Night at the Bar

by Ving

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Rape, Slut Wife, Cuckold, Spanking, Humiliation, Gang Bang, Exhibitionism, .

Desc: Sex Story: Sometimes things just happen and then, again, sometimes they don't

I had just gotten off from working the second shift at the mill works and decided to drop by a bar close by. I was still pretty dirty from work; my hands and fingernails were lined, callused, and filled with black soot. I'm sure I reeked of sweat and coal fumes thru my leathers, but I figured what the hell, I deserved a drink. I parked my bike and walked into the bar. I've never made a better decision in my life.

I was sitting on a stool at the bar nursing a beer and checking out the surroundings. It was a working mans bar, no plants or exotic names here, drinks were straight up with beer chasers for the eight other men in the bar. They looked to be in their 50's, working stiffs just like me, five men were at the pool table, two were at the bar, and one was sitting by himself at a table. He was nursing a drink, and from the looks of the glass, it was a double shot. He kept looking at his watch and then looking over to the door. I was looking at him with my back to the door when I saw him give himself a tiny grin, then quickly change expression and he took a big swig of his drink. I swiveled on my chair and looked at the door. A woman stood in the doorway.

She looked to be about 32-33, and about 5'2"; 120 pounds give or take a few, blond mid shoulder length hair. (You can imagine how I found out it was dyed). She later told me her tits were 34 b's, whatever that means.

She was very pretty, with a wide mouth that looked to be made for cocksucking. When my gaze dropped to her chest my mouth dropped too. I could see she wasn't wearing a bra, her blouse was transparent, made of some type of gauze. Her tits were quite exposed, and her nipples were the longest I had ever seen. If ever a pair of nipples were made for nipple clamps, these were them. Being a single male pervert I know about those kind of things, and often dream of dominating a woman who would consent to being disciplined and turned into a personal slut.

She was wearing a short, pleated, white skirt. When she finally moved from out of the doorway and into the light of the room it too became transparent. Dark stockings held up by the straps of a red garter belt were easily seen, as were the red panties she was wearing. When she walked past me towards the seated man, I could see the panties covered her ass cheeks. I smiled to myself, I hate thongs, nothing sexier than a panty covered ass ready to be caressed, spanked and fucked. These carnal thoughts sprang to my head as I watched the woman strut to the table were the man sat. She was walking on stiletto heels at least 4 inches high, their height made her hips really swivel, "Now there's a personal slut if I ever saw one," I said to myself as I watched her seat herself next to him. Her skirt rode up, revealing her bare thighs above her stocking tops. She didn't bother to rearrange it Having noticed how the man acted and how the woman seated next to him was dressed I got the hunch they were up to some dirty partying. They spoke softly to each other for a few minutes and out of the corner of my eye I saw the man nod his head in my direction. I turned just in time to see the woman look at me. Our eyes met, I could see her looking me up and down, my work boots, my leather riding chaps covering my jeans, my dirty tee shirt under my leather jacket, and my unwashed, unshaved face. I watched as she turned to the man, her head given a tilt in my direction. The man nodded several times and tilted his head towards me too. The woman then stood up and strode purposely towards me. She sat next to me, making no attempt to straighten her skirt. It rose high on her legs, exposing some bare thigh above her stocking top.

"Hi," she said, my name is Sandra, do you ride a motorcycle or do you just dress that way for kicks?"

"Hi, yourself, my name's Bill, and yes I ride a bike." I leaned over to her and decided to play my hunch. I whispered in her ear "If you ever speak to me like that again, I will have to teach you some manners."

She looked back at me and while staring into my eyes said "Go ahead, biker boy, see what you can teach me."

I stretched out my right hand and grabbed a hank of her hair and pulled her face close to mine. I looked into her startled brown eyes and said, "I think that man over there has given you to me for the evening, and I hope you two know what you've gotten yourselves into." Without waiting for a reply I pulled her head down onto the bar far enough over so her tits were smashed against it and her ass was exposed to the air.

I held her down while I kicked her feet so she would spread her legs, when she didn't move fast enough I slapped her ass through her skirt and panties. My movements and the sound of the smack on her ass got the attention of everyone in the bar. When I saw all of them looking at me I said out loud, "for a reason unknown to me, this woman has been given to me for whatever use I may want of her, by that gentleman sitting right there," and I pointed out her escort, " isn't that true?" I watched his face go red, but he looked at the other men and nodded. "And since she has been given to me, it would be an honor to give her to all of you." I could feel Sandra squirming beneath my hand. I leaned over and spoke in her ear, "weren't quite ready for this were you, you little fucking slut. Well first I'm going spank your ass, then I'm going to fuck your cunt like you've never been fucked before, then I'm going to give you to those men at the pool table, then they will give you to the men at the bar, and then they will give you to the bartenders, and they will give you to any other men who wander in."

I kept her hair bunched in my left hand, forcing her face and upper torso down over the bar, with my right I pulled her skirt up over her back, exposing her red panty covered ass cheeks. I tucked the hem of her skirt into its waistband so it would stay up and well out of my way. I then began to spank her ass. Softly at first, I smacked the palm of my hand down on her ass cheeks, then harder and faster. I then changed to just the tip of my fingers whipping on her ass, her cheeks began to glow red, almost matching the color of her panties.

My cock had gotten good and hard while I was slapping her ass. I now unzipped my jeans and took it out. I pulled her panties aside and just shoved my dick into her pussy. No preliminaries just slammed it in until my balls brushed against her inner thighs. She must have liked her ass whipping because I had no trouble penetrating her cunt. It was good and wet, and eagerly swallowed my nine-inch cock. I fucked her like a bull in heat, not caring how she felt, but her grunts, groans, and moaning told me she was enjoying herself. I could feel myself starting to cum, I shoved my pelvis into her ass as hard as I could, and shoved my cock deeper in pussy. I started spurting in her cunt, and as I came I withdrew, filling her channel with my cum, my last wad spewed out as I pulled out of her, landing on her pussy lips.

I zipped myself up and pulled Sandra to her feet by her hair. Yanking it, I walked her over to where here escort was sitting. Her skirt was still up in the back, but it was covering her panties and stocking tops in front. I stopped her when we were standing in front of him. I leaned into her ear and whispered: "Raise your skirt with one hand, and with the fingers of your other hand scrape my cum out of your cunt, then stick them in your mouth and suck them clean. Then tell him how good it tastes and how you want to taste the cum of every man in here." She hesitated just a fraction of a second, which was too long by my reckoning, so I swatted her ass as hard as I could and hissed in her ear: "There's nothing to think about, you do as your told, as soon as your told to do it, or your ass gets beaten worse every time. And I want you to look in his eyes as you eat my cum from your fingertips."

Sandra did as I told her; with her left hand she pulled her skirt out of the way, and with the finger tips of her right hand she reached between her legs and scooped off the cum I deposited on her lips. She then put her fingers in her mouth and ran her tongue over them, licking them clean. I think this turned her on, I began to hear a soft mewing sound coming from deep in her throat. She reached between her legs again and probed deep into her cunt to scrape out my juice. Looking her escort straight in the eye she put all four of her fingers in her mouth and eagerly began to suck them, pushing them in and out over her lips. She was definitely making sounds now, and she was fucking at air with her pelvis, moving it back and forth as if riding a cock. "Ohhh god, I love the taste of his cum, and I can't wait to taste the cum of every man in here after they fuck my cunt sooo gooood." she said. Sandra began to finger herself, but I stopped her, I didn't want her wasting energy. Her escort didn't say a word, but I saw his cock grow beneath his pants. He was enjoying this too.

My hand still wound around her hair, I led her over to the men at the pool table.

"Any of you gentlemen feel like fucking a real live slut? She's got one hell of a good cunt.

"I sure do", spoke up a guy the same height as Sandra, meaning he was a little tike but his cock was at the right angle to fuck her while she leaned her ass against the pool table rail. Which I now led her to do. I pulled her skirt up in front and also tucked it in its waistband, her skirt was now out of the way of her panty covered pussy and panty covered ass, but it draped down the sides of her legs, very sexy if I say so myself. I turned to the man, "Help yourself, she's now ready to be fucked by you."

He walked up to Sandra and positioned himself between her legs and pulled out his dick. Not bad for a shorty like him, at least eight inches of manhood were about to be thrust up Sandra's' willing snatch. He grabbed his cock and slowly guided himself into her pussy. He was in no hurry, savoring each millimeter as he eased into her steamy box. Sandra had her hands around his back, crushing him to her chest. Her legs were shivering from her excitement; her breaths were coming in short deep pants. I watched as her body spasmed around the dick in her. The short guy also soon began to grunt and groan, his ass cheeks went stiff as he gave one last push of his cock and came deep up her cunt. He slowly disengaged from her pussy and staggered backwards and sat down, nursing a well-fucked dick.

I approached Sandra and took off her blouse, you could see through it anyway, no sense letting it get in the way. I looked at her nipples again. They indeed were the longest I had ever seen. I reached out with my thumbs and index fingers and took hold of both of them. I pulled on them; Sandra had a sharp intake of air and then sighed. She closed her eyes and pushed out her chest to me, silently hinting her nipples were mine too. I rolled them back and forth, then started pinching them. I tried to touch my fingers and thumbs together, trapping her nipples in their grip. Sandra winced in pain and shifted on her feet trying to erase it, but she never pulled away or told me to stop. I stopped pinching and started pulling on them, using them as a guide I turned her around so she faced the other four men at the table. I was still pulling on them when I looked over my shoulder and spoke to the men. "Have you ever seen anything like this in your lives? Look at the nipples on this cunt, see how long they are? Ohhh, little fucking slut loves her nipples pulled and pinched. Now we'll see how she likes them bitten." And with that I leaned down, grabbed her left tit and encircled the nipple with my lips. I sucked on it for awhile, feeling Sandra squirming around me. I then put my teeth over it and started to bite down. With it between my upper and lower two front teeth I scrapped back and forth along it's length, sometimes biting down as I did so. Sandra jumped each time I did, and her body shivered some more, but she still never pulled away. I picked my head up and said to her "Sandra lie down on the table with your ass on top of the rail, that way these guys can fuck you good and proper." Sandra did not hesitate this time; she quickly jumped up on the table's rail and pulled her skirt up and out of the way. She then laid her back on the table, spread her legs wide, pulled her panties away from her pussy lips and said out loud: "Whose next? I need a good hard cock in me, I want to fuck it, I want to fuck it soooo bad, come on you fuckers, fuck me, fuck me, fuck meeee." This girl really was a hot slut, this may have been new to her, but she was born to do it.

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