Side Effects

by Erstwhile Ether

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Reluctant, Lesbian, Oral Sex, Lactation, School, .

Desc: Sex Story: This story is not related to my story "Breast Enhancements", but is infact an offshoot of "Placebo": More messing around with mother nature. "Placebo" need not be read prior, but it will provide a little different flavor (NPI) to the story.

HAZARDS TO HUMANS AND DOMESTIC ANIMALS: Causes substantial but temporary eye injury. Do not get in eyes or on clothing. Harmful if swallowed. May irritate skin.

I signed up for Sandy Greenhall's project because it was free. I'm in my third year here at the university, and I'd given up on gymnastics last year, choosing to focus on the academic path. At 5'5" and 105 lbs., people say I'm pretty, but I have heard the remarks about my small breasts, and it does bother me. So, I signed up for the study testing those herbal supplements that are supposed to make your breasts larger naturally.

I didn't get to start as soon as some of the others, and when my turn came, Sandy told me that some of the participants were encountering some side effects. As a result, she wanted to cut my dosage down to match my petite figure. It took some doing, but I convinced her not to do that. I finally won her over by explaining how my athletic background has given me a higher metabolism.

Then she told me about the side effects and I almost laughed. I mean, come on: "Increased sensitivity" and "heightened libido"? Is that supposed to be bad? "Slight increase in aggressiveness" didn't sound too bad either, and I was more eager than ever to try these things. My boyfriend at the time was a bit of a jerk. I could see his eyes wander every time a pair of tits walked by; and, as we didn't see each other often, I thought he was probably messing around on me. I really wanted this study to work for me so I could see his eyes when he saw my development; then watch his reaction as I dumped him like a rock.

Twice a day I visited Sandy's office for her to administer a dose and wait for a bit so she could monitor any additional side effects. I was finding that my nipples were more sensitive, and I was getting more aroused with each dose, but I played down the effects when I discussed them with Sandy. I was afraid she might cut my dosage. She could see, though, how it made my nipples stand out, and when she did her measurements, they got even harder. So I did admit the "slight" increase in sensitivity and that I had felt a "little" more sexy.

Sandy was cool though. She was very happy with my progress and very encouraging throughout. I was really happy the fifth day when I got out of bed and thought I noticed a slight increase in size. They felt fuller in my hands as I cupped them (yes, they're A cups, but I could tell the additional swelling was not muscle). I was really excited about it and hurried to get dressed and over to Sandy's to show her my improvement.

When I got there, I knocked twice on the door and went on in not thinking. Inside, another girl was sitting on the couch with her top off and Sandy was kneeling between her legs examining her breasts. Sandy was very close and seemed to be pinching one nipple.

Sandy was quite startled by my interruption, and I hurried to explain, "Oh, I'm sorry, Sandy! I was just so excited this morning, that I couldn't wait to show you. I didn't mean to·" Sandy seemed to relax. The other girl's reaction had been different. She sat still with her mouth slightly open, her only reaction had been to turn to look at me and then get a little wide eyed.

Sandy recovered quickly and set me at ease. "That's alright Kay, since you're here already, come on in and close the door. This is Julie. Julie this is Kay, the next in line this morning." She said while standing.

I said "Hi" to Julie, and she nodded in return, closing her mouth and starting to look a bit uncomfortable with the situation.

I closed the door and Sandy said to me, "Well, since you're here, get your top off and show us what has you so excited. It's only fair to Julie."

I smiled an apology to Julie and pulled my T-shirt over my head. Julie looked on quietly and Sandy said, "Yes, I do think your starting grow a bit." I looked over at Sandy and stared for a bit.

She was doing spectacular. She must have been a large C cup, and her nipples stood out proudly on breasts that seemed to have no sag. I said, "You must be very pleased, Julie. You look fantastic."

Julie's face perked up a bit and she smiled, said, "Thank you," and glanced down at her chest.

Sandy jumped right in. "Julie is one of my earliest subjects and doing wonderfully." I saw Julie blush a bit at that. "She's been on the treatment for three weeks now and she's gained one full cup size. Since switching to a more accelerated treatment she has encountered a diffent side effect." Julie seemed to flush a deeper shade and Sandy continued, "Oh, don't be worried, Julie, it's a natural thing and most likely only temporary. Kay, come here let me show you."

I sat next to Julie on the couch, and Sandy knelt between her legs again. "You see, Julie has started to lactate a bit. Yesterday I showed her how to express using her fingers, but she's been having trouble with it, haven't you?"

Julie nodded and said, "Yeah, they're beginning to feel a little uncomfortably tight, and it hurts when I try to use my hands." Closer now, I could see some wetness around the nipples and the one that Sandy had been looking at had a large drop forming at the tip. Sandy again used her fingers and a several drops came out as she squeezed a bit, but Julie made a sharp intake of breath.

"That still hurts?" Sandy asked, and Julie nodded. Sandy said, "Hmmm. There's another way we can try to give you some relief." And then she leaned in close and took the nipple in her lips. I could see her tongue moving underneath as she made a gentle sucking motion, then closed her mouth over the nipple. Her mouth worked a little more and I heard Julie sigh softly.

Sandy released the nipple and asked, "How was that?"

Julie replied, "That was better, I can feel a little relief."

Through this exchange I sat quietly. My eyes had gone wide when I saw Sandy take the nipple into her mouth, but I realized that Sandy was a graduate student in medicine, and she had to know what she was doing. I did stare a bit, though, and I could feel the air on my nipples as I watched. I think I got a little wetter too.

Sandy glanced over at me then back at Julie. She said, "Well, maybe if we can get you going it will be easier for you to use your fingers. Kay? Would you be willing to help?"

I swallowed and looked at Sandy. Then she explained further, "Julie has a class in a few minutes and needs to get going. If we can relieve the pressure a bit, she'll be better off the rest of the day." This made sense and then Sandy motioned me closer and said, "Here, just be very delicate, no teeth, and gently suck. It's quite natural, and very sweet."

I was a bit mesmerized by the whole thing as I found myself leaning in. I looked up at Julie, and she had a strange look on her face as she watched me with heavy lidded eyes. Then I closed my lips over the nipple and gave it like a little sucking kiss. Sandy gave me more encouragement, "There now open a little further. Use your tongue underneath and try to draw it out, then suck a little harder."

I followed her instructions and then felt a couple of drops on my tongue. I gave a little startled twitch, stopping my actions; and then I tasted the sweetness of it. I let go and asked while looking up into Julie's eyes, "Was that OK?"

Julie nodded and gave an, "Mmm, Hmm."

Sandy said, "That's perfect. Go ahead and continue and remember to be gentle." Then she moved to take the other nipple in her mouth and begin sucking.

Unsure of my actions, my eyes were still on Julie's, as I took the nipple back into my mouth, and repeated my actions. Julie watched for a couple of sucks and then her eyelids seemed to droop and she leaned her head back. I closed my eyes and continued to suck. After a few swallows, I realized I was feeling very wet and hoped it wasn't showing on my shorts.

Julie didn't have very much milk and soon we were through. Julie was breathing a little fast, but said, "Um, thanks," as we stood up.

Sandy moved over to the cabinet and said, "Why don't you give her a hand getting dressed." So I helped Julie to her feet and handed her bra to her.

I slipped my own shirt back on, and Sandy handed me the little container with my pill in it and a cup of water, saying, "Here, go ahead and take this; and then if you would, please, could you walk Julie to her class, and see that she gets there OK? We'll measure you next time."

I was in a bit of a daze, but I said, "Sure," and we were quickly out the door. We walked most of the way there in an awkward silence. Finally, I broke the silence by apologizing again for bursting in on her and any embarrassment I caused. She was nice but still appeared embarrassed as she told me not to worry about it. I tried a few more attempts at conversation, which were met with short, nervous replies. About the only thing I learned from her was after I told her I lived in Williams Hall. She also lives in that dorm, but on a different floor.

After I left her at her class, I remembered about my shorts, but didn't see any signs on them. Still, I headed back to my room to change. Back at my room, I decided I needed to get myself off before heading to classes. I came twice, and I kept finding myself thinking about the taste of Julie's milk.

When I saw Sandy later that day for my evening dose, she was very understanding and explained more. She told me that by her own request, Julie was in a separate aspect of the study, receiving a higher dose, and side effect with that may include temporary lactation. We sat together on the couch and spoke for some time about the study and breasts, sharing some of our desires.

I asked Sandy if there were other side effects with the program I was on. Sandy replied, "Well, I told you about the libido aspect. Many have found it to go very high, and be very aroused while taking these. It seems to build up through the course of treatment. Along with this effect, it may seem that your horizons expand, and you start thinking about sexual things you never considered before. It's pretty harmless and only natural."

I asked, "What sort of sexual things?"

She smiled and continued on in more of a girl-to-girl fashion, "You know, 'doing it' in different ways. And some of the others, " she said this in a quieter more conspiratorial way, "have told me they were feeling attracted to women." She gave a little laugh, casually putting one had on my knee in that same conspiratorial manner.

Sandy continued, "I'm not sure if that's from the supplement, I mean many women are attracted to women, it's in their nature. I mean it's in the nature of women to be attractive. Seeing that, I think, is just an indication that your eyes are open. I mean look at you, you're a very beautiful girl, and your gymnastics background has provided you with those sexy legs and ass."

I blushed a bit, and muttered, "Thank you."

Sandy said, "Guys recognize you for attractive and any honest woman would. If they start to feel a little aroused when they look at you it's just natural." There was a knock at the door and Sandy arose saying, "There's my next victim." She smiled and gave a short laugh, then helped me up. "Just think with the progress you're making, your great bod is going to become a killer bod."

When I left, I was feeling much more comfortable with everything. Then I realized I was very turned on, but it only made me smile thinking that the supplements were working, and I hurried back to my room to relieve myself.

I awoke from a sound sleep to someone knocking on my door. I lay there for several seconds disoriented until it came again. I looked at the clock and it was around eleven o'clock. I rolled out of bed and went to answer the door. To my surprise I saw Julie standing outside in a robe and slippers. She had a nervous look on her face when she saw me and said, "I'm sorry I didn't mean to wake you."

I asked, "What's up? Are you OK?"

Julie looked around and then asked, "Can I come in?"

I said "Sure," and opened the door wide. She glanced at me as she entered and I realized she was a little uncomfortable with what I was wearing. I usually sleep in just long T-shirt and panties. This night, however, I wore a shorter shirt, which left my panties exposed.

She stepped in, and I said, "Have a seat," then I went to my closet to fish out my robe. After tying it around me, I sat on the bed facing the chair she sat in and gave her an expectant look.

Julie sat nervously and glanced at me a couple times, so I finally said, "Well?" And then she started to talk, or perhaps spill.

"I'm sorry. It's just that I'm embarrassed and none of my close friends know what I'm doing. I went to see Sandy this afternoon, but things felt fine. I didn't tell them I was getting into this program, they'd be real mad if I told them now, while I'm in the middle of it. Earlier, everything felt fine, you know, after this morning. Later at Sandy's it--they were also OK. I was trying to sleep, and tossing and turning. I tried but it kinda hurt. I tried to think of who I could go to--"

I realize she was rambling so I interrupted her. "Are you OK? Are you feeling well?"

She got that nervous look again and she said, "It's like earlier, but more..."

Then I realized what she was talking about. "Oh, you mean the pressure." And her expression eased a bit as she nodded quickly. "And you tried using your hands, and it didn't work too well?" She nodded again a bit more slowly. I felt my nipples against my T-shirt, and something made me draw things out. "It's starting to be uncomfortable?" Again the nod. "Beginning to hurt a bit?" Nod. "Keeping you up and you need relief." Slower nods, and I could feel myself get a little wet. "You want me to help?" She had a little bit of a pleading look in her eyes as she nodded this time.

And then I stood. "Oh, don't worry about it. Stand up and come over here." She stood slowly and stepped over. "Now lay down here, " I said gesturing to the bed, "and relax." Julie sat and then leaned back against the headboard. I moved another pillow in behind her and said, "There, is that OK?"

Julie nodded and said, "Thank you."

I sat next to her and said, "Let's take a look." And again I felt my wetness. Julie did not react, and seemed kind of passive, so I reached to open her robe. As I pulled it open I seemed to tingle all over, as I continued I felt the arousal spread throughout me. Inside I saw her bra had a little wet spot over each nipple. Still she sat silently and watched me, so I reached to undo the front clasping bra and slowly spread the cups, revealing her breasts. Again I found myself taken with them. I wondered at the beautiful shape, and I thought of how sexy they looked with the damp shiny nipples so hard and erect.

I knew I was really getting aroused, but I found I was being carried away by the surrealism of the experience. I told Julie, "They do look a little more full than before." Still being swept away, a I saw a part of me that enjoyed the earlier tease want to continue. I reached up with one finger and touched the wetness of one nipple. It seemed to quiver a bit and I very gently circled the nub and asked her, "Does this hurt?"

Julie slowly shook her head in response, and I brought my thumb to the nipple to squeeze it ever so slightly. "How about this?" She shook her head again while her eyes, lids drooping, never left my fingers. I squeezed softly again a few times, watching the look on her face. I saw her lick her lips and then bite her lower one. I couldn't believe how turned on I was! I didn't resist any longer and I leaned in to take her nipple in my mouth and gently suck. My eyes were closed, and I heard Julie make a long sigh as the milk started to flow into my mouth. I couldn't believe how much I was enjoying it.

There wasn't that much to be had from the first breast, and I soon switched to the other. As I changed positions, I noticed one of Julie's hands had slipped inside her robe. I looked up at her as I began to suck, but her eyes were closed and an almost blissful expression was on her face. She seemed lost to it, and I started to prolong my activity. I made softer, gentler sucks, and spent time in between each by licking around the nipple and occasionally nipping it with the slightest of bites.

She was in another place, and I could hear her breathing speed up. I knew she was rubbing herself and I felt my own wetness on my thighs. I watched her face and as I thought she was getting close, I started to suck more. The milk ran out, but I shifted to longer soft/dry sucks and used my tongue more. Finally she seemed to get to the brink, so I gave her one last nip and I felt her shake under me. I pretended not to notice as she came down, masking my awareness by licking all around the nipple in pretence of cleaning her up. Finally, as I thought she was back, I gave her nipple a little kiss and leaned back.

Still that part of me wanted to tease. I asked innocently, "There you go, did I do OK?"

Julie said, "Mmm,hmm" and looked up at the innocent expression in my eyes.

Wide eyed, I asked, "Are you sure you're feeling better?" and she nodded and thanked me. I continued, "Well, I hope I did it right, and I hope I helped. You seem to be doing sooo well with the treatments, and I don't want to do anything wrong. I mean, you're breasts are developing so perfectly and all. They're beautiful, I wish I mine will do that well."

Julie took the bait and made an effort to praise my attentions, and then reassure me of my progress in the treatments. She seemed more at ease with me and we talked for just a little bit before she left to go back to bed. I came three times before I drifted off to sleep.

The next morning I was in a hurry to get to my first class. After stepping out into the hall and then locking my door, I turned and to see Julie standing next to my door. She stood there with a nervous look on her face, staring at me. She had her hair back in a ponytail and was wearing a flannel shirt tied above her waist with shorts.

"Hi Julie, " I said. She was still quiet, so I continued, "Did you sleep OK?" Julie was still looking at me with those big eyes, and like a timid mouse she nodded. "Are you feeling OK this morning?" I asked. And Julie nodded a little more quickly. So I said, "Well..." and I looked toward the stairwell.

Julie's hand shot out quickly, and with her hand over my forearm she spoke, "Um, Kay?"

I said, "Yes, Julie?"

"Um, could y-- I mean, can... um..."

I was thinking I was going to be late for my class, but something made me stand there. I could feel myself tingling again and I knew it was arousal. I took the initiative. "Here, " I said turning to unlock my door. "Let me put these books down, come on in for a moment." And she followed me in without hesitation.

When I turned back around after dropping my books on my desk, she still stood just inside by the closed door. This time I used silence, and stood there looking at her expectantly, almost the way an adult would look at a child. Finally she spoke.

"I was, um, wondering if... I mean could you... I have classes later this morning and I was wondering if you would..."

I tried to set her at ease with my interruption. "Oh, of course. I'm sorry, I'm just so dense sometimes. You can't go to class before... well, it might get embarrassing if you don't take care of things beforehand." She smiled at my understanding and nodded with a blush. "Come have a seat here." I indicated the bed.

Julie sat and then looked up at me nervously. I sat down next to her, our thighs touching, and looked expectantly down at her chest. Finally, she reached slowly up to untie the corners of the shirt. I think she wanted me to help her, to expose her, but I was getting this perverse thrill at seeing her hesitation. It could almost be reluctance, but I could tell she needed help with her condition. She slowly unbuttoned her shirt and opened it up.

Inside she wore this black lace bra, and I couldn't help but say, "Wow, sexy."

Julie blushed again and hurried to explain, "I've been leaking on my others, and this is the only clean bra I have."

I realized I was walking a tightrope with her. With Julie, it seemed I skirted the edge of humiliation and acceptance. I hurried to reassure her. "Oh, I just meant, it's a beautiful bra." Julie relaxed slightly and I couldn't help but add, "But you are filling it out very well these days." I smiled and gave her a little one armed squeezed around the shoulders.

With her top open but still on, she reached one hand behind for the clasp, and I found myself taking the initiative again. I said, "Here, you'll need to take that shirt off." And I reached up with both hands to help remove it.

Julie became very passive. After pushing the shirt down over her shoulders, I took each arm one at a time out of her sleeves. She was very docile now, and I slid to my knees turning to face her and moving between her legs. I pushed her knees wide and reached around her with both hands to unclasp the bra. This action brought my face close to her chest, and I slowed my actions, trying to add more sensuality to each move. I made sure to breath out over her breasts as I fumbled with the catch and then as it came undone, I slowly pulled the bra off of her, one arm at a time. As I lay it beside her on the bed, I then took a moment to look at her chest more closely.

I reached up with one finger and toyed with her nipples asking again if they were very sensitive. Julie let out a little sigh and gave short breathy answers. The nipples started to firm up, and then I leaned in and blew on one. It was like a little cock coming to attention and I felt so hot right then. I couldn't resist anymore and I took one in my mouth and began to nurse.

It was incredible. Each time it felt better than before. Each time it seemed the milk tasted sweeter and I got hotter. This go around there wasn't as much as there was last evening. I thought to myself that she can't be feeling pressure with this little, and I got so wet thinking that it wasn't the milk pressure she was feeling.

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