Living in the Country

by Wraith

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Humiliation, .

Desc: Sex Story: A woman driving home is stopped by a sheriff.

Copyright 2002 by The Wraith

Robert Henderson was patrolling the outlying countryside. He loved the solitude of the rustic scenery. No one bothered him, and he could do whatever he wanted. He was the only police in a fifty-mile radius. He patrolled until the houses were now almost a half-mile apart, and went out further into the pasturelands. Houses out this far were over a mile apart, and here no one could see what he was planning. He turned off the main road onto the secondary, and then turned onto the wide single lanes of the country, the ones with no lines on them. He drives another five miles, and He passed Kathy Prescott's house, and slowed down. "She's home now, and soon I'll be peeking at that ripe body." Robert was looking forward to the following events. He planed this out for a month, and had all the smallest details worked out. He knew Kathy's husband would be leaving for the airport in a couple hours, and Kathy would be alone for the ride back. "The husband will be gone a week, and I have some sick days saved up. I plan to use them well."

Kathy was in the bathroom, cleaning up from a wonderful lovemaking session with her husband. She looked at her watch, and noticed that there was less than twenty minutes till she had to leave. She was not looking for the relaxing quiet of the house for a week. Her husband was leaving on business, and she was worried. It would be the first time in five years since she married she would be alone. In fact it would be the first time she spent time alone, ever. She thought to drive to her mother's house, but wanted her husband to think she was brave, a person who could take care of herself, and she didn't want her husband to worry on his business trip.

Robert noticed a female shadow go across the upstairs window. "Soon!" he rubbed his growing bulge, and it was hard to control his excitement. He drove away.

Kathy was singing along to the radio, dreaming about the wonderful goodbye sex she just had. Her left hand was lightly caressing her crotch, and she was thinking about how much fun it would be in seven days. "I may have to rape him at the airport!" and noticed the flashing lights in her mirror. She pulled over. She realized that this was the worst place to be pulled over on her way home. There was not a house for five miles, and there was very little traffic ever on this section of road. She was all alone, and started to feel vulnerable. She wondered why she was pulled over. She knew she was not speeding. The officer stepped to the window.

"Please hand me your license, and registration." He looked at the papers, "Mrs. Prescott, can I call you Kathy?

Kathy sat there while the officer looked at her papers. "Sure, officer. Was there something wrong?"

"Now Kathy, Please answer my questions, and you'll be home in no time. Let's see you're 5'6", 25 years old, and weigh 118 pounds. Have you gained any weight?"

"Uhm... No?"

"Now Kathy, you know it is illegal to lie to an officer of the law? So how much do you really weigh?

"I'm uh... 123"

"How much?"

"Officer there is no reason to be rude. I will not play these silly word games with you."

"Really? You don't want to play? OK Fine. Kathy the reason I pulled you over is there seems to be a problem with your rear lights. Please step out of the car, and I'll show you the problem." They walked to the back of the car, and looked at the taillights.

"I don't see a light out officer."

"Ma'am look here." Robert pointed to the small license plate light on the left side. "Ma'am all of your lights need to work. Are you trying to hide something, and don't want the police to see your plate?"

"You stopped me for this! This one little light? Are you crazy? I'll need your badge number, and I will report you in the morning. You are very rude, and petty." As Kathy turned to get back in her car, she tripped, and bumped into the officer.

"Ma'am I will not stand for your insults, or your physical assault on me. I am placing you under arrest. I will take you in to the station, and you will be able to call someone to get you out in the morning. If someone doesn't loose your paperwork, I hear it is very busy there now. Please turn around, and place your hand behind your neck."

"You're doing what? I hardly touched you. You can't do this!" Kathy was getting very scared. Never in her life has anyone threatened her freedom.

"Ma'am, you are very mistaken. I can do anything I like to criminals. You assaulted me, and I'm placing you under arrest. Please place your hands behind you neck. I'll search you, place you in the back of the cruiser, we'll go downtown, have your fingerprints taken, and have you lodging in the Tennessee State Woman's Correctional Facility before 10:00pm. I'm very sorry to inform you, but the local jail is full. You will have to be housed with the real criminals. Don't worry; I'm confident you'll find a roommate to ease your fears. In fact, I'm positive your cellmate will want to snuggle all night with a beauty like you. I hear the older prisoners are extremely friendly to the new inmates. It will be like a slumber party, and you'll have plenty of company to keep you up all night. See there is nothing to worry about."

"Please don't take me to jail! I'll do anything! I don't want to go. Please..."

The thought of spending the night in prison was too awful to think about. "I'm not going to prison. I'm sure he's just joking." Kathy looked into his eyes, and saw no pity there. Her most horrible fear was spoken out loud. Her husband liked the women in prison movies, and Kathy watched a couple with him today, but those horrible scenes were now creeping into her thoughts. She remembered role-playing just an hour before. "I'm going to be a toy for a hardened criminal. No! I'm a good girl; I don't want to be forced to sleep with all the guards, the warden, and..." The thought of the brothel scene in tonight's movie was overloading her mind."

"Kathy! You will place your hands behind your neck, and you will do it now!" Robert said forcefully. He watched as Kathy put her hands behind her head. "Stand up straight! Get those elbows out!" this pushed her large chest out. He took a long hard look at Kathy. "Not bad. This may be more fun than I imagined." His dream of the last month stood there for his enjoyment. She was wearing a short tight grey sweater that was cut short to show her belly, and with her stretched out it rode high and showed off her fabulous stomach. The shirt was pulled tight across her large tits, and the bra showed up nicely, and you could see the different parts used to construct it. "Spread your legs!" this was better. Now the shorts she decided to wear was pulled tight, and he walked behind her to look at her ass. As he walked around Kathy, he let his hand graze her stomach. "Don't move!" Now with her standing still, he could run his hands around her stomach, her side, and onto her back, and back around to the front. "You feel good Kathy."

Kathy stood there nervous under the harsh stare. She wanted to cover her breasts as his gaze fondled them. She knew her tight shirt was clinging to her breasts, and was exposing her midriff and felt the caress of his sight as it traveled down her body. She almost screamed as his hand touched her stomach, and started, but cowered under his command, and stood completely still as the hand made its way around the left side of her body. "Please don't take me to jail." Kathy pleaded when the hand was removed from her body.

"I'm going to search you now. Do you understand that if you resist, I'll have to add that charge on as well?" Robert waited a couple seconds, and knew there was no answer coming, and said, "Do you?!"

"Yes." Kathy barely mumbled.

"No, you will answer me correctly or you will be sorry."

Kathy was very scared, and started to lightly cry. She looked around the lonely woods, and saw nothing but the hint of green trees in the growing dark, the deserted lonely road, and saw nothing to help her to escape this nightmare. "Yes, y... you will b... be... Uhm... ser... searching me."

"Very good Kathy, but I'd like to finish my silly word game. You were very rude, and hurt my feelings. I think you owe me an apology."

"What? You want me to what? I did nothing wrong." "The nerve of him to ask me to apologize to him for trying to keep some dignity." The fear and anger coursed through her body, each fighting for control. Fear won as she heard the words the officer said.

"Kathy, please get in my car." She turned to face him, and her arms fell to her sides. Robert didn't think he could be more aroused, but the tears running down her face, and the look of absolute terror coming from her eyes, made him hard as steel.

"Please No! I'm sorry! Please don't take me! Here I said it, I'm so sorry. Please I'm sorry. Tell me what to say, and I'll say it. Please..." Kathy rattled all these pleas off in a second. She looked into those eyes of the officer, and she placed her hands behind her neck, and took a deep breath to make her shirt fit tighter across the bust, and rolled her shoulders to pull up her shirt up some more. She looked down, and tried to not see her hard nipples pushing out of her shirt, and spread her feet wider than shoulder width apart. Kathy looked the officer in the eyes. She could not stop the tears coursing down her cheeks, but said, "Officer, I'm sorry I hurt your feelings. I humbly apologize. Please forgive my rudeness."

"See Kathy how easy that was. Now where were we? Oh yes, your weight, but lets move on. Is it OK to search you, and ask some questions at the same time? I'm trying to hurry to get you home safe in bed. I can't search you until you assume the position." She just looked at him. "Bitch, you will lean over this car, and spread those legs. Now! Move it!"

"Yes sir." Kathy leaned over the car. She was about 3 feet away, and fell forward, and was now supporting her weight on her arms. She felt the officer's boot kicking her feet wider apart.

"Spread those legs now! If you resist me in any way, I'll drag you off to prison."

She was so scared of his comments, and was trying not to feel his hard bulge pushing against her ass, as he leaned firmly against her to perform the search. The hot hands touched her shoulders, and traveled over every inch of her arms. The hands roamed all over her back, and she let out a sharp squeak as the officer snapped her bra strap. She was concentrating on the grocery list as the hands touched her butt. The hands squeezed and fondled each cheek individually, and then both together. They touched her butt for some time, and finally moved down the backs her legs, and up the outsides. She fought the desire to run as the hands touched the most intimate spot on a woman. Those hands caressed her vagina for what seemed hours, and finally removed their filthy presence, and back down on the inside of her legs. He stood up, and reached around and touched her breasts. He played with them, and teased her hard nipples.

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