing a short skirt that just managed to cover the lace at the top of her stockings. Standing as she was, the outline of one strap of her garter belt could be seen. Her top was a low cut, clinging weave that displayed a deeper cleavage than Kristen thought Sara possessed. Sara glanced down and before she could reply, Kristen added, "Is that a Wonderbra or did you get a boob job?"

Sara flushed now and got a little impatient. "Look Kristen, I have to go out. And no, it's not a date, it's a work thing. You didn't tell me you were coming so soon."

"Earth to Sara? It's the tenth. I told you we'd be driving up after our morning classes."

Sara's sister was six years younger than her and had always been a tag along type. In the past she hadn't minded too much, but today--tonight, that was a problem. "Look, I have--" Sara was interrupted by the phone ringing, "I have to get that." And Sara hurried to the bedroom, passing the phone by the couch.

Being the younger, Kristen was used to being discounted a bit. Her idolization of her sister Sara was mixed with some resentment and a little jealousy at times. Sara had been the beauty queen of the family, and always the popular one in school. It was a bit of a surprise to all when she went off to college and afterwards moved to the city on her own for work.

As for Kristen, she was quite pretty, but in her sister's shadow, she always doubted it. In her pursuit of their parents' attentions, Kristen had taken a different path, focusing on athletics. She was a top soccer player and was in her second year of a full ride scholarship at the university. Despite being the leading scorer on her team, she stood out mostly because of her looks. The athletics had kept her trim, and toned her legs to a picture of perfection, but her breasts, at a small B cup, were slightly smaller than Sara's, and she couldn't think of herself as pretty when she knew Sara was so much better looking.

Her friend Tammy was very similar to Kristen in looks and in being the second sister. They were on the team together and shared a dorm room this year. Tammy looked up to Kristen in the same way she looked up to her own sister. She went everywhere with Kristen and, in reality, had a bit of a crush on her, but she was still struggling with the concept. To her, Kristen was beautiful, intelligent, and incredibly capable, and the more she was around her, the more she looked up to her.

To some extent, Kristen's looks and abilities worked against her. While she saw herself constantly climbing to be acceptable, others saw her as the take charge captain of her team. Combined with her looks, guys on campus were quite intimidated by her attitude, especially the ones Kristen was hot for. Having a hard time getting a date had lowered Kristen's self-image more.

Now the two were on spring break and Kristen was determined to have fun. When she had spoken with Kristen on the phone, Sara had promised her she'd take them out on the town to some of the hotter spots around. Both Kristen and Tammy had been excited to get up here and head out tonight, but it was looking like they may not get a chance.

Kristen began to get another idea and went into her little sister mode. She looked at Tammy and put one finger to her lips while motioning her to stay where she was, then she tiptoed over to the side of the bedroom door to eavesdrop on Sara's conversation.

Sara was talking a little heatedly in a low voice. "It's got to be tonight, it was very hard to set up... [pause] But you promised, Joe! It's got to be tonight." There was another pause and then she added in a different almost enticing tone, "Please Joe?... I got toys... It'll be good, I promise." Finally her pleas must have succeeded, "Great! Remember: Amoretto's, seven-thirty, I'm leaving right now."

Kristen watched Sara hang up the phone and then pick up an oversized handbag that did not go with her outfit. She grabbed something off the bed--a long black thing with what looked like straps--and stuffed it into her purse. Kristen quickly backed away before being caught, and with a wink to Tammy feigned a conversation, "--so Jean got so pissed when-- Oh, hey Sara, who was that?"

"Oh, um, nobody. Look I have this work thing I have to go to. There's pizza and other things in the freezer and help yourselves to anything else. Tomorrow's Saturday, we can have a great time tomorrow night and I can show you some great spots if you've got good fake IDs." Sara said all this while looking around the room for any potential embarrassments she might have left in the open. Then she opened the front door and said, "OK?" And as soon as Kristen began to nod, she said, "See ya." And quickly closed the door behind her as she left.

Kristen and Tammy stood in surprise with their eyebrows raised and slowly turned their heads to look at each other. Kristen said, "OK, so maybe she's a bit of a nut." Her eyes dropped into a scheming expression and in a low voice she said, "Wanna follow her?" Tammy was immediately there and nodded quickly. "OK, grab the phone book and let's go." As Tammy started to look for it, Kristen moved to the door to open it a crack and make sure the coast was clear.

As Sara got into her car and headed out, she felt a tremendous relief. The arrival of her sister had been a tremendous shock, and she'd feared her opportunity might be missed. Over the last couple days she had tried hard to set up the small get together of people from work, but her primary concern had been for an excuse to see Jennifer away from work.

Driving to the restaurant, Sara again wondered about her present state. Her obsession with Jennifer puzzled her. A couple weeks ago Sara considered her just a bimbo competing with her for Steve's attention, but since her encounters with Joe, Jennifer had become an obsession for her. The way she dressed, the way she acted, and even her obviously dyed blonde hair had become arousing to Sara. Fantasies of Jennifer had taken over her thoughts, even when she wasn't masturbating. And in each fantasy her fixation on dominating Jennifer had grown.

Last evening, after getting her coworkers' acceptance to tonight's dinner, she had gone to an adult store for the first time in her life. She had been intent on just running in to buy a strap-on--any strap-on--and getting out, but when she saw what was there she'd fallen under a spell. The variety of things there amazed her, and she even took the time to ask questions from an obviously aroused clerk. She didn't get out of there until over an hour had gone by, and over two hundred dollars had been charged on her credit card.

Amoretto's turned out to be a large Italian restaurant with a good sized bar. Kristen waited in the car while Tammy slipped inside to scope it out and see if the coast was clear. After a few minutes, Tammy came out and got her, and they made their way inside as nonchalantly as possible. Careful in their lookout for Sara, they found an unoccupied, dark booth in one corner of the bar.

In the center of the bar, several tables had been pulled together for a gathering of about a dozen people. Soon after Kristen sat down she noticed Sara come out of the restrooms in the back, straightening a lock of hair. The waitress came over and they fished out their fake ID's with practiced ease.

After the waitress left, they resumed watching Sara and the crowd around her. Sara was a bit distracted, she seemed to be splitting her attention between watching the entrance and looking--almost leering--at an attractive blonde girl dressed almost as sexily as Sara. The blonde was sitting close to a really handsome guy in his early thirties. They were all in the same group made up of what looked like young professionals. One young girl was quite pretty and looked like Kristen's age. Kristen noticed Sara look at this other girl occasionally as well.

Kristen and Tammy stayed out of site as best they could and speculated on the people they watched and what was going on. They began to realize it was just some boring get together of coworkers, and then they noticed Sara's attention fixate on the entrance.

A casually dressed man of indeterminate age had just walked in and was holding his head with one hand and squinting a bit as he looked around the room. When his eyes met Sara's there was a flash of recognition. While he made is way to a small, open table in back by the restrooms, Kristen felt a tingle of intrigue. She and Tammy looked at each other with raised eyebrows again and then turned back to watching Sara and this new guy.

Sara continued in her scattered conversation and leering, and occasionally glanced back over her shoulder at the new guy. Kristen turned to Tammy, "I've got an idea, cover me if I get into trouble." And she stood up and carefully made her way over to the pay phones on the wall next to the restrooms. There she picked up a receiver and after faking dialing, she leaned one shoulder against the wall while hiding her face behind the privacy screen of the phone.

From this vantage, she overheard the new guy's short, semi-confused interaction with the waitress. He seemed very distracted and he alternated watching Sara's gathering and putting his face in his hands like he had some massive migraine.

Sara made another excuse to her group and started to make her way over towards Kristen. Kristen shifted away and leaned with the other arm up to the wall, moving the receiver to the other ear and faking a mumbled conversation. She thought for sure she was busted, but didn't feel any tap on her shoulder.

Tammy watched Sara head over towards Kristen and she also thought the jig was up; but then Tammy saw Sara step around the corner by the women's room, still in Tammy's view and very close to Kristen but out of site of the group at the table. Tammy watched Sara surreptitiously beckon to the new guy. He soon got up and walked over to Sara.

Kristen was stiff waiting for the tap on the shoulder, and when it didn't come, she carefully glanced back to where Tammy was sitting. Tammy saw and discretely pointed to where Sara stood with Joe only a few feet from Kristen. Kristen moved the receiver again and, peeking with one eye around the phone's privacy screen, she watched and listened.

"I was afraid you wouldn't make it here, Joe." Sara began.

"Sara, I told you I have an allergy headache. This is really hard for me, especially with so many people. It gets confusing..."

Sara interrupted the new guy, Joe, and said, "Look, please, I told you it was difficult to find a way to get near her away from work. Please? I'll make it up to you any way I can."

Joe seemed to focus a bit and said, "Alright, it's difficult but I think I can managed it..." He seemed to get an idea. "It might help if you got me started a bit."

Sara quickly responded, "How?"

"Well, um..." And Joe's demeanor seemed to change a little, "you could show me your tits."

"What??" Sara looked shocked.

"Well, if you want to give me a jump start, I really have been wanting to see them."

Then to Kristen's and Tammy's amazement they saw Sara glance once around, reach down and lift her top pulling it from the skirt it was tucked into. She raised it quickly enough to expose her bra encased breasts, held it for a couple seconds, then dropped it and began to tuck it back in.

Joe said, "Wow, I didn't think you'd do that." As an afterthought he added, "But I didn't get to see the nipples·"

Sara rolled her eyes and then leaned closer. With one hand she pulled down and aside the opening of her top and the top of one bra cup exposing a hard, excited nipple to Joe's gaze. Tammy and Kristen only saw her shift and a quick movement.

"OK, OK. Wow, you're hot for it aren't you? Yeah, there, now I feel it. Just go back to your group and try to get into a conversation with Jennifer and I'll take it from there." Joe turned and moved back to his table. Kristen resumed her fake conversation and, as he passed, she felt a faint tingling, like the beginnings of arousal.

Kristen turned and watched her sister make her way back to the table, she looked even more sexy as she moved while tucking the back of her top into her skirt, then tugging the skirt down into place with both hands. Near her, Joe had returned to his seat and also watched Sara return to her group.

Kristen felt another surge of the tingling as she watched Sara sit down. As she looked at her sister more closely, she began to notice what an incredibly sexual woman Sara had become. She'd never noticed it before, but aside from being very pretty, Sara was really sexy. Kristen's eyes narrowed and she watched, letting her mind wander and her arousal grow.

Across the room, Tammy was breathing a sigh of relief that Kristen did not get caught. She too watched Sara sit down and felt a rising warmth as she noticed what a sexy sister Kristen had. With that thought, she looked back at Kristen leaning against the wall. Kristen was pretty in a different way, and sexy too. In fact, Kristen's take charge attitude seemed to make her more attractive in many ways.

As Kristen leaned against the wall, Tammy thought she looked like a model posing for a sexy ad. She had one arm up against the wall and stood in a curving lean that showed off her narrow waist and beautiful, round, sexy butt. God, she has an ass, Tammy thought as she stared at Kristen. She'd felt some arousal before when watching Kristen, especially in the showers, but now, poised as she was, Kristen looked sexier than she ever had before. For the first time, her thoughts crossed the line of appreciation into desire: I'd love to kiss her right there... Tammy flushed at the sudden thought and looked around nervously.

At the table, many of the women seemed to be shifting a little bit in their seats. Sara had begun to talk to the sexy blonde, Jennifer. The other woman had replied and then became engrossed in her conversation with Sara. As they talked, Jennifer's eyes dipped to take in Sara's cleavage, then lingered on her beautiful red lips before returning to Sara's sultry eyes. The young, pretty woman sitting next to Sara glanced back and forth between Jennifer and Sara, staring openly and licking her lips.

All eyes had left Joe, and he sat in silence, his gaze shifting occasionally to a different woman. After a little bit he noticed the woman standing near by and distinctly not talking on the phone. He looked over at her and noticed the receiver held absently in one hand, not even close to her ear, while she stared openly at Sara across the room. Joe could sense something more than just the attraction this girl was feeling for Sara right now, but he wasn't sure what it was. He knew his focus was not good, and he was spilling all around, but that did not explain what he was feeling from this other girl. Out of reflex he included her in his efforts.

Kristen's thoughts began to spin. She licked her lips as she watched Sara. God damned sexy... I wonder if she put out in high school? Did she fool around to become so popular? She saw an image of Sara on her knees in her mind--Did she put out to get grades? Sucking off her teachers? Mr. Thomas? Miss Bailey? And her mind flashed to an image of her beautiful young English teacher sitting on her desk and spreading her legs while Sara knelt between them.

Meanwhile, Sara had Jennifer's full attention. After more than a week of frustration, uncertainty, and awkwardness, Sara felt a strange sense of calm and control. As she spoke with Jennifer she became increasingly certain of herself. Perhaps it was the knowledge that Joe would be projecting desire into Jennifer that made it easy for her. Perhaps her confidence was coming from Joe's empathic projections. Or, maybe it was the growing desire she saw in Jennifer's eyes.

Sara and Jennifer really only had a passing acquaintance at the office. In the past, Sara had felt an unspoken animosity between them, perhaps driven by Sara's own competition with Jennifer for Steve's attention. Now as Sara chatted with Jennifer, she wondered if it may have been all in her mind, and she wondered what kind of panties Jennifer had on beneath that short, sexy skirt. God she looks hot tonight, thought Sara, I can't wait to see her press those red, red lips against me.

Sara felt another surge of arousal and she raised her wineglass for another sip. As she lowered the glass, she slowly licked her lips while staring openly into Jennifer's eyes. Sara watched Jennifer hold her breath as she followed the movements of Sara's tongue. As her tongue retreated and Jennifer's eyes returned to hers, Sara gave a slight sexy smile and then asked her about the blouse she was wearing. Sara could feel the boldness and control within herself. She felt her simple attempts at flirting growing and changing into a slow seduction. A slow, powerful seduction. And again her thoughts went to the strap-on she carried in her purse and her fantasies of taking Jennifer from behind.

Two weeks ago, Sara had never considered sex with a woman. Since meeting Joe, she could not get the images of women out of her head, and her fantasies of Jennifer's domination. Her one short experience with another woman in a restroom during lunch the other day had inflamed her desires into a raging heat in her pussy, and the last two days she had been constantly wet.

Beside Sara sat little Amy. Amy had only been working with these people for a few short months as an intern. Amy was ambitious, but in a very feminine way. She had desires of succeeding at work until such time as she found the right (successful) man, and then wanted nothing more than to marry and raise a family. She had very traditional conservative values that meshed well with her positive outlook on life. Some people thought she was a bit of a tease because she dressed so nicely feminine (almost sexy) while businesslike. But Amy was very simple at heart, like young girls dreaming of their fantasy weddings.

Amy had noted very strange behavior in Sara all week. At first she thought perhaps Sara was ill, but later in the week, Sara had shown excitement and enthusiasm in putting together this night out for the office, and Amy was relieved. Tonight she saw a different Sara, and at first she wondered at her transformation.

The easy going Sara now seemed to become larger than life. Amy was amazed at the self-confidence and poise she saw in her. As she watched Sara, Amy felt admiration for the confident, strong, engaging, sexy woman she saw. As the thought crossed her mind, Amy looked at Sara more closely and noticed for the first time, how beautiful her hair was, and how full and inviting Sara's lips were. In Sara's eyes, Amy saw a depth of knowledge and passion she'd never known, and as Amy's gaze followed Sara's form lower, she paused to take in the beautiful skin over Sara's swelling breasts.

Amy was almost mesmerized by the slight movements of these lovely breasts as Sara breathed. She saw a promise in the darkness of the cleavage before her, and her mind imagined hard thrusting nipples trying to escape the confines of Sara's bra. In her thoughts, Amy tried to release these beautiful mounds from their confinement. What would it feel like to kiss her nipples? What would they taste like--Oh, my God! And Amy jerked upright in sudden horror at her sapphic thoughts.

Jennifer was having a good time. She was on her second glass of wine and her mind danced with the thought of going home with Steve after the dinner, and sucking him off in the car on the way. She decided she needed to distract herself from these thoughts and began to talk with Sara about the wine. As they talked, Jennifer began to notice how lovely Sara's dark brown eyes were. All of her life, Jennifer had thanked the stars for her baby blues, a consolation for not maintaining her blonde hair into adult hood. Tonight, though she wondered at the depth in Sara's eyes and began to appreciate the beauty of them.

As their conversation continued, Jennifer found Sara guiding the talk, and she became a passive participant. Interjecting and contributing where she could, Jennifer found herself wanting to maintain the connection while she continued to stare into the deep pools of Sara's eye's. When Sara shifted in her seat and leaned forward, Jennifer found herself glancing down onto Sara's breasts and found another undiscovered, wonderful attribute of Sara. She marveled at them but she continued to return to Sara's eyes and the engagement she found there. She must be hot. She must have guys waiting in line for her, heck, they probably compete just to have her look at them with those incredible eyes, or kiss them with those luscious lips--Oh, look at that precious pink tongue.

Amy's sudden stiffening went unnoticed as Jennifer glanced back at Steve, suddenly aware of her increased arousal and wetness. Jennifer hoped they'd get seated soon, so they could leave soon as well. She was hot and she needed to fuck. As she looked at Steve she thought again about sucking him and tasting--Sara spoke to her again and as her gaze returned to Sara and she thought, I want to taste those lips. Thoughts surged through her mind and she felt herself being carried away. I want to feel her kiss me and press me down. I want to feel her hands in my hair, guiding my mouth as I kiss her belly, her thighs, her--

The hostess appeared suddenly and told them their table was ready. "Go ahead and grab your drinks, or we can have your waitress bring them over for you." And she started off.

Jennifer shook her head a bit, still confused. She felt the wetness in her panties, and she felt a little pressure in her bladder. As Steve stood and motioned for her to proceed, she said, "Oh you go ahead, I have to go to the ladies' room." And she walked towards the back of the bar.

As Sara stood waiting for the others to precede her, she watched the slightly dazed Jennifer make her way towards the restroom and she felt the electricity in her cunt from the memory of her last experience. She could still feel the slow rasping of a tongue over her clit, followed the slight bumping touches of a nose as the tongue sought her depths. She waited a couple seconds then followed, casually, but purposefully.

Amy fought with herself for a moment. What am I thinking? Not a girl! Jesus forgive me! Please help me, God! Amy tried to go to church each week, and while she didn't hold with all the moral teachings--she would gladly put out for Mr. Right before being married--she knew homosexuality was a sin.

Sara was a beautiful, strong woman, and it was not her fault that Amy was thinking these things. Amy knew she needed to get control of herself. If she were drinking, she could blame it on the wine; but that was not the case, and she needed to deal with these thoughts in her head. Sara was caring person, a decent, sexy woman, and Amy should not be thinking of her in this way. Sara had always been kind to Amy and Amy felt a flush of guilt at her thoughts.

In a way, Amy had looked up to Sara. Sara was just a few years ahead of her, but Amy saw Sara as on that same track that she followed. Sara was a young, beautiful, professional woman bound for greater things. She was passionate, and loving. A sensual person in the office and the kind of woman Amy wanted to be: strong, sexy, seductive, experienced. Able to get whoever she wanted with just a look, her body a powerful lure to men and women.

Amy tried to clear her thoughts again, and saw Sara walking towards the restroom. She felt compelled and followed her. She needed to say something to Sara, thank her for being a friend, perhaps? No, to apologize to Sara for thinking of her like she did. For undressing her with her eyes, for imagining her nipples, for wanting to kiss her anywhere Sara would let her...

When the group stood to move to their dinner seating, Kristen shook off the images in her mind of a sexy Sara seducing her way through high school. She took the opportunity to make her way back to where Tammy was sitting. As she crossed the room she saw Tammy's eyes following her, watching her with a distant look upon her face.

Tammy had sunk back into her thoughts and memories of Kristen. Now as she thought about it, Kristen was a sexy girl both on the field and off. She wondered at how Kristen could be so attractive when she was sweating buckets, and she felt a little shiver as she remembered many images of Kristen showering.

One image in particular came to mind: the picture of Kristen walking into the shower area and Tammy's first view of Kristen's cut for her new bathing suit. Kristen had trimmed and shaved her pussy hair till all that was left was a short patch above her cunt. Cut low and in the shape of an arrow pointing to her slit.

"What's next Tammy?" Kristen whispered as she slid into the booth across from her.

"Hmm?" Tammy found her self a little confused. Trim it all off, she thought and then realized where she was and what was going on. "Oh, I dunno." As she looked around she saw Sara just entering the restroom again. "Sara's in the restroom again."

"Yeah, she was following that blonde, and I swear she was looking at her ass the whole way." Kristen spoke as she watched the other young woman following Sara pause at the restroom door. She's cute too. Kristen thought for a moment about these attractive women around her and realized with a start that she was feeling attracted to them. She realized that she was feeling the beginnings of arousal, that the images of Sara in her mind were arousing, this young woman crossing the room was arousing, why doesn't it bother me?

Tammy's mind kept wandering back and, as Kristen said the word 'ass', she thought, I could help you shave it all off--Shit! Again Tammy flushed. Kristen was turned and watching the other girl intently, and Tammy watched Kristen in profile. She couldn't understand why she was having these thoughts all of a sudden, but the attraction she felt for Kristen was nothing new. As she watched Kristen, her eyes took in the beautiful profile, she felt the swelling attraction and realized it had always been there. As time passed she felt more certain of its rightness and began to fear--and hope--that Kristen might find out how she felt.

Sara watched Jennifer enter a stall and went to the mirror to check her hair and her lipstick once more. It still looked good but, she decided to apply more. As she fumbled to find the tube, she decided to keep Jennifer engaged.

"How do you do it, Jennifer?"

"Hmmm?" From behind the stall's partition, Jennifer felt a thrill at Sara's voice.

"You are just always so together, so pretty. It seems like I have to constantly make sure my make up is right, but you are just so naturally sexy." She paused to apply a swipe to her lower lip while Jennifer tried to brush off her remarks.

As Jennifer finished and stepped from the stall, she paused staring at Sara's image in the mirror. Sara was gazing at her again and she felt her knees get a little weak. She straightened up and approached to stand next to Sara. She tried to speak and she tried to look at herself and check her makeup, but her eyes couldn't seem to leave Sara's.

"Really, Jennifer, you are the hot one around the office. You have a fantastic body, you dress so sexy, and those sultry blue eyes and pretty blonde hair--" Sara seemed to feel Jennifer's arousal, and knew she could press further. She looked straight into Jennifer's eyes and continued, "--I could just eat you up."

Jennifer felt a flush and her pussy seemed to spasm with the words. She couldn't tear her eyes away from Sara's, and suddenly her bra felt too confining. Several heartbeats went by, and she finally managed to speak a soft, "Really?"

Sara again felt a bit of wonder at where this controlling part of her was coming from. She felt a certainty of purpose, and words she'd never imagined came easily. "Jennifer, you know you're attractive. You must know the affect you have on people. You carry yourself so well and you dress so sexy, you want people to want you. You're not satisfied driving men crazy, you want women to want you. You want me, don't you?"

And Jennifer felt it. She was wet again and she wanted it. She wanted to be sexy and wet. She wanted women to want her and hunger for her like she hungered for Sara right now. God, she's like sex personified. Sara is a sexual goddess, you couldn't help but want her. Even if she didn't do anything for me in return, I'd love to kiss her, feel her, taste her.

Sara and Jennifer were too engrossed to notice the door open and close. Amy stopped and glanced around the edge of the privacy wall, nervous at what she would say to Sara. But Amy forgot about trying to say anything as she saw the two of them. Sara seemed to look down on Jennifer with a kind, loving (even a bit sexy) look. Jennifer was enthralled, as well she should be, and Amy couldn't help but stare. She must also want to be like Sara. Amy felt herself get wet and began to struggle with her thoughts. I'm not hot for Sara, just what she is--no, not envious--I just want to be like her, that's it. Beautiful and strong, sexy, so very sexy. I'm not gay! But, God, to look so good even women wanted you·Even I'd--

Sara spoke, "Maybe we could skip dinner, Jennifer, you know, go back to m--um-- your place instead... We could talk more if you like?" She paused while Jennifer hesitated then added, "I'd like to spend more time with you..."

Jennifer swallowed once and nodded. Amy suddenly flushed with embarrassment at eavesdropping and backed up and quietly exited. She stepped aside and stood next to the wall in hopes she wouldn't be seen.

Across the room where Kristen had been watching the ladies' room door intently, she spoke as the door opened a second time, "There she comes, Tammy."

Cums? Tammy thought as she looked up from Kristen's chest where she'd been staring. "Oh, you mean Sara."

Sara ushered Jennifer before her with one hand on her lower back, and paused beside Joe's table while Jennifer continued forward. "Follow us to her place, call me if you get lost." She said softly and briefly lifted her cell phone from within her purse to show him, and dropped it back.

Joe nodded and replied, "Be sure to leave the door open."

Kristen watched the brief interaction and then her eyes grew wide as she watched Jennifer and Sara walk to the front entrance and not to the dining area. She looked back at Joe, who had stood and stepped over to where the young woman was still standing by the wall.

Amy looked up suddenly as Joe stopped next to her, a flush of guilt rising within her.

Joe looked down at her with knowing eyes and asked, "Would you like to come with me and follow Sara, Amy?"

Amy didn't even notice his use of her name. Suddenly she wanted very much to follow Sara. "Yes, I would, please."

As Joe walked to the entrance with Amy, he glanced over his shoulder at the booth in the back and briefly met Kristen's eyes.

As they exited the restaurant, Sara had slipped one arm around Jennifer's waist and pulled her close while they walked to her car. Jennifer was in a daze, slipping in and out and as Sara pulled her close, she smelled Sara's perfume. She drew a breath of it deep into her lungs, closed her eyes and leaned in to Sara. Then they were at Sara's car and she slid inside eagerly.

As Sara got in she spoke to Jennifer again while she watched the front entrance for Joe. "You do, don't you Jennifer?" She asked.

"Hmmm?" Jennifer replied a little dreamily.

"You want me, don't you?" Sara reached out and put her hand on Jennifer's thigh. She slowly moved her hand up and down caressing her leg and said, "I do so want you to want me, Jennifer." And she squeezed her leg.

"Oh, yesss!" Was Jennifer's whispered reply.

Sara continued her hand's movements and squeezing occasionally. She saw Joe come out of the entrance with Amy and she felt another surge in her pussy. She was very wet now. "Can you smell me, Jennifer?"

Eye's closed, Jennifer leant into her and nuzzled against Sara's neck. "Mmmhmm."

Sara moved her thighs together and apart once, "Can you smell my heat?"

Still dreamy, Jennifer replied "Hmmm?"

With her other hand, Sara pushed aside her thong and dipped one finger inside her dripping cunt. She brought it out and up, and stopping at her own nose, she inhaled deeply, and extended her tongue for a little taste. Then she brought her finger under Jennifer's nose and asked again, "Can you smell how hot I am?"

Still with her eyes closed, Jennifer inhaled again and gave a more enthusiastic, "Mmmhmm."

Sara moved her finger closer and began to brush her wetness onto Jennifer's lips. As Jennifer felt the light touch, her tongue came out, and when it found the finger, she opened her mouth and drew it inside, licking and sucking, almost nursing on the digit.

As Sara saw that Joe was ready to follow, she said, "Jennifer, my sweet, show me how to get to your place."

Joe was somewhat distracted as he approached his car with Amy. Amy was intent on following, and when he got to the car, he handed his keys to Amy. "Please, Amy, follow Sara."

Amy replied, "Oh, yes." She couldn't seem to get Sara's image out of her mind, and now she desperately wanted to see where Sara was going.

Joe settled himself in the passenger seat and lay his head back with his eyes closed.

Jennifer felt like she was high. Since talking with Sara in ladies' room, Jennifer was riding a wave of passion she'd never felt before, and found herself enjoying it beyond anything she'd known. Not even marijuana or cocaine had made her float like this or so feel good.

As they drove to Jennifer's apartment, her desire for more steadily grew. The desire and passion was like a rising tide sweeping her away. As the tide seemed to lift her off her feet, she felt herself begin to sink into it, like a swimmer overcome and submerging. As she felt herself going down, she knew she wanted it, like no drug she'd ever known, she wanted the sensations to take her completely.

Jennifer giggled a bit, and between giving simple directions to Sara, she leaned into and nuzzled against Sara. She also moved a hand to Sara's thigh and became entranced at the feel of Sara's stockings, the smoothness, the rough lace at the top, and when her hand touched the bare skin beneath the garter straps, Jennifer felt her own wetness on her thighs.

Kristen tried to drive carefully, but she was trying hard not to lose Joe. She knew he was following Sara, and Kristen was deeply intrigued. She was also getting wet. Her mind struggled with the arousal and she tried to brush it off as merely the fascinating with her sister's secrets and the titillation of her voyeurism.

Beside Kristen, Tammy was helping her navigate, a second set of eyes to follow the car in front. Kristen was too caught up in her thoughts to notice Tammy's hand on her leg throughout the drive. It wasn't until they had stopped at an apartment complex that she saw Tammy's hand moving higher on her thigh.

Jennifer led Sara up to her apartment while Sara walked beside her with one hand on her lower back. As they began to ascend the stairs, Sara slid her hand down to cup Jennifer's ass cheek and squeezed, and Jennifer moaned.

As Jennifer stepped inside her apartment, she flipped on the living room light, only to have Sara turn it off and say, "Where's the bedroom, Jen?"

Jennifer leaned into Sara, almost like a cat trying to rub itself against her, and when Sara's hand returned to touch her on the back and ass, she said, "Mmmm, this way." Sara placed a second hand around Jennifer and they slowly made their way in the darkness.

Once in the bedroom, Jennifer turned in Sara's arms and pressed herself against Sara. It felt incredible, as her breasts came into contact with Sara's and she started to put her arms around her. But Sara interrupted her.

"Jennifer, honey, strip for me. Now!" And Jennifer felt a twinge in he pussy at Sara's words. It was like she was ordering her, and coming from this younger, sexy woman, it was incredibly arousing.

As Jennifer answered "Yes" she felt more arousal and stepped away, reaching up to unbutton her blouse.

Then in a low voice, Sara said, "Do it sexy." And Jennifer felt it again in her pussy.

Joe and Amy had followed carefully. Amy did not hesitate as she reached the top of the stairs to Jennifer's apartment. She pushed open the door and stepped inside, only then turning to see that the man with her had followed. As she saw him start to climb the stairs, she moved inside and quietly crept close to the bedroom door, her eyes wide with amazement. Amy's mouth had fallen open and she sank to her knees, sitting on her heels as she watched Sara and Jennifer.

During the drive, Tammy hadn't consciously put her hand on Kristen, but as they approached the apartment complex, Tammy realized she'd been leaning into Kristen and then noticed her hand on Kristen's bare thigh. As she realized it had been there for some time, Tammy became fascinated with the smoothness of Kristen's skin. Without thinking, Tammy began to caress Kristen's leg in longer strokes, all the while staring at Kristen's top, her eyes trying to pierce the cloth that covered her breasts.

Tammy's reverie was broken by the car coming to a stop. She looked up to see the car they'd been following parking near one of the apartment buildings ahead of them. Tammy noticed Kristen's look at her hand on Kristen's thigh and quickly jumped out of the car saying, "I'll go see which apartment they're going to while you find a place to park." Kristen, about to comment on Tammy's brashness, closed her mouth and nodded.

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