Male Teens at the Doctor

by bentreed

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Ma, Teenagers, Reluctant, BiSexual, Fiction, Humiliation, .

Desc: Sex Story: 2 male teens visit a male dr for very special exams

Todd and me sat in Dr. White's waiting room. We had sneaked over on our bikes for our appointments. We were wearing similar clothing. He was thirteen years old, I was twelve. We had on tee shirts; cut offs, sneakers, white sweat socks, and I had on white, cotton briefs. I imagined he wore the same kind of underwear too.

I knew he was nervous; it was to be his first time with Dr. White. We had been playing doctor, but it was nothing like what was going to be done to us today while we were on his examination table. I told him some of the things to expect, but certainly not all of them.

We would go to his bedroom while his parents were away, and then give each other "examinations". One of us would lie on his bed, on our back, while the other would pull down the white, cotton underwear, then "examine' the penis. I had him tuck his legs back one-day, and then I used my finger on his butthole, teaching him about rectal exams. He asked me where I learned all of these things, so I told him about the

Examinations that Dr. White would give to me. At first, he was freaked out, but as we did more and more, he expressed interest. I brought it up with Dr. White, and he agreed to examine us together, at the same time.

The waiting room door opened, and Dr. White's nurse appeared. She was an older lady, very cold and unfeeling. "Follow Me," she said, as she looked us over. We walked down the hall and she led us into a well-lit and chilly examination room. Two exam tables were side by side; about four feet apart from each other, the steel foot stirrups of both tables were already put in place. I noticed that Todd looked at them with confusion in his eyes. I'm sure his Dr. never placed him in stirrups.

"Remove all you're clothing except for your shorts" she said, looking at us, "the Dr. will be in shortly" I looked at my friend, I could see the hesitation on his face and in his movements. I began to strip; I pulled off my shoes and socks. Todd glanced at me and I gave him nod to encourage him to hurry before the nurse got irritated. I peeled my shirt off; the cool air of the exam room caused me to get Goosebumps on my exposed skin. Todd was stripping a little slower than I was, but he had his shirt off just as I placed mine on an empty chair at the foot of the tables. He has tanned; smooth skin, and he also had Goosebumps form the chilly air in the room. "Both of you stand here and lean against the exam table," the nurse says. We do as she says both leaning against the examination table, which is covered with white, crisp paper.

I look over at my friend; he has tan, smooth skin, blonde hair, blue eyes. He is of medium build, a little bigger than I am. His eyes are nervous as he takes in all that is in the exam room. On the wall is an illustration of the male sex organs. Instrument carts are by the tables, but white cloths cover what is on them. I know what are on them, a mixture of medical instruments and various sex toys that will be used on our young bodies today. As I look at my friend and think about what will soon happen, my young cock starts to stiffen under my cut offs. He glances over at me, at my crotch, and he sees the slight bulge under my shorts. He gives me a wide-eyed look; I think he is still too nervous to become aroused.

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