Breast Enhancements

by Erstwhile Ether

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Hypnosis, Lesbian, DomSub, FemaleDom, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: This is a "you meet a guy in a hotel bar and he tells you his tale of the ultimate male fantasy" kind of story. Not related to my "Placebo" story.

CAUTION: Do not spray in face or eyes. In case of contact with eyes, flush with water. Do not store near heat or open flame.

Why am I here? Well, it's a long story about the ulitmate male fantasy. All right, if you can spare the time, I'll tell it as best I can; and as the guy in the Sunday paper says, I swear I am not making this up...

For a guy like me, meeting Pamela was a real fluke. You know how it is when you've got a girlfriend: you always seem to come across attractive girls you want to know, and it seems so many girls flirt with you. As soon as you've been dumped, though, it becomes an instant drought. I was in one of those inbetween times when I met Pam, and I was also really distracted that day. Annoyed with work, traffic, and waiting in line at the Krispy Kreme, I found myself several sentences into a conversation with this girl before I realized it. Then, while I find myself talking to her, I realize she's pretty, and maybe interested in me. So, thanks to a long line waiting to be served, I ended up with her phone number and a promise to meet for lunch.

From that point the relationship developed fast. We hit it off on several levels, and before two weeks went by we'd begun sleeping together. Pam's a tall, pretty brunette with blue eyes and sexy curves (5'9, and about 138 pounds). Capping off her wonderful looks, she had the nicest B cup breasts with long, suckable nipples which tapered slightly at the base. Pam was very open minded and the transition into a sexual relationship was very easy. The very first night we had sex it was terrific, and she enjoyed my attention on her breasts as much or more than I. In our conversations the next day, we found that we both liked massages, so I treated her to a long sensuous massage, ending with me eating her out to two orgasms. Afterwards, she reciprocated the oral attention. On our second night together, she gave me the massage and showed no hesitation in pleasuring me and loving everything I suggested.

That night, as we lay together before drifting off to sleep, we began to talk openly about sex: what we liked and what we wanted to do to each other. She had told me earlier that her last relationship had ended tragically: losing her boyfriend in an auto accident a year before we met. As we spoke of sex, she began to tell me about her varied experiences; and experienced she was, far more so than I. This is every guy's dream. In my prior relationships, I had to be the guide, the one to push back the horizons (it took six months to get one girlfriend to go down on me.) With Pam, it was terrific. It seemed any sexual activity I mentioned she'd done, and she enjoyed most of them. It is an amazing experience to have a woman ask you if you'd like to try her ass before you ever mention it.

Anyway, I first noticed something unusual that third night we slept together. Pam's breasts were highly erogenous, and I learned that just by tweaking her nipples she would begin to get wet, and this was an incredible turn on for me. That third night, I had gone over to her place to take her out for dinner and a movie. She was just finishing putting a few things away in the kitchen, and as she stood by the sink, I could not resist putting my arms around her from behind and kissing her neck. She gave a little moan and I brought my hands up to cup her breasts. I tweaked and kissed, and she squirmed a bit and told me in that laughing voice, "Stop that, we have to get going."

I gave her another little tweak and nibbled at her ear and she moaned and said, "I'm really hungry."

I whispered, "I think I'm hungrier for you." And again pinched her nipples. She made a sharp hissing intake of breath, and so I did it again. Through this all, she had made no move away from me.

She pleaded again about going out, but her demands turned into moans, and I said that maybe I could just take her right there from behind, a quickie before we go out. Still she made no move, continuing to moan as she let me play with her breasts. Finally, after a few more nibbles and a pinch, she turned in my arms and kissed me passionately, her tongue pushing its way into my mouth almost as soon as our lips made contact. Then after the long wet kiss, she pulled back from me, took my hand and led me to the bedroom.

As she bent to remove the throw pillows from her spread, I pressed myself up against her, leaned over and grabbed her breasts from behind and said I wanted to take her like that. Her only response was a groan, so I used one hand to loosen and drop my trousers. I was so excited that I pulled my briefs aside to free my cock and then did the same with her panties after lifting her skirt. We fucked like that for several minutes and I gradually pushed her further, working her way up onto the bed.

The more I played with her breasts the hotter she got, and the more turned on I was. I held back my orgasm wanting to make her come a couple times before I got off. She was hot but not getting closer, so I renewed my attack on her breasts, and started to tell her, "Come for me. I want you to come for me." This quickly sent her over the edge and she came, letting out quiet, rhythmic shrieks.

I stayed inside her and we fell on our sides spooning with my hands still on her breasts. I relaxed, taking a breather as I moved with short strokes into her while still playing with her nipples. I began to talk to her, having become comfortable that she enjoyed me telling her what I was feeling and wanted to do. I told her how I loved her breasts, playing with them, and how hard she made me. I told her how hard I would get thinking about her. I stilled myself and lay there holding her close, flexing myself inside her pussy and whispering in her ear. I was caught up in the moment enjoying her wetness and her arousal at my words.

I told her how I'd enjoyed the night before, the blowjob she'd given to me and how much I found myself wanting that. Seeing her giving me head and how she enjoyed giving me oral was enough to keep me hard all day long. I told her, "God, it turns me on that you like to give me head. I think about it, and its like a beast within takes over, and I want you to suck me all night long." Through all my whispering her replies were limited to moans or the occasional affirmative sound.

I was rested up again and really turned on, so I started fucking her in earnest from behind. As I felt my climax overtake me I squeezed her nipples and said, "Come!" And she did, again, shouting it out.

I collapsed back onto the pillow and she pulled off of me, standing to remove the rest of her clothes. Then she pulled the rest of my clothes off, and I looked at her questioningly. She said simply, "I want more." So what would you do? I put my hands behind my head as I stretched out on my back and spread my legs; then she seemed to pounce on my cock, grabbing it with her hands, and sucking it into her mouth.

I just lay there and enjoyed, wondering at my luck. Having just come, it took a long time for her to bring me to orgasm; but she made no complaints and continued to suck me voraciously. When I finally came, she swallowed it down with a moan and moved up to kiss and hug me. I lay there in a haze holding her and said, "Let's go to sleep."

She said, "OK." And then moved off of me, scooting down a bit to lay her head on my stomach. She then looked up at me expectantly and said, "Is this OK? Can I sleep like this?"

"Hmmm?" I replied a little confused.

"I want to sleep like this," she said. "I want to be close to your cock. I'd like to even go to sleep with it in my mouth."

I said, "Oh my God, I think I've died and gone to heaven." Pam grinned and then put her head back down on my stomach and sucked the head of my cock into her mouth. I placed one hand on her head and said, "Mmmmm." She echoed the sentiment, and I drifted off to sleep too taken with the moment to give it a second thought.

Twice during the night I awoke to her ministrations. The first time she was gently sucking me, cupping my balls and jacking me. It was such a turn on, I came easily, and she swallowed my come, kissed the head of my cock and said, "Go back to sleep." The second time, I awoke on my side with my cock held in her mouth, her tongue swirling around the head. As she realized I was awake, she stopped long enough to pull a pillow under her head for support and say, "Fuck my face. I want you to fuck my face." I began pumping, and the thought of what she was doing drove me wild. I couldn't believe a woman wanting to suck me as much as she, and that thought sent me over.

In the morning when I awoke, I pulled her to me and held her close telling her how much I enjoyed it. I asked her if she'd gotten off giving me head, and she told me no, but she'd enjoyed doing it. Then I told her I wanted to make her come and rolled her onto her back, one of my hands going to her already damp pussy while I made love to her breasts with my mouth. She came fairly soon, and I eased up, but continued my efforts, telling her that I wanted her to come again.

The second time took longer for her, but I was patient. Now I was on my knees leaning over her, my other hand working on her breasts with my mouth, maintaining contact when I spoke to her. I coaxed her along further. I told her how she'd made me feel, and with my words, she responded with more excitement. I told her I had never been able to come that many times in one day from oral sex, and she'd gotten me off three times in just a few hours. As she approached her orgasm, I said, "It would be so hot to see you get off while sucking me. I want to see you sucking me and coming as I come in your mouth." Panting hard, she came soon after.

"Oh, that was incredible," she said. But I told her I was not through, because I had not tasted her yet. So I moved down and went at it, determined and very aroused at the thought of making her come again. This time she came quickly (women are wonderful that way), and I started to lick again, but she stopped me and pulled me up.

I lay close to her with one leg over her while she kissed my face and said "thank you" over and over. I told her that I wanted to make her come again, but she reached down and found my cock, saying, "You are so hard! It's my turn now." And, well you know how it is: men are weak. I rolled onto my back and sighed in the expectation of pleasure.

She was amazing again. Varying her technique and intent on making me come, I felt like she was creating this insatiable thing inside of me that wanted more and more. She alternated sucking the head of my cock and jacking the shaft, then gently squeezing my balls as she pumped her head up and down me. Soon, I told her I was close, and she redoubled her efforts, breathing hard and moaning. As sounds of my pleasure escaped my mouth, I could hear echoing moans. Finally, I exclaimed, "Yes! Yes!" as I began to ejaculate into her mouth. She sucked me deep and I heard this keening, almost squealing, moan coming from her as she sucked everything out of me.

Finally she fell back gasping and said, "Oh God, that was great."

I curled around to hold her and asked, "You liked that?" And, if I'd had anything at all left in my balls, I'd have come again when she answered.

"Yes! I came so hard."

I probably should have put things together that third night, but it took me "til the fourth. I stayed over the next day (I couldn't help it, it was like I was becoming addicted).

We talked about many things: life, our pasts, and sex. She told me about her last boyfriend and how he'd helped her so much. He was a therapist, and had helped her quit smoking using hypnosis. Hypnosis was something I didn't have any experience with and it made me wonder. I asked her if they'd ever used hypnosis for anything else and she said no. I couldn't get over her open-minded attitude toward sex and her experience and ability. She was a little worried at that, but I told her I loved it, and that made her smile.

As we talked more about sex, I couldn't help asking more about her experiences; and as she saw my acceptance, she opened further. It seemed about the only thing she wasn't into was women. Not even a little bit. I remember thinking to myself at the time that she would be the quintessential male fantasy if she were bi. But I realized I couldn't complain, and my cock was either semi-hard or raging continuously that day. That evening we got a video, take-out, stayed home, and of course, had a long night of sex.

I think I mentioned she'd let me take her in the ass earlier. It was a turn on for me then, but my enjoyment was limited because she didn't come from it and I suspected the expressions of enjoyment she made while we did it might be manufactured. When we made it into the bedroom that fourth evening, I found myself wanting to try it again.

Pam liked being fucked from behind on her knees, and both she and I enjoyed my hunching over her and playing with her nipples. In a long slow fuck this way, I spoke to her again in that way that turned her on. I ventured to tell her of my enjoyment fucking her ass, and how she drove me crazy. I told her how I was hesitant to ask for this because I didn't want to hurt her, but it turned me on so. As we approached climax and her arousal rose with my words, I told her I wanted to fuck her ass, hard. I pinched her nipples and told her I wanted to feel her come from my cock filling her ass with my cum. I said, "I want to feel your ass squeezing me tight when you come." And with that, I came, with her climax following closely.

After spooning for a bit, she moved around to take me in her mouth cleaning her juice off me (I thought again, maybe I was dead and this was heaven). Then as I came back to full staff, she pulled her mouth off of me, jacked me slowly, and said, "I want you to fuck me in the ass."

I asked, "Are you sure?" And she nodded in reply. At that point, I know I was thinking, I hope I am dead and this lasts forever.

She got the oil from the nightstand and we lubed each other up, then lay on our sides in spoon fashion while she took me in her hand (still another tremendous turn on of mine: a woman directing me into her) and pulled me to her ass saying, "I want this."

How can I describe it? As I entered her, I could sense her enjoyment and feel her arousal grow. When I pulled back to thrust she said, "Mmm, hmm." She began to push back against me as I fucked her and, occasionally, between moans, she said, "Harder." I lost it at some point, and rolled her over, pinning her on her stomach while I pounded into her. I do remember thinking that there was no way the neighbors couldn't hear her shrieking climax.

Afterward, we lay in a stupor, spooning again with me still inside her, gradually softening and slipping out. In my daze, my only movement was to casually stroke her nipples (still hard) with just my fingertips. In a near dream like state my mind wandered through the memories of our exploits over the last several days.

Somewhere during that hazy time adrift on that fourth night, a spark of a thought went through my head. You know how disjointed thoughts seem to coalesce. I thought, Jesus, it's like anything I want from her, she's there. Anything I ask, anything I tell her. It seems I just need to pinch her nipples and tell her and, ping! Your wish is granted.

Yep, the light bulb went off and my eyes snapped open. The gears in my head turned, and the diabolic demon inside of me sprang to life. Now, don't get me wrong. I wasn't instantly certain of anything. But I thought, wouldn't it be great if it were true? And as soon as I wondered how to test it, I realized what to do.

I snuggled close to her, sending my other arm beneath and around her to cup her other breast, and pulled her close against me. "Pamela, babe?" And I gently squeezed her breasts.

"Yes, Honey?" She replied.

"Have you ever come from just having your breasts played with or sucked?" I asked.

"Once or twice," she replied. "But not in a very long time."

As I cupped her breasts I gently started to squeeze and pull both nipples with my thumbs and forefingers. "I want to see that." I told her. I gently squeezed and pulled them a couple more times and said, "What a turn on that would be. I want you to come for me." She moaned while I continued and she squeaked once. Then I gently squeezed her breasts from the base moving outward to her nipples, pinching them and as I pulled them further out, extending, I told her, "I want you to come. Now!" And she bucked against me.

That was it. No more that thirty seconds and she came hard. I felt a stunned disbelief overtake me, and my mind was a whirl for the rest of the night and into the next day.

Well, I'm sure you've already figured it out as I did. As I speculate, Pam's prior boyfriend, Tom, had hypnotized her and molded her considerably, weakening any natural resistances in her. I'm guessing he used her nipples as a trigger probably because it was both sexy and had little chance of inadvertent use by a stranger. "Thank you, Tom" became a regular unspoken thought for me.

At first, it was hog heaven. We had sex all the time. With my "encouragement" she became even sexier, wearing sexy lingerie all the time and always seeking to arouse me. Other enhancements to her behavior continued. You'd think it would get old, but understand: there's no end to the possibilities.

When I'd get home, if she saw me at all looking tired she offer any kind of massage. While I relaxed with a beer, she would rub my shoulders or feet. Not wanting to feel completely selfish, I made sure that she enjoyed everything as much. Everything she did for me brought her comfort, pleasure, and arousal. Sometimes I over did things alittle. She sometimes became more excited than I could satisfy, so I began programming her with words or phrases I could use to channel her arousal as needed. I'm not a foot person, but it's incredibly exciting to see a woman cum, bucking and moaning while sucking your toe--without even touching her pussy!

With my modifications, I had made her able to feel in her pussy everything she did with her mouth. She loved this and would sometimes go on and on raving about how sexy it was to have a tongue in her pussy. I once came home to find her masturbating in front of the TV using only her finger in her mouth.

Any fantasy I might have was open to me and I explored several; and then the modifications I made spilled over into more basic personality traits. I think it was that beast thing within me growing out of control: the more I could do, the more I wanted to do. As I found in Pam simple personality aspects that I didn't like, I would modify them away while fucking. After a time, I didn't even wait "til we were having sex to make these modifications. Once while driving home from a movie, she was pestering me about seeing that Brad Pitt movie (I can't stand him). Rather than wait, I reached across, into her blouse and grabbed one nipple and said, "You can't stand Brad Pitt. He's ugly, and he can't act." Problem solved.

It actually took me about a month to realize I could completely expand the horizons of my nirvana. One day, as I mused about this perfect dream woman that was Pam, I thought (again): well, almost perfect. And the idea was born.

I progressed carefully, talking with her about my turn-ons in bed and out. My manipulation started simply by telling her that she didn't mind my excitement at the thought of two women. In my next session, I prompted her to think of how aroused I would get having one woman on my cock and one on my face while they kissed and fondled each other. This progressed into telling her how excited I would be to have her sucking my cock while a sexy woman ate her out from behind, nose pressed into her ass. I reminded her of her mouth's sensitivity and that it would be like having two pussies and a tongue in each.

I spent some time trying to instill basic motivation in her. I made her think how she would feel knowing that she was so sexy that a pretty woman couldn't resist her and wanted to eat her cunt. Throughout all this, I sought to overwhelm her with these basic aspects of female bisexuality, and never once told her that she wanted to have sex with a woman. It was a blissful moment for me one night, as we lay panting after orgasming together, when she said to me, "I want to find a woman for you."

"Hmm?" I replied.

And still inside her, I became hard again instantly as she continued, "I want some pussy. I want to find a sexy young woman, and I want to feel you fucking me in the ass while I eat her "til she can't take it. I want to eat your cum from her pussy. Then I want to fuck her with a strap-on while she sucks your cock." And then she added quietly, "In her ass." My beast had found its mate in her.

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