Night of Dreams

by BBWGoddess

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, First, Oral Sex, Slow, .

Desc: Sex Story: This night would end with the fulfillment of shared dreams. All things are possible if you believe long enough.

She was cleaning up, ready to close her shop. It had been a tiring day, one of her helpers hadn?t shown up. She heard a bit of commotion from the remaining customers and when she looked up at first all she could see was a big bouquet of field flowers. After a second glance she recognized the silly grin above the flowers. It was the face of her current boyfriend. He told her he had a surprise for her. She hoped it didn?t require much thought since she was so tired. He waited for her to close up and said they were going back to his place. She wondered what sort of trick he had up his sleeve. When they got there he told her to sit on the couch and rest and stay out of the kitchen!

He brought her a drink and told her to relax. She watched TV for awhile but dozed off waiting for him. He came in about 30 mins.later to get her, he watched her sleep for a moment and for the first time realized this might be the one he loses his heart to. He wakes her gently and asks her to come to the kitchen. He has fixed her a candlelight dinner. It isn?t much. Spaghetti, a salad and garlic bread. To her it was as nice as any expensive dinner in any restaurant because he had done it all himself just for her.

She couldn?t believe her good fortune in finding this man, she decided this one might be a keeper. He was very pleased at her response, he was hoping this evening would be the culmination of all his hopes and desires. He wanted her so badly it was almost a physical hurt every time she went away. The dinner was very pleasant. He picked up her hand and kissed her palm and held her hand to his face. He wanted to bury himself in the scent and feel of her. As she was helping him clean up he came up behind her and put his hands on her shoulders for a quick rub. He moved her hair aside and gave her a small kiss on the nape of her neck. He heard the soft intake of her breath and knew that he had found one of her secret spots. Unlike other times she did not pull away but seemed to melt back into his arms. He slid his arms around her waist and she covered his hands with hers. He knew that she could feel his growing hardness between them but he was helpless to stop it. It was a wild animal out of control and at her mercy. He reveled in the softness of her. He felt her imperfections, but he knew that without them she would not be the person he loved. He turned her to face him and gave her a gentle kiss on the lips that quickly became a breath taking experience, leaving both of them gasping. He continued to kiss her face and neck, all the while she was making little sounds of delight in her throat. It was more than he could bare he had to have her. He slid his hand under the back of her shirt to feel the skin of her back. It was like touching fire she felt so hot to him. He finally stopped and just looked at her a moment drinking in the flush of heat on her face. He didn?t have to ask out loud, she knew what was in his heart because before he could say a word she breathed a sigh and whispered ?yes, yes?. He felt he was the luckiest man in the world. He took her hand and led her to his bed. He kissed her over and over unable to stop. They slowly undressed each other.

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