by Joe the Bow

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Fisting, Water Sports, Exhibitionism, Size, .

Desc: Sex Story: It's Jenna's wedding night. She hasn't fucked him before but she sure has fucked.

I wasn't exactly a virgin when I married Tim, I just hadn't fucked him. I'd had a great sex life during the past few years at College. If you wanted a couple of party girls my sister Liz and me were it. We'd partaken in a couple of gang bangs and several orgies. I liked nothing better than a good DP.

However it was all going to change when I married Tim, or so I thought. He was a real gentleman, never attempting to get inside my knickers. I fell very much in love with him. Three months later, at our engagement party, on my nineteenth birthday, Liz met Tim's brother Marty.

At our wedding, three months later Liz announced her engagement to Marty. Tim still hadn't fucked me. I'd tried to fuck him a couple of times but he said he'd rather wait until we were married. Liz told me Marty hadn't fucked her either.

That afternoon we arrived at the Hilton in London were we were going to spend the night before flying to Jamaica for our honeymoon.

"Put on something hot for me before we go down to tea Jena", Said Tim.

I had just stepped out of my wedding dress so I was standing there in white bra, panties, nylons and suspenders.

"Like what?"

"Something really sexy".

"Take a look in my suitcase and choose what you want to see your new toy in", I said.

"Here put this on, and this", he said.

I took the skirt and top from him.

"You actually want me to wear these, they were meant for Manumission not here?"

"Sure I do, and loose the pants and bra".


"I want every man in the place to stare at you and wish he was me".

I could hardly believe it. Still, it was what he wanted. I undid my bra and stepped out of my panties.

"Sorry Jena I hate body hair, you'll have to loose the pubes. Here you can use my razor."

I was dumbfound. Not only did my 'Perfect Gentleman' want me to look like a whore he also wanted me to loose the only means left of hiding my pussy.

Twenty minutes later we left the room.

"Stop pulling your skirt down Jena". He said as we waited for the elevator.

"But it'll ride up over my ass".

"That's the idea".


"Come on Jena, I'm hungry", as we stepped into the lift.

What was I wearing? You ask. Very little. Sheer white crop top that didn't quite cover the bottoms of my ample orbs. Tiny black latex belt that pretended to be a skirt, White nylons with suspenders and patent high heals. There was nearly a foot of tanned flat flesh showing between my top and skirt while the nylons finished several inches below the hem of my skirt. My ass was covered, barely, provided I stood up straight and pulled it down tightly.

Embarrassed? I'll say I was. As we crossed the lobby and entered the dining room every person there stared at me. They could clearly see my boobs through the gossamer top and as the latex had ridden high my ass was on plain view. Shit they could probably see my shaved pussy! My whole body was blushing. I thought the concierge was going to have apoplexy as he showed us to our table.

"Everyone's staring at me".

"And so they should be my dear, you're really quite beautiful"

"I'm also practically naked".

"Would you like to strip the rest off right now?"


As time went by and the meal was served I loosened up and forgot about the way I looked. After all, I'd gone to one gang bang with Liz, the pair of us wearing only red hats. OK so it was in a secluded house and we'd left our coats in the car, but we had rang the doorbell stark bollock naked. Anyway Tim, as always, was the perfect gentleman right through the meal.

Afterwards we went back to our room and I sorted out my case. Later I dozed on the bed while Tim watched TV. He shook me awake.

"Come on Jena, time to wake up".

"What? Why? What's up?"

"Nothing's up. It's late, time to hit the clubs".

"I'll just get changed", I said.

"No please don't. You look fabulous just like that".

"But I'm practically naked".

"No more than you were at tea".

"I know, but it's a bit embracing".

"Come on you look great".

A short taxi ride later we were walking through a dark corridor. I hoped my ear drums wouldn't suffer any permanent damage from the incredible din being produced by the disco. We entered a very nice hall. Twenty or so tables arranged around a small dance floor, about a million swirling twisting lights and a wall of amplifiers. There were around thirty other couples in the room. Shit at least half the girls had bare tits!

Tim led me straight out onto the floor. As we danced I felt his hands up under my skirt. No they weren't! My skirt was up around my waist and his hands were stretching my naked cheeks. I went bright red.

"Relax honey", I think he shouted into my ear.

I put up no resistance as he slipped my top over my head and threw it to the edge of the floor. To all intents and purposes I was naked! So much for being a perfect gentleman. A little while later I stepped out of my latex and I was naked" apart, that is, from my nylons, suspenders and heals! Fuck what the hell was he doing. What was I doing! Apparently what my husband wanted.

I gingerly looked around. Thank fuck. All the other girls in the room were bare from the waist up with several as naked as me. We danced for a while, then had a couple of drinks, then danced some more. Eventually Tim motioned it was time to go. I searched around and found my skirt. As soon as I stepped back into it Tim took me by the hand and led me, bare breasted, out to the waiting Taxi.

I was, once again, bright red as I walked through the foyer and entered the lift. Thank shit it was four am and there were only the doorman, desk clerk and bell hop on duty.

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