My Sea Nymph

by Diomedes

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Desc: Sex Story: Man Meets stranger on the beach

© 2002

I had bought a small cottage that overlooked the cove, waves pounded the beach, while gulls screamed in pleasure as they dipped and wheeled across the sky. The cottage was reached by driving 2 miles down a deep rutted, rough track; it snuggled into the side of a hill, protected from prying eyes by a small wood of tall oak, beach and sycamore.

When I first saw the cottage it seemed to call to me and within a month I had moved in. The nearest village was 5 miles away, the nearest large town 10 miles along narrow twisting hedge and wall enclosed roads. For some reason it suited me perfectly, I love waking to the sound of nature, the birds, wind and waves, the thought of a city scares me with its crowds and noise.

The cottage is stone built with slate roof and oak dark beams, a large stone fireplace gives welcome warmth when the storms pound against the windows. I'm lucky that a previous owner had paid for the cottage to be connected to mains water, electricity and gas and that they had also had the phone line placed underground. All this meant that my home had all the comforts of the 21st Century, but the charm and character of the 17th.

It was one of those warm spring days, the ones that hold a promise that summer is just around the corner. I was sitting on the beach, my bare feet wet from walking through the surf a book open beside me as I lay back and savoured the warm Sun. Laying there I watched the clouds playing chase with the Sun, seeing fairy castles and dragons in fluffy shapes.

Stretching I sat and retrieving my book settled down to read.


The voice made me jump, as it brought me back to reality, looking up I saw a young woman standing in front of me.

"Sorry, did I make you jump?"

"It's OK, I was miles away"

"Do you mind if I sit down"

I smiled and shook my head as she lowered herself to the sand beside me.

"I'm Megan"

"Hi, I'm Phil"

"What's the book?"

Closing my book I passed it to her.


"It seems a good place to read it"

As she looked through the pages of my book, I looked at her, she was slim and petite, long blonde hair was trapped in a pony tail the hung down her back. Deep green eyes looked from a face that seemed to speak of strength and yet mischief. A ready smile and full lips added to a beauty that had my heart beating with desire. She was wearing a cream dress, the Sun passing through it as she sat down revealed her slim feminine figure. Her feet like mine were bare and dusted with sand, for some strange reason I found myself yearning to touch and hold this stranger.

"Read me one"

I looked up quickly, the smile that played across her lips and the glint in her eyes spoke volumes and I felt myself blush as I realised she had caught me staring at her.


"A poem, read me one, please" she said holding the book towards me.

"I don't know"


I reached for the book.

"This one"

I looked at her and then at the page she was pointing to.

"That one, hmm,

Drink to me only with thine eyes,

And I will pledge with mine;

Or leave a kiss but in the cup,

And I'll not look for wine..."

As I read the poem, Song to Celia by Ben Jonson, I watched Megan from the corner of my eye. Her eyes were closed as she listened to my words, a smile playing across her parted lips.

"... Since when it grows and smells, I swear, not of itself, but thee."

There was moment of silence before Megan spoke,

"That was beautiful"

I found I couldn't stop from returning her smile of pleasure and happiness.

"I'm glad you liked it"

Sitting together we talked about the cove and the countryside around us. I'm not a great conversationalist, but with Megan my words seemed to flow. I was only aware of her; the world around me paled into insignificance as I gazed upon her beauty and listened to her softly spoken words.

We both looked up with surprise when large raindrops hit us, the once blue sky was now covered with thick grey clouds, looking across the bay we could see the headland disappearing in a wall of seething rain.

"Do you live far away," I asked

"The village"

Megan replied pointing to towards the darkest clouds.

"You'll get soaked if you try to go home, look I live just up there on top of the cliffs," I said pointing "Why don't you come with me, we can have something to eat and later if the rain doesn't stop I can give you a lift home"

"I guess that would be best, thank you"

Why I said what I said next I do not know, looking back it seems corny.

"I'll do nothing to hurt you"

She just smiled "I know"

It seemed only natural to reach for her hand, her cool fingers locked with mine as we headed up the steep path that climbed the cliff face. We were about ten feet above the beach when the rain hit, the world closed in on us and within moments we were wet through, our hair and clothes plastered to our bodies. We slipped and climbed up the cliff, before running hand in hand to my cottage.

Standing in the kitchen we looked at each other, the water dripped from us to puddle on the stone floor.

"I'll show you the bathroom and I'll find you something to wear"

"We can't walk around your house like this, we'll get water everywhere"

I stared in wonder as she slipped her wet dress off.

"It's not a free show," she said with a smile.

"Sorry," I apologised as I pulled my shirt off before stepping from my jeans.

We were both dressed in only our underwear, Megan's wet bra seemed to highlight her dark nipples that pocked from her full breasts, while her panties were moulded to her mons and almost see through. I felt my cock jump and begin to harden, quickly I turned away, hoping she hadn't noticed my aroused state.

"Bathrooms this way," I said leading her up the stairs.

I pushed open the bathroom door and stepped aside trying as best I could to hide my erection.

"Is it OK if I take a shower?"

"Yes no problem, I'll get you a robe and towel and then see if I can find you something to wear"

Rather than walking into the bathroom Megan stepped towards me,


I gazed deeply into her eyes and with a shaking hand I brushed her cheek, she moved closer to me. Bending forward I pressed my lips to hers as my hands slipped around her lithe body to draw her against me. Her tongue brushed my lips; I parted them and moaned in pleasure as it slipped into my mouth. I slipped a hand down her back to cup and fondle her firm arse cheeks as our bodies pressed together. I slid my hands up her back to open the clasp on her bra.

Megan pulled away from me allowing her bra to fall to the floor as she spoke two words.

"Love me"


Taking her hand I led her to my bedroom and lifted her onto my bed, I stopped to skim my underwear down before climbing beside her. We kissed deeply our tongues duelling in our mouths as her hands pulled my head against hers and my hands explored her body; from her svelte neck to her panty clad pussy.

Pulling apart I gazed with longing and lust at the Megan, the beautiful nymph that lay beside me. My need and desire were mirrored in Megan's eyes, eyes that I kissed gently before trailing kisses across her face, from hairline to chin and ear to ear. I slid lower kissing my way down her neck to her full firm breasts. She moaned in pleasure as my lips closed over a swollen nipple to suck and nibble, while a hand played with her other breast. I trailed kisses from one brown nipple to the other, running my tongue into the valley between. She tasted of rain and the sea and something else that seemed to increase my arousal.

I suckled and kissed the rubbery flesh of her nipples, playing my tongue across and around them, as Megan's moans of pleasure filled my ears. The scent of her arousal sent my wondering mouth lower, skipping across her stomach to tongue her navel before moving down. I kissed the line of her panties as I breathed deeply of her female aroma, before hooking my fingers into the waistband and sliding them down from her hips and over her thighs. I followed the flimsy garment with kisses and strokes until I pulled them from her feet.

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