by Diomedes

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Desc: Sex Story: Woman discovers the joys of lesbian love.

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Life had not been going to well for Cathy Wilmot; the twenty-five year old had been looking forward to a great year. First there had been her new job and then there had been Mark, her fiancée and their upcoming marriage.

Then suddenly in mid April things had started to go wrong, she'd lost her job, the company was downsizing, to cope with the current downward trends in the market and increased competition. At least that had been the excuse of the personnel department and so the last in was the first out. As if that wasn't bad enough, fate had given her another kick in the crotch, three weeks before she was to walk down the aisle Mark had confessed to having an affair. She may have considered forgiving him, but Mark wanted to continue seeing this other woman. He said he'd still Marry Cathy because he new she was looking forward to it, but she must realise he wasn't a one-woman man.

Cathy had stood in shocked silence as he had explained the situation, when he finished she'd stood there for a further second, then in anger thrown the ring at him, calling him a bastard and telling him to drop dead, and further more that she wouldn't marry him if he begged.

Back at her flat she'd cried for two days before slowly trying to pull herself together. The following week was spent phoning family and friends, sending back wedding presents and feeling miserable. Then the week before the wedding Mark had phoned, could he have the tickets for the honeymoon, "after all," he'd said "We can't get the money back and so Jill and I thought we'd use them"

"Got to hell," Cathy had replied, slamming the phone done before bursting once more into tears.

The day of the cancelled wedding dawned bright and sunny, Cathy stood before her bedroom mirror and looked at herself.

"Enough of this self pity," she said looking at her red rimmed and swollen eyes.

Standing naked before the mirror she allowed her eyes to travel down her naked body, she stood about 5 foot 5, long black hair and brown eyes, firm breasts capped with large nipples, slim waist, a neatly trimmed patch of pubic hair nestled between tanned thighs.

Reaching up she cupped her breasts feeling the nipples respond to her light caress.

"God, I'm horny," she moaned as her body responded to her own caress.

Backing up she fell onto her bed, as one hand continued to squeeze and caress her aching breasts, she slid the other down over her stomach and between her parted thighs. Her pussy lips were already moist with her juices; she ran her fingers over and through them. Then with a groan of pleasure she brought them to her mouth, licking them clean before returning them to her pussy. This time she rubbed the juices into her rapidly swelling clitoris before licking her fingers clean. Once more her hand dipped down to her cuntal opening, this time she smeared the cream over her breasts, coating the nipples in her sticky excretion. As the hand once more returned to her pussy she used the other to lift a breast to her waiting mouth, she lapped at her hard swollen nipple tasting herself. The fingers of her other hand slipped into her vagina, first one then two, as she fingered herself her thumb brushed her clitoris, causing her to moan in pleasure. A third finger entered her pussy as her hips lifted, driving them deeply into her now dripping cunt. Releasing her breast she moved her free hand down to her pussy as her moans and cries of pleasure and need filled her bedroom. Her room filled with the wet sound of her pummelling fingers as she rubbed her clit and her hips jerked. Faster and faster until with a moan of release her orgasm crashed upon her, her actions become frenzied as she came.

"O god, o god yes cuming I'm cuming yes o fuck yeeessssssssssss"

Her hands jerked in pleasure filled frenzy as her pussy convulsed in orgasmic release.

As her orgasm passed Cathy relaxed on her bed, lifting her cum coated hands she licked them clean, savouring the taste before drifting back to sleep.

It was almost midday when she next awoke; lying in her bed she had an idea. Mark had been right, it would be a shame to waste the honeymoon tickets, and they were paid for. 'I know,' she thought with a smile 'I'll use them, if nothing else I'll have a holiday and fuck Mark off'. With that decision made she slipped from her bed, still naked she flitted around her bedroom packing a bag before heading to the bathroom for a shower.

Eleven o'clock that night found Cathy boarding an airliner and settling in a first class seat. She had decided that she was going to have a great holiday, even if it meant spending all her savings and it had seemed the best way to start was to move up to first class. As the plane lifted off from the runway she looked out the window,

"Goodbye Mark you fucker," she whispered.

It was a long flight and as the plane carried her across the world Cathy dozed, she mumbled slightly as the stewardess covered her with a blanket, before drifting deeper into sleep.

She awoke hungry, horny and in need of the toilet, the latter was the easiest to take care of. Entering the small cubicle she lifted her skirt and pushed her panties down, she relaxed as she felt the warm flow of urine cascade into the bowel. Finishing she dabbled herself dry with toilet roll, the dabbing turned into a caress as she dropped the paper. She stifled a moan of pleasure as her fingers caressed her aroused pussy and clitoris. With a jerk of her feet she kicked off her panties and spread her legs wide, lifting her skirt she looked at her aroused slit as her fingers slipped through it smearing her juices over her clitoris. The sight increased her arousal, standing she slipped her skirt down before sitting once more. Returning her fingers to her aroused pussy, she used the other hand to open her top, pushing her bra up she cupped and massaged her quickly swelling nipples. Her orgasm was fast approaching when there was a knock on the door,

"Hello, is there anyone in there"

Cathy quickly stood,

"Mmm yes, I'll be out in a sec"

Flushing the chain she washed her hand and pulled her skirt on, rather than try to put her bra straight she pulled it off before fastening her blouse, she looked in vain for her panties.

"Where can they go," she mumbled as she looked around the compact toilet.

In the end she gave up, slipping her shoes on she unlocked the door and stepped out. An irate looking businessman stood waiting,

"About time"

He complained before pushing past her and into the cubical, slamming the door behind himself.

On shaking legs and with a body screaming for sexual release Cathy returned to her seat. She tried to ignore the sensations that coursed through her body, to take her mind from it she picked up the airline magazine, but found she couldn't concentrate on it.

"Would you like something to eat, or maybe a drink?"

Cathy looked up and found herself looking at a petite beautiful Polynesian woman, dressed in the figure hugging uniform of the airline.

"A drink would be fine thanks"

"Tea, coffee, wine or spirits?"

"White wine please"

When the stewardess returned she was carrying a tray with a glass of wine and food on.

"I thought I'd bring you some food, just in case, do you mind if I join you?"

"No I guess not"

"Thanks, it's a quiet flight, everyone else is sleeping"

Cathy drank her wine and at the Stewardesses urging had something to eat, the first taste of the airline food made her realise how hungry she was.

"My names Marie"

"Hi, I'm sorry that's so rude, I'm Cathy, Cathy Wilmot"

Sharing the food they talked quietly while the handful of other passengers slept on.

"I'll get rid of the tray, would you like some more wine?"

"Err no thanks Marie, the couple of glasses I've already had have gone straight to me head"

Cathy watched Marie walk down the aisle, noting the way her hips moved under the tight skirt, she found herself wondering what Marie would look like naked.

'My god,' she thought 'what's wrong with me, she's a woman and I'm not a lesbian, I've never even thought of women in a sexual way before, I must be really desperate'

'Are you sure' another part of her mind asked 'in the dark of night haven't you dreamt of it, when you lick your pussy juices from your hand, don't you wonder if another woman would taste the same'.

She shook her head to clear the images that suddenly filled her mind.

"Are you OK?"

Cathy blushed as she looked at Marie; she found she couldn't help staring at the other woman's breasts and found herself longing to touch them.

"I'm fine, I guess I was daydreaming"

"Want to tell me about it?"

"No that's OK"

Marie retrieved the blanket from the empty seat where Cathy had dropped it on the way to the bathroom.

"Why don't I cover you and you can try and get some sleep, we've a while before we arrive"

Cathy reclined her seat and lay back as Marie spread the blanket over her.

Cathy once more dozed, this time her dreams seemed to be filled with images of Marie. Under the blanket she moved a hand to her pussy, a pussy that still cried out for sexual release. Eyes closed she fingered her pussy, fighting the urge to moan in pleasure and need. Suddenly a second hand joined her own, her eyes flew open as soft lips brushed against hers.

"Can I give you a hand?" Marie asked

"No please I've never..."

"That's OK I have"

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