by Joe the Bow

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Teenagers, Consensual, Orgy, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Fisting, Sex Toys, Water Sports, .

Desc: Sex Story: 15 year old Doll meets Mike and Bill at the Mall. Takes them home for som fun in the Jacuzzi and ends up with teo bottles jammed in her arse. She calls her best friend Jenny for help. Jenny arrives with both her brothers and the story gets even hotter.

It was summer recess and I was bored. Stretching and yawning I dragged myself out of bed and padded naked to the john. After a long and rather satisfying pee I brushed my teeth before padding back to the bedroom and drawing the curtains wide open. Standing at the panoramic window I smiled at the warm summer scene. Sure I was naked but I have a gorgeous body and don't care who sees it, even Mr Badass across the road, I giggle as his curtains twitch.

I pull on my tee shirt, pleated short skirt, bobby socks and trainers. Looking in the full length hall mirror I say to myself, "Doll you're going to get the ass fucked off you today. He, he, I do hope so." Down in the mall donut shop I order pancakes and a coke.

"Hello Doll mind if we join you?"

"Hi, Mike, Bill, course not."

"You look gorgeous today."

"Why thank you Bill."

"What you doing today?" asked Mike.

"Not a lot, going to look for some action, maybe sunbathe. I'm easy."

"How easy?" giggled Bill.

"Oh, you know how easy I am."

"Fuckin right. Were you pissed on Saturday night?"

"Course not," I smiled.

"You mean you actually wanted to do all that?"


"What all of it?"

"Do you mean letting Will and Hank both fuck my ass at the same time or Marsha piss in my mouth?"

No answer.

"You never know boys, if you play your cards right you might just get lucky today," I giggled.

We left the mall, hand in hand and headed back to my place. I led them into the back garden. Did I tell you my parents were quite well off. Well they are, they do something in movies. Anyway The back garden is big and gorgeous with a Jacuzzi and small pool. The high hedges make it completely private. Mum and dad often hold private parties here but I'm always shipped off to Aunt Paula's on such occasions. They wouldn't let me within a hundred miles of Aunt Paula if they knew what we got up to together, he, he.

I left the lads in the garden while I went off into the kitchen. Returning with three beers, mum would be mad, I'm only supposed to drink soda, but what the heck, I wasn't surprised to find the guys in the Jacuzzi, their clothes scattered all around the hot tub. Oh well, It was always going to come down to this. I stepped out of my clothes and joined them.

"Doll you've the best pair of jugs on any fourteen year old I've ever seen," said Mike.

" Fifteen, remember it was my birthday on Saturday."

"Hell you've the best pair of jugs I've ever seen on anyone," giggled Bill.

Reaching under the water I took hold of the two stiff pricks, shit only six inches, not a patch on Will or Hanks monsters but I supposed they'd do. Shit they'd have to do, for now, they were all that was on offer.

"Did you never grow hair Doll?" asked Mike.

"Never let it grow, soon as it started to appear I started to shave. Didn't want that smelly bush between my legs, thought it would itch, so I shave once a week."

"If you keep doing that I'm going to blow," said Mike.

"Shit," said Bill as his cock jerked.

"Fuck you Bill I don't want to be swimming around in your cum!" said Mike.

"Relax the filters'll soon remove it. A month ago the entire ball team came in here, most of them at least twice. There was no cum floating about in the water then."

"You're still a shit Bill."

"I'll say he is I wanted that inside me," I giggled.

"Anything you want Doll," said Mike.

He picked me up and plonked me back down onto his stiff member while Bill stood and guided his still stiff prick into my mouth. As I bounced up and down in the frothing water I tried, unsuccessfully, to suck Bills' prick. I stood up, stepped out of the hot tub, spread a large beach towel on the manicured lawn and sat down. Bill sat beside me and I pushed him down on his back before straddling him. Mike sidled up behind and offered his cock to my empty ringpiece.

"No not in there, not yet," I said looking over my shoulder, I want you both in my pussy."

"What at the same time?

"Sure, why not? If I could take Will and Hank in my ass at the same time I can sure as hell take both you're weenies in my pussy together. Come on get it in."

Sure it was a little tight, but I could easily have taken another one at the same time, or at least a big dildo. The lads didn't take long to dump their loads. Mike first, after all it was his first load of the day. That is I think it was. After all for all I know they could have jacked each other off before meeting me.

We sat cross legged drinking our cokes.

"Doll you're such a slut," said Mike.

"What you mean?!" I said a little annoyed.

"Look at you sitting there, cross legged, shaven pussy oozing our cum onto the towel."

We all giggled.

"Think you're up to screwing my ass?"

"What both of us. At the same time?" squeaked Mike.

"Sure why not, after all you both screwed my pussy together."

I was just beginning to cum when first Bill and then Mike dumped into my arse. Fuck I knew these tossers couldn't make me cum. Still it was early. Plenty of time to find more diverting pleasure.

"Think you could take one of these Doll?" asked Bill hefting one of the coke bottles.

"In which hole?" I asked.

"Let's try," said Mike as I got up on all fours.

I figured I wouldn't need much lubrication as I was still full of these tossers cum.

"Bill you spread her while I work it in."

"What the fuck! What're you trying to get in me?"

"Just the coke bottle Doll," replied Mike.

"Which fuckin end?"

"The blunt end of course, we all know you could easily take it the other way round."

"For fuck sake! Hang on then I'll need some lube."

I stood up and padded into the house returning with a bottle of star lube.

"Spread some on a couple of fingers and work it as far up my pussy as you can Bill, then lube the base of the bottle, It'll go in easily then."

I knew what he'd do, a couple minutes later he had his entire fist, right up to the wrist in Doll pussy.

"For fuck sake Bill," said Mike.

"Why don't you fill the other hole?" replied Bill.

So there I was with Bill fisting my pussy and Mike up to his wrist in my ass. Neither of them were experts but it was diverting.

"Work it out guys, make me cum."

"Hey Bill, think we can shake hands in there."

"No wayyy. Oh fuck! I'm Cummmmiiiiinnnngggg. I'm Cummmmiiiiinnnngggg."

They fist fucked me for ages. Finally they replaced their pricks with two coke bottles, blunt ends first. Shit, this was turning out better than I thought it would have.

Shit I needed to piss. It was difficult to move with the two bottles inside me. So I just knelt there and squeezed the pee out. I have a very strong bladder and with the bottles squeezing my urethra I was able to squirt the pee nearly three feet horizontally.

"Fuck Doll, you're something else. Can I piss in your mouth?" asked Mike.

Still peeing I rolled over onto my back opening my mouth wide. The pair of them stood either side of my head and directed yellow jets into my mouth.

When they had finished they dressed and started to leave.

"Hey you fuckers what about me?"

"You can come along if you want to," said Mike.

"I mean are you going to get these bottles out of me?"

"Na, we're gona leave you like that, see what your parents think when they come home," giggled Mike."

"Fuckin bastards, I'll tell them who did it and scream rape."

"No you wont."

"Come on Mike we can't leave her like that."

"OK. Tell you what, we'll put her in the hot tub and give her her mobile. She can call someone to come and help. It'll give them a wild time."

"Aow! Not so rough. It's difficult moving with two bottles stuck inside you. Aow!"

"Jenny, it's me. Listen, can you come over I'm in trouble. No not like that. It's. Well. I'm stuck in the hot tub and I need help to get out. No I'm serious. OK see you in a couple of minutes. Thanks Jenny."

"Hi Doll, I brought Will and Hank to give a hand unsticking you."

"No Jenny I didn't mean I was stuck in the tub. I'm stuck in the tub because I can't move."

"Are you hurt? Do you need an ambulance?"

"No! It's. Well. Mike and Bill were here. They fucked the shit out of me and the shits left me stuck in here."

"What do you mean stuck?"

"Help me get to my feet."

"Fuck, what'd they do?"

"They double bottle fucked me and wouldn't take the bottles out."

Will who had been listening and watching with interest said, "OK Hank give us a hand and we'll sort Doll out."

Gently they helped me out of the tub, placed me on the grass, ass in the air, and slowly extracted the bottles.

"I gota shit," as I bolted into the house, rather unsteadily I might add.

When I returned the three were in the hot tub.

"What'd you do with Mike and Bill before they left you like that?" asked Jenny.

"Come on spill the beans?" said Will.

"OK," and I told them about the double dicking, fisting, double fisting and pissing.

"Shit doll I never did anything like that," said Jenny.

"No time like the present," said Will.


"Why not, we're here, it's a beautiful day, I'm horny and I bet Hank is as well. Come on sis, we won't do anything you don't want."

So, feigning reluctance, Jenny stepped out of the hot tub and knelt on the warm grass. Her two hunky, well endowed brothers stepped out and I handed them a tub of Star Lube.

"Take it easy guys, she's not as big as me. Use plenty of this and don't hurt her. Too much."

"Tell you what Doll, you get her lubed up."

"OK Hank. Spread em Jenny."

I liberally spread the lube on my hands and then slid two fingers into her tight pussy. After spreading the lube as far as I could I slipped two fingers of my other hand into her even tighter bunghole. Shit she was going to love it. By now the Star Lube had started to work on her pussy, it relaxes and stretches the mussels beyond belief. I slid my fingers out of her arse and my other hand went into her pussy right up to the wrist without any resistance. Next my other hand invaded her ass.

"Hey Doll not so rough. What're you trying to do get your entire hands in there?"

"Well. Actually Jenny. I'm up to both my wrists in you already."

"Fuck no. You can't be. I don't believe you!"

"She fuckin well is sis. You should be grateful to Doll, she's opening you up nicely for your two big brothers."

"Fuck. Doll be careful in there."

"I think you're ready for your big brothers now. Lads, she's all yours, just make sure you use plenty of lube on those big cocks."

Hank lay on the grass while his sister straddled him and sank his nine inches into her pussy in one swift movement.

"Shit Jenny I thought you were afraid of this," I said.

"Only way to get over the fear of water is to jump straight in. Come on Will, my ass's waiting."

"Not yet, open wide sis."

"What! Oh no! Not that! Not yet! Nooooooooo!"

Will spread Jennies pussy with his thumbs and slid his ten inches in on top of his brothers. That's right they were both up to the hilt in her pussy. Fuck She'd only done a couple of DP's before, never anything like this. I hoped they weren't going to do any permanent damage to my best friend. Still the lube should have relaxed and stretched her muscles wide enough to accommodate even this monstrous intrusion.

It's a good job Star Lube doesn't work on pricks. Otherwise they'd soon shrink and the lube would be useless. It's the most slippery substance and the hormones in it make sure that it only relaxes female mussels. It can relax any opening, it doesn't taste bad either. That's why I can deep throat the biggest cock.

"OK sis, Ready to get your ass reamed now?"

"What! Oh no! Not that! Not yet! Nooooooooo!"

"Course you are," said Will as he slid his cock out of her pussy.

Hanks' cock followed and Jenny rolled over onto her back.

"Hey spread em wide sis I want to see how wide we opened you up. That's it I think I can probably... That's it. Holly shit! I'm all the way up to my wrist in your pussy," said Will.

"Fuckin bastard!"

"Think I can fist fuck your tight little bung hole sis?" asked Hank.


"Open wideeeee!"

"Fuckin bastard! You can't! It hurts! Stop!"

"No it doesn't Jenny and you know it," I said, "With that much Star Lube in you you could fuck a couple a elephants if you had a mind to."

"It's gona hurt!"

"No it isn't, and besides he's already up to his wrist. Your tight little bunghole isn't so tight anymore."

"Fuck! Shit! Fuck! Shit! O hell I'm Cummmiiinnnggg I'm Cummmiiinnnggg!"

Next the two brothers double teamed her ass with their big cocks. Shit she was really taking some punishment, and enjoying every minute of it. Shit, I wish it was me.

Eventually they popped their loads in her ass and slide out.

"Hey Doll ever been fist fucked right up into your womb? Well you're gona right now. Come on over here and kneel down," said Will.


"Come on, I'll use plenty of lube."


"OK. I'm in your pussy. Now I'm gona find your cervix. That's it I can feel the opening. Just gona slid a couple of fingers in and..."

"Oh fuck no! Please! Stop! Stttttoooooppppp!!!!!"

"I can feel it opening. Just a little more and... That's it. Holy fuck I'm right in, look I'm nearly up to my elbow."

"Come on sis. Your turn," said Hank.

"No you fuckin don't."

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