Easter Dinner

by Sigerson Holmes

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Humor, .

Desc: Sex Story: A man and his girlfriend go to her parent's house for Easter dinner. They find more than they bargained for.

Copyright © April 2001

Chapter 1 - Invitation

My girlfriend, Barb, and I had been going together for a year and were getting pretty serious about living together and were even discussing marriage. We still had separate apartments in Minneapolis but usually spent the weekend at her place. That's where we were when the phone call came.

We had just finished an exhausting session of sheet-rumpling sex on a quiet Sunday morning in her apartment. I was nuzzling Barb's perfectly shaped tits when the damn telephone rang. I continued to nibble on a puckered nipple as she answered the phone with a sultry "Hello."

She sat up and pushed my head away from her delicious mounds as she continued "Hi, Daddy!"

I took the hint that my sexual attentions were not desired when she spoke to her parents. I settled back down on the bed to snooze while she talked with her parents.

"Uh- huh. Yeah. Uh-huh. O.K."

Barb put her hand on my chest and twisted my chest hair in her fingers.

"Yeah, that sounds like fun. We'll be there. See you next week, Daddy. 'Bye."

Alarms started going off in my head. "Who are we going to see?" I asked cautiously.

"We're going to my parents for Easter dinner," Barb responded as she laid her head on my chest and moved her hand down to my groin. My cock responded to the gentle touch of her fingers.

"Your parents?" I croaked. We had just been talking about marriage last night. I wasn't ready to meet anybody's parents. I glanced at the door and the window as I fought the rising panic. I imagined her father bursting into the room to avenge his daughter's despoliation at the hands of a smarmy Don Juan.

Barb grasped my cock and bent down to kiss the head of my half erect member. Visions of avenging fathers fought with anticipations of blowjobs. My cock didn't know whether to get hard or not.

Barb continued to talk between kisses. "Yeah." Kiss. "They invited us for Easter dinner." Kiss. Kiss. "Work is slow for both of us," Kiss. "so I accepted." Kiss. "We can drive down on Thursday." Kiss. "and stay with them over the weekend." Kiss. Kiss. "It'll be fun." She took the head of my erect cock into her mouth. My cock made up my mind for me.

Blow jobs 1, Avenging fathers 0.

I laid back to accepted victory gracefully.

Chapter 2 - On the Road

We didn't get out of town until late afternoon on Thursday. We wouldn't get to Bismarck until close to midnight. Everything was going wrong with this trip. Doom stalked us as we drove west on I94.

"It's only 450 miles!" Barb had said. "We can be there in less than eight hours."

For those of you who have never done it, driving across the Minnesota prairie in April is boring. It isn't beautiful. It isn't magnificent. It's just plain boring. I had been born and raised in Minneapolis. I had been outside the city only a handful of times and liked things that way. This driving to Bismarck, North Dakota was just plain nuts.

So here we are just passing some signs that point the way to Alexandria. The prairie is flat, brown, and lifeless. The scattered drifts of half melted snow did not add to the beauty of the flat terrain. There are only a few cars on the road in the other lane of the freeway and an occasional semi climbing up my tail pipe to pass me.

I'd run out of things to talk about after only two hours of driving. We had another six hours together in a god-damn car. Barb was asleep. I tried to find something on the radio that wasn't country music, religious, or farm reports. I would never understand how could anybody live out here.

Barb snored so loudly she woke herself up. "Where are we?" she asked.

"Coming up on someplace called Alexandria."

"When you get to first exit for Alex, pull off for gas. I need to go."

Between waiting for Truck drivers and farmers to chat about the fricking weather it took us twenty minutes to get back on the road. Barb didn't even bother getting in the front seat with me. She crawled into the back and began moving our luggage around the back of my Jeep.

After about fifteen minutes Barb climbed over the seat and buckled herself in again.

"There's a rest area just before Fergus Falls." she said, "Pull off there and park at the far end of the lot."

"Why?" I asked a bit more sharply than I intended.

"So we can climb in the back and screw each other on the bed I just made," she said with a wicked smile.

I angled the rearview mirror so that I could see the back of my vehicle. Barb had folded down the back seat and made a bed for us. "How far to Frostbite Falls?" I asked smiling back at Barb. I was getting a hard-on just thinking about the sex that awaited me.

"It's Fergus Falls not Frostbite Falls," she responded. "It's about thirty miles ahead. We should be there just around dark. Make sure you park away from all the lights and I will personally make sure that you get your rocks off in a thoroughly enjoyable way. I've already started undressing for you."

Barb unbuttoned her shirt and flashed her bare tits at me. Then she unzipped her jeans and showed me that she had removed her panties also. She quickly rearranged her clothing as another semi passed us.

I promptly increased our speed by another five miles per hour.

One end of the parking lot was dark when we pulled in. There were only a half dozen cars and semis in the lot when I parked in the shadows between two of the lamp posts.

"It's cold outside so leave the engine running and come on back." Barb climbed over the seat and removed her shirt. She winked at me seductively before throwing the shirt at me and lying down. She raised her legs in the air as she wriggled out of her jeans. She threw them at me and spread her legs obscenely exposing her clean shaven pussy lips to my hungry eyes.

I scrambled over the seat to lie next to Barb on the homemade 'bed' she had made out of a couple sleeping bags and pillows. I had wondered why she wanted to throw them in the back when we were packing for the trip. It didn't look like such a bad idea now.

Barb raised herself on one elbow. "Let me help you get comfy," she said as she unbuttoned my shirt. She continued undressing me until I was as naked as she was. I was horny as hell and ready to fuck right then and there. I tried to roll Barb onto her back but she stopped me.

"Hold it Sam. I want to be on top." Barb positioned her crotch over my mouth and began to suck my cock. I fucked her pussy with my tongue as well as I could. It was difficult to keep my mind on pleasuring her while my cock was buried in her throat. God that woman does know how to suck cock.

Abruptly she pulled her crotch out of reach of my tongue and stopped sucking me. She positioned her crotch right over my cock. She didn't need any additional lubrication as she sank her pussy onto my erection. I fought the urge to come immediately.

I heard a thump as she sat back on her heels followed by a loud "Shit!"

"Are you all right?"

"I bumped my head on the roof. I thought there was more room in these things."

Barb leaned over to dangle her boobs over my chest as she humped herself on my cock. I groaned with delight.

It didn't take long before I was filling her wet pussy with cum. She sat up as she reached down to her crotch to rub her clit and bring herself to orgasm. She bumped her head on the roof again eliciting another annoyed "Shit!"

I could feel her fingers working on her clit as my cock shrank back to normal size. It only took her a couple of minutes to orgasm.

She collapsed onto my chest.

I pulled one of the sleeping bags over us and we fell asleep while we cuddled.

A sharp rap on the window brought me awake.

I looked toward the windshield and was blinded by the spotlight that lit the interior of my car. When I managed to get the side window open I saw what I dreaded. A state patrol car was parked beside my Jeep.

"Shit!" I muttered to myself. "Can I help you officer?"

The patrolman redirected his flashlight to my face. It was like looking directly at the sun. I tried to shield my eyes with my hand.

"You've been here for almost an hour, sir. Is everything all right?

"Yes, officer. I was getting tired so I pulled off to take a nap."

"Well, you're not supposed to sleep here, sir. If you're tired, I suggest that you pull off at the Fergus Falls exit and check into a motel. May I see some ID?"

The flashlight swept the interior while I tried to find my pants. Barb's nipples were barely covered by the sleeping bag. Thank god I had opted for the tinted windows. I tried to pull the sleeping bag over Barb's chest as inconspicuously as possible while I handed my driver's license to the patrolman.

He looked at if for a minute. While he was comparing the picture to my face, I heard his car radio squawk some unintelligible message. It must have meant something to the patrolman however because he suddenly handed me my license and snapped off his flashlight. "Sir, I suggest you get on the road in the next fifteen minutes. If you need to 'nap' anymore tonight, pull off and check into a motel."

"Thank you officer. I will."

The patrolman hustled to his car and started talking to someone with his radio.

I shook Barb's shoulder. "Get dressed," I hissed. "We've got fifteen minutes to get out of Dodge."

I got dressed and headed to the bathroom while Barb was looking for her clothes. When I got back to my Jeep the patrolman started his car. I got in and turned on the lights. Barb was sitting in the passenger seat wrapped in one of the sleeping bags.

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