Cabin - Story 1

by Sigerson Holmes

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Incest, Brother, Sister, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Story 1 of The Cabin stories. Max takes his sister Marti up to the family cabin for a week. They get very well acquainted.


This is the first of three stories that I wrote just to try my hand at something. Each story is called The Cabin and each starts with the same scene:

Two people Marti and Max are driving in an SUV on a rough road to a cabin where they will spend a few weeks vacationing.

In each story the characters are related in different ways. The scene of the two people in SUV was the scene that first got me interested in writing the story. I did not know the relationship between the characters and after several attempts to get the story going I wrote three different Chapter 1s. I had intended to keep one and discard the others but could not decide which one to keep. I decided to try to develop each story for a few more chapters and see which one appealed to me the most. After a while I just decided to finish them all. I hope you like them.

Story 1 - Max (Brother) and Marti (Sister)

Story 2 - Max (Father) and Marti (Daughter) (and more)

Story 3 - Max (Nephew) and Marti (Aunt) (and more)

Chapter 1

The road was even worse than I remembered. It was one switchback after another as my sister and I drove up the mountain to our parents cabin. The road was almost washed out in places. The tree branches were so close that that at times the windshield was totally blocked by leaves as we drove through them. It looked like no one had driven down the road in years.

I glanced at Marti. I felt my face flush at the thought of what I had done to her last night.

Marti and I had been close as long as I could remember. I took care of her while I was in junior high and high school. My parents and Marti and I had come up to this cabin for summer vacations every year while I was still living at home. Usually Marti and I drove up the week before our parents to open up the cabin and clean it out. That week we spent alone cleaning the cabin, fishing, swimming, and sunning ourselves was often the best part of the vacation. The last time we had been up here was the summer after I graduated from high school.

Marti turned twelve while we were up here alone for that week. I surprised her by giving her a real string bikini. It turned out to be too way big for her. She had worn it any way. The suit was always in imminent danger of falling down to expose a butt cheek or a breast. Neither of those parts of her body was developed enough to merit a second look anyway but I did find it a little stimulating watching her try to keep that suit on. I had begun to find myself thinking about removing the bikini so that I could get a closer look at her breasts and crotch. I had some distinctly unbrotherly feelings about Marti. I didn't act on those feelings but I spent a lot of time watching and fantasizing.

After vacation I had immediately gone off to college to acquire a Civil Engineering degree. I spent summers interning for an Engineering company so I had not been able to return home for summer vacation. Marti hadn't been able to come to my graduation from college and I left the next day for a job in Africa so we didn't see each other that time either. I had worked sixty-hour weeks on one project after another for the same company for the next three years. When I received the announcement about Marti's high school graduation I decided enough was enough. I told the company I was going home for the summer. If I had a job at the end of August I would be back then. If not they could forward my remaining pay to my parent's house and they would see that I got it.

I had arrived back home just in time to go to the graduation exercises with the family. Marti and I sat in the back seat on the way to the high school. She sat much closer than necessary. She held my arm so close that I could feel her breast pressed against my bicep. She talked non-stop about anything and everything all the way to the school for the graduation exercises. Graduation was just as boring as when I went through it. It seemed to take hours for all those teens to walk across the stage to get a piece of paper.

After graduation, Marti invited me to come to a party at a friend's house. I declined at first but gave in after fifteen minutes of pleading. I figured I would hang around the party until Marti found another guy to hang out with and then call a cab. I could also get a look at some of her female classmates and if things clicked, maybe spend the night with someone.

The party was a classic graduation party. Too many boys were getting drunk on too much cheap beer. Too many girls were getting way too drunk on much less beer. I chatted with some of them but Marti kept running interference. She kept dragging me from one group of people to another and introducing me to her friends. Just as I would start to talk to a girl she would drag me to another group.

She never left my side except to use the john. She clung to my arm more and more as she drank. She kept pressing her breast into my arm. I was starting to find it a little arousing. Finally she came back from one bathroom break just as I was starting to get somewhere with a braless cheerleader. I was salivating at the thought of wrapping my lips around Miss Pompom's perky nipples and suckling like a starving infant. Marti draped herself on my arm with a death grip. When I moved my arm I discovered Marti had removed her bra while she was in the toilet. I could feel her erect nipple through the thin material of her blouse. It left a trail of burning flesh as it brushed along my upper arm.

Marti was also getting too wobbly to stand up. I put my arm around her waist to keep her from falling down.

I looked at Miss Pompom with lust and disappointment. "I think I'd better get Marti home," I said resignedly to Miss Pompom and her stiff little nipples. I could almost cry with the loss.

One of Marti's breasts popped out of her blouse as I was pouring her into the car. I covered it up and then opened her purse to see if she had at least had the sense to keep her bra with her after taking it off. It was in there all right. It was wrapped around her panties. At least I assumed the panties in her purse belonged to her. The lace pattern matched the pattern of the bra. I imagined several scenarios where two girls would go into a bathroom to remove their underclothes and exchange them with each other and then put the exchanged undergarments into their purses. I stayed with the simpler solution. I thought about putting my hand up Marti's skirt to see if she was wearing panties. I discarded that idea quickly.

Halfway home Marti started to moan. I recognized the signs and pulled off into a parking lot. I barely got her out of the car before she started heaving. I held her head and waist as she emptied out her stomach. When she was done she resumed her death grip on my arm. She mumbled and moaned. She clutched my arm to her chest as she kissed my hand. I couldn't understand anything she was saying. She finally calmed down and held my arm to her chest in such a way that my palm cupped her breast. I was horny after getting my hopes up with Miss Perky Nipples so I enjoyed the sensation of a firm female breast under my hand. Then I shook my head. Not just any female breast. This was my sister's breast. I moved my hand back to her ribcage.

I finally got Marti back in the car. I thought about how to handle things when we got home. I didn't want to put her to bed in her clothes. I considered my options. First option, I could wake up mom and let her put Marti to bed. That idea had several downsides. Mom would see that Marti was too drunk to even walk and she would see that Marti had managed to lose her underwear sometime during the evening. All while being escorted by her big brother. That option didn't make either of us look good. I discarded it.

Second option, I could put Marti to bed in her clothing. That left the possibility of Mom finding Marti in the morning before she got up and dressed. That was almost as bad as the first option.

Third option, I could remove Marti's clothes while she was passed out. Then I could wash the vomit off her face and chest and put her to bed. I could also rinse the puke out of her blouse and let her wake up with a well earned hangover and let her think that she managed all of that herself. There was the danger that Marti would wake up as I was doing all this and assume that I was trying to rape her. That seemed a remote possibility considering her state. There was also the danger that Mom would walk in as I was doing this and make the same assumptions. That also seemed remote. I was sure that I could hear Mom in time to get Marti covered up before it looked like I was molesting my sister. Marti's bedroom was in the basement and our parent's bedroom was on the second floor. The stairs squeaked and I was sure that I could hear them even in the basement.

I went with option three. I got a thrill out of making the decision. I got an erection just thinking about what I was about to do. I wasn't going to molest her. I was just going to put her to bed.

I got Marti downstairs as quietly as I could. She started waking up as we entered her bedroom. I felt the heaves starting again. I got her to the toilet just in time. There wasn't much left in her. She passed out again when she was done. I listened for footsteps on the stairs. There weren't any. I tried to wake Marti. She stubbornly refused to wake up. I got to work cleaning her up as we sat on the bathroom floor. My back was against a wall and I had Marti sitting on the floor between my legs with her back to me.

Her blouse was easy enough to remove. There were only a half dozen buttons that were large and easy to manipulate. I pulled the sleeves off her arms one at a time. I tried not to look but my eyes were drawn to Marti's breasts like iron filings to a magnet. Her breasts were large and firm. They had aureoles that were easily two inches in diameter with nipples the diameter of my little finger. I cupped a breast in each hand and gently squeezed each nipple between a thumb and forefinger. Marti moaned again. For a second I expected another attack of the dry heaves. "God, that feels good," she mumbled. "Do it again."

I thought I had been discovered. I was panicking as I tried to think of a way to explain to Marti why I was pinching her nipples on the bathroom floor. Marti started snoring.

My heart rate dropped to normal.

I moved my hands down to Marti's skirt. I found a zipper and a button on the side. I unbuttoned the button and unzipped the zipper. I laid Marti on the floor while I stood up. I left her there while I turned down her blankets. I opened the bedroom door and listened again for footsteps. Still nothing.

I threw Marti's arms over my shoulders and lifted her by her waist. I tugged the skirt off as I carried her to her bed. I kneeled down and set Marti's ass on the edge of the bed. I held her upright as I stood up. I let her head and upper body down gently on the mattress before swinging her legs up so that she laid flat on her back. As I had guessed she was not wearing panties. Despite my best intentions I took a few minutes to admire my sister's nude body.

She really was in good shape. Her tits still had some shape despite Marti's lying on her back. Her belly was flat and hard. She trimmed her pubic hair and shaved it into a vee shape so that she could wear a very tiny bikini. Her pussy lips were shaved clean. My cock was so hard it hurt. I tried to convince myself that my erection was due to Miss Pompom with the perky nipples but it was obvious even to me that I was getting aroused looking at my naked sister. I unzipped my jeans to relieve the strain on my cock.

I listened for any sound in the house. My mind was befuddled with arousal. I reached for Marti's crotch. I ran my finger along her slit. It felt so good I did it again. My finger slipped inside her crack. My mind was screaming 'Stop now, you rapist!' and 'No one will know!' at me. Unconsciously my fingertip found her clit and teased it. Marti moaned again and spread her legs. I put my lips around the closest breast and flicked my tongue across the erect nipple that sprang to attention in my mouth.

My arousal overrode my conscience. I suckled a breast as I fingered Marti's cunt. Marti began to move. One hand moved to her crotch and the other moved to cup the unsuckled breast. A few minutes later I heard her breath quicken and I felt her body shiver. She was having an orgasm in her sleep. I slowed my attentions to a stop. I reluctantly removed my mouth and hand from my unconscious sister.

My cock was throbbing. I stood up and started jacking off. It took me only a minute to cum. Between Marti's breasts pressed against my arm and Miss Pompom my balls had been aching for a good orgasm for hours. I shot stream after stream of cum all over Marti's breasts and belly. I sank to my knees as my orgasm subsided. The smell of fresh cum mixed with the smell of stale vomit finally roused me to my senses.

"Thank you, Max," Marti mumbled.

I felt like I had been doused with a bucket of ice water. I waited for a scream. I waited for a gasp of terror or panic. I waited for what seemed an eternity. Marti snored.

I zipped up on my way to the bathroom to get a washcloth. Whew I returned I saw that Marti had moved her hand in her sleep. She had smeared my cum all over her pubic hair and breasts. I hoped she hadn't gotten any in her vagina. I spread her pussy lips but didn't see any cum inside them.

I wiped her pussy lips and pubic hair with the washcloth. I ran back to the bathroom and returned with several more damp washcloths. I finished giving her a sponge bath. I paid special attention to her breasts. By the time I was done I was hard again. I was tempted to spread Marti's legs and fuck her but common sense prevailed. I had been lucky not to get caught with my hand in Marti's pussy. I would be shot if I were caught with my cock in her. I settled for jacking off again. I was careful this time to catch all the cum in a washcloth.

I covered Marti with the blankets and returned to the bathroom. I rinsed out all the washcloths and got most of the vomit out of her blouse and skirt. I picked up Marti's purse and removed the bra and panties. My curiosity got the better of me. Marti wore a 36C. I hung the underwear on the back of the door.

Marti was still snoring as I made my way upstairs to my bedroom.

Chapter 2

The next day Marti had a doozy of a hangover. I suggested that we all go to the cabin for a few weeks. The parents agreed right away. Marti agreed after I promised her that I would do most of the cleaning while she lay in the sun and tried not to die. Marti and I left a few hours later. Our parents would come up to the cabin the following week.

Marti and I would be alone at the cabin for a week. I would have to exercise a little self-restraint. Last night had been a fluke. I did not want to fuck my sister. I must have been a little drunker than I thought.

"Liar," I thought to my self. "You had one beer and a dozen ginger ales. You knew exactly what you were doing to her."

I looked a Marti again. She was leaning against the door of the SUV still trying to sleep off her hangover.

She had changed a lot in the seven years since I had last seen her. She hadn't changed her taste in clothing though. She still favored tee shirts and cutoffs. When she was eleven her breasts hadn't filled out a tee shirt as well as they did now. She would be turning eighteen in a couple days and they looked great.

"You ought to know, you son-of-bitch," I muttered to myself. "You played with them for quite a while last night."

Sometime during this week I would have to ask Marti how much she remembered about the party and about what had happened after we left. If she had really blacked out I could pretend that nothing had happened. If she started to remember, I would have to think of an explanation.

I stopped the truck when I got to the bridge over Cutter's Creek. I wanted to inspect the bridge before driving over a structure that might or might not support the weight of an SUV loaded with two adults and a month's supply of food for four people. If the bridge didn't look like it would support the vehicle then Marti and I would have to carry everything the remaining four miles to the cabin.

Marti stripped off her tee shirt and cutoffs to wade in the creek while I inspected the bridge. She was wearing a very tiny string bikini under her clothes. Her bikini was no longer too big. If anything it was too small. Her boobs did have a very sexy jiggle to them. I jerked my eyes away from them her breasts and back to the business at hand.

I spent an hour examining all the posts and boards of the bridge. I occasionally stole glances at Marti as I inspected the wooden structure.

I finally decided that it was safe to cross even though I would have to make some repairs on the bridge over the next week. Just to be safe I told Marti to wait on the near side of the bridge while I drove the SUV across.

Marti expected me to wait on the far side of the bridge but as a practical joke I just kept driving after I crossed. Marti ran after me as I drove slowly away from the creek. In the rear view mirror I could see her running. Her tits were bouncing like water balloons on the end of bungee cord. I braked to a stop to allow her to catch up.

"Max," said Marti as she climbed in the cab, "you can be a real shit sometimes."

She was breathing hard after her short sprint. Her breasts heaved seductively with each breath. I shook those thoughts from my mind. "Get a grip, man!" I thought to my self. "She's your sister for God's sake!"

Four miles further up the mountain we arrived at the cabin.

"Here we are," I said unnecessarily to Marti.

The cabin was dustier than ever. "When was the last time you were up here?" I asked Marti.

"Three years ago," she replied. "Just before Daddy had his heart attack. He didn't want to come up here and end up hours from help in case he had another attack."

"Well, I'm glad Mom talked him into coming up this year," I said. "Let's get this place cleaned up."

We spent three hours dusting and washing the kitchen area and bedrooms. We had a week to finish the cleaning. We sat on the porch in the late afternoon sun as we drank a beer. The sun was hot but this high up the air was drier and cooler than town.

Marti stretched to ease her aching muscles. I thought her nipples were going to poke holes through the fabric of her bikini. "I'm going to start working on my tan," she said.

I glanced at Marti's ass as she walked into the house to get a beach towel. I continued to watch her ass all the way down the lawn. She laid face down on the towel and untied her bikini bra. I started to fantasize about her being startled and sitting up with her breasts exposed. "What the hell is wrong with me?" I asked myself.

I went into the house to avoid the temptation to keep looking. I grabbed my suitcase and duffle bag from the car and put them in my bedroom. I left Marti's in the back of the SUV for her to fetch in her own good time.

Marti's bedroom was a simple one-room addition that my Dad and I had built a few years after Marti was born. The other 'bedroom' in the one room cabin was a curtained off corner of the main room. I would sleep there until Mom and Dad arrived. Then I would to move to the couch in front of the fireplace and they would take over the bedroom.

I was cooking supper when Marti ran into the cabin. She was putting on her tee shirt and carrying the towel and her bikini top. She looked scared.

"Look outside, Max," she said. I looked out the front door. The clear blue sky of an hour ago had been replaced by a dark mass of anvil shaped thunderheads. The air smelled of rain. This was going to get nasty very fast.

"We have to close the shutters!" I yelled to Marti as I ran outside. I started slamming and locking the shutters one after the other as I went around the house. I ran into Marti on the far side of the house just as the rain started. It was like being doused by a fire hose. We were both soaked by the time we got back inside. Marti was wearing a very wet tee shirt. She had not put her bikini top back on. Her nipples were stiff with the cold water and stood out prominently from the dark areoles of her breasts.

"Suppers ready," I told her. "You set the table while I light a fire."

I turned on the battery-operated radio to listen to the weather while I lit the fire. "This storm is expected to last until midnight tonight," said the announcer. "You can expect heavy down pours. Flash flooding is also expected along creeks and rivers. No tornadoes have been spotted so far but this storm will be accompanied by strong winds and damaging hail."

There was only enough wood for a small fire. There was plenty more outside but it would be too damp to use until sometime tomorrow afternoon. I got the fire lit and was immediately hit by a wall of smoke billowing out of the fireplace. The chimney was blocked. I quickly put out the fire. It was going to be a cold night.

I turned to tell Marti about the chimney. She was bent over at the sink slipping off her bikini bottom. The sight of her pussy lips peeking at me from the base of her ass cheeks caused me to lose the power of speech temporarily. The tee shirt covered her ass again when she stood up to wring out the bottoms over the sink.

I thought she would slip the bottom back on when she was done wringing the water out but she just shook them and hung the bottom on the towel peg next to the bikini top.

My cock twitched at the thought of sitting down to dinner with a pantiless sister. "You've got to stop thinking like this," I told myself. But the urgency was gone. My reminder to myself was just routine. Like telling myself not to eat two desserts when I was home alone.

Marti turned around to see me staring at her. She blushed and looked down at her feet. "The bottoms were cold," she said haltingly. "The shirt was drying out everywhere except the bottom. I thought I would just hang the bottom up to dry. I'd better get some panties and shorts."

She was more embarrassed than I was.

She came out of her bedroom looking a little peeved. "Where did you put my suitcases?" she asked annoyed.

I remembered my own fit of peevishness earlier in the afternoon. "They're. uh. in the truck," I said lamely. "Just get something from my suitcase."

Marti opened the suitcase on my bed and took out tee shirts and jeans. She dropped them in a heap on my bed. Next she started on the duffle bag. She took out jeans, shirts, socks and jockey shorts. She was getting more peeved with each handful of clothing.

Marti turned to me in exasperation. "You didn't bring any shorts!" she shouted at me. "Just what am I supposed to wear under this." She flipped the tee shirt up as she said it and I caught a brief flash of pussy hair.

All my erotic thoughts about my sister came flooding back. I fought to regain control of my thoughts and feelings. "Just put on a pair of my jeans," I said calmly.

Marti grabbed a pair from my bed and held them to her waist. They were inches too long and too wide for her petite frame.

"I am not going to look like a goddamn clown in your pants!" she shrieked as she threw them back on the bed.

"Then just grab a pair of my under shorts," I said still trying to calm her down. When there is a break in the storm, I will run out to get your suitcases."

Marti turned her back to me and grabbed a pair of my shorts from the heap of clothing on my bed. I caught another flash of pussy lips and ass as she bent over to pull them on.

She rushed past me on her way back to the kitchen to finish setting the table. I felt a little thrill as her flimsily covered nipples brushed across my chest. Her nipples must be hard as pebbles if I could feel them through two tee shirts.

The storm continued all through supper. The rain was heavy and constant through the whole dinner. The wind would gust occasionally and shake the whole cabin. The hail made it sound as if the cabin was under attack by and army of machine gunners. The shutters were all that protected the windows from being broken.

Chapter 3

The tensions eased a little as we ate. We started chatting about our plans for the next week. There were things around the cabin that needed repairs so Marti and I laid out a schedule for the repairs and planned a couple trips into town to get the supplies needed for them.

The temperature kept dropping all through dinner. Marti's nipples grew harder due to the cold. My cock grew harder due to Marti's nipples pointing at me like a couple of darts. I was getting so aroused and nervous that I knocked my glass of water onto the floor.

I got a dishrag from the kitchen to clean it up. I was under the table wiping the water off the floor when a movement caught my eye. I instinctively looked at it saw Marti move the crotch of the underwear out of the way so that she could scratch her pussy. I froze where I was as I watched her fingers scratch her pussy mound. I could have sworn I also saw a finger insert itself into her slit. I forced my eyes back to the puddle on the floor. It took a while for my erection to drop enough to stand up.

Marti was positively cheerful when I finished wiping up the water. I tried to match her mood but my mind was in turmoil. I suspected that Marti had flashed me deliberately. Her attitude now was completely casual and sisterly. I decided that I was imagining things or maybe letting my cock do my thinking for me.

At last supper was over. The hail had stopped but the rain and wind had not let up and the temperature was down to 60 degrees.

"I'll do the dishes," I said to Marti. "You go to bed and try to warm up."

"OK, Max," Marti said. She got up from the table and took her dishes to the sink.

I expected her to go to bed immediately but she took her time about it. There weren't enough dishes to justify a whole sink of water so I took all of the dishes out of the cupboard to wash them also. I could see Marti reflected in the window above the sink. She straighten out the knick- knacks on the mantelpiece, she folded my clothes and placed them in neat piles on my bed. I was astonished to see her remove the pair of my briefs that she had just put on a couple hours earlier.

Just as I put the last dish on the counter to dry, Marti said goodnight and went to her room.

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