Camping With Friends

by Stosh79_00

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Swinging, .

Desc: Sex Story: I go camping with my buddy and his girl and we all end up switching girls.

It was a chilly afternoon when the troops and I made our way up to the Adirondack Mountains. We were going to spend the weekend at a state park and climb some of the high peaks in the area. The party consisted of my best bud John, his girl Jenny, my girlfriend, and myself. Jenny was a hottie being the youngest at 19, well Lisa (my girl) being 20 and Chris and I 21 years old.

Well anyway it was 530 when we got to the site, I built the fire cause I rock at fire building... also I am the only on who has ever really camped in the wilderness. The two girls went exploring and John went down to the lake to see if he could catch dinner.

I had dinner ready when the girls returned and all tents were set up there was one cook tent and two, 2 people tents. The girls were impressed with the way dinner tasted and how I set up camp and man I was impressed with the way the girls looked in their redneck camping outfits. Lisa was wearing a nice wool sweater and a pair of camos I gave her that my sister wore when she went hunting. Jenny was wearing a pair of wool pants and a wool sweater that could just about show every curve she had... I got an instant erection when I saw her.

Well we shot the shit for a little while drinking beers and buttered rum (a camping favorite). Then we all retired, for tomorrow was going to be a tough day. When we got to our tents we had nothing glowing but a candle and Lisa mentioned how romantic the scenery was and I knew that it meant, "hey, I wanna fuck".

I purposely bought one of those bags that you could zip into one bag. I was on bottom as she sat down on me with nothing but a bra and panty combo on and her tied in a pretty bow and when she let down her hair and had that sinister looking grin on her face... Man she was sexy... 36 b breasts, 22 inch waist, 5'10" tall oh man... she was on the pill so I didn't need any rubbers or anything so she started kissing my neck and sucking on my ear as I scratched the shit out of her back. She then started working her way down my chest sucking on my nipples and then kissing and tonguing my belly button. When she finally made it down to my boxers, which to my surprise she stopped and reached under her pillow and pulled out the one hand opened knife I had bought her and then she cut my shorts off. I was scared to say the least, but then she resumed sucking and kissing my cock.

She sucked me into orgasm and said, "was that good for you? " Shit yeah! Was my response and she said "why don't you blow out the candle and let me know when you are ready to go again!" So after about ten minuets later I was ready, during that time she was slowly rocking up and down on my cock and playing with her tits. Man I was hard as rock again. She then slipped my meat inside her with no problem at all. She was in charge at first slowly going up and down while I played with her tits and hair. Then I decided to take over cause shit it was late and we had a big day ahead of us and I decided to do her in the ass she loved it when I did that! I knew that the tightness would have me spent in the matter of seconds. So I was pounding away when I heard "Hey--you two better get some sleep cause we ain't waiting for you tomorrow!" It was Jenny she heard us fucking and man was I embarrassed because just as she said something I shot my load up Lisa's ass. Which after that we went to bed...

The next morning...

We got up and the Girls rushed off to shower while John and I prepared breakfast. Today we were going to climb mount Algonquin.

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