The Library Isn't Just for Reading

by frog

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Masturbation, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, School, .

Desc: Sex Story: A chance meeting brings Paul and Pam together in the college library. While they are discovering each other and their own passions, they also find that reading is not the only thing that goes on in the stacks. After all, what better place to study human behavior than in the library?

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Paul - Day 1

The warm sunshine on Paul's back felt grand as he studied in his usual place on the library's second floor. The giant window behind him provided an expansive view of the university campus and the city beyond. The desk opposite his provided a different view. It had lost its modesty panel years ago, so, while the former view gave him inspiration to study, the latter attracted the occasional coed who provided inspiration of a different sort.

At first, Paul barely noticed motion to his left. His eyes popped when he realized that an amazingly beautiful creature had chosen "the" desk as her study site. The sunshine reflected off of her long honey-blond hair and made it almost glow from within. She had one of those long, lithe bodies that seemed impossibly thin, yet very fit. She clearly was comfortable with her lanky body because she moved like music or poetry. Her tanned legs were astonishingly long and shapely with subtle curves everywhere. As if having a breathtakingly beautiful face and extraordinary legs was not enough, her breasts were firm globes just a bit too large for her otherwise delicate frame. All this was encased in a tight sleeveless black tee shirt cropped at the waist and a tiny, black miniskirt. Paul glanced around the library and noted that everyone--male and female--were staring at this commanding beauty.

The girl tossed her hair back carelessly and sat down adjusting her very short skirt as she did. The bright sunshine from behind Paul did its magic and illuminated otherwise dark places. Paul caught a tantalizing glimpse of a triangle of white, shiny material under her skirt. "Worth the walk up the stairs today for sure," he thought. A familiar tingle started in his groin.

The girl crossed her enticing legs and, in doing so, flashed a broad length of her thigh. "She will have to uncross those legs again in a while and then... oh, the view... I can't wait," thought Paul. He pretended to read his class notes looking up frequently as if he were committing them to memory. The air conditioning vent over the girl's head began to have a visible effect on her ample tits. Paul could see her nipples slowly hardening in the cool breeze. They appeared just a little higher on her breasts than he expected and were becoming hard buttons against the soft fabric of her bra and shirt.

Without warning the girl looked up at him. Paul tried to remain nonchalant hoping that she didn't notice him staring at her chest. Catching his eye, she flashed a quick, radiant smile and went back to her reading. Paul returned the smile and, when she looked away, he grasped the chance to check out her legs and hemline again. Just as he did, the girl uncrossed her legs and a larger portion of her white panties became visible for an instant.

Paul drank in the view, then froze when he realized that she was looking at him again. "Busted," he thought. "Better be cool about this." He swiveled in his chair and stared out the window for a moment. He hopped up, got a quick drink from a nearby water fountain, and returned to his place.

Upon his return, the girl seemed deep in thought. She poured over her notes, absentmindedly twirled a lock of her hair, and chewed on the end of her pencil. Paul's dick tingled again when he contemplated her thick lips pursed around the pencil eraser. Slowly her legs parted. Just a small bit at first, then a little more.

"Yes, baby!" Paul mused. "Forget where you are, forget I'm here. Just relax. Yes! Show me, baby, show me!"

Slowly the white panty triangle reappeared under her small skirt. The bright sunshine acted like a spotlight on her most intimate spot. Paul reached down to adjust his hardening cock. Suddenly his pants felt very confining. A chill went through him. She was looking at him again. "Caught one more time," Paul thought. He lowered his eyes.

The girl looked at her watch and began collecting her things. She shoved her books into her backpack and zipped it closed. She began to rise from her chair. As she did, she swung one leg around completely exposing her panty-clad crotch. Paul involuntarily sucked in his breath and held it. In the bright light, he could discern the outline of her labia beneath the shiny cloth. He saw the delicate lace fringe around each leg opening. Time seemed to stop for an instant.

Then she was gone. Paul suddenly had an electric charge zoom through him that concentrated itself in his raging erection. "Life is good," thought Paul.

Pam - Day 1

The most wonderful moment in Pam's short life was waving goodbye to her parents as they drove away from her dormitory on the first day of college. She was free at last--free from her ultraconservative parents and all that they had forced her to do. Now she could do what she wanted, go where she wanted, and most importantly, wear whatever she wanted to wear. No more than thirty minutes after her parents departed, Pam and her new roommate were in the nearby department store buying new wardrobes. "It's time to create the new Pam," she happily thought.

Pam's roommate talked her into getting a couple of mini-skirts. Pam wanted so much to be different than ever before, but even then, the mini-skirts were not very comfortable for her. Her newfound freedom didn't completely do away with her modesty. She, however, bowed to peer pressure and bought the short skirts anyway.

Pam had worn her new mini-skirt only on one other occasion when she pulled it on to go to the library. She looked in the mirror and liked what she saw--a beautiful, young, smiling, confident woman. "With this skirt, I'll just have to be sure and keep my legs together," she thought, "and not bend over too far."

Pam liked it when she noticed heads turning in her direction while she walked across campus. After years of frumpy, bulky clothes, little or no makeup, and hair in a perpetual ponytail, she wondered if anyone would ever notice her. Clearly they did... and she really enjoyed the attention. On this trip to the library, she allowed her hips to sway just a little more than usual. A big smile spread across her face and she greeted all those that she met. She could feel guys' eyes on her back as they turned after she had passed them. This was her coming out party. She felt terrific!

When she took her place at the desk in the library, Pam noticed the guy sitting across from her. "Cute!" she thought. "Dark hair, athletic build, little dimples in each cheek... but, alas, the studies are calling." She sighed and turned her attention to a quick review of her notes before class.

Pam sensed someone looking at her and glanced up from her reading. "He's looking at me," she noted. "Oh my! What a time for my nipples to get hard! How embarrassing! I know that he can see them. Smile, Pammie. Maybe he won't really notice anything."

Pam saw him return her smile. "Ooo, very cute," she thought. "Those dimples really become obvious when he smiles. He has the smile of a warm, sensitive person."

Pam stared at Paul when he made his way to the drinking fountain. "Very nice ass! Firm. Small. Great hair." Pam almost laughed at herself for thinking such naughty thoughts. She felt aroused by those thoughts as well. A tiny bit of electricity shot through her pussy. She squeezed her legs together and enjoyed the sensation. "Oh well... back to the books," she pouted.

Pam came to the end of a section in her notes and glanced up. The guy was staring directly at her legs. She pressed her knees together quickly. "He was looking up my skirt!" she realized. "Oh my gosh!" The tingle in her pussy now had grown into full horniness.

"My god, he is feeling himself. I think I am giving him an erection!" Pam blushed. She felt simultaneous embarrassment and excitement. Her conservative upbringing began to kick in and she felt a tiny moment of shame. "Proper young ladies are not supposed to have these feelings, " she thought. But, her erotic feelings persisted and grew.

The thought of her having a direct sexual effect on him was a thrill for Pam. She couldn't get those sexy thoughts out of her mind. She had never actually seen a penis, but she knew how things worked. "So much for getting any studying done now," Pam surmised. "I guess I had better head to class." By now, her pussy burned and ached to be touched. "Later," she thought.

He was looking at her again. Suddenly without thinking, Pam acted in a way completely uncharacteristic of her--a way so different that she surprised herself. When she stood to go, she purposely spread her legs apart and allowed a full view of her panty-covered pussy. She acted totally on impulse. A thrill shot through her. "Take that!" she thought. Never in her life had she felt so alive as when she walked out of the library into the bright sunlight.

Pam - Day 2

The "stacks" in the university library where all the books and periodicals were stored was either an architectural wonder or nightmare depending on your viewpoint. It was a mammoth maze of stairs, narrow aisles and corridors, shelves from floor to ceiling, nooks, and crannies created by what was, in effect, a gigantic metal scaffolding built within the building. There were little elevators here and there because the floors within the stacks didn't correspond with the floors in the rest of the building. Most of time, people felt secure walking around in the labyrinth of library shelving, except when they noticed that beneath each bottom row of shelving was a space that opened onto the top shelves of the floor below. Seeing those spaces gave one the full sense of being high in the air surround by thousands of tons of tomes encased in a metal frame. Typically, the bottom shelves were covered with books so most users rarely noticed how the structure fit together.

Pam hated going to the lower floors of the stacks. The lower one went, the darker and mustier the place became. The lowest floors were reserved for the least used collections, so Pam always felt completely alone when she went down there. She didn't like being isolated among all those books. You never knew who or what lurked around the next corner within the maze of shelving.

Nevertheless, tonight the computer had indicated that the book she needed was on the next to the bottom stack floor, so she found herself riding the creaky old one, maybe two, person elevator with the folding metal mesh door down into the bowels of the stacks. She got out of the cage at Floor 2 and sighed when she realized that her book likely was located over on the very last row in the corner. As hastily as possible, she followed the signage through the twists and turns. Absolutely no one was around. "I guess most everyone--except for studious little Pammie--is out partying," Pam lamented as she finally rounded the corner into the next-to-the-last aisle and found herself literally in the most remote corner of that floor.

Pam scanned down the lines of dusty books. "Wouldn't you know it... the stupid book is on the bottom shelf," she surmised. Pam got down on her knees, scanned the row, and lifted the book from its place. A flash of motion and color beneath the wire mesh shelf suddenly caught her eye. With her book removed, she could slightly see into the stacks below through the space in the floor. The top shelf on the next floor was either gone or had no books so she could see directly into the narrow space between the shelving.

And, what a sight it was! Pam gently removed another book from the shelf in front of her so she could widen her field of view.

Below her were two people obviously in the throes of passion. They were leaning against the end of the row of shelving locked in a lingering kiss. The guy's hands roamed all over the girl's body. Both were breathing heavily.

"Oh my," thought Pam. "They certainly have a secluded spot... bottom corner of the stacks and just around the last shelf." She quietly moved a few more books so that she had a clearer bird's eye view of the proceedings.

The guy began to fondle the girl's breasts through her clothes. The girl softly moaned and tossed her hair back. Pam saw her face. The girl's eyes were closed and her expression was one of heightening pleasure. "She certainly is enjoying this," thought Pam.

The guy suddenly grasped the bottom of the girl's tee shirt and pulled it up over her head. He kissed her delicate neck and shoulders. In turn, the girl lifted off the guy's tee shirt exposing his muscular build. With each kiss and each passing moment, the couple's movements became more frantic. The girl began to fumble with the guy's belt buckle. She rubbed his bulging crotch through his pants while the guy reached around to unhook her shiny white satin bra.

The sight of the two impassioned lovers had a profound effect on Pam. She seemed so close to them, just above their heads, yet they were obliviously to her presence. She watched the guy's firm muscles ripple when the girl removed his shirt. A shiver coursed through Pam's body. It seemed to start from deep within her pussy and found its way all over her. Goosebumps sprang up on her arms and legs.

The guy managed to unhook the girl's bra after some effort accompanied by giggles from the girl. The giggles turned to gasps when he pulled the bra free and began to kiss the pouty little nipples on the tips of her breasts, one after another. Again, the girl threw her head back, this time with eyes wide open.

Pam shrank back from the opening in fear of being caught, but, upon seeing the wild, distant look in the girl's eyes, Pam knew that the girl was feeling rather than seeing. Pam's hand crept up her own skirt toward her now moist pussy. The sights and sounds below were getting her thoroughly aroused.

The girl pulled away from her lover and knelt in front of him. She finished unbuckling and unzipping his pants. She looked up into his eyes and then pulled both his pants and his underwear down in one swift motion. His erect cock sprang free almost hitting the girl in the face. The girl smiled a sheepish little smile and took his hard dick into her mouth. This time it was the guy whose head arched back in ecstasy.

Pam had never seen a man's penis in real life before. From her perch, she could almost see every vein. Just the sight of it was fascinating and thrilling, but when the girl began to suck the guy off, Pam nearly fainted. She had heard of blowjobs, but she never imagined that such would be so stimulating to watch. She began to furiously finger her own pussy through her panties. Every finger stroke sent lightening bolts from her engorged clitoris. With her other hand, she clutched her own breast and began to imagine what a man's touch would feel like on both these most sensitive parts of her body.

The man removed his cock from the girl's grasp and gently laid her back on the floor. He unbuttoned her shorts and slid them off. He stopped for a moment to admire her skimpy little panties and then reached under her ass and tore them from her. The girl's entire body stretched out under the guy's admiring eyes... and Pam's. The girl's pussy seemed to glisten. That sight brought Pam to a new sexual height.

Pam expected the guy to plunge his penis into the waiting pussy, but instead he began to kiss his way down from the girl's tiny navel until he reached her pussy with his tongue. The girl grabbed the back of his head and pulled him tight against her snatch. She began to make low guttural sounds than Pam clearly could hear from the floor above.

Pam pushed her own panties aside and directly massaged her sensitive clitoris. The feeling of being at the brink of orgasm began to build inside her. She reached under her shirt and pinched her nipple softly, then harder. Her fingers were now dripping with her own juices.

The guy kissed his way back up the length of the girl's body and suddenly thrust his dick into her waiting pussy with one forceful move of his hips. From her view above him, Pam could see the muscles of his firm ass flexing as he moved first slowly, then faster and faster. Stark tan lines cut across his waist and legs giving even greater definition to the muscles in his firm tiny ass. She couldn't take her eyes of that muscular ass as it moved up and down with increasing intensity. Wave after wave of orgasms began to wash over Pam. She felt faint. She stifled her own scream and then heard those of the girl below. Soft grunts and moans came from both the guy and the girl as the guy arched his back. His body jerked and he shot his load with a loud groan.

Paul - Day 2

Paul was browsing through the sixth level library stacks, when he saw one of the elevators clanking its way down into the floors below. The elevator was simply a metal cage on cables, so he could easily see the occupant as the lift passed by.

"It's her!" he thought. "The girl from yesterday! The most beautiful girl with the most beautiful panties on campus."

Paul ran to the stairs and headed down hoping to catch another glimpse of the girl. He practical fell down three flights of stairs only to see the top of the elevator disappearing on its way down another level. Then he heard the familiar clank of the door opening on the floor below.

Paul climbed down one more set of stairs and began to find his way through the maze of bookshelves. At each corner he peeked around hoping to find the girl without being too obvious. He searched and searched, but the girl seemed to have disappeared into thin air. He rounded one last corner about to give up when suddenly there she was at the far end of the last aisle on her knees pulling out a book. He waited for her to get up and come his way, but she suddenly became motionless. "What's up with her?" he wondered.

She crouched lower peering at the shelf and removing a few more books. Her skirt road up on the side of shapely legs. Paul was shocked to see her reach between her legs and pulled her skirt even higher.

"Damn, I can't see much of anything from this angle," thought Paul. She was looking intently at the bottom shelf and her hair had fallen past the side of her face, so Paul realized that he could move to the next aisle unnoticed. He did so, got on all fours and began to crawl closer and closer to the girl. He peeked under the shelving wondering if he could get close enough to see her without being noticed. He past one last section of books and there she was.

"Jeez! She is playing with herself," Paul thought. By lying on his stomach and peering over the bottom shelf of books, he could see her hand busily working on what was beneath her white panties. By looking over the second shelf, he could see her other hand fondling her breast. He prayed that she could not hear his pounding heart that seemed about to jump from his chest.

"I don't know what she is reading, but whatever it is, she must really be turned on by it," thought Paul. His own dick began to stiffen. Then Paul heard soft moans coming from the floor below. They were barely audible, but unmistakable in nature.

"She's watching someone making out! Well I'll be damned," surmised Paul. "This is the greatest moment of my short life!"

His view was magical. He tried not to move at all so that he would remain unnoticed, but he couldn't keep his hand off his now hard cock. All at once, the girl spread her legs wider and pulled her panties to the side. Her skirt had ridden all the way up and Paul could see dark public hair under the girl's feverishly moving fingers.

Paul slowly unzipped his pants and freed his bulging dick from its tight constraints. He began to stroke up and down as quietly as possible while he watched this most amazing show unfolding a few feet away. He couldn't see the girl's face at all, but this reassured him that she couldn't see him either. He could see her fingers now glistening with her juices as they played.

His spunk built within him quickly and he had nowhere to shoot but on the floor and books beside him. "The custodians will wonder about this one," he thought as he blasted his load all over the books in front of him.

The girl stood and slipped off each of her shoes. Paul watched as she tiptoed back down the aisle. When she had passed, he quickly and silently hopped up and got his package back in order. He felt the last drops of cum as they landed in his underwear. He slowly made his way back up the aisle and around a few twists and turns through the maze.

Paul neared the elevator. He looked around and, seeing no one, pulled open the metal door and stepped inside. Just before he pushed the button, a voice called out.

"Could you hold the elevator, please?"

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