by The Sympathetic Devil

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mind Control, Science Fiction, MaleDom, Black Female, White Male, White Female, Caution, Transformation, .

Desc: Sex Story: A day in the life of the receptionist at Bimbotech, Inc.<br> A vulgar, misogynistic tale. You've been warned.

A day in the life of the receptionist at Bimbotech. This story is vulgar, nasty, and deeply misogynistic. If you don't like it, don't read it.

Tittiefuck looked up from her long, purple-painted nails to greet the latest client. As usual, it was an angry woman with a flier.

"Hi, I'm Tittiefuck! Welcome to Bimbotech Inc.!" she said, smiling wide.

The woman stopped and stared. They often did. Tittiefuck was so pretty since they fixed her! Her titties were so big and round now, her ass so full and firm! The company had taught her how to spray her hair and blow it big and wild. They had given her new clothes like this shiny purple dress that looked so nice against her chocolate-colored skin. Talk about your benefits package!

The new client must not work for a nice company like Tittiefuck did, the receptionist observed. She didn't look pretty at all! Tittiefuck couldn't see her boobies but they couldn't be very big. A C-cup at most. She was wearing an ugly, ugly suit that covered up everything! Tittiefuck wasn't very smart but she did know that if you wanted guys to fuck you, you had to dress sexy. It was so funny that smart girls didn't know that! Oh well, the company would help her. Then she would get fucked more and be happy!

"Can I help you?" Tittiefuck asked.

"This... this is a joke, right?" said the woman, staring at her name tag. "Some sick, twisted joke?"

"Maybe!" Tittiefuck said, "I dunno; I don't usually get jokes but I usually laugh anyway."

She demonstrated for the new client, giggling long and loud and shaking her titties as she did so.

"I... This was a mistake," said the woman, "I'll complain to the Better Business Bureau instead."

"Well that wouldn't be very nice," Tittiefuck pointed out.

"This... this is just so wrong!" the woman exclaimed, seeming to regain her previous anger, "Tell me, don't you have any self-respect at all?"

Tittiefuck giggled at this.

"Of course Tittiefuck has self-respect! Tittiefuck is very pretty and very sexy and super-fuckable!"

"Unbelievable," said the woman, shaking her head, "Absolutely unbelievable. Are you on drugs?"

Tittiefuck just giggled at that. The woman backed toward the door.

"I think I'll just go to the Better Business Bureau. And maybe the cops. This is just too weird."

She pulled on the door handle but of course it didn't open.

"You can't get out that way, silly!" Tittiefuck exclaimed, "You have to get processed before you can get out!"

"What?" exclaimed the angry lady, "Look you bimbo, you let me out of here right now or I'm calling the cops!"

She pulled out her cell phone.

"Only Bimbotech phones may be used in the Bimbotech offices," Tittiefuck explained. The lady tried and tried to get her phone to work anyway. Tittiefuck shook her head. Smart girls could be so stupid!

"If you want to go out, you have to see Mr. Corbin first," Tittiefuck exclaimed, "This way."

Tittiefuck got up on her 6 inch platform heals to take her to see Mr. Corbin in Attitude Adjustment.

"No!" shouted the woman and grabbed Tittiefuck's phone. She stared at the phone, not knowing what to do.

Once again, Tittiefuck was amazed at how stupid the woman was. The blue button was for Mr. Corbin, the red one for Mr. Lorenz, the green one for Mr. Comer, and the Yellow one for Mr. Fink. It wasn't like it was one of those hard phones with all the numbers!

Obviously this was another difficult client. Luckily, Tittiefuck knew what to do. She pushed the difficult client button--the big purple one on her desk. The happy pink fog sprayed out of the nozzle on the front of her desk right at the woman's face. A happy pink cloud surrounded her head.

"Ack! Coff-coff! Oh God! What is this! What did you do! Oh god! You poisoned me! Coff! Coff!"

"Oh don't be silly," said Tittiefuck, going around to the client, "It's not poison, it's happy fog!"

To show her, Tittiefuck breathe in a little of it herself. Tittiefuck really liked happy fog but she got in trouble if she used the purple button on herself and was sent home without any sex.

"Happy fog?" the client asked, wobbling on her feet a bit. "What? I... I feel so... dizzy... floaty... oh wow..."

"See! You're feeling better already!" Tittiefuck told her.

She leaned over the desk and hit the blue button on her phone.

"Mr. Corbin, there's a new client ready to see you," she said when Mr. Corbin answered.

"That's great, Tittiefuck! I was just thinking that a new client would make my morning! Is she being difficult?"

"She was, sir, but I hit the happy button."

"Oh, fuck. Well, it will wear off in a few minutes. I suppose I can wait. Why don't you bring her down to my office."

"Right away, sir!" she said.

"Mr. Corbin will see you now," Tittiefuck told the woman who teetered there looking at the fluorescent lights and smiling.

"Huh?" she said.

Tittiefuck giggled. It was nice that she wasn't so angry anymore.

"You have to come with me," Tittiefuck explained and took her hand.

"Oh," she said and let herself be led.

"I forgot to ask! What's your name?"

"Trina?" the woman asked.

"Oh. I used to have an ugly name too. Maybe if you're good, Mr. Corbin will give you a pretty name like Tittiefuck!"

"Huh?" said the client and Tittiefuck giggled.

The computer recognized Tittiefuck's face and opened the door for them. They went down the hall to the blue door and knocked. Mr. Corbin opened the door. Mr. Corbin was really sexy. He was short, fat and bald with really thick glasses.

"Hello Tittiefuck! What have you brought me this morning?"

"Her name's Trina," she said, pointing to the spacey client.

"Not for long it's not," said Mr. Corbin.

"Are you gonna give her a pretty name like mine?" she asked.

"Oh most definitely!" he exclaimed, "Bring her in now and let's see what we've got to work with."

Tittiefuck lead the client in and Mr. Corbin took her purse and brief case.

"Just strap her in the chair," he instructed as he pillaged her accessories.

Tittiefuck helped the client get into the big chair in the middle of the room and fastened the straps around her legs, arms, waist, neck, and forehead. The woman continued to smile with her mouth half open and her eyes wide. Tittiefuck thought she looked much prettier that way, even though she was still ugly.

"Let's see, Trina Castner, MBA... You went to business school, didn't you Tittiefuck?"

Tittiefuck giggled.

"Yeah, that was silly stupid! It didn't help me get fucked at all!"

"No, not directly, of course. But if you hadn't become vice president and been made our supervisor, we might not have promoted you to receptionist after the hostile takeover."

"I got promoted! I got promoted!" Tittiefuck sang, swinging her titties back and forth and stroking her cunt at the mention of the happiest day of her life.

"Yes, you did!" said Mr. Corbin, "And a good thing too! You were a bitch of a boss but you're the best receptionist a man could hope to come on!"

Tittiefuck giggled and basked in the compliment.

"Speaking of which, I'd much rather wait until Ms. Castner can struggled a bit before I help her with her attitude. How about I give you a bonus while I wait?"

"Yeah!" exclaimed Tittiefuck, "Where does Mr. Corbin want to give Tittiefuck her bonus?"

"Well I didn't name you Tittiefuck for nothing, now did I? Lose the top and I'll make use of those huge melons Gary gave you."

Grinning with anticipation, Tittiefuck freed her gargantuan jugs from the shiny purple top. She went to the dispenser that hung on every wall at Bimbotech and smeared lube between her pleasure pillows, then lay down on the couch.

"Please fuck Tittiefuck's titties and cum all over her face!" she requested.

Mr. Corbin chuckled.

"Damn I love my job!" he said, dropping his pants and straddling the receptionist.

"Oooo," she exclaimed, seeing Mr. Corbin's half-erect prick, "Yummy cock! Tittiefuck loves cock! Tittiefuck is a cock sucking bimbo whore!"

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