Death of Innocence

by Night Wolf

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Teenagers, Mind Control, Heterosexual, Incest, Brother, Sister, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Their parents were killed because of what they are. They intend to show their parents' killers the cost of that mistake. Author formerly known as Yellow Snow


The sound of sirens reached James Lansing's ears as he was walking home. Since this was a low-crime area, it struck him as odd, but it still meant nothing to him until he reached his home and saw the police cars and ambulances. He raced to the door to see who was sick, when a burly detective blocked him.

"Sorry son, we can't let you in. This is a murder investigation," he told the strapping youth. At eighteen years old, he was large. He stood four inches over six feet and weighed two hundred pounds. With sandy blond hair and deep blue eyes, he had been the focus of several teen girls' fantasies. James was rather shy around girls, except for his twin sister, Jackie. Jackie was a smaller version of her brother, down to the dimples they exhibited when one of them smiled. She only stood three inches over five feet tall, and weighed 90 pounds. She didn't have large breasts, but her 34B cup size still had most of the boys panting after her. It was her that James was thinking about when he saw all the police cars around their house. Wanting to make sure she was okay, James decided to search for his beloved sister by using the gift they both shared. For as long as they could remember, the twins had been endowed with the ability to delve into people's minds as well as the capacity to move objects. This allowed them to convince people to do what they wanted. James began casting his thoughts out, trying to find his sister. When his sister felt his mental presence, she cast her own thoughts back to him. She was the one that had found their parents, and she was now talking to the police. When she learned James wanted to get in, she went to the door to talk with the officer there. When he persisted in keeping James out, Jackie probed his mind, instructing him to let James join her.

"I'm sorry son, I didn't realize this is your house," the officer told James. With a grimace, James stepped into the house, and then gagged when he saw the carnage within. Blood was splattered everywhere, a crimson testimony to the violence that had transpired earlier. Jackie wrapped her arms around her brother, wanting to comfort him and to be comforted. James couldn't figure out why anyone would want to do this to his parents, but he was determined to find out. Jackie knew the turmoil her brother was going through, but she didn't dare tell him what she knew until the police were gone. She knew as soon as she told him what she knew, he would want revenge. Their parents had told them to always hide their abilities, and she knew when she told him what her mother had said with her last gasping breath, he would be very likely to expose their carefully concealed secret. Finally, the Medical Examiner arrived to pronounce death for the murdered pair. After they watched their parents being loaded into the back of the coroner's hearse, James and Jackie Lansing began their quest...

Part 1.

James was about to accept the kind police officer's offer to give them a ride to a motel or a relative's house, when Jackie stepped in to politely decline the invitation. James suspected his sister wanted to tell him something when he caught the look in his Jackie's eye. He had seen that look before, and it always meant, I need to tell you something important.

"We need to get some papers before we go. We have a car so we can go to our uncle's house when we get them all," she told the officer. Walking out of the door, the policeman couldn't help thinking about the pain the kids must be going through and the courage they were exhibiting. James and Jackie watched him get into his cruiser, then drive off. When he had disappeared from sight, James turned to Jackie, wanting to find out what she wanted to tell him.

"Okay sis, what's up? I know there is something you didn't tell the police," he asked her. Jackie knew her brother would be upset with what she knew, but she also knew he deserved to know.

"They were killed because of us. Mom told me they kept asking questions about us," she told him. James was stunned when he heard this. What did they want with Jackie and him? They were very careful when they used their abilities, using them infrequently.

"Did she have any idea who they were?" he asked her. Jackie hesitated telling her brother what she had done. When they discovered their abilities, they had both agreed not to explore family members' minds.

"No, but I looked into her mind and found out they were in a black van. I also got the tag number," she told him. Normally James would have said something about her breach of etiquette, but this time he was glad she had looked in their mother's mind. James knew this could be the only clue they might have to their parents' murderer. Wanting to trace the tag number while it was still fresh in Jackie's memory, James sat down to his computer and began looking for a website where he could look it up. Finding no free ones, James shrugged his shoulders and decided to tap into the local police's computer. He had done this once before when he removed a speeding ticket from his driving record. When he was in, he asked Jackie for the tag number. After entering it, he asked her for the state. Jackie had been dreading this question, she knew she had to tell him, but she also knew the consequences behind it.

"It was a U.S. Government tag," she told him. Jackie saw first a stunned, then outraged expression cross her brother's face. She knew the people after them were dangerous. James considered getting out of the database, but changed his mind. He knew he could still find out what department the van was assigned to. James entered the rest of the information, and then waited for the results. When the message flashed on the screen, he couldn't believe it. James called Jackie over to see for herself. After she read the words flashing on the screen, Jackie turned ashen.

"Hurry, we need to get out of here," James told her as they gathered the few things they needed to take with them. They knew they were in serious trouble, as they began running toward the car. James quickly slid behind the steering wheel while Jackie got in on the opposite side. When they were both seated, James started the powerful engine and sped away, the words Classified Information flashing in their minds.

James kept driving until they were out of town, knowing they had probably been seen leaving. Satisfied that nobody had followed them, he pulled over and began using his mind to scan the car. He was almost convinced there was nothing unusual until he reached the rear bumper of the car. Noticing an electrical device, James knew this was what he had been looking for. James reached under the bumper and felt his way along until he found the tiny device. Throwing it to the ground, James quickly stomped on it; letting the people that were trying to track them know that the twins were onto them.

"What was that?" Jackie asked.

"It was a fuckin' tracking device. Those bastards knew we would run," he told her. Wordlessly, James and Jackie got back into the car and headed back to town. Knowing the people that killed their parents were probably still in town, they began driving around, hoping to catch a glimpse of the black van. Finding nothing, the twins decided to call it a night. James drove the car out of town, looking for a good place to stay for the night. Upon coming to a thicket of trees, James pulled in behind it, hoping to conceal their car from anyone driving by. Opening the trunk, James removed the two sleeping bags he had left in there from the last camping trip Jackie and he had been on. After laying the sleeping bags out, James undressed down to his boxers. The twins had always been together, so it wasn't unusual for one to see the other in their underwear. Following suit, Jackie stripped down to her bra and panties, and then climbed into her sleeping bag. James went back to the car for a moment to check on it and to take his nightly piss. When he had finished he went back to join Jackie, hoping she had fallen asleep after the traumatic experience they had both suffered that day. Jackie lay there, her eyes closed, but sleep refused to come. When James began to get into his sleeping bag, Jackie stopped him.

"James, is there anyway we could put the sleeping bags together? I really need to be held after today," she told him. Thinking quickly, James zipped the two sleeping bags together then got inside, pulling Jackie close to him. Jackie snuggled into her brother, laying her head on his chest. After the pair got comfortable, sleep finally overtook them. Each of them slept fitfully, nightmares of the macabre events haunting them. Around three o'clock, James woke up, the need to pee making him get up. When he slid out of the sleeping bag, Jackie let out a small whimper, reaching for her brother. When she settled back to sleep, James went back to the car to check on it and relieve himself. Feeling better, he crawled back into the joined sleeping bags, taking his sister into his arms. When Jackie felt him against her, she wrapped her arms around him, and held him close to her. James shifted uncomfortably when he felt Jackie's bra-clad breasts against him. When she placed her leg over him, he couldn't prevent his cock from stiffening. When Jackie finally settled down, James tried going back to sleep, but couldn't because of his painful erection.

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