Tammy's Introduction to Sex

by Joe the Bow

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Teenagers, Consensual, Gang Bang, Interracial, White Couple, Black Female, Black Male, White Male, White Female, Anal Sex, Fisting, Sex Toys, Water Sports, Size, .

Desc: Sex Story: Tammy, a naive young bride, is introduced to all manner of eroticism by her new husband. Things go wrong when he introduces her to his 16 year old fuck toy. Sally finds a bar owned by the fuck toy's father and gets gangbanged

I was an eighteen year old virgin when Barry came into my life, he was twenty two. Before our wedding day, six months after we met, sex played a very minor part in our relationship. I think we had only fucked a dozen or so times, always in the missionary position. I should have realised something had changed when he insisted I shaved my pussy and went naked under my wedding dress. Then, on our wedding night, he shoved his full eight inches up my ass. It hurt like hell, but he was my husband and, I thought, entitled to shove his cock where he wanted. After dumping his load in my dung funnel he shoved his shit encrusted cock into my mouth and tried to force the knob down my throat. Can you imagine, the bastard expecting me to suck his cock for the first time when it was covered in shit, at least it was my shit. Still, he was my husband and, I thought entitled to do with my body as he pleased.

For the rest of the honeymoon I went without scanties, at Barry's insistence. Each morning he would fuck me in the ass before breakfast. Then we would go down to the beach and sunbathe nude. He insisted I lay with my knees high and legs spread so people could get a good look at my freshly shaved pussy and cum oozing ass.

Before lunch he would dump a load in my pussy, then during lunch I would wear a very short and tight skirt that rode up so I sat on my bare ass giving the waiter a view of my pussy as he served. In the afternoons we walked about the shopping centre. I would try on several pairs of shoes, needles to say the assistants had a full view of my cum oozing pussy.

Each evening after tea he would fuck my mouth, eventually I managed to swallow his knob so his balls could bang against my chin. Evenings saw us in the hotel disco. Barry took great delight in raising my skirt and undoing my blouse so everyone could see my boobs, ass and hairless pussy.

Was I embarrassed? Of course I was. Why did I let him do it? He was my husband. Was I a nymphomaniac or exhibitionist? I didn't think so at the time. He just wanted to do things with my body and he was my husband so do things with my body he did.

On the last night of our honeymoon he stripped me naked as we entered the disco and I stayed that way all night. Embarrassed? I'll say I was. Especially when he guided me onto my knees and shoved his cock into my mouth. He dumped his load all over my face and into my hair. I had to stay encrusted with his cum for the rest of the evening.

Back in our room he had me kneel in the shower and pissed all over my face, 'To wash the cum away'. This was new, and too kinky by half, especially when he had me open my mouth! But he was my husband and if he wanted to pee on me then pee on me he would.

When we arrived home things didn't improve. He fucked my ass, came on my face and pissed in my mouth almost daily. Then he fist fucked me. It hurt like hell. At first I didn't know what he was doing. I thought he was trying to spread me for a better look, However;

"Tammy, you're the kinkiest girl I've ever met. No other girl would let me do what you do."

I couldn't believe my ears. What other girl? I wasn't kinky. He was the kinky fucker.

"Yeoh! That hurts."

"Just a little bit more, It'll be all right."

"Yeoh! Please Billy, no more."

"Just. One. More. Little. Bit. And..."

"Billy. Stop. Please. It. Hurts. Yeoh!"

"Almost. There. One. More... That's it, I'm in."

"What the fuck have you shoved in me. It hurts. Take it out please Billy."

"Relax Tammy, it's just my fist. It's in right up to my wrist. When you get used to it I'll give you your first fist fuck."

"Please Billy. No. It hurts. Take it out. Please Billy".

"Relax Hunny, it'll be all right."

Then he started and I screamed. Billy kept on fucking my pussy with his fist. It hurt, like hell, and just kept on hurting.

"Billy. Please. Stop. It. Hurts."

"Relax doll. I can feel your cervix. I'm going to try to get into your womb."

"No Billy. Please. I'll die. Stop. Pleaseeeeeeeee!"

"I can feel it opening honey, just a little more and. That's it. It's open, Holy fuck. My hand's in your womb."

I looked down through tear streaked eyes and saw he was almost up to his elbow in me.

"Hunny, your the kinkiest girl I've ever fist fucked."

How many women had this shit fist fucked?

"Yeoh! It hurts! Pleas Billy! No more! Take it out!"

"Relax Hunny, it's all the way in. now I'll make you cum."

"No Billy. Please. No. No more..."

"I'm I'm cummmiiinnnggg. I'm cummmiiinnnggg. I'm cummmiiinnnggg."

He fist fucked me for what felt like hours, until I passed out. I woke up with his cock dumping a load in my ass.

"Did you enjoy that Hunny?"

"No Billy. It hurt like hell. Please don't do it again."

"Relax Hunny, It'll be much easier next time."

"No Billy please."

Next time was the following night. and the next night and the next. I never got to like it or even enjoy it. But Billy wanted to shove his fist into my womb so I let him shove his fist into my womb.

"OK Hunny, I want you to kneel up and spread your knees, that's right. Now put your head on the pillow. Now relax. I'm sorry but this will hurt."

"What're you going to do Billy?"

"I'm going to fist fuck your ass Hunny."

"No Billy. Please No. My pussy was bad enough. I can't take your fist in my... Yeoh!"

"Relax Hunny, I'm using plenty of lube."

"Please. Billy. No. It. Hurts. Yeoh!

"Hold on Hunny. Four fingers in, Now. My. Thumb. And..."

"Yeoh! Please Billy. Stop. It hurts. Please. St..."

"Just my wrist to go. Relax Hunny. Almost. There. That's it. All in."

"Yeoh! Argh!"

"Relax Hunny just get used to it before I start."

"Please. Billy. No. More. It. Yeoh!"

"It's OK Hunny. I'm just going to rotate it a little before starting the fist fuck in earnest."

"Please. Billy. No. More. It. Yeoh!"

The fucker was now moving his fist in and out. Slowly at first, then faster and further. Eventually he was pulling his hand right the way out and then pushing it all the way in. At least he wasn't going up to his elbow like he did in my pussy.

"Please. Billy. No. More. It... I'm cummmiiinnnggg. I'm cummmiiinnnggg. I'm cummmiiinnnggg."

Eventually I passed out. I woke up with A fist in both my holes. The fucker was double fisting me. I'd never heard of such a thing. Hell before I met Billy I'd never heard of fist fucking or water sports, as he called it.

The following night Billy said he was going to find out just what I could take. Anyway to cut a long story short, I ended up sleeping with a whisky bottle embedded in my pussy and a beer bottle all the way up my ass. Did I enjoy it? hell no. Did I cum? Hell yes. Did I want him to do it again? Hell no. Did he do it again? Hell yes, and again and again and again.

We'd been married for about a year. I'd let Billy do anything he wanted. Fist fuck my ass and pussy, right into my womb. Shove bottles into me. Shove his cock right down my throat. Piss in my mouth. Go out with him wearing very revealing clothes with cum trickling out of my pussy and ass. However up until now it had been strictly between him and me.

One night Billy's brother Mike came around, as he did once a month or so. I had just brought in the coffee.

"Mike, do you think Tammy's pretty?"

"I'll say she is."

"Tammy take your clothes off so Mike can see the rest of you", Billy said matter of factually.


"Come on Tammy, be a sport, get your dress off."

What was I to do. My husband wanted me to strip in front of his brother. I slid the straps off my shoulders and stepped out of the loose fitting dress. I was left standing there wearing only white nylons, suspenders and patent shoes.

"Put your foot up on the arm of his chair so he can get a proper look Hunny."

What the hell must Mike think. Me standing there, foot on the arm of his chair, pussy wide open. He must think I'm a complete slut. Still Billy wanted me to show him so..."

I felt Mike slip a finger into my pussy.

"Mike why don't you take her upstairs and fuck the shit out of her".

"No!" I shouted.

So there we were. Mike lying on the bed. Me sitting on top of him. His cock pistoning in and out of my well used arse. Billy came into the room, naked. Climbed on the bed and shoved his prick into my pussy. Both men dumped their load inside me while I was on cloud nine and shouting obscenities.

"Do you think she'll take both our cocks in her pussy?" Mike asked while I, still naked, was serving coffee.

"She should do," Billy replied, "I shove my arm and whisky bottles in there regularly. In fact she'll take us both in her ass. Won't you Hunny?"

"Billy, please no."

Mike was lying on the bed with me kneeling over him, his prick in my pussy.

"Hold it there," said Billy.

He climbed up over my back and shoved his prick right up my pussy on top of his brothers.

"See, I told you she could take it."

It wasn't as bad as the whisky bottle or his fucking arm. I was just beginning to cum.

"Lets double fuck the bitch's arse," said Billy.

I was taken aback. Bitch! Bitch! I was his wife. Doing anything he wanted. And he called me a bitch!

Billy was lying on the bed with me sitting on him and leaning back, his prick embedded in my arse. Mike straddled us and guided his prick right up my arse on top of his brothers. They fucked and fucked and fucked. Kinky or what? I ended up with two doses of cum in my ass.

Over the following month Billy allowed, no taught, Mike to fist fuck my twat and ass as well as shove monster bottles in both holes. What else could I do but let him, for Billy was my husband and owned my body.

One Saturday afternoon Billy invited half a dozen mates over to watch the game. As it finished I brought in a tray of coffee.

"Tracy, these are my best mates. Anything I own they own. Therefore they own you. Strip."


I was standing there naked in front of these six guys.

"Turn around, bend over, spread your legs, pull your cheeks apart, that's it, wider. You know lads Tracy can take my forearm in her twat and my fist in her ass at the same time. She takes my prick down her throat. I've had whisky bottles in her pussy and ass at the same time. She likes Mike and me to shove both our pricks in either her twat or ass at the same time and she likes it when I piss in her mouth. She's all yours just don't kill the bitch."

Now I'm not a slut, I just do what my husband bids. I'm not an exhibitionist but my husband insists that as many people as possible see my body and if it's dripping cum so much the better. I don't like strange things or pricks shoved inside me but my husband commands and I comply.

So that afternoon and evening six men used my body in any way they wanted. The six pricks dumped in all three bodily opening. I had fists in my pussy and ass. My pussy and ass were double fucked and the guys pissed all over me. When it was finished and all six were spent Billy shoved a pair of whisky bottles inside me. Why did I let him do this? he was my husband.

On Sunday Mike came around with a couple of Labradors.

"Hi Billy, think she can fuck these?"

He didn't ask me. he asked fuckin Billy. I wanted to scream NO!

"She's fuckin well going to", replied Billy. "Hunny, this'll be a wow!"

"Please Billy, No! Not that! Please say I don't have to fuck... Them!"

"Hell Hunny It'll be great. You'll love it. Bend over that chair and let them see your fuck holes."

So there I was, kneeling into an armchair, pulling my buns apart and these two black mother fuckers were licking my slit.

"Hey Mike, better put one in the kitchen. He can fuck her later."

"OK Billy."

I heard the kitchen door open and shut.

"Look at the size of that fuckin thing. Good job she's a slut or she'd never take that thing. Is that his knot? I've never seen one before. Do you think he'll get it inside?" I heard Mike say.

The animal leapt up and straddled me. I felt his hot prick probe around.

"Spread them wide Hunny so he can get it in. That's it. Now relax and let him do his thing."


"Relax Hunny, it's just his knot. He'll get it in a little while then you'll get the fuckin of your life. Spread a little wider, that's it, it's in."


The knot wasn't as wide as a whisky bottle and the prick wasn't as long as some things I'd had had inside me. But it was still bashing against my cervix. How degrading can you get letting your husband and his brother have a dog fuck you.

He humped harder and faster.

"Argh! I'm cummiinngg. I'm cummiinngg. I'm cummiinngg!"

The animal dumped his load in my pussy.

"Just relax doll," said Mike, "It'll take a while for his knot to shrink. He can't pull out until then. He wants you to get pregnant."

I felt Billy's prick press against my mouth. Opening up I swallowed his knob end and let him fuck my throat until he dumped his load into my belly. At about the time he came the dog pulled free, animal cum gushing out of my wide open pussy.

"Please Billy. No more!"

"Relax Hunny, this'll be even better. What do you think Mike, should he fuck her arse?"

"We'll have to plug her pussy first. Got a bottle?"

"No Billy please!"

"What size?"

"Well if you use a beer bottle he'll probably still get his knot in. A whisky one'll just let him get his prick in."

"I bet he'll get his knot in even if she has a whisky bottle in her twat."

"Please Billy. Mike. No!"

"Come on Mike, spread her wide, I'll never get it in there. Come on wider!"


"That's it, wide apart, more, fuckin wider. Nearly there, that's it, we're in. I'll push it all the way in so there's only the neck showing."


"How the fuck's the dog going to get into her ass, there's hardly room for a couple of my fingers in there?"

"Don't worry Mike. Either he'll get his prick in or he'll kill her trying."

I couldn't believe my ears.

"Relax Hunny, first part's over now for the dog."

"Hey Billy. What happens if the dog fucks her in the pussy anyway?"

"He'll push the fuckin bottle into her womb. Relax, I'll make sure he goes up her ass."

Up my ass he went.


"Relax Hunny, he's only got a couple of inches in yet. Still a foot to go"

A foot! A fucking foot.

"Holy shit Billy, he's all the way into her. Only the knot's still outside."

"That'll be in in a few min... There see, it's inside."


I know. I know. I've had bottles, fists, arms and cocks aplenty inside me. But somehow a whisky bottle in my pussy and a dogs' knot in my ass was much worse than anything I'd done before."


"Relax Hunny, he'll cum soon!"


"Shit look at that cum spurting out of her ass. He must be dumping a tone of the stuff in her."


"Relax Hunny, almost all over. Soon his knot'll slip out. Hey Mike fetch that other whisky bottle and we'll plug her butt as soon as old Blacky's free."

"Please Billy, No!"

So I was kneeling there on the chair, pussy and ass full of dog cum while the two brothers bottle fucked both my holes with whisky bottles. I woke up, alone, holes still stretched wide with the two bottles.

Nothing much happened until the following Saturday. Around Noon there was a knock on the door.

"Strip Hunny, we have company."

"Hunny I'd like you to meet Nina," as he showed in a petite and very pretty young girl wearing a school uniform.

"Nina, this is my slut wife Tammy. Tammy what do you think of Nina, isn't she pretty."

"She's jail bate," I hissed.

"Relax she's sixteen."

With that he reached up under her school skirt and slid down her panties. Nina took off the rest of her clothes until she was standing there wearing only ankle socks and trainers.

"Isn't Nina gorgeous Tammy," said Billy sliding a finger into her shaven black snatch.

"I suppose so," I pouted.

"Nina. In a little while my brother's going to be here with a couple of his black friends to fuck my wife. While we're waiting why don't you give me a blow job. Show my slut wife how it's really done.

The naked black kid knelt down, leaned back placing her hands on the floor, threw her head right back and swallowed Billie's entire eight inches.

"See Hunny, isn't she great. No, that's enough, I don't want to cum yet luv. Tell you what, want to see my wife take a couple of whisky bottles? Come on Hunny, up on the chair and spread em."

Why was I doing this? Why was I letting him do this?"

"Come on Hunny, wider than that, come on, you know you can do it."

I was kneeling up in the armchair, knees apart, pulling my pussy wide open while Billy stood there hefting a fucking whisky bottle as the little trollop watched, eyes wide open.

"C'mon Hunny, you can do better than that. You know it'll hurt if you don't stretch out."

"Argh! Umfh! Argh!"

"At a girl, almost there. Just. A. Little. Bit. Wider. And..."


"That's it. See Nina, she took it. Now I'll just slide it all the way in. See right up to the fuckin neck. OK Tammy, now spread your ass."

"Argh! Umfh! Shit! Argh!"

"See Nina, that was a little harder than the first one but she took it all."

"Are... You... OK Tammy?" she asked hesitatingly.

I looked around and through my tears I saw the juices running down her legs, soaking her socks and filling her trainers.

"Want to fist fuck the slut Nina? Come on over here. We'll start with her ass. I'll just get this bottle out. There, now ball your fist and shove it in."


"No don't worry, you're not hurting her. She always makes that noise. Now I'll just get this other bottle out and you can shove your other fist in her pussy. That's it, shove it all the way in."

"It won't go any deeper Billy."

"You're up against her cervix. If you push hard it'll open and your hand'll go right into her womb. Come on, you're only in as far as your elbow, she'll take your whole fuckin arm. Push."

"Argh. You're. Going. To. Kill. Me. Argh!"

"No she won't. Come on Nina Push!"


"That's it, it's going in can you feel it?"

"Shit something's opening!"


"At a girl push, you'll soon be in up to your armpit. Now fist fuck the bitch. I'm going to fuck your ass"

"No Billy, don't. I don't like it in... Argh!"

Serve the bitch right.

"I'm cummiinngg. I'm cumming. I'm cumming!", we both coursed In unison.

"You're ass is so tight luv. I'm cummiinngg!"

As Billy's prick slid out of Nina's' arse her fists slid out of me. Slowly I got to my feet. The cum, shit and juices were gushing out of her and staining her legs. I felt a little sorry for her. I was about to say something when the bell rang. Oh shit. Not the dogs.

Nina and I were both naked as Billy let Mike in.

"Ni, Mike, this is Nina, I've just fucked her in the ass while she double fisted Tammy."

"Hi, Nina. Meet Blacky and Niger, they're going to fuck the shit out of Tammy."

"Can they fuck me instead?" the little slut asked.

"OK," said Billy, "But we'll have to plug Tammy first."

So I was kneeling there with two whisky bottles in my openings. Watching as the two brothers sorted out the little black trollop. The dogs were locked in the kitchen as they started.

"Come on over here and sit on me so I can get my cock in your ass. That's it now lean back, put your hands on the floor. Mike climb on top and get your prick in her pussy."

"Oh shit. Oh shit. Oh shit!"

"Think she can take both of us in her ass?" asked Mike.

"No! Argh! Yeoh!"

"At a girl I knew you could do it."


"Relax Hunny, soon be time for the dogs," said Billy.


She was kneeling there, arse full of cum, as Blacky mounted her. Mike guided the dog prick into her young pussy.

"That's it, just relax, he'll soon get it all in."

"It's fuckin huge!"

"Relax Sugar, half way there."

"What the fuck!"

"It's just his knot Sugar. He'll soon get it in."

"No he fucki... Argh! Yeoh!"

"That's it it's in. Now just relax and let him fill you with his doggy cum."

"Argh! Yeoh! Argh! Oh fuck. I'm cummmiiinnnggg. I'm cummmiiinnnggg. I'm cummmiiinnnggg."

Blacky dumped his load and the cum oozed out dripping on the floor.

"Now relax Sugar. Blacky has to stay there until his knot shrinks. It could be up to an hour."

"Fuckin Bastards, I'm going to kill the fuckin pair of you'"

"Oh no your not. In fact your going to let Nigger fuck your ass in a little while!"

Half an hour or so later, I had made coffee. Have you ever tried to walk about with two whisky bottles stuck inside you. Fuckin shit, it hurt. Nina was kneeling in the centre of the floor.

"Just have to get a beer bottle into your twat so Nigger has to go up your arse," said Billy.

"Don't let him put his fuckin knot inside me Billy."

"Of course I won't. There's no room."

"Argh! Yeoh! Argh!"

"Relax Sugar, nearly there," said Billy.

"Argh! Yeoh! Argh!"

"Just his knot to go Sugar."

"Please Billy No! "Argh! Yeoh! Argh!"

"That's it. All in. Now relax while he fucks the shit out of you."

Nina was screaming and pleading and screaming. Nigger just kept on fucking her arse.

"Please Billy. No more. Make him stop. Please Billy!"

Serve the fuckin bitch right. It should be me not her. Fuckin sixteen year old black kid.

"Argh! Yeoh! Argh! Oh fuck. I'm cummmiiinnnggg. I'm cummmiiinnnggg. I'm cummmiiinnnggg."

When Nigger eventually pulled free they stuffed another beer bottle up her arse. Fuckin shits they fill me with fuckin whisky bottles but she only gets beer bottles.

"How was that Sugar?" asked Billy.

"Fuckin assholes. I'll tell my dad and he'll fuckin kill you."

The lads laughed. Of course she wouldn't tell her dad, she loved sex too much. Well, they spent the rest of the day fucking the shit out of their new black fuck toy. Nina called her mom and said she was going to spend the night with a friend. Sunday morning, after I fixed everyone breakfast they started in on Nina again.

"Come over here and sit on my prick," said Billy.

"What the fuck?"

Nina was sitting on Billy's lap, prick up her ass. Mike knelt down in front of her and shoved his prick into the same hole as his brothers.

"Argh! Yeoh! Argh!"

"Relax Sugar, you'll take more than this today," said Billy.

"Argh! Yeoh! Argh!"

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