Sallys photo session

by Joe the Bow

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Teenagers, Coercion, Anal Sex, Fisting, Sex Toys, .

Desc: Sex Story: Told from the perspective of the photographer. A young girl is persuaded to strip for the camera and then perform all manner of sexual acts including fisting, bottle sex and anal sex. Sally consents to everything that happens to her.

"Hello, come in, Sally isn't it. Can I take your coat? Could you just stand in the middle of the room and turn around slowly. That's it, you know your Polaroid's don't do you justice, you really are quite pretty. Now if we could just get the formalities out of the way first, you have brought your birth certificate haven't you. I'm sorry about this but you understand I can only employ people over 18. You know if I hadn't seen this I wouldn't have thought you were over 16. You're sure this doesn't belong to your sister? No honestly I'm only joking. Now if you'll sign this release form. It just says that you agree to pose for glamour photographs and that I have the rites to the ensuing photos. That's right sign just there. Just one last thing, the door is locked to keep others out not to keep you in. The key is in the lock and you can leave at any time.

That's it, look at the camera, now up a little, cross your legs, hands on knees, now scrunch up a little, that's it, now give me a seductive look. Great Sally, now just open the top two buttons of your blouse. No I'm sorry, we'll need another one open. That's it, now slide your left hand inside onto your left boob. Now come on, it's for the camera. That's it, now look straight at me and pout a little. Great, now slide your skirt up a little, just a little more, come on let the camera see your stocking tops you are wearing stockings aren't you?

That's great, pantyhose looks gross on film. And a suspender belt? Superb. Now just open the bottom two buttons of your blouse and slip it up out of your skirt, come on, the camera needs you to look seductive. That's it, now open the blouse and pull the bottom behind you so I can see that pretty lace blouse. I just have to put a new reel of film in.

That's it, now turn around so I can see your back. Look over your shoulder, now just slip the blouse off your shoulder, just a bit lower, come on it's for the camera. Now the other shoulder and down to the middle of your back, that's great, now smile, you know you really do have a lovely smile. Now slide it the rest of the way down and slip it of your wrists, come on now, you're a big girl, it's hardly glamour if we don't see a little skin is it? That's right, just drop it on the floor. Now look at me, come on smile, that's it you look fabulous.

Now just unclip your bra, come on, it's for the camera, don't look so worried, after all you've got your back to me. That's it, now just slip the straps of your shoulders, magic, look up, give me a big pout, and smile, great. OK drop the bra on top of your blouse. Oh come on, it's only you and the camera, no one's going to see. Good girl, now smile, just put your hands on your hips and look straight at me. Just got to change the film.

OK ready to start again? Just turn a little bit, just a little more, no keep your hands on your hips. Now come on it's only you and the camera, no one else is here. Come on, keep turning, just a little more, a little more, a little more, that's it straight on. You know, I was right you really are very pretty.

Now smile a little, come on, for the camera. You're teeth are absolutely perfect, you should smile all the time. Now, just undo the your skirt, that's right, slide the zip all the way down, remember you're all alone with the camera. Great, now slip the skirt down a little so the camera can see you're suspender belt. Just a little lower so you're panties just show, that's right, just a little lower, a little more, that's right, now slide it all the way down to your knees, remember it's only you and the camera. Now just let it drop to the floor and kick it over with the rest of your clothes. Just have to change the film again.

You don't wear suspenders very often do you? No I didn't think so. You should wear them on the outside of your panties, much easier to go to the loo, and they look more natural. Would you just undo the straps and slip them under your panties, come on, it'll make for much better photos. Great, now we can start again, just turn your back to me, That's right, now slip your thumbs into the waistband, slip them down a little, just a little more, no you'll have to open your knees a little, just a little more, remember you're quite alone, just you and the camera. Just a little lower, now bend forward and slide them all the way down to your knees, and smile. OK, now drop them to the floor and keep bending forward. That's great, now just reach both hands behind you and rest them on your botty. That's right, now just stretch your cheeks apart a little, no you'll have to spread your legs, just a little more, and a little further, just a little more. OK that's great, we just need you to pull on your cheeks a bit more, come on, really stretch your buns for me. Superb, relax now I just need to change the roll.

OK, ready to go again. Tell you what, just sit down in that easy chair, no don't cover yourself with your hands, there's nothing to be ashamed off. Come on smile. Now ease your legs apart. I know, I know, this is your first time and you're not too sure about it but you really are quite beautiful. That's it, just a little more. Now lift your left leg up over the arm, that's it, now the right leg, come on, it's only you and the camera. Now reach down with your right hand and slip your index finger into the slit.

I'm sorry Sally, it's not going to work. You really are quite beautiful but there's just too much hair. No I'm sorry, we can't go on with all that hair down there. I think you should get dressed and go home and I'm sorry, there aren't enough good shots for me to sell them. Or, of course, we could remove the hair; I have the equipment here. OK if you're sure you want to, have you ever shaved down there before? In that case you'll need some help. The easiest way is for you to sit just like that with your legs over the arms and let me slip a towel under your botty.

Now the first thing is to remove all the long hairs, this electric hair trimmer is the best thing for it; sorry if it's a bit noisy but it doesn't take long.

Now, I'm going to have to touch your pussy, I need to move your lips to get all the hairs. That's right, sorry if it pulls a few of the long ones. Now up you get and kneel on the chair so I can get at the back. That's it kneel up on the arms and pull your buns right apart. Oh, I'm sorry if I made you jump but I do need to touch your rosebud if I'm going to get all the hairs.

That's great now sit down again with your legs over the arms so I can get rid of the stubble. I'll just squirt this foam in the right place and rub it in a little. Sorry if this is a little intimate, but will be all worthwhile in the end. Sorry, but I do need to rub it well in so my fingers will have to work around your lips and rosebud. Come on don't look so worried, this is the most natural thing in the world. See, not so bad was it, don't worry, I'm going to use a brand new raiser, and I promise I won't nick you. Now, I'm going to have to pull your lips apart and slip a couple of fingers inside your slot to let the razor get everything.

You see it's not too bad is it, especially if I do this, no, don't squirm, just relax, just let it happen. See, it's not so bad, I can see you're beginning to enjoy yourself, especially if I slip my finger in here. That's it, just let me keep sliding it in and out, just a little faster, now a second finger. Come on, let it happen, you know you want to, just relax, that's it, I like it when you squeal, I'll just work a little faster, No one's ever done this to you before have they? I didn't think so, I bet this won't be the last time a bloke masturbates you will it. OK, now come down easy, I'll just slow down a little, and a little more, that's it. You certainly enjoyed that, now just turn around so I can finish off.

You know that does look good, I just need rub a little oil into you to so the redness goes away. Sorry, did that make you jump, I'm sorry my finger just slid in, it feels so natural, not tight. Relax, I'll just use my other hand to oil your pussy so it doesn't feel jealous. No don't squirm, sorry, I thought you were uncomfortable, I didn't realise you were enjoying it. Just let me work my finger in a little deeper, see, I knew you'd like it. I really do love the way you squeal. Now let me just slip another finger in there, relax, there's plenty of room. See I told you, you really are enjoying this aren't you? Now with a little more oil I. Think. I. Can. Get. Another. Finger. In. There... I know, I know, It's a bit tight, but just relax and it'll ease up. That's right, just let it all come out, you've never come this well in your life before have you. Go on, squeal away. I. Just. Want. To. Get. This. A. Little. Bit. Further.

I'm sorry, I know that hurt, but it's all finished now, I'm in all the way up to my wrist. Yes I know I'm a fucking bastard but if you just relax the pain will ease and you'll start to come again. I know, I know, it's not what you came here for but you did cum didn't you and if you just relax I'll bring you off again.

That's it, just ease the muscles a little and I'll start to pump. No I, haven't ripped you apart, I used plenty of oil. Come on just relax, I promise you'll enjoy it {eventually}. Atta girl, see, it's beginning to pass, I can move my hand now. No I promise I won't push it any further in, I'll just work it back and forward a little. Yes I know, I know, I'm a fucking bastard, but you must admit, you're beginning to come again, aren't you?

See, I told you, squeal away, I just need to pour a little more oil on my wrist.

This is the best yet, even better than before. I knew you'd like it, just let me pump a little longer and take you a little further to the edge, that's it make as much noise as you like, just keep on coming. OK, I'm going to slow down a little, come down easy. Holy fuck, you took most of my forearm. That's it, just relax, I'm stopping now. I'm sorry, this may hurt a little, I'm. Just. Going.

To. Slide. My. Wrist. Out. That's it, all done just relax. Yes I know, I'm sorry, I just couldn't resist. Yes, yes, I know you could call the police, but you did sign a consent form at the start didn't you.

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