Katie's Big Adventure

by frog

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Reluctant, BiSexual, Group Sex, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: Katie wants adventure in her life. With the help of Randi, Johnny, and friends, her wildest dreams come true during a game of strip dare. Filled with twists and unexpected turns, this is a story for those who like to get involved with characters before stroking.

© Copyright 2001 by frog, all rights reserved, except those described below. Permission is granted to download, archive, and repost provided that the contents are not altered, including the disclaimers, copyrights and limitations on use and provided that no fee is charged for access. This story is erotic fiction intended for adult entertainment. The author does not necessarily condone or endorse the behavior described in this story. All persons and events in this story are completely fictitious and ANY similarity to persons living or dead or to actual events is purely coincidental.

Johnny felt his softening cock pop free from Katie's warm pussy. This sudden departure from her caused one last marvelous sensation to shoot through his now tender penis. Johnny had just shot an enormous load while girlfriend Katie straddled him and ground her moist cunt up and down around his thick shaft. Now he was spent. Katie giggled as she gave Johnny a quick kiss on the lips, then swung her leg over him and headed for the bathroom. Johnny watched her pink, dimpled ass sway as she walked away. He never failed to get a surge of sexual energy every time he saw her naked. "Katie is really something special!" he thought.

Johnny pulled Katie's leopard-print blanket over his nakedness. He felt warm and satisfied. He listened as Katie unceremoniously expelled his cum into the toilet and then reappeared moving lithely toward the bathroom mirror. "God, what an ass she has!" he thought. He watched her begin to casually brush her hair. Katie's delightful ass cocked to one side. She stood on one foot while the other foot rested against her ankle in a flamingo-like pose. Johnny snuggled down in the covers and closed his eyes. He felt great from head to toe.

"Johnny, honey, I've been thinking."

Johnny returned to semi-consciousness. "That's not a good way to start a conversation," he thought.

"Don't misunderstand what I'm about so say," continued Katie, "but... I... ah... well something has been bugging me that I want to discuss with you."

Johnny wrinkled his brow and peeped out with one eye.

"Did you ever wonder if this is all that there is? I mean making love with you is great--it's terrific, fantastic--but here we are in the great Midwest just living, working, screwing... nice, but 'same ole, same ole.' Did you ever think that there might be more excitement out there somewhere? Excitement for us, I mean."

"Am I hearing what I think I am hearing?" Johnny thought. Both his eyes popped open wide. "What do you mean, Katie Bee?" he said suspiciously.

Katie suddenly ran back into the bedroom, tits bouncing slightly, and threw herself beside him on the overstuffed bed. "I mean... will we always be like this? Don't you ever wonder what other people are like, what they are doing right now? Like those people in magazines and on TV? Or even people around here? Here we are... just plain Johnny and Katie in a pretty unexciting, conservative little place with conservative little people. Look at us... plain... not a single tattoo, pierced navel, wild escapade or heart-stopping adventure between us!" She held her arms and thrust out her breasts to emphasize her point.

"You want to get a tattoo?" asked Johnny sheepishly looking at Katie's nickel-sized red nipples dancing before him.

"NO, goofball!" Katie laughed as she covered a breast with each hand. "I want to experience things that I have never experienced and I don't see that happening in this town.

"It won't always be this way, sweetheart," assured Johnny. "I'm not going to be a cook forever. One day I'll be a real chef and I'll own my own restaurant and lots of people will pay high prices to eat my food... and... and you'll be a mom... and..."

Katie's eyebrows shot up. "Is that a hint? Are we talking commitment here?" She reached over and gently stroked his balls through the softness of the blanket.

"Sweet Kate, I love you. You know that. I could make love to you all day, every day. What's up with this "is that all there is" stuff?"

"Did you ever wonder what it would be like to fuck someone else?" Now she really had Johnny's attention. "Or to do two or three women at the same time? Or to run naked through the city park? Or to play strip poker with total strangers? Or to do 'it' in the dressing room at Macy's with the saleslady listening?" The pitch of her voice got higher and higher as she dreamed aloud.

There was a look in Katie's eyes that Johnny had never seen before. It simultaneously scared him and excited him. "Well... I must admit that one of my favorite fantasies is being with a bunch of naked women, but..."

"Ah hah!" Katie playfully punched Johnny in the stomach.

"But, you're the only one for me, Katie, you know that."

"Yeah, but what if... say... ah... someone... ah... like Randi... sexy little Randi with her short skirts and all... what if she were here right now, naked in this bed? Wouldn't you want fuck her brains out just to see what it felt like... even if you love me the most?" Katie had that one eyebrow raised again.

"Wait a minute... I can feel a "no win" thing coming on... where is this conversation heading except to get me in a heap of trouble?"

Katie reached under the blanket, grabbed Johnny's now awakened cock and gave it a stroke. "I'll bet you would like to poke sweet Randi, wouldn't you? Uh-huh. Or maybe have a little of this!"

Katie lifted the blanket, put her head under, and found Johnny's cock. She brought it completely into her mouth sending shock waves through Johnny.

"Yes!" Johnny groaned.

"Well, I might just do it!" mumbled Katie while she licked the bottom side of his hardening phallus.

"Do what?" gasped Johnny.

"Get Randi to do this!" said Katie.

"Yeah, right!" said Johnny sarcastically. "Just call her up and tell her to come on over and blow me."

Johnny relaxed as best he could and focussed on the delicious sensations coming from his dick, meanwhile Katie's mind was whirling.

"You actually said that to Johnny!" exclaimed Randi. Petite, barely five-foot tall Randi sat on Katie's living room couch with her legs tucked under her. Her trademark short skirt barely covered her tiny panties. "I'll bet you scared the shit out of him!"

Randi loved hearing all the latest secrets from Katie or anyone else for that matter. She also felt a twinge of excitement at the thought of making out with Johnny. More than once she had noticed his soft blond hair, great build, and tight ass.

"I was serious," pouted Katie. "I'm ready for some excitement in my life! Aren't you?"

Katie brought fresh frozen daiquiris for each of them and took her place beside Randi on the couch.

"Sure!" Randi admitted. "But in this town excitement means having flowers on the tables for the pork chop and sweet corn dinner at the church... instead of centerpieces made from truckers' caps."

"Well, Johnny admitted that he wouldn't mind giving you a roll in the hay," said Katie. "He said that his fondest fantasy is making it with several women at once. Instead of getting jealous when he said that I got extremely horny."

Randi's eyes widened. "I'd say he was under duress at the time of that admission, but, I must say... your Johnny is a cutie. That little smile of his makes a girl's heart go pitter-pat. No offense though. He is YOUR boyfriend." Randi smiled hoping that she had not offended her friend Katie by telling too much of the truth.

"Thinking about it now makes me horny too, just for the record," Randi whispered wondering if she should admit as much to Katie.

"Two horny girls! That's us!" laughed Katie. Katie clinked her drink glass against Randi's, paused and looked at Randi in a very different way. She mentally sized Randi up like she had never done before. "Always sexy, always cute, always tight shirts, short skirts, always the flirt, puts those tits right out there for people to admire under those spaghetti strap tops," Katie thought. "I wonder... hmmm..."

"So..." Katie hesitated just enough for Randi to sense that she was quarreling with herself over the next sentence.

"Yes," said Randi noting the wicked look that had just appeared on Katie's face. "I think I like that look in you eye... maybe..."

"So... what if... ah... how would you... uh... what if I suggested that we try a threesome... a menage à whatever? You, me, and Johnny."

Randi nearly choked on her fruity daiquiri. "You're serious, aren't you?" Randi rasped when her voice began to work again.

"Dead serious. Look Randi, we are not getting any younger. I am ready to walk on the wild side. And, Johnny will think he has died and gone to heaven... compliments of me... and you, of course."

"I'll consider it... maybe," said Randi. "Gosh, I don't believe this. You are serious."

Katie and Randi simply looked at one another for what seemed to be a long time. Both their minds were traveling a light speed now. Both tingled with the sexual tension.

Finally Randi broke the silence. "What if we find out we don't like it? The embarrassment would be horrible. I mean... what if the whole thing is awful? It would ruin our friendship. I haven't been with that many men much less with a man AND a woman... together. It sounds exciting, but I don't know for sure. You've never been with a woman, right?"

"Correct, never," said Katie. "Have you?"

"Are you kidding?" said Randi incredulously. "How long have we known one another? You know I haven't done anything like that."

Katie paused. "Then maybe we had better give it a try first," she said quietly.

Randi eyes grew wider. She stared at Katie. Randi's pussy began to tingle with excitement. The whole room seemed to spin.

"Well... maybe we should," Randi responded huskily. "Then we would know if this is going in the wrong direction."

"Just a trial kiss, ok?" said Katie.

"Just a trial," whispered Randi. "No big deal. Just a kiss." Randi's heart was racing.

Katie leaned forward awkwardly and moved closer and closer to Randi. She moistened her lips with her tongue and then lightly touched her lips to Randi's. After a second or two, they parted.

"That wasn't so bad," ventured Katie.

"Not bad at all," said Randi. "Very soft. Not like a man's kiss." Randi blushed. Her skin seemed to be a blaze. Her pussy dripped with excitement.

"One more time?" said Katie. "A little more passionately this time... if that doesn't gross you out, that is?"

"Ok, a little more passionately this time," Randi nodded.

Johnny whistled a happy tune as he signaled to turn into Katie's driveway. He had a surprise bouquet of flowers and a new Dave Matthew's Band CD for Katie. "These will get Katie out of that strange mood she's in," he thought as he parked the car. He started to slam the car door, but instead thought, "I'll just sneak up on her with these little surprises." He moved quietly up the path to her door.

Instead of leaning forward this time, Katie moved close to Randi. She took Randi's face in her hands and guided their lips together. Katie kissed Randi deeply and Randi responded in kind. Katie parted her lips and Randi responded with a darting tongue. Randi's hand crept up Katie's side and found it's way to one of Katie's breasts. Randi could feel an erect nipple through Katie's clothes.

Johnny peeked in the window and nearly fell into the shrubbery at the sight of Katie and Randi passionately kissing on the couch. He felt both sickened and aroused. Randi's legs were spread apart and he could see the white laciness of her panties shining brightly. Her short skirt had ridden up high on her legs and nothing was left to the imagination. He could see the gentle outline of her vulva against the soft fabric. Johnny felt revulsion, but his cock betrayed him by becoming fully erect.

He saw Randi's hand move up to caress one of Katie's breasts. Katie seemed to be enjoying every minute. Johnny had seen enough. He threw the flowers behind shrubbery and turned to run. His mind was reeling. "So, this is what she meant. This is what she was trying to tell me. She and Randi are lesbos... fucking lesbian lovers." Johnny realized that he was rock hard and the image of Randi's moist panties lingered in his mind, yet the sight had shocked him like he had never been shocked before.

Katie felt Randi's tender touch on her breast and pulled away. "Let's not get carried away here," she warned.

"Sorry, Katie," sighed Randi blushing form ear to ear. "It just seemed a natural thing to do."

Both young women were breathing heavily. Katie was the first to break the tension by bursting into laughter. Randi followed. They feel back on the couch and laughed heartily.

"So that's why guys like it so much! That was pretty intense. I could get off on that pretty easily," said Katie.

"Me too," said Randi. "I guess we passed the test." This remark brought the return of gales of laughter. "And, I think that you know now that I am a pretty sexual person," said Randi. "It doesn't take much to get my motor running. I'll be a willing partner in this crime that you seem to be planning."

"Great," said Katie holding her glass high. "Here's to new excitement in our lives."

Johnny made his way back to his car, popped open one of the beers that he had just bought, and drove... and drove. The first beer led to another and before long the twelve-pack was almost gone. He was so distraught that he really didn't know where he had been. He was plunged back into reality by a knock on his car window.

"Johnny?" said Amy.

Johnny squinted up into the sun, then looked around to get his bearings. He didn't know where he was. A big sign with "Abercrombie" in huge letters loomed over head. He turned back toward the voice. It was another of Katie's friends, Amy, who had just gotten off work at the department store.

"Johnny, are you all right?" inquired Amy.

Johnny rolled down the window and the fragrance of stale beer jumped into Amy's nostrils. "Johnny, I think you have had a few... a few too many!"

"Maybe so," Johnny slurred. "Jusht a few ittie-bittie ones..."

"Come on with me and I'll take you home. You can come back and get your car another day," said Amy as she helped him out of the car. "Jeez, what brought this on?" She helped Johnny to his feet, not an easy maneuver for a 5'5" Amy trying to support a 6' Johnny.

Johnny put his arm around Amy's shoulder and his hand came to rest on one of her large breasts. Amy looked at him with shock.

"Oops, sorry," Johnny intoned. Even in his stupor he realized that Amy's prodigious tits were very real.

"Watch it, buster," Amy laughed.

"Oki dokie!" slurred Johnny.

Amy finally got Johnny in her car and headed for his apartment. Along the way, Johnny told her his sad story.

"Randi and Katie, lovers? Impossible!" gasped Amy. "I've known them both for a long time. They just aren't 'that' way. Believe me, I would know. You can't hide that sort of thing."

"I know what I saw," said Johnny. "I may be fucked up now, but I was stone sober then and I'm not dreaming this up. And, worst of all, I love Katie!" Tears welled up in Johnny's eyes when he said that and began to drip down his face.

Amy put her arm around Johnny, pulled him closer, and said, "Hey, it's ok. It just a misunderstanding somehow. It has to be."

Johnny leaned over in the comfort of Amy's arm. His head came to rest on her ample bosom. Amy patted his shoulder. She was acutely aware of Johnny's touch, but she knew that he wouldn't remember any of this. He gently rubbed his head against her breast.

Katie moved her car through the traffic. She also was headed for Johnny's apartment. At an intersection, she casually glanced at the car in her rearview mirror. To her shock, there were Amy and Johnny obviously cuddling in the front seat. Johnny practically was kissing Amy's boob, it seemed to Katie.

"What the fuck?" said Katie aloud to herself. A car horn blared far behind both cars and jolted her back to reality. She made her way through the intersection while staring at the scene behind her. Amy pulled around Katie's car, but neither Amy nor Johnny noticed wide-eyed Katie in the car next to them. Johnny had raised his head and seemed to be whispering something in Amy's ear or simply nibbling. A big smile broke out across Amy's face as she sped by.

"Amy, I just want you to know," said Johnny as seriously as he could, "that I have never ever thrown up in a car no matter how drunk!"

"Thanks for the assurance," said Amy stifling a laugh.

Johnny was true to his word. He didn't throw up... until he got in his apartment. Amy waited patiently while he got himself together. Johnny brushed his teeth, staggered back into the living room, and sat down by Amy on the couch.

"Am I simply not man enough to satisfy her?" he asked. "I'm a good lover. I'm a great lover. I must be a horrible lover. She wants women because of me. Aren't I a good lover?" Johnny rambled. Amy started to leave.

"Wait, Amy. We have to talk," Johnny gushed. "We've never made love with each other, but if we did, you'd know it isn't my fault."

"You are drunk, Johnny. I won't hold you responsible for what you say... if you remember, which you won't." She started to stand, but Johnny pulled her back into his lap awkwardly.

At that moment, a pair of eyes gazed in Johnny's window. All Katie saw was Amy in Johnny's lap laughing.

Johnny, without actually realizing it, put one hand on each of Amy's breasts and whispered, "Katie isn't a lesbian because of me. Right? Tell me it has nothing to do with me."

Any other time Amy would have welcomed Johnny's hands on her breasts. She had always had a crush on him. But, now much was lost in the inebriation.

"Johnny, you are fondling my tits without permission," she said.

"Oops, sorry," said Johnny. "Thanks for bringing me home. One thank you kiss for the road?"

"Ok, I guess," said Amy. Johnny took her in his arms and gave her a bigger than expected kiss square on the lips.

Katie had seen enough. She turned and walked back to her car with thoughts of revenge and anger. "I can't believe that he would two-time me," she thought. "Men!"

Amy removed herself from Johnny's grasp. He reclined on the couch and promptly passed out. Amy smiled, put a quilt over Johnny, and said aloud, "Johnny, call me when you sober up and you can feel these tits for real." Johnny simply snored.

"The party's on," shouted Randi bursting into Katie's living room a few days later. "I not only invited little old horny me, but I bumped into Amy and Danielle and invited them too."

"What party?" said Katie.

"You goober... Your party, silly. The party where we treat Johnny... and you... and me... to some new experiences." Randi was talking a mile a minute.

"Wait a minute... you invited Amy and Danielle to THAT party!" Realization began to dawn on Katie.

"And Johnny... and you and me. A menage ≠ five... sort of." Randi realized that this was not getting the big positive reaction for which she had hoped.

"I thought you would love it," continued Randi. "We get Amy, with those mammoth boobs and Danielle, better known as 'little miss athletic body that won't stop,' to show some skin, maybe even more. We all get hot and bothered especially Johnny. You and I... and Johnny, of course, get super horny and we passionately play the night away with experiences never before attempted in this town. Ta-dah! Pretty great, huh?"

"Well, I guess... ," said Katie as she tried to figure how to get out of this one without hurting Randi's feelings.

"I also figure that Danielle is on the college softball team, right? So, there is a high likelihood that she knows from experience how to love another woman... if you get my drift. That could be something very new and different. And, if not, she has big old boobs that Johnny will really like. If worse comes to worst, we all go over to her house and look at her Michael Jordan posters while Amy gets out her clarinet and blows it, instead of someone. Good plan?"

Katie was speechless.

"Come on, you're the one who wanted to try something wild. You're the one who wanted to turn Johnny on like never before. And, you... I remind you... are the one who suggested this menage a la other women stuff." Randi paused seeming to rest her case in the fashion of an attorney.

"I saw Johnny making out with Amy," Katie said quietly.

"Noooo! For real? Funny, she seemed very eager to party with us... before I ever mentioned Johnny. You saw them? How?" queried Randi.

"I looked in Johnny's window," answered Katie.

"Oh, great! So now you have turned to voyeurism! You ARE trying a little of everything!" said Randi. "I can't believe it... we are talking Amy here. Fashion plate, everything from Abercrombie... at a discount, of course... skinny Amy, the happy clarinet player. Except for those tits, she's harmless."

Katie's mind was a mass of confusion. "I still love Johnny. I still want some real excitement. I know deep inside that Randi or Amy will be fun for both Johnny and me. Making out with her would be about the wildest thing ever. But, what if Johnny is fucking Amy on the side. Somehow it seems wrong if I'm not there. So how could it be right if I am there?"

"Shit, I'm confused," Katie said aloud. Randi saw the distress.

"So, are you getting cold feet? Are we back to plain boring Midwesterner Katie? If so, we can all just go to a movie."

Katie thought for a minute and looked into Randi's disappointed eyes.

"No... ok... I'm sorry... you've worked hard on this... let's do it." Katie seemed to revive. "We practiced didn't we? So, fuck it... let's do some wild partying! And, if Johnny goes for Amy, I will seek my revenge!"

Randi and Katie high-fived in the air.

Randi went all out with the party preparations. A rented Margarita machine with an added touch of Everclear provided massive inhibition reduction. Randi's low cut blouse and short skirt added to the atmosphere. Even Katie got into the spirit with a skintight black top and low-ride black pants that didn't meet in the middle. Katie's cute waist and sexy navel were there for all to see.

The first of the evening's surprises came when Danielle showed up with Josh. Katie rolled her eyes while Randi explained. "It is their first date, ok? He asked her out and she didn't want to turn him down. She didn't want to miss the party either. She figured that a lot of guys would be here. Anyway, he is really cute."

Josh was cute. Tall, well built, flashing green eyes, and sporting an ample bulge in his tight jeans, Katie noticed. Danielle had her usual athletic "look" happening--a cute warm-up suit never intended for warming up with a tight white top under it. When she tried to de-emphasize the size of her boobs in this way, she was unsuccessful. "Probably she knows that too," thought Randi.

Amy arrived in total Abercrombie & Fitch--A&F cap with her long brown hair pulled through the back into a ponytail, A&F shirt, and A&F shorts. Randi whispered to Katie, "I'm betting she has on Abercrombie underwear under that cute little outfit." Katie simply sneered.

Johnny finally arrived twenty minutes late. But, it was worth the wait. The future chef had prepared a giant load of Epicurean delights to tantalize everyone's taste buds. He laid out quite a spread.

The food and drink flowed freely and soon everyone was very happy and VERY uninhibited. Somehow the conversation turned to Mardi Gras.

"So Amy," said Randi. "If you went to Mardi Gras, would you flash your boobs for beads? Come on... tell the truth!"

"Well... uh... no," Amy blushed. "I'd be too embarrassed."

"I would," chimed in Danielle much to everyone's shock. "If those guys get such a big thrill looking at these old boobs of mine, then why not make their day!" Danielle laughed heartily.

"They would give me a thrill," said Josh smiling, "right now!"

"Got any beads, big fella?" laughed Danielle.

"Show us your tits... show us your tits... show us your tits..." The chant started with Johnny and soon was picked up by everyone. Suddenly, Danielle reached for the bottom of her shirt and pulled shirt and bra up in one motion. Two large melons sprang into view with very large coaster-sized nipples covering the end of each. The laughter turned to gasps as she just as quickly pulled her top back down.

"Jesus, she did it," said Amy to no one in particular.

"Alright, Danielle!" shouted Josh.

"Beauties!" chimed in Johnny.

"Ok, how about you other lovelies? I dare you to show 'em," coaxed Josh.

"I feel a Dare game coming on," said Randi. Things were moving along just as planned.

"I'm not doing stupid dares," exclaimed Josh. "Last time I played Truth or Dare I ended up at the police station for mooning the McDonalds burger flippers!"

"Aw, come on Josh, don't you want to hear about all the juicy "true" skeletons in Danielle's closet?"

Josh pondered for a moment. "Ok, truth but no dares. Tell the truth or lose an article of clothes."

"Done," shouted Katie not waiting for anyone else to agree. "I have a truth question for Johnny."

"Wait," said Josh. "Here's a twist... if the person tells the truth, then the questioner has to take off something... so pick your questions well, boys and girls."

"Sounds like a challenge," shouted Randi. "Let's do it."

"Wait, wait, wait," stammered Amy, "I didn't agree to this."

Katie completely ignored Amy's protests. "Fine, we've agreed," she said.

"This is gonna be bad... I can feel it," said Amy with speech slightly slurred by the alcohol.

Katie took center stage. There was fire in Katie's eyes that everyone noticed.

"Johnny here's your question. Truth or strip! Who in this room have you fucked besides me?"

A sudden hush fell on the whole group. Amy made her way to the floor and sat cross-legged.

"No one," answered Johnny with a very confused look on his face.

"That's a lie," said Katie. "Start stripping!"

"No, it's the truth. Everyone will vouch for me. Right? Everyone?" said Johnny looking from girl to girl.

"How about you, Amy? How about the other day in Johnny's apartment?" said Katie.

"Nothing happened!" Amy shot back. "He got drunk. I took him home. He passed out. That's it. Right, Johnny?"

"And he didn't feel you up on the couch?" Katie was clearly angry now.

"Yes, he did, but he didn't know what he was doing. And I shoved him away. I swear, Katie, nothing happened after that," plead Amy.

"True, all true," said Johnny.

"By my count, that was three questions with three true answers," said Josh. "Katie, you owe us THREE articles of clothes."

Cheers went up all around and Josh began to fill all the Margarita glasses again. Katie looked into Johnny's eyes. "It is true, baby," Johnny whispered. Tears came to Katie's eyes. "It must be true," she thought, "and what a fuck-up I am."

"You can get choked up if you want, Katie, but its still three articles of clothes," taunted Josh.

Katie finally smiled. Then Amy did also. Johnny did not.

"Ok, fair is fair," said Katie. She took off her shoes. "That's one," she said to a chorus of boos from the guys. Katie then struggled to pull off her tight top. Randi gave her a hand by dragging the top the last few inches over Katie's short black hair. A beautiful shiny black satin bra appeared covering Katie's' medium-sized boobs. A hint of nipples bulged under the fabric.

"Yes!" shouted Josh. In doing so, Josh spilled frozen Margarita into Johnny's lap.

"Hey, maintain concentration while pouring, dude," shouted Johnny reacting to the icy cold liquid on his pants' legs.

"I was, dude, I was," smiled Josh. "Concentrating on those lovely globes!"

Katie sighed, "Are you sure it was three? I'm going to be the only one exposed here."

"Yep," said Josh. "Hopefully, others will be joining you shortly."

"Hey, don't say shortly to a short person," said tiny Randi.

"Yeah, what she said," shouted Danielle.

Katie unzipped her tight black pants and pulled them over her hips. She tried vainly to keep her panties up in the process, but ended up half-mooning Danielle who was behind her. Randi watched as Danielle stared just a little too long at Katie's dimpled ass.

"A hand, please, Randi," said Katie. Randi began to clap.

"With the pants, ass hole!" laughed Katie. With one tug the pants were off and everyone stared at Katie's tiny black panties. One could not see through them, but they covered so little that bristles of dark pubic hair clearly showed around the edges of her crotch. Katie quickly sat down and turned her legs to the side.

Amy questioned, "How did you know what happened that afternoon? We were alone."

"I peeked, ok!" Katie clearly was ashamed. "I saw you in the car, followed you, and peeked!"

"That's a truth, Amy," reminded Josh, "Let me help you with those sandals." He reached over and removed both of Amy's shoes with a flourish.

"I have a question now," said Johnny. "Katie, who in this room have YOU made love to besides me?"

"No one," Katie said quietly still trying to figure this all out.

"Not true!" said Johnny. "How about you, Randi?"

Suddenly everyone was quiet again.

"How about me what?" Randi responded.

"Have you ever made love to Katie?"

Amy gasped aloud.

"This is getting really fucking weird," said Danielle. "I like it!"

"No," said Randi. Randi walked defiantly over and sat in a big chair. A triangular flash of blue panties was momentarily visible to all. Then she pressed her legs together and glared at Josh who was staring directly at her crotch. Josh simply smiled.

"Both of you strip. I saw you both on that very couch," said Johnny with scorn in his voice.

"Oooo, this is gonna be great!" whispered Danielle. She grabbed Josh's arm tightly. "Tell us more, Johnny."

Reality dawned on Randi. "You saw? You saw. Why you perverted Peeping Tom!"

"Alright! So, you two did make love?" smiled Danielle.

"No, we kissed that's all," said Randi.

"And you saw?" gasped Katie.

"I was gonna surprise you with some flowers and stuff," sighed Johnny. "After seeing the couch action, I got drunk... and Amy took me home," said Johnny.

"How beautiful!" said Amy.

"I'm having a difficult time keeping up here," interjected Josh, "but I think the total is as follows: Johnny, you have two trues, so you lose two articles. Katie, Danielle, you each asked one question and each was answered truthfully."

"Hey, wait a minute. That's not fair!" shouted Danielle.

"A question laid is a question played... or something like that," laughed Josh.

Katie moved over to Johnny and kissed him passionately.

"I'm sorry," she whispered.

"Me too," answered Johnny.

"Clothes OFF!" shouted Josh.

Danielle removed her shoes. Katie laughed and helped Johnny unbutton his shirt and pants. A bulge was clearly visible under Johnny's boxers when his pants were removed.

"Yes!" shouted Randi. "I love a man who has no shortcomings!" She unashamedly gazed directly at Johnny's crotch.

"Uh-oh! I seem to be out of cover-ups," said Katie. "I guess... it's showtime!"

Johnny unlatched her black bra. Katie looked directly at Randi and said, "You started this, you know!" Then she let the bra fall away from her body. Two lovely firm tits with nickel-sized reddish nipples perched on the ends appeared. Little goose bumps sprang up around Katie's nipples as they hardened in the cool air.

"Sweet, Jesus, those are beautiful!" sighed Josh. "More questions?"

Silence feel over the group. Katie sat back down on the couch with one arm draped across her breasts and the other resting near Johnny's crotch.

Johnny noticed Amy staring intently at his increasingly hard dick. It pressed against his underwear so firmly that one could see the gentle shape of his glans.

"Amy, are you staring at my dick?" Johnny asked quickly.

"No, of course not!" recoiled Amy looking away quickly.

"That would be not true," corrected Josh. "And, the A&F cap doesn't count."

Amy defiantly stood, unzipped her shorts, and pulled them down. "I have a bikini that shows more, so there!" sneered Amy.

Her lovely cream panties had "Abercrombie" written in diagonal lines all over them.

"Told you," grunted Randi in Katie's direction.

Katie whispered in Johnny's ear, then he spoke, "Randi, after you kissed Katie, did you want to make mad passionate love to her right then?"

Randi turned beet red. "I'll just take off my shoes instead of answering, if you don't mind."

Danielle's eyes widened, "Are you too embarrassed to answer cause it is true?"

Randi paused. "Yes," she said in almost a whisper. "I wanted to jump all over her bones."

Josh reminded, "Danielle, that sounded like the truth to me."

"Seen 'em once, you've seen 'em twice," Danielle responded as she pulled off her shirt to reveal two near DD breasts encased in a large white lace bra.

"Those ever give you a back ache?" asked Josh.

"Yes, and that will cost you your pants too," said Danielle.

"Hey, what about my shoes?" protested Josh.

"You took them off before the game started so they don't count... and that's another truth, so you lose the shirt too!" Danielle smiled ruthlessly.

Josh removed his shirt. His "wash-board" abdomen did not escape the attention of all the females in the room. He slowly unzipped his pants. Dancing a bit like a bad stripper, Josh worked his tight jeans down to his knees.

"Holy shit!" uttered Amy. Showing clearly under Josh's black briefs was a prodigious prick of epic proportions.

"Wanna see more?" teased Josh.

"Yes, and that's the truth," said Amy. "Lose the undies." Everyone cheered.

Josh smiled, bent over, and slipped off the briefs. He held out his arms as if to say, "Tah-dah," and revealed his massive member. It was both long and thick and took a distinct dogleg to the left. It also was beginning to get hard. Josh shook his ass and his dick sprang into motion flopping up and hitting him in the stomach.

All eyes were glued on Josh as he waved his cock around in the air. "More margaritas?" he finally said.

"Shaken, not stirred, please... at least not with that swizzle stick," said Katie.

Josh plopped back down beside Danielle who couldn't keep from staring directly at his lap.

"I have a question, but I don't want to risk my shorts to ask it," said Johnny.

"I'll take the chance with you. It can count as my question," said almost fully clothed Randi. "What is it?"

"Danielle? Has the star shortstop on the softball team--that would be you--ever made love to another woman?"

Danielle turned several shades of red. She looked at Josh and then back at Johnny. This was dangerous territory cause it could turn Josh off big time. She carefully weighed her answer.

"Yes," she said looking downward. "And that, ladies and germs, is the truth. So Randi, take off that top. That skirt is so short that we all have seen your panties already tonight."

Amy couldn't resist. "Who was it?"

"I'm not telling," Danielle responded.

"It's off with the pants then, Danielle" reminded Josh. "Or the bra... ?"

Danielle stood and unhooked her massive bra. When the last of four hooks were released, she took off her lingerie engineering feat and twirled it in the air. Her massive breasts jiggled and swayed.

"Isn't that just great. Now mine will seem miniscule in comparison," said Randi. She gamely slipped off her top. Her lacey underwire bra was very transparent and her dark nipples were clearly visible underneath.

While everyone else's eyes were on Randi, Amy's were on Josh's swollen dick. Josh caught her staring.

"Want to touch it?" he asked.

"No... ah... yes!" Amy said realizing that she was about to fall in a trap. "And that's the truth."

"I don't have any more clothes to remove, so it doesn't count," said Josh.

"Not so fast!" shouted Randi. "When you run out of clothes, you have to do dares."

"Where did that rule come from?" said Josh.

"I just made it up. And now... that's two dares to you," said Randi. "I say we all get to touch it!"

"Me first," screamed Amy before she realized what she was saying or how loud she was saying it.

Josh walked over to Amy with dick dangling. Amy screamed in mock horror and put her hands over her eyes. Then with eyes still closed, she reached out and found Josh's cock. It responded by slowly coming to attention. Amy opened her eyes and examined every vein closely. She was mystified by the size.

"Certainly, bigger than my brother's," she said.

"You have been holding your brother's dick, Amy? You should be ashamed!" said Randi scornfully.

"Incest begins at home!" offered Danielle.

"Hey, he was one-year-old at the time. And yes, I touched it when I changed his diaper, so take it off, Randi?"

Randi knew she was caught. She glanced over at Johnny. Katie was unobtrusively stroking his dick through his underwear.

Randi strolled over to Johnny and turned her back to him. "A little help, please?"

Johnny reached up and unzipped her miniskirt. He tugged it over her hips and it fell in a heap around her ankles. Her panty-covered ass was inches from his face. Instead of walking back across the room, Randi slowly turned around. Now her crotch was inches from Johnny's face. He could smell her musky aroma.

"I can't wait for your dares to start," Randi whispered.

Randi turned and swung her hips as she walked across the room. She moved like a runway model. She stopped in front of Josh and dramatically took his cock away from Amy. After giving it a stroke or two, Randi turned and rubbed her ass into his crotch. By then, Josh was rock hard, veins throbbing. His eyes rolled back into his head.

"And thanks for playing," Danielle said as she shoved Randi away and took Josh's dick in her hand. "My turn."

Danielle rubbed her bare breasts on Josh's chest and slowly moved downward toward his waiting member. She paused to engulf his prick between her tits and moved up and down. Josh let out a big moan. Then, by surprise, Danielle continued to move slowly downward. Cheering started around the room.

When her face arrived at dick level, Danielle took one fleeting glance up at Josh, winked at him, and took his cock into her mouth.

"Euewwww," moaned Amy.

Danielle simply grinned and began to move the big cock in and out of her mouth.

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