Rita's Adventures

by Mighty young

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Lesbian, Cheating, Slut Wife, .

Desc: Sex Story: Story of an Indian cheating slut / married female executive and her adventures with her many friends and relatives at office and home

Chapter 1: A Day at the office

The receptionist sitting behind an impressive counter of mahogany looked bored, her hair was tied up into a bun and she looked serious, she had her reasons, her boyfriend has been away on business for a week and had not called her, she was feeling unusually horny and a call would have made all the difference.

The firm usually busy, looked deserted at this time in the afternoon, all the senior managers were tied up into the various conference halls and a few people were working on their computers, The receptionist picked the phone and quickly connected the incoming call to one of the most beautiful senior managers in HRD, Mrs. Rita Mathur, the receptionist recalled the morning last Tuesday when Rita had come into the office and had accidentally dropped the files she was carrying, she had rushed to help her and as they were putting the papers in order, she casually looked towards Rita who also had incidentally squatted down to pick up the papers, she could see a glimpse of Rita white silk panties under her short skirt and she could not help staring at the sight, slowly she saw the legs being spread and she got an eyeful of the lacy white translucent panties and also outline of her pussy, she had immediately warmed up to the sight and didn't realize that she was staring up Rita's skirt. Slowly she become conscious of her surroundings and looked up to smiling face and she felt like a child who was caught stealing, they both stood up and Rita thanked her and went on her way, leaving the receptionist wondering if it was all done on purpose, not that she minded, in-fact she had masturbated many times thinking of Rita.

Meanwhile Rita had picked up the phone to hear the pleasant voice of her old friend Aman, who she used to date before and for a little while after she got married

Hi how are you

Aman, how nice of you to remember me, where are you calling from

I am in town for a few days and just wanted to catch up with you

Great where are you staying and why don't you come stay with us?

I am not sure if your hubby would like that, and more over what will you tell him I am neither a relative nor a common friend

Hey don't worry about that, he is quite cool and anyway I will think of an excuse.

Think of all the things we could re-live, said Rita in her regular husky voice

Aman started getting ideas and although he knew it was a risk, he intended trying it out because it was another city and if anything went wrong he could probably get away with it.

Well that would be really cool, he replied and also casually asked if she is still the slut that he used to know a few years ago.

Rita was immediately excited and she said that she would always be his slut

Quickly they checked out their present locations and Rita surprisingly agreed to meet him downstairs in about half an hour and they decided on going for a drive to the edge of town.

Aman casually asked what she was wearing and when she told him about a white blouse and black skirt, he wanted to know about her inner wear, and when she explained, he just abruptly told her to loose the panties when she comes out to see him, she wanted to protest about her short skirt, but she knew, with Aman it was of no use. So she just said ok and disconnected.

Rita sat at her desk thinking of all the good times they had together and she felt her pussy and panties becoming moist, Aman always had this effect on her and she remembered times when, wearing panties was a waste around him as they always used to get soiled and unusable or if it was really wet, he used just take them away, well he used to replace them with new sets of inner wear whenever they went shopping. In a way she knew he was one guy who could order her around and she would not feel insulted, it made a difference to her, because not only was he handsome, his lean and mean look went with a well worked out body, he had all the women giving him second looks specially if he is wearing one of his Fav tight Jeans, his cock was another thing which many people did not know about, it is unusually big (9" inches long and about 2.5" thick) and he knew how to use it.

Rita herself was a beauty, although married for 6 years without issues, she looked quite young than her 30 years, a full figure, with rounded breasts 36c and wide hips which would fill into a jeans beautifully, she kept her armpits free of hair and always kept her pubic hair trimmed or shaved, she felt more hygienic that way, also she liked the look and feel of bald pussy, she was no novice in bed, she started early and there is nothing that she wouldn't try. (Well her younger days is another story maybe for another time)

After about fifteen minutes of reliving good memories, she got up and reached under her skirt and pulled out her panties and her wetness was evident on the crotch area, the gusset of the panties was soaked, she left for the toilet in her room to freshen up and get ready for the trip with Aman, after about ten minutes she slowly unlocked the toilet door and was about to get out. She noticed her new secretary in training, a young girl of about 19 was at her desk and in her left hand was the panties that she had left on her chair by mistake and the new girl Seema was looking at the wet gusset area of her panties, Seema bought the panties to her face and started sniffing, Rita just couldn't believe what she was seeing, she had hired this girl because she looked fresh, beautiful and smart, however this behavior was odd and Rita decided to fully work on this girl and ensure that her training is going to be all round and one she and her friends will enjoy, nobody could resist a girl like Seema, and now that she seems willing it is only a matter of time.

Rita made a big noise and when she came out Seema had quietly slipped out of the room and she picked up her panties and put same in her personal drawer, and locked up and headed out, on the way she saw Seema sitting at her desk working on something, Rita went to her and told her that she is going out and will be back in two hours. She got into the elevator and as she was alone she slipped her hand in under her skirt and moved her finger on the crease and found that the wetness had returned and when Aman checks he is going to get one real hot wet pussy, she turned the corner and saw her handsome Aman sitting in a Tata Safari across the street, She waved out and stood across to let a huge truck go by, she was between two parked cars suddenly she had a crazy idea, she wanted to make him happy, as she was about to cross, she dropped her bag and instead of bending to pick up same, she just squatted and spread her legs showing Aman a lovely view of her freshly shaved cunt in all its glory, he could see the wetness from across the street and That just did it, she stood up to let another car go by, by that time he had pulled his dick out and was stroking same, she just walked across and he leaned to open the door and she quickly hopped in closing the door, she saw is dick all 9" of it outside his trousers and without saying a word just bent forward and licked the head and slowly took it inside and swirled the head inside her mouth and without loosing her grip on his dick, bent backwards on her seat and lifted her right leg and placed it on the seat and spread her legs, and lifted her skirt, he was mesmerized by the sight, he bent forward and slowly traced his tongue along the length of his slit right from the asshole to the very top and then again to her asshole, she knew that she wouldn't be able to hold herself for long, she pulled his head up and kissed him on his lips and tasted her own juices and told him that she is so horny that it will take only two or three licks for her to come, she wanted his dick in her and she also wanted to feel his hot come hitting her very deep insides,

He started the engine and roared away towards a place that they had often gone during their previous meetings, within 20 minutes they found a secluded spot and parked, since it was a sultry afternoon, Aman decided to leave the A/c on and the engine running.

He pulled his seat backwards and pushed his trousers down and his prick stood out like a mast pole, strong with a slight bend towards the left and the veins looked as if it is ready to burst, she held that immense organ in her hand and felt it throbbing she playfully tried to push it down, but it was so hard she could feel the resistance as if the prick wanted to stay up forever, her cunt was streaming honey and she knew she will very soon stain her skirt and also the seat of the vehicle, she slowly positioned herself across his strong thighs and lowered herself on to his pole, she shuddered on her first contact with his mighty organ, the head slowly moved inside and she started taking the pole inside inch by inch, as a sudden thrust would leave her cunt sore, she normally gets only 5" of dick from her hubby and that too relatively small in size, she felt herself being filled up and she just sat there, for sometime enjoying the feeling and she also unbuttoned her blouse and opened her Bra and fed Aman her big beautiful mounds of pleasure, her big nipples are made for kissing, sucking and nibbling and that is something that she loves.

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