Diane 1-1: Shopped & Popped

by Darksider

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Teenagers, NonConsensual, Drunk/Drugged, Heterosexual, Gang Bang, Interracial, Black Male, White Male, White Female, First, Bestiality, .

Desc: Sex Story: Drugged Diane's cherries are popped, then she's dog-fucked and gang-banged.

The following story is fiction. Any resemblance to actual persons or events is strictly coincidental, though historical events or people may provide a starting point for this story.

This story is a work of erotic fantasy intended for the entertainment of adults only. If you are not at least 18 years old, are unable to separate fact/reality from fantasy, are offended by frank descriptions of sexual conduct or if you don't like sexual violence against women, stop reading and go away NOW!

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This story just sort of popped into my head and has been bugging me for some time, so I decided to write it down in the hope that will make it go away. If this story sounds like something you should do, please run (don't walk) to the nearest psychiatrist.

You have been warned and the author takes absolutely no responsibility for you or your actions.

Act I

That night, I'd gone to the dance to watch the girls and see what happened (there's something about dancing that seems to get women, especially teenage girls, all excited). There was all the usual goings-on: Marcie sneaking into the bushes with Jerry; Mack and Brutus getting thrown out for fighting (again); Marcie hiding in a locked room with Tom; Rose and Shelly having a screaming match that could be heard over the band; Marcie sneaking behind the curtains behind the band's stage with Joe and Harvey; Lori getting thrown out for being drunk as a skunk; Marcie hiding in the broom closet with Mike and Ken; Jim vomiting stale beer down his dance partner's dress before passing out; Marcie hoisting her dress to flash everybody her tits (and everything else), and all the usual teenage dance antics.

After a while, I went outside for a breather and to take a look around to see where Diane had gone. I'd had the hots for Diane since fifth grade, but she wouldn't date me and had deliberately humiliated me several times. Diane liked to tease guys and get them all excited by promising something she had absolutely no intention of delivering, then making them look like fools. I still wanted her body, but knew I wasn't likely to get into her pants unless I caught her at something.

There was the usual drinking in the parking lot, a few kids smoking weed and several cars or vans rocking vigorously. Diane wasn't there, unless she was in one of the cars, but I knew whose those were and she was too stuck-up to be there.

Around in back was the maintenance shop, with an outdoor table for the maintenance men to eat their lunches in a little courtyard area. The area was walled off with bushes along the open side, which had made it a favorite make-out place, but the school had installed a light so nobody used it for that anymore, but nobody checked on it either.

I walk over and peer into the courtyard, and, sure enough, there's Diane laying on her back on one of the benches, though I can't see her face. I wait a minute or two, and she doesn't move. I nudge a can that's lying there; it rattles a bit. Still no reaction.

She's laying in an uncomfortable position: flat on her back with her legs on either side of the bench and her left arm (the one away from the table) hanging off the bench. Her right arm is thrown up over her head, and her legs are spread to either side off the end of the bench, straight out, with her shoes about 2 1/2 feet apart. Her skirt's ridden up a bit, showing some thigh. All this makes me think that she might be passed out, since I'm fairly sure she'd been drinking.

I push through the bushes into the enclosed area, not quietly; she doesn't move. "Diane! You OK?" No response. Shake her arm. "Diane!" Nothing, though she's breathing normally and her pulse is good. I pinch her leg under her skirt. She doesn't react. Squeeze her tits. Still no response. Hand under her skirt and rub her tight, damp dark-haired pussy. That should make her furious, but she still doesn't react.

She's really out. I could do just about anything I wanted. This has possibilities. I check around. Nobody in sight and no place for anyone to hide except in the maintenance shop. I slip the lock on the shop's side door and check inside. Sure enough, there's nobody there.

I prop the door ajar and go back outside; I check around again, still nobody. I sit her up (limp as a wet noodle) and flip her up over my shoulder in a fireman's carry, which puts my left hand on her plush white ass (under her skirt, naturally). Fortunately, she's only about five feet two and maybe 100 pounds, even with her broad hips. Push the door open, carry her in, kick the block aside and quietly close the door. I can't do anything here because the lights would show, but the inner workroom has no windows, several tables, and several old sofas and chairs. I go in there and lay her on her back on the table, with her knees at the edge of the table, feet hanging, legs spread. She's still breathing like she's sound asleep.

Going to the supply cabinet, I put on a pair of the thin rubber gloves that are used for some cleaning jobs and get a couple of rags to wipe everything I've touched. My fingerprints are here anyway, but this way they won't be the most recent ones if anybody ever figures out what happened here. Then I get three pieces of clear plastic tape, throw away the first one (no fingerprints), and put the other two over her eyes so she can't open her eyes. Now it's time to go get the camera from my car, but I put an empty soda can on her chest first.

Five minutes later I'm back. My car's around in a different place, out of sight, but Diane's right where I left her, with the can on her chest. Good, she hasn't moved. I pinch her tits again; no reaction. Hmmmm. Did somebody spike her booze? Peel the tape up and check her pupil; it's constricted like she's been drugged. I put the tape back over her eye, then put my hand under her blue skirt and pinch her ass and pussy, hard. She shifts a little when I pinch her cunt, but not much. Press on her eyes, carefully; she moves a little. Whatever it is, she's out cold. I'll have to watch her pulse and respiration carefully.

Okay. Make sure all the outside doors are shut and locked; put cans in front of the main doors into the shop where they'll fall over if someone opens the door, then close and lock the workroom doors. Showtime!!

I turn on the light over the table she's on and check the lightmeter. There's enough light to show her plainly, but the background will be very dark and indistinct; the photos won't show where she is.

I start by taking some pictures of her fully dressed and posed in different positions. While doing this, I find a ski mask that would hide my face, so I put that on and try taping her eyes open to make it look like she's awake. It's not a good effect, but from a distance it'll pass. The close-ups will have to show her eyes closed, though.

Now it's time to start the fun stuff. I start by unbuttoning her blouse; she's about a B cup. I've seen bigger, but these are still nice. After several poses, some with her eyes open, I remove the blouse. Several more shots, then I lift her skirt. Her pussy mound pushes her panties up nicely and her dark bush shows plainly through the thin, damp nylon. She's got a fairly dense bush for a teenage girl. The pictures will show that beautifully. Good thing I've got lots of film.

I roll her over on her tummy and lift her skirt to reveal her magnificent ass. Diane's been sunbathing, so her body is mostly tanned, but her tight, plush bottom is still milky white with the tan lines from her bathing suit showing plainly through her pale pink panties. I've dreamed about that ass for years.

I can't resist: I rub her ass with my hands. It's just as soft as I'd imagined. Reaching into Diane's panties, I stroke her plush butt, luxuriating in the silky softness. My cock is rock-hard and throbbing. I resist the temptation to finish stripping her and fuck her; I do think about jacking off on her ass. I decide that I want to shoot my first load tonight into her tight pink pussy.

Next, I unfasten her bra and take it off; she's still on her belly, so her white tits flatten against the dark brown tabletop. I love that image, so I take a bunch of pictures of it. Now I roll her over onto her side, with her tits lolling, pink nipples standing proud. They look delicious, almost as good as they taste; they get darker pink and harder as I suck and lick them. These photos show Diane's breasts shining with my saliva.

Looking at her, I decide to put her blouse back on, so I can take pictures of her tits loose under it, with her hard nipples poking through the thin cotton. I check the time; this hasn't taken very long.

Then I take her skirt off, so she's laying there in blouse and panties, her ass and pussy half-hidden by the blouse; her pussy seems to be wetter than it was. More pictures; I've had to reload several times now. I'm going to be a long time developing this film. Her pussy looks delicious, too; I get some nice close-ups before I pull her panties up into her slit. Yummy! Dark curls shining against pink and white skin dewed with moisture.

Now I take her blouse off again. Okay, so I'm spending a lot of time at this; it'll still be worth it and I don't want to wrestle her around getting the skirt on and off. It's enough hassle dealing with her upper body, since she's still out cold.

There she lies in just her panties, her soft tits topped with rigid pink nipples; sexy, innocent and desirable. I shoot a lot of pictures of her this way, then I put her bra back on. More pictures of Diane in just her bra and panties, tan lines, long dark hair, white skin and all.

Next, her bra's back off and the blouse back on, then I take her panties off. Her dark blue striped blouse drapes sexily over her creamy bare bottom, half-hiding it and showing the cleft of her ass. Her petal-pink pussy shows nicely when I spread her legs, with the tight pink pucker just above. Nobody will ever believe she didn't pose for these pictures.

Flipping her onto her back, I spread her wide. She's a cheerleader, so she's really flexible. The dark curls at the base of her belly spread smoothly under the glare of the overhead light, partly covering her delicate pink pussy. Extreme close-up of her tight little cunt, then spread the lips wide. Surprise! She's a virgin! I wouldn't have believed that a cheerleader would still have an intact hymen, even if she hadn't been fucked.

Well, the next thing is to finish stripping her completely, so I remove her blouse for the last time. I button up the blouse, then pick up the rest of her clothes, stuffing everything but her panties inside her blouse.

More photos; I'm posing her all over the place. I even use more clear tape to hold her in some of the positions I want, though I have to be careful so the tape doesn't reflect the lights. As long as I get my angles right, the tape doesn't show. These pictures are really hot; I even get some ranch dressing out of the fridge in the corner and dribble some on her in strategic places. In the light I've got, the dressing looks just like fresh cum. Of course, I have to clean it off after I'm done, and what better way than to lick it off? Her cherry tastes just as good as it looks, Diane even responds a little to the licking, and her pussy gets even wetter.

Act II

Enough preliminaries; it's time for the main event: popping the biggest cocktease in school!

Diane's laying flat on her back with her legs spread wide and tight little pink pussy split wide open like she's been split with a razor; her hymen is stretched tight and her plush white ass is flattening sexily against the hard brown tabletop. I check the doors one last time, make sure she'd still really out, and then strip out of my clothes. My cock is eight inches long, one and a half inches thick, dark red and steel hard; when I'm through with her she's going to waddle for weeks.

I climb up on the table between her legs and rub my cock against her slippery-wet cherry; it's the most delightful sensation imaginable. I roll forward so my hips pin hers to the table; I can feel her ass yielding under the pressure.

I shift back a little and settle my cock-head between her spread pink lips. I feel the taughtness of her cherry resisting my cock, and I push forward. There's resistance, then I feel Diane's hymen tear away as I bull my way into her tight wet cunt; she stirs and makes a low moaning sound as her spasming cunt stretches open, milking at my hard cock like a calf sucking at a teat. I sink into her molten heat, burying my cock balls-deep in her tight hole.

I'm in her as deep as I can get, and I hold there for a minute, enjoying the sensations of her pussy muscles milking me as the beat of her heart pulses through her tight slit. It's a sensation I could savor forever, but my balls demand release. I shift, and pull back; her pussy clutches at me. I pull out until only the head is still in, then shove forward until my balls pillow against her soft white asscheeks. Another slow withdrawal, another forward stroke, and her cunt grabs at my invading hardness. As I slowly stroke in and out of her, I can feel her tight slit gushing lubricating cream around me as the slick sounds of sex echo off the walls.

I'm stroking faster now, and she's clutching even tighter when her legs lift to lock around my waist. I'm startled, but looking at her slack face it's obvious that she's still basically unconscious and her body is reacting automatically. Then her hips start to buck, and I realize that she's on the edge of climax. I stop moving, letting all my weight pin her to the table, holding her hips down. Diane struggles, then relaxes, moaning, as her impending orgasm drains away, cunt still clutching at my cock.

I kiss her sweet mouth, there's not much response, but I like the taste. Slowly, I start to stroke again. My balls are boiling; this time I'm going to have to cum with her. On the second in-stroke, her legs tighten around me and her hole spasms tight, stopping me; after a moment, she relaxes enough to let me push further in. I shove harder, and I feel the mouth of her womb with the end of my cock. The sound of cock trenching out pussy is loud now, with her quietly intermittent moans punctuating the sloshing sounds of cuntjuice and cherry blood running out of her and down the crack of her ass to pool on the table.

Diane's slit is clutching at me continually; it's taking everything I have to keep moving, though I'm getting into the opening of her virgin womb with every thrust. She's building to a massive climax, and I'm going to cum with her.

Seconds later, her pussy clenches at the end of a thrust, and she lets out a low wail as her hips buck up hard enough to lift me off the table. I feel the cervix at the entrance to her womb part as she shoves my big cock clear up into her womb; that's all it takes to trigger my own cum and I flood her tight, bloody cunt with my boiling sperm as she bucks her way through her first real orgasm.

I lay atop her for a moment, savoring the feel of her silky skin against me, then roll off. I look between her legs, and admire the mixture of cuntjuice, cherry blood and hot cum that's run down the crack of Diane's plush white ass and pooled on the table. Her once-virginal pink slit is now reddened and gaping from the friction, and there's still a trickle of juices running out of her. I take another close-up then flip her over on her knees with her broad white bottom sticking up in the air; she's smeared with juices and bloodstains from her popped cherry, making an obscene picture.

I'm still hard, so I mount her from behind and Diane's pussy grips me pleasantly tight as I stroke in and out. Reaching under her, I fondle her dangling tits, feeling them jiggle as I thrust, tweaking the hard nipples and squeezing her white titties together. She moans again; I feel her start tightening up as I ram deep into her, pushing against the end of her cunt.

Soon she's slamming her hips back against me; I'm startled that she's so hot her first time, especially since she's apparently unconscious. Still, you don't look a gift horse in the mouth, especially when she's this good a fuck. Soon she's building to a climax, her movements frantic with need; I'm not so hot, so I can hold out even when she can't, though it's a near thing when she wails into her cum.

Orgasm over, she collapses forward, and I follow her down, lying on top of her enjoying the feel of her cushiony ass flattening against my pelvis before I start stroking again. After a bit of that, I pull her back to the edge of the table, and stand next to it with Diane's hips supported by the edge while I hold her legs up and pound her soaked tight cunt. My next idea is to lay on my back with her spread body on her back on top of me. I can feel the juices from her sopping pussy running down the crack of her resilient ass and down my cock.

With my second cum fast approaching, I feel her starting to respond and build to a third cum; I flip her onto her back again and lift her legs up over her head. This tightens her stretched pussy and helps me reach even deeper into her; soon I'm pounding through her cervix into her womb again while she moans through an increasing series of climaxes. I thrust deep and feel her spasming hole clutch at me as I spray my cum into her sloppy cunt.

Pulling back, I look at her as she sprawls there panting, stretched out and red from the fucking she's gotten; her asscheeks are reddened, her nipples are dark red, and her slimy, gaping cunt dark red with streamers of white cum running down her asscrack. There are still streaks and smears of cherry blood on the inside of her thighs, up her belly almost to her tits, and all over her round creamy ass. She's obviously been thoroughly fucked, and her pussy will never be the same.

A little while later, I've taken more pictures, and I want a souvenir, so I pick up her pink panties and slide them back on to her rounded hips. I photograph that and then rub her panties into her sloppy hole; she moans and rocks her hips again as the blood and juices stain the fabric. Taking them back off, I write "Diane" and the date on the right "cheek" of the bikini-style panties. There. Proof of the conquest, though I'd better hide these carefully once they've dried.

I'm hard again and Diane still seems to be horny, so I pull her ass to the edge of the table and slide into her pussy again. Strange, she's not so tight any more. Every time I roll or suck her nipples, she moans; when I stick a finger in her mouth, she sucks at it. Wonder if she'd suck cock?

Dipping a finger into her stretched cunt, I stir it around to collect juices, then move it to her lips; she sucks it clean hungrily. Hmmm, that's interesting.

First, I turn her across the table so her hips are on one edge and her head hangs back off the other side, right at crotch level. I keep fucking her dark-haired cunt until she's obviously nearing climax, then I pull out and walk around the table. Her mouth is hanging open slightly because of her perfect position.

Sure enough, when I steer my cock to her open mouth, she sucks it in eagerly. Damn, that's good! I start gently fucking Diane's face; I don't want her to panic and start biting. That would hurt, as well as being hard to explain.

Diane is sucking hard now, so I start to push deeper, into her throat; it's even better that way and I'm going to cum soon. She's sucking like an experienced cockhound, taking me all the way into her throat, and I'm amazed that she can do so well when she's unconscious. Maybe this is how she deals with her dates instead of letting them fuck her.

Next thing, I'm cumming down her throat. I can watch her neck muscles working as she swallows my third load of the night; it's going down into her belly and she seems to enjoy it. Her hips are rocking rhythmically as she swallows, and there's a squelching sound from under her soft butt.

Finished, I walk around and look at her crotch; she's sopping wet and her pussy sucks at my fingers. Damn she's horny. I can't get it up again right now, but I've got an idea. First, though, I need to calm her down a little, so I run three fingers into her slit and then pinch her clit hard. That's enough to set off another cum, and her hips hump up off the table as her cunt tries to swallow my hand. Orgasm over, she collapses and starts to snore gently as I leave.

A few minutes later, I'm back with two dogs, a large Black Labrador named Blackie (hey, I didn't name him) and Fred, a basset hound with an outsized cock; these two are well trained and they like human pussy. Their owner won't miss them as long as they're back by morning. The smell of sex in the workroom is enough to get both of the dogs hard; I tie them to well-separated workbenches and muzzle them with pieces of string so they won't howl. I've got a huge hardon just thinking about them fucking Diane.

First, I'm going to get her third cherry, then she goes to the dogs. It'll serve her right for being such a bitch.

The dark-haired whore stops snoring as I flip her onto her tummy with her ass rising smooth, soft and creamy and her tight little asshole winking above the reddened slash of her cunt. She's stretched out so much that her cunt feels mushy when I fuck into her for a few minutes to get her warmed up. Once she's moaning again, I pull out and put a dollop of Vaseline on her asspucker, then rub more onto my hard prick.

Now for a really tight hole: I put my dick against her lubricated ass and shove. It resists for a moment, and Diane grunts, then she suddenly yields with a muffled yip and I slide into her. Her ass collars my prick just behind the head and the sudden sensation almost makes me shoot. Her ass tightens more and I can't move until she relaxes a little, then I thrust forward with all my strength. Diane gasps as I stuff her ass full of cock for the very first time; I'm enjoying this immensely.

The slut's softly resilient white bottom flattens as I ram balls-deep into her puckered pink hole; then I pull back and start pumping Di vigorously. The dogs are whimpering their dicks iron-hard and visibly throbbing. The basset hound starts licking his prick as I shove in and out of the slut as hard as I can; her tight little asshole starts to loosen and turn red from the friction around my cock, but it still feels like my dick's being skinned.

She's so hot and tight that I only last a few minutes before I come; her tight ass and thinking about what I'm going to do to this slut next has me so excited it feels like my guts are spewing out the end of my dick as I pump her fine soft creamy ass full of scalding cum. She cums hard too, and I relax against her silky smooth butt for a minute before starting the next stage.


For this part, I lay Diane on her tummy over one end of a wooden bench that I move to the middle of the floor. Now she's in the perfect position, one that both dogs recognize as signaling doggy fun. I take several photos of that, then unmuzzle Blackie the Lab and release him to have his fun. Fred the basset whines and whimpers; he wants his turn too, but he'll have to wait for it.

The Lab sniffs interestedly at the big-assed bitch's exposed crotch, then she shudders violently as he slurps his rough tongue through her gaping cunt; the noise of the camera doesn't seem to bother the big black dog. Diane moans and shivers as he keeps lapping, sluttishly wiggling her plush bottom at him; she's presenting a beautiful target for the beast.

Now the big black dog is ready to go to the next step, and I photograph him climbing onto Diane's shapely white ass with his sleek red cock hanging below him. He needs a little help getting into her cunt, but once the connection's made, he knows just what to do, and Diane's bottom jiggles like jello as he pounds her hot hole relentlessly. His claws scratch her soft skin, leaving long red lines as he hammers away.

Soon I can see the knot forming at the base of Blackie's dick; the dogwhore doesn't know about that yet, but she will soon. Sure enough, first his knot batters her cuntlips, then Diane yelps as he stuffs it inside, stretching her cunt brutally. Now he can't pull out as far as he was doing, but the tennis-ball-sized knot is churning her cunt like butter as she wails and gasps through a brutal series of cums. The slut's gushing cuntjuice down her legs and her cuntlips are stretched tight around the dog's black hairy cocksheath as he pounds his way towards orgasm. These photos are so hot!

Seconds later, the Lab howls as he jams his cock deep into Diane's stretched-out pussy and holds it there; I know that he's spewing his seed into her unprotected teenage womb. I hope he gets the fat-assed bitch pregnant; I wonder what kind of puppies she'd have?

Finished, the black dog relaxes for a moment with his black-furred belly pressed against Diane's white bottom, then dismounts. His knot is still stuck in her once-tight pussy, and he turns so they're butt-to-butt, plainly showing his dick stuffed into her sore cunt. After a moment longer, Blackie pulls away hard, and I have to grab Di to keep her from falling on the floor; I lower her to the gritty concrete and watch as the Lab struggles to free his cock. Finally he succeeds with an audible pop, and I tie him up and muzzle him again.

By this time Fred the basset is frantic with lust, so I flip Diane on her back and spread her legs. Fred will fuck humans in the missionary position, a fact he proves as soon as I let him loose. He immediately makes a beeline for her sloppy pussy, sniffs her, licks her twice, and then mounts. It doesn't take him long to sink his slimy rock-hard dog prick into her loose little cunt, and Diane howls as his massive girth stretches her quim to the limits of its capacity. His knot isn't up yet, and she's already stretched almost as far as Blackie's knot had done.

Fred grabs Di's hips with his front paws and shoves powerfully; she wails as he stuffs her to the very brim. She's fuller than she'd ever been before and she doesn't know that she'll soon be even more full. Her cunt gushes pussylube in a desperate attempt to protect her; it's pooling on the rough concrete under her smooth soft bottom. Fred's dewclaws are carving long red scratches on her hips as he pounds her helpless cunt; I can see the blood beading up.

Then the dark-haired little slut suddenly rockets into a violent cum, catching both Fred and me by surprise, though I do manage to capture her orgasm on film; she lifts poor Fred clear off the floor. The only parts of her that are touching the floor are her heels and her shoulders; then it subsides and her white ass splashes back down into the puddle of pussycream.

Fred resettles himself, then rams again. Diane moans and her broad pelvis rocks gently; the dog's knot pushes against her quim and she moans louder. He pumps her crotch harder, getting into his rhythm; his prick is sluicing through her sopping hole and bottoming out with every thrust. His balls are slapping against the dogslut's plush white ass and his knot is beating on her cuntlips vigorously. The cuntcream running out of her brutally stretched pussyhole is thicker and whiter now, more like real cream, as her cunt tries vainly to protect itself from this massive intruder.

The basset hound slows, gathers himself, and suddenly shoves his knot deep into her shocked mound. Diane screams; Fred's knot is bigger than a baseball and it's a terrific stretch for a girl who was a virgin an hour ago. His massive cock-knot has torn the remains of her cherry completely away and re-opened the wounds in her cuntmound. There's fresh blood trickling down her pussylips to drip into the puddle on the floor, turning it pink; the smell of blood invigorates Fred and inspires Blackie to a new hardon.

Fred thrusts hard, and Diane wails as he relentlessly pumps his huge prick through her gaping cunt; then she shudders into more orgasms. I wonder if she realizes she's fucking a dog? She will when she sees the pictures I'm taking, then she'll do whatever I want. I bet I could make her fuck the whole football team; maybe after that they'd win a few games.

Fred's pace picks up and he's pounding her furiously; she's humping back at him hard now and is obviously building to a mind-shattering cum. Soon she explodes into her climax, and Fred clings determinedly to her hips like a gargoyle on a buttress as he pumps her sucking, clutching cunt full of dog cum.

Her buttocks splash down into the puddle of cuntjuice, blood and dog sperm as she goes limp in the aftermath of her explosive orgasm, and Fred the basset pulls back, trying to get away from this girl with her cock-gobbling cunt. Diane is so limp and quiet that I check her pulse and breathing, which are fine; apparently she just fainted. The hound pulls loose with a loud pop as his prick leaves her stretched pussy; vast amounts of dog sperm gush out of the dogslut's gaping hole. It looks like I could shove my whole hand in there.

I tie and muzzle a tired basset hound, then go check to see if there's any sign that anyone heard the racket. When I get into the outer shop, I realize that I probably could fire a cannon in there and nobody would hear anything because of the noise of the band. They're two hundred feet away in another building, and the windows in this building are rattling. I check the doors anyway, and there's no sign of alarm. If anyone heard it, they probably think it was just some girl getting fucked, which is accurate, though I hope they don't know the exact circumstances.

Back in the inner room, I'm hard, Blackie's hard, and Diane is bonelessly limp; her red pussy is still stretched out and gaping, though less than it was. There're still bloodstains in her crotch, but the wounds seem to have stopped bleeding, though she's got to be sore. There's drops of blood trickling down her hips and sides from the angry scratches the dogs left on her hips and waist and there's still more fun to come.

I lift Diane onto the bench on her back; now she's ready for what I want to do next. Stripping down again, I straddle her sleek, limp torso and wrap her soft white tits around my cock. Lovely! I spit on her chest to make it slicker; her tits shine with sweat and saliva. I pump slowly back and forth through the satin grip of her cleavage; I should last decently here, though I can't wait to see her pretty face covered in sperm.

I keep thinking about what to do next; I plan it all out before I finally cum all over Diane's perky young tits and face. My cum is dripping into her long dark hair; she's a mess and I'm not through yet. Before the night is over, she'll be bathed in cum and she'll never be the same again, even without the pictures I'm taking of this whole process.

The friction of the titfucking has gotten her revved up again; her nipples are still standing proud through their slimy coating of cum and her pussy is clutching at the air like it's looking for a cock. I shove four fingers into her sloppy quim and it feels like a calf sucking on a bottle. I want to fill that hole, but what's best?

I remember seeing a sledgehammer in the outer shop; it's got a three foot long wood handle. That's the most interesting thing I can think of; I wonder if she'll get a kick out of that? When I bring the hammer in, it's a weird one; the handle's not all that big, an inch and a three quarters by an inch and a quarter in cross section. The steel head weighs ten pounds, is about eighteen inches long, and has a round face that's an inch and a three quarters in diameter at one end by an inch and a quarter at the other (probably a railroad spike maul - CR).

First, I see just how far that handle will go into her pussy; I get almost a foot into her. She humps up at the hammer; I get some nice photos of that. She whines and flinches away when I ram it into her womb; I guess that hurts. Then I pull the handle out; her cunt is all stretched out, soft and hot, so it's time to give the slut some cold steel.

I place the small end of the head against her pussylips; she draws away from the cold. Too bad, there's going to be cold hard steel going into that soft warm hole. A hard shove and the blunt, squared-off face suddenly pops into her slippery passage, ramming in to the handle; she shivers all over and goosebumps pop up on her smooth skin. I ease up on supporting the hammer, and it tips down and tries to slide out. We can't have that, now can we? I find a piece of wood that supports the hammerhead for the shot; the slut's shivering harder now and threatening to tip the handle over.

I pump the maul in and out several times and she starts to react a bit as the steel warms up, so I suddenly yank it out; Diane gasps. Flipping the head around, I try the other end; her gasp and shiver is gratifying, then she yips as the big end reams her cunt out more yet. The dark hair on her red-pink pussylips looks thinner now because of the way her cuntlips are stretched thin around the cold steel, and she grunts as I lift her legs up over her head, leaving the weight of the hammer to drive itself deep to her vulnerable young womb. Several cycles of lifting-and-releasing the hammer later, this big-assed whore is suddenly nearing climax; just before she cums I abruptly jerk the maul free and she wails in shock. She can't cum yet; she gets to do that when I decide, not before.

After she cools down for a minute, I flip the bitch over onto her knees and roughly jam the hammerhead back in, and she starts building towards climax again. More photos, then I push her down flat on her belly for still more degrading pictures. Finally, I allow her to cum; she's thrashing her way to a nice orgasm when I flip her with her heels by her ears again; the hammer's own weight drives it right into her womb and Diane convulses in orgasm then collapses, limp. She's still breathing and there isn't any more blood, so I go on with my plan.

I drape Diane back over the bench with her reddened ass and dark-haired cunt exposed for use; Blackie starts whimpering excitedly. He know what that position means, though he doesn't know the details. I smear some more Vaseline into her ass and pack some into her abused pussy, just like packing the wheel bearings on a car. Now she's ready for more fun.

Untying Blackie, I remove the muzzle and lead him over to the bench. He sniffs her used and abused crotch then mounts her broad bottom again. This time I guide him into her wrinkled pink asshole and the bitch yelps as he rams his entire cock home with one mighty thrust. Her anus is stretched out so there aren't many wrinkles left; the Lab starts pounding away immediately, as though the waiting was too much for him and he has to cum right away. Her creamy white asscheeks are flattened by his heavy thrusts as the big black dog brutally services the slavishly kneeling girl and his knot batters at her nether hole. Seconds later, she yelps again as he stuffs his knot into her ass; now they're linked until he's through, and he won't give up her hot hole before he's spilled his seed into her soft helpless body.

Watching, I see she's returning the dog's thrusts and wonder again if she knows what's in her pretty ass. I wonder what she'll do when she sees these pictures.

Blackie's still pounding away; his speed is going up so much his hips are almost a blur as he pumps her asshole; I think he's going to finish soon. Sure enough, he rams deep and holds as Diane's ass muscles clench tight in orgasm and I know he's filling her with a doggie sperm enema. Finished, Blackie twists off her back and the dogslut gasps as his big red prick twists her assguts up into a knot. She convulses into another short, sharp climax, then collapses limply as his cock pops free.

I tie Blackie up again and he promptly curls up to go to sleep. Now it's the basset hound's turn at Diane's puckered ass; this should be hot, she'll cum her brains out. I lay Diane flat on her stomach on the floor; her ass rises up in a smooth soft curve as I spread her legs wide. Then I get Fred, and he's got a hardon that could break a plate. Looking at that monster, I know Diane's in for a wild wild ride; then again, so is Fred, going by last time.

Fred's patience is non-existent; he jumps up onto her ass without even bothering to sniff her well-used crotch and he's humping frantically before he even gets to her. He doesn't need any help to find Diane's open, greasy hole and he buries his long thick prick in her stretched ass immediately. Diane screams as that massive ass-wrecker slams into her; her full creamy asscheeks jiggle like jelly from the force of the basset hound's pounding and her sensitive little titties scrape back and forth on the rough concrete. Then it happens: Fred's enormous knot pops into her ass and the dogbitch screeches like she's being murdered. Looking closely, there's a thin trickle of blood running down from her wide-stretched hole; there aren't any wrinkles there now!

Fred's getting even more insistent; he's actually pushing the spread-eagled girl across the gritty floor with the force of his thrusts. Suddenly, Diane bucks into yet another orgasm, and another, then another before her cries blend into one long, drawn-out screech of pleasure. She lifts Fred right off the floor again, leaving him clinging desperately to her round ass and still trying to bury his cock in her hot wet hole.

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