Small Side Trip

by Wraith

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Reluctant, Coercion, MaleDom, Humiliation, .

Desc: Sex Story: A Mother and daughter on vacation in Mexico run into trouble with some small town Police.

Copyright 2001 by the Wraith390

Edited by Sara

Sue Anne Martin and her daughter Lauren were on the last days of a working vacation, traveling around Mexico City to study the ruins of Tenochtitlan. Lauren needed some field research notes before returning to Yale to write her final dissertation to get her doctorate in archeology. They decided to take a quick morning drive before the flight home the next morning.

The two women were enjoying the quiet countryside and just getting out of the big city for a couple hours. Sue Anne needed to use the restroom. She drove through a quiet village, and after passing a small police station found a gas station a couple of buildings down, pulled in next to the pumps, and saw the attendant get up from the chair and start walking to the car.

Lauren exited the car first and saw the attendant trying unsuccessfully to stare up her short red dress, and then looking directly at her chest, and finally her face. "What a pig, probably keeps his wife barefoot and pregnant. Like I would flash my panties for such a loser," she thought. She always dressed stylish and colorful; today she wore a designer original red sleeveless dress with a modest slit on the side, with matching red heels. Lauren wanted to be exactly like her mother, a smart, successful, independent, and a highly paid professional antique researcher with a major museum.

Sue Anne always wore the classic woman's power-suit; today, even in the tropical climate, she wore a tan modest skirt, which came to a couple inches above the knees, and matching jacket, a white semi-transparent silk shirt and 3-inch tan heels. She got out of the car and stretched, and then immediately reached into the back seat and pulled out her tan suit jacket. She had always been embarrassed about the size of her breasts. Sue Anne was a small-busted woman with an A cup. She noticed the attendant staring at her breasts, and quickly put the jacket on and buttoned it.

This morning, after seeing Lauren in the red dress that clung to every curve, and how young and beautiful she was, Sue Anne felt old and flat. Sue Anne entered the bathroom, and prepared for her shower, and did something she hadn't done for five months. She undressed and looked in the full-length mirror hanging on the back of the bathroom door. Her face was still pretty even with a couple of crows' feet around her eyes. She cupped her breasts. Only the pinky and the ring finger fit underneath, the rest of the fingers were on top, but at least they were symmetrical. From the front, her stomach wasn't too bad. Sue Anne ran her hands over the front of her thighs, then ran her fingers between her legs and finally across her slit. Up and down, on the second pass her middle finger entered until the first knuckle was inside. She continued the up and down motion until she felt the tingling beginning to start. She immediately stopped. "Sorry old girl, I know it's been a while, but I don't have time right now." It had been five years since she had an orgasm, and masturbation carried too much guilt to be pleasurable. After the shower, while getting dressed, she decided she needed a little extra cleavage to feel better about herself, and used some silicone breast inserts, which increased her to a full B cup. She had always traveled with a couple of padded B cup bras in her suitcase. With the fake breasts, they made her breasts look bigger; they moved very naturally, and nobody could know they weren't real. With the padded bra, Sue Anne could be a happy small C cup. Over the years, the stuffing of her bra has evolved from Kleenex, and old stockings, to foolproof expensive molded silicone breast inserts.

Pablo was sitting about half asleep when a car pulled in to get gas. This was the first car in two days. He noticed two pretty women in the car as he was walking closer. The passenger door opened and a 3-inch red high-heel emerged connected to a long toned leg, and for a split second he thought he would be rewarded with a panty shot, but he barely caught a glimmer of the lower thigh before she adjusted the skirt. He stared at the woman, mid-twenties; athletic body, nice set of hooters hidden behind an expensive red dress, wavy shoulder length blonde hair, very pretty. She wore minimal makeup, not that she needed any to look beautiful.

As Pablo passed the front bumper, the driver emerged and stretched, her lacy white bra showed clearly through her silky white shirt, but she must be shy because of the way she hurried to put on the jacket. She must be the passenger's mother, he thought. The driver was just as pretty, but with a more mature body. She had stylish short auburn hair. Her breasts looked smaller than the daughter's, and she was about 25 pounds heaver, but didn't look fat. There was something sexy about the shy older woman in the tan business suit

"Please fill it up. Where are the bathrooms? And how far is Morelia?" Sue Anne asked.

"Most tourists don't come this direction, but about 10 miles straight down this road, you'll see the main road. Turn right and follow it till you hit the city. You'll need a key for the restroom." Pablo said. As he started to fill the car with gas, he looked at their asses, and it was hard to pick a favorite - each had its own appeal. The daughter's ass was perfect, tight and toned! You could tell this girl worked out religiously. The mother's ass had a couple extra pounds, but it would give you something to hold as you slammed the meat to her. Once their clothes were removed it would be easier to decide. He handed the key to the ladies, and started to smile to himself as he quickly called the local police chief.

"Hey, El Jefe, get over here quick. Some fun finally pulled into town, and remember it's my turn to frisk them. I know, I know, you always get first choice on fucking." Pablo hurried to the car and opened the passenger door, and put a package wrapped in duct tape containing nothing but powered sugar, under the passenger's seat. He walked to the front of the rental car, raised the hood and checked the oil, waiting for the fun to begin.

"Have you ever seen a more disgusting and dirty bathroom?" Lauren said, trying not to touch any surfaces in the bathroom as she waited for her mother to finish.

"No, I don't think I have, but I can't wait anymore or I'll explode. Too much coffee this morning." Sue Anne replied from inside the dirty stall. "I don't think this place has ever been cleaned, but at least the toilet works. Let me wash my hands, and we'll get out of this nasty place. Just think tonight we'll be staying at a local bed and breakfast, and tomorrow we'll be flying home."

The women were walking back to their car and noticed a police car with its lights flashing pull in and parked directly behind their car. A large man got out of the police car, approached their car, and talked to the attendant, then suddenly looked in the women's direction.

"Ma'am," said the uniformed officer, " is this your vehicle? There have been reports of a car fitting this description delivering drugs. I'm sorry, but I'll need to search the car. I don't think I'll find anything, but I have to do my duty. I hope you understand. May I search your car voluntary?"

"Officer, feel free to check it, but there are no drugs anywhere inside" Sue Anne said, smiling.

"Hi, I'm the local police chief of this small town, and they call me El Jefe. What are your names?"

"I'm Sue Anne and this is my daughter, Lauren."

El Jefe nodded politely, and opened the driver's door, looked in the back seat and under the driver's seat. He got out of the car and walked around the car and opened the passenger's door, and checked the glove box. "So far, so good. You'll be on your way any moment." He laughed to himself, as he knew there is a package under this seat. Because Pablo always puts it under the passenger's seat. He leaned over and pulled the package out and set it on the roof.

"What's this then? You said there weren't any drugs in the car. I hate liars more than drug dealers." The Chief tried to look surprised and angry as he contemplated the prospect of searching the two suddenly terrified looking women.

"That is not ours! We have never seen that before. Please believe me. This is a rental car, maybe it the previous owners," Lauren pleaded.

El Jefe pulls out a pocketknife and pokes a hole in the package, and shows the white powder to the women, then brushes the powder on his pants. "Just as I said before, Liars; nothing but filthy liars. Don't move, you'll need to be frisked before going to the station." El Jefe turned to Pablo. "Pablo which one do you want to frisk first?"

Pablo, the attendant stepped up behind Lauren and started to reach out to frisk her, but she stepped away and screamed, "Don't touch me! We haven't done anything wrong. You can't let him do this to us. He isn't even a cop. He's just some bum that pumps gas for a living."

"Ma'am," the Chief said, patiently. " This is deputy Pablo. This town is too small to afford a police chief and a deputy both working at the same time, and he works the night shift, but he is an official deputized law enforcement officer. Pablo, show the ladies your badge." He laughed inside as Pablo showed the fake badge. "The things a person can buy online are amazing."

Pablo again stepped behind the young woman, and again she complained. "I won't do it. He is not touching me with those filthy hands."

"Ma'am, if you don't cooperate I'll have to resort to violence, and if I have to start hitting your mother to get your cooperation, I won't stop until I hurt her." El Jefe said harshly and turned to Sue Anne, "And you, if you don't cooperate, I'll hurt your daughter. I hate liars. You two are liars, and will be sorry you lied to me. Now both of you get over here so Pablo can frisk you, to make sure you aren't carrying anything you shouldn't be, then we'll get you to the station, and decide what to do with you."

Lauren looked around for an escape, but wouldn't do anything to hurt her mother. She couldn't believe she was about to be frisked by a gas station attendant. Lauren felt the deputies hands on her shoulders, and let him turn her until she was facing her mother, and the police chief. Out of the corner of her eye she noticed a couple guys coming over to the station to see what was going on.

Pablo stepped up to the younger woman and placed his hands on her shoulders and turned her. Pablo moved forward until his hard-on pressed firmly into her ass, and started to slowly grind into her.

"What do you think you are doing?" Lauren screamed, and quickly moved from the unwanted contact. "How dare you do that to me..."

"I warned you to cooperate, or else." The police chief yelled and walked in front of Sue Anne and raised his hand to slap her. He turned to look at Lauren. "Enough of this messing around! So you don't want my deputy touching your body, so be it. Now strip!" Both women gasped, unbelieving.

"Please don't do that to my baby," Sue Anne pleaded.

"You're next bitch, so shut up. I've had it with lying, drug smuggling bitches. If you daughter isn't disrobing in another second, or if you open your trap again, I'll put you both in the hurt locker."

"I'm sorry," said Lauren, almost crying. "Please... Just frisk me. I'll be good, and won't cause any more problems."

"These people are hurt by your drug smuggling, and now they will see what lying criminals look like naked. I gave you a chance, and you complained before he touched anything but your shoulders."

"He... h... had... His thing... w... was..."

"Quit your whining. Take off your dress and hand it to Pablo. You will do this right now, or I will severely punish your mother, than have you forcibly stripped. The choice is yours"

Lauren knew she'd made a mistake, and now must suffer through it, but she wouldn't give the bastard the satisfaction of her crying or complaining. She took a deep breath, and then reached for the back of her dress and slowly unzipped. It took all her willpower to push the dress down and she stepped out of it and handed it to Pablo. The worst part was watching Pablo manhandle, and wrinkle her new dress. She was standing there in lace topped thigh-high hose, her tiny red lace thong panties, which barely contained her goodies, and a matching red lace demi-cup bra.

"The hose," El Jefe said, impassively, watching her carefully.

Lauren kicked off her shoes, pulled the left thigh high down, and was struggling getting the right stocking off her foot. She heard the rude comments from the spectators that just arrived "Wow, what an ass." "Did you see when she bent over, her tits almost fell out?" "Damn she looks good in red." And other comments about her body, but she tried to ignore them, and finally handed both stockings to Pablo.

"Since the guys like your ass so much, I guess the panties are next." El Jefe couldn't look away from the woman in the expensive red underwear.

Lauren had spent most of her life at boarding schools, collage dorms, with public showers, and the occasional trip to the nude beach. Lauren decided to take what little power she could away from the local police chief. She knew she had an incredible body so there was little horror at being naked in front of these people. In fact it was better than being groped by that asshole. She pulled her small panties off and immediately unhooked the front clasp of her bra. She stood up straight looking the local police chief in the eyes, and then she shrugged her shoulders and turned around in a circle, and handed both garments to the deputy. What she wasn't ready for was Pablo opening her panties and gazing into the crotch, and slowly raise them to his nose, and while looking her in the eyes take a long, deep sniff of her panties.

"OHMYGOD! You disgusting pervert! I can't believe you did that." Lauren yelled in outrage.

Sue Anne was in a daze, and didn't notice what was happening until her daughter yelled. Sue Anne now saw the deputy with the panties and yelled, "Stop that you filthy animal." She was terrified with the knowledge that she would be next. "What will it take to keep my underwear on? How am I going to hide my implants?"

So the woman wants to play, El Jefe thought, as he watched Lauren unsnap her bra unasked. Good! It will be more fun that way. He couldn't stop staring at her perfect body; she had wonderful tits, ideal size for her frame, tapered waist, and an ass that was utter perfection. Her pubic hair was a brownish-red, shaved into a Mohawk that barely fit inside her bikini tan line, but no tan line on top. "This bitch must like showing her tits to people, but does the mother? I'm going to make the mother suffer for the daughter's attitude, he thought. "Well Pablo?" El Jefe asked.

"Not bad, El Jefe. It smells clean. It's like a mix between fabric softener and perfume. Real sweet." Pablo said. "She's wearing 36 C bra if anyone wanted to know." He announced to the crowd, waving Lauren's bra like a trophy.

"Hey Pablo, did you ever notice that a natural blonde is like a unicorn, something out of a legend, but never seen. Handcuff her; then we'll get started on the mother."

"I bet this is the only way you can get a look at a naked woman..." Lauren taunted the local police chief as Pablo handcuffed Lauren's hands behind her back.

"Please be quiet, Lauren. Please chief, let my daughter get dressed, and we can go to the station and discuss this like adults." Sue Anne was scared now, because she could see the police chief getting mad because having Lauren strip didn't work as planned. "Lauren wasn't intimidated by being naked in public, but I am, and I'm next", Sue Anne thought. "Oh God, what am I going to do?"

"Madam, it's too late for that. I tried to be nice, but your daughter called poor Pablo a pervert, and made fun because he works a second job in a gas station. It's hard to find steady work here, and I think she hurt his feelings. You don't think Pablo was wrong in the way he checked you daughter's panties do you? Do you think he's a pervert?"

"Oh my God, that was a filthy thing he did to my daughter. I can't answer how he wants me to without betraying my daughter, but I don't want to strip with all these strangers watching. I don't know what to do."


Sue Anne thought, "I'm sorry Lauren, but I can't. I just can't take my clothes off. I have to answer him like he wants me to." "Uhm n... no chief, he w... was j... j... just being thorough and doing his job."

"Mother!" Lauren screamed

Pablo saw Lauren watching him as he picked up Lauren's panties, tossed her bra over his shoulder. He made a ball out of her panties, and tried to stuff them in her mouth.

Lauren fought by turning her head, but her grabbed her right nipple and started to squeeze and twist it. "AAAHHH!" She felt sure it would be ripped off. As she continued to scream, she felt her panties enter her mouth, and felt him tying them in place with her bra. Her only thought was "It's only a piece of cloth; they're not my panties." Tears started to fall down Lauren's face. "I've never been this helpless, and I wish I would of let that asshole cop a feel or two. What horrible thing will my mother have to endure or say because of me? Mommy, I'm so sorry."

"Now that your daughter will remain quiet, you can begin to take off your clothes," the police chief said to Sue Anne.

"Please, Chief, can't you just frisk me instead?"

"Pablo, I think this lady wants you to run your hands all over her body. Is that what you're asking him to do?"

"Yes." Sue Anne whispered. She started to cry.

"Yes, what? Ma'am?" The Chief tried not to laugh.

"Please don't do this to me."

"You don't want to say the words, Pablo, please run your hands all over my body? That is not a problem. Please start taking off your clothes. Remember, the first complaint out of your mouth, we end the frisking and start the stripping!"

Lauren was crying freely now, and thought, "This is all my fault. I'm so sorry mom, that they're treating you so badly."

"No!" "I can do this to keep my clothes on." Sue Anne took a deep breath "Pablo, P... ple... Please r... run your h... hands over me." She mumbled between sobs. Tears were running down her face, and dropping onto her blouse.

"Since you ask so nicely, walk over here and stand in front of me, and I'll be happy to run my hands all over your body. If that is all right with you?" Pablo said, grinning. Sue Anne nodded and walked over and stood about a foot away. "Closer." She moved 6-inches closer, until the tips of their shoes touched. "Now spread your legs apart!" Pablo moved until her chest just touched his, and placed her shoes on the outside of his boots, a little wider than shoulder width apart.

The police chief watched as Sue Anne moved ever closer to Pablo until their bodies touched. He watched as Pablo groped, and raised her skirt until her panties were showing. Pablo told her to turn around, and ran his fingers between the older woman's legs for a couple of seconds and then started to fondle her breasts through the tightly buttoned jacket.

Sue Anne was in agony as she was ordered closer, and closer. "I've always been a strong independent woman, I'm Harvard educated, and run a large department where people listen to and respect me, and a couple slack-jawed-yokels are ordering me around like a toy." She shuddered as her chest touched, but she didn't let their crotches touch. She could smell beer, and cigarettes on his breath. She felt his hands travel down her sides, his thumbs brushing the sides of her breasts. His hands continued until they were at her lower back, and came up over her back caressing her like a lover might, pulling her closer and closer until his chest crushed her small breasts. Up and down, rubbing every inch of her back, feeling her bra strap through her clothes; it would be only a matter of time before he grabbed her butt. She wasn't prepared for the force of his grip as her pulled her into his groin. He pulled at her ass as his hard cock ground into her lower stomach.

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