Katie's Big Adventure

by frog

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Reluctant, BiSexual, Group Sex, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: Katie wants adventure in her life. With the help of Randi, Johnny, and friends, her wildest dreams come true during a game of strip dare. Filled with twists and unexpected turns, this is a story for those who like to get involved with characters before stroking.

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Johnny felt his softening cock pop free from Katie's warm pussy. This sudden departure from her caused one last marvelous sensation to shoot through his now tender penis. Johnny had just shot an enormous load while girlfriend Katie straddled him and ground her moist cunt up and down around his thick shaft. Now he was spent. Katie giggled as she gave Johnny a quick kiss on the lips, then swung her leg over him and headed for the bathroom. Johnny watched her pink, dimpled ass sway as she walked away. He never failed to get a surge of sexual energy every time he saw her naked. "Katie is really something special!" he thought.

Johnny pulled Katie's leopard-print blanket over his nakedness. He felt warm and satisfied. He listened as Katie unceremoniously expelled his cum into the toilet and then reappeared moving lithely toward the bathroom mirror. "God, what an ass she has!" he thought. He watched her begin to casually brush her hair. Katie's delightful ass cocked to one side. She stood on one foot while the other foot rested against her ankle in a flamingo-like pose. Johnny snuggled down in the covers and closed his eyes. He felt great from head to toe.

"Johnny, honey, I've been thinking."

Johnny returned to semi-consciousness. "That's not a good way to start a conversation," he thought.

"Don't misunderstand what I'm about so say," continued Katie, "but... I... ah... well something has been bugging me that I want to discuss with you."

Johnny wrinkled his brow and peeped out with one eye.

"Did you ever wonder if this is all that there is? I mean making love with you is great--it's terrific, fantastic--but here we are in the great Midwest just living, working, screwing... nice, but 'same ole, same ole.' Did you ever think that there might be more excitement out there somewhere? Excitement for us, I mean."

"Am I hearing what I think I am hearing?" Johnny thought. Both his eyes popped open wide. "What do you mean, Katie Bee?" he said suspiciously.

Katie suddenly ran back into the bedroom, tits bouncing slightly, and threw herself beside him on the overstuffed bed. "I mean... will we always be like this? Don't you ever wonder what other people are like, what they are doing right now? Like those people in magazines and on TV? Or even people around here? Here we are... just plain Johnny and Katie in a pretty unexciting, conservative little place with conservative little people. Look at us... plain... not a single tattoo, pierced navel, wild escapade or heart-stopping adventure between us!" She held her arms and thrust out her breasts to emphasize her point.

"You want to get a tattoo?" asked Johnny sheepishly looking at Katie's nickel-sized red nipples dancing before him.

"NO, goofball!" Katie laughed as she covered a breast with each hand. "I want to experience things that I have never experienced and I don't see that happening in this town.

"It won't always be this way, sweetheart," assured Johnny. "I'm not going to be a cook forever. One day I'll be a real chef and I'll own my own restaurant and lots of people will pay high prices to eat my food... and... and you'll be a mom... and..."

Katie's eyebrows shot up. "Is that a hint? Are we talking commitment here?" She reached over and gently stroked his balls through the softness of the blanket.

"Sweet Kate, I love you. You know that. I could make love to you all day, every day. What's up with this "is that all there is" stuff?"

"Did you ever wonder what it would be like to fuck someone else?" Now she really had Johnny's attention. "Or to do two or three women at the same time? Or to run naked through the city park? Or to play strip poker with total strangers? Or to do 'it' in the dressing room at Macy's with the saleslady listening?" The pitch of her voice got higher and higher as she dreamed aloud.

There was a look in Katie's eyes that Johnny had never seen before. It simultaneously scared him and excited him. "Well... I must admit that one of my favorite fantasies is being with a bunch of naked women, but..."

"Ah hah!" Katie playfully punched Johnny in the stomach.

"But, you're the only one for me, Katie, you know that."

"Yeah, but what if... say... ah... someone... ah... like Randi... sexy little Randi with her short skirts and all... what if she were here right now, naked in this bed? Wouldn't you want fuck her brains out just to see what it felt like... even if you love me the most?" Katie had that one eyebrow raised again.

"Wait a minute... I can feel a "no win" thing coming on... where is this conversation heading except to get me in a heap of trouble?"

Katie reached under the blanket, grabbed Johnny's now awakened cock and gave it a stroke. "I'll bet you would like to poke sweet Randi, wouldn't you? Uh-huh. Or maybe have a little of this!"

Katie lifted the blanket, put her head under, and found Johnny's cock. She brought it completely into her mouth sending shock waves through Johnny.

"Yes!" Johnny groaned.

"Well, I might just do it!" mumbled Katie while she licked the bottom side of his hardening phallus.

"Do what?" gasped Johnny.

"Get Randi to do this!" said Katie.

"Yeah, right!" said Johnny sarcastically. "Just call her up and tell her to come on over and blow me."

Johnny relaxed as best he could and focussed on the delicious sensations coming from his dick, meanwhile Katie's mind was whirling.

"You actually said that to Johnny!" exclaimed Randi. Petite, barely five-foot tall Randi sat on Katie's living room couch with her legs tucked under her. Her trademark short skirt barely covered her tiny panties. "I'll bet you scared the shit out of him!"

Randi loved hearing all the latest secrets from Katie or anyone else for that matter. She also felt a twinge of excitement at the thought of making out with Johnny. More than once she had noticed his soft blond hair, great build, and tight ass.

"I was serious," pouted Katie. "I'm ready for some excitement in my life! Aren't you?"

Katie brought fresh frozen daiquiris for each of them and took her place beside Randi on the couch.

"Sure!" Randi admitted. "But in this town excitement means having flowers on the tables for the pork chop and sweet corn dinner at the church... instead of centerpieces made from truckers' caps."

"Well, Johnny admitted that he wouldn't mind giving you a roll in the hay," said Katie. "He said that his fondest fantasy is making it with several women at once. Instead of getting jealous when he said that I got extremely horny."

Randi's eyes widened. "I'd say he was under duress at the time of that admission, but, I must say... your Johnny is a cutie. That little smile of his makes a girl's heart go pitter-pat. No offense though. He is YOUR boyfriend." Randi smiled hoping that she had not offended her friend Katie by telling too much of the truth.

"Thinking about it now makes me horny too, just for the record," Randi whispered wondering if she should admit as much to Katie.

"Two horny girls! That's us!" laughed Katie. Katie clinked her drink glass against Randi's, paused and looked at Randi in a very different way. She mentally sized Randi up like she had never done before. "Always sexy, always cute, always tight shirts, short skirts, always the flirt, puts those tits right out there for people to admire under those spaghetti strap tops," Katie thought. "I wonder... hmmm..."

"So..." Katie hesitated just enough for Randi to sense that she was quarreling with herself over the next sentence.

"Yes," said Randi noting the wicked look that had just appeared on Katie's face. "I think I like that look in you eye... maybe..."

"So... what if... ah... how would you... uh... what if I suggested that we try a threesome... a menage à whatever? You, me, and Johnny."

Randi nearly choked on her fruity daiquiri. "You're serious, aren't you?" Randi rasped when her voice began to work again.

"Dead serious. Look Randi, we are not getting any younger. I am ready to walk on the wild side. And, Johnny will think he has died and gone to heaven... compliments of me... and you, of course."

"I'll consider it... maybe," said Randi. "Gosh, I don't believe this. You are serious."

Katie and Randi simply looked at one another for what seemed to be a long time. Both their minds were traveling a light speed now. Both tingled with the sexual tension.

Finally Randi broke the silence. "What if we find out we don't like it? The embarrassment would be horrible. I mean... what if the whole thing is awful? It would ruin our friendship. I haven't been with that many men much less with a man AND a woman... together. It sounds exciting, but I don't know for sure. You've never been with a woman, right?"

"Correct, never," said Katie. "Have you?"

"Are you kidding?" said Randi incredulously. "How long have we known one another? You know I haven't done anything like that."

Katie paused. "Then maybe we had better give it a try first," she said quietly.

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