Ren Faire

by Aeralyndal

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Group Sex, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: A 'surprise' that got turned around.

A couple of years ago I found myself in a very enviable position. I belong to a Medieval group that dresses up in costumes of the middle ages. We recreate and even try to live as they did then, trying to talk like that era, bowing to the nobles, etc. We try to stick as close to realism as possible without all the dirt and disease. As one of the older members of the group (I'm in my mid 40s) I cheat. I like my creature comforts and am too old to enjoy sleeping on the ground any longer so I have converted my van into a large private bedroom. I don't mind giving rides to as many as will fit in the van or to hauling down many of the props that won't fit in a normal car but at night I draw the line. The van is mine alone, I don't share it with the others.

We had a two day event at Lake Tahoe and as it was close many of us had gone up the Friday night before the event. We met there with others of our Guild and some members from other Guilds who had come up early and after setting up the props I had brought along at the event site we set up our camp site and fixed a meal. As with many of these events we party a lot and after a hectic week at work it didn't take much to help me unwind and begin to feel very relaxed and carefree. Making one last trip to the 'facility' I wished the others a good night and went to the van to sack out.

I have installed a cutout switch so that I can open the sliding door on the side and the large door on the end without the interior lights coming on. This way I can get any available breezes and stay cool. If it gets too chilly I have covers that I pull up to keep warm. I have also installed screens that have been custom made to fit over the doors to give me privacy while they are open. It's easy to push them to one side but they normally make enough noise that I can hear anyone who is fumbling around them and cover up as I sleep in the nude.

I must have partied more than I thought as the first I knew that I had company was when I heard a female voice saying, "Surprise, Robby." This was followed by some giggles as my rod was engulfed by a warm, wet mouth. When I opened my mouth to say something and started to sit up to see who was giving me head I was met by a hairy pussy coming down on my face so I sampled it. I could tell by the placement of the legs and pussy that it did not belong to the same person who was doing a superb job of making Homer come to attention. Right then I didn't know who my midnight visitors were but I felt sure that they would be the ones most surprised.

As I have always enjoyed eating pussy I did as good a job on this one as I possibly could. She must have been appreciative of all the attention I was giving to this task as she squirmed and wiggled all over my face. I reached up and started to stroke and feel both the breasts that were above me and the ones lower down at my side. I could tell by the skin tone, the resiliency and the lack of any sag that both of these females were young. Much younger than those I normally enjoy.

The one who had been polishing my knob lifted herself over me and taking Homer in her hand began to rub him up and down the lips of her pussy. She then lifted just a little more and settled down on top of him, slowly taking him inside her moist, tight hole. The one on my face was bouncing up and down and started to talk. "God, Robby, you're better than ever, eat me more, harder. Fuck me with your tongue."

When the second one mounted Homer I brought that hand up and began to play with the second tit that was above me. I flicked the hard nipples back and forth with my index fingers and massage the breasts with the rest of my hands.

She really started to squirm and shout, "I'm coming, I'm coming." I had a wild woman on my tongue and I kept licking every time she settled enough for me to reach her pussy lips again. Now instead of just licking all over the lips, crack and so on I concentrated on the clitoris. Sucking it in I clamped my lips down on it hard and started to hum. The vibrations proved to be too much for my mystery visitor and she just continued to have climax after climax. Finally she couldn't take any more and just fell off over to one side.

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