Playing Doctor

by bentreed

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Desc: Incest Sex Story: 3 teens "play dr", two male, one fem. two of them are cousins

Todd and my cousin Marci looked at me wide eyed. " You really will do it"? She said. Marci was twelve years old; Todd and me were thirteen. I smiled at her, " yes I said I would". I looked into her beautiful blue eyes. She had her hair pulled back in a ponytail; she was wearing old, faded cutoffs and a white tank top. I could clearly see the outline of her firm, young tits beneath the top. Her legs and thighs were smooth and tan, with little, fine blonde hairs on them. She had a string anklet tied around one of her slim ankles, and her feet were tan with long, sexy toes. I imagined that she wore sexy, little cotton panties beneath the shorts.

I looked over at my friend Todd. He had a stunned look on his face, but I knew that deep down he really wanted to do it. We were dressed in cut offs as well, T-shirts, sweat socks, and I had on white, cotton briefs: it was likely he wore the same thing under his shorts. "I'm not taking my clothes off," he said " Me neither" my cousin said "No way". I smiled at them " you don't have to take your clothes off" I said. " I am the patient, I'm the only one who is going to be naked."

What I had suggested was that we "play doctor", and that I would be the "patient", Todd would be the "Dr". My cousin would be the "nurse". I wanted to have sex with both of them, and I was hoping this would lead to it, but if not, we would have a good time anyway, I would enjoy myself. I was fairly sure I could seduce both of them once they got into my "examination".

What I didn't tell them was the things that happened between my real Dr. and me. I didn't tell them about the way I would be placed in steel stirrups, spread wide apart while he and the pretty nurse worked on my young, teenage body. I didn't tell them about the large and uncomfortable enemas or the probing rectal exams with rubber gloved fingers and various vibrators and dildos. They weren't ready to hear about the bare handed spankings that I received when I was a "bad" patient, or the restraints that were also sometimes required. I knew that they were certainly not ready to hear about the things that my Dr. required at the end of my examinations to please him.

I had other, long-range plans too. I wanted Todd and I to be examined together by Dr. White. I wanted to see him restrained while in the cold, steel stirrups, Dr. White sitting between his spread legs, "examining" his young, erect cock. Probing his tight, virgin asshole. I wanted to watch as he went through the humiliation and helplessness that I experienced while on Dr. White's examination table. I wanted to see his hands and mouth wrapped around my Dr.'s thick, mature cock. I had already timidly talked to my Dr. regarding this fantasy, he was willing to have us both in the exam room, both stripped and examined by him and the nurse in a special session.

Marci looked confused, " so" she said, " your want him be the Dr.?" I glanced at Todd; I was reclining on his bed. We were all hanging out in his bedroom, his parents gone for the day.

It was summer, so we all had nice tans. He was a blond, blue eyed, his build a bit larger than mine was. We had seen each other naked awhile back after swimming, and we had both checked each other out. In fact we had showered in front of each other. It was a strange and erotic experience. We both got erections as we watched each other shower. I smiled at him as I slowly "washed" my hard, teenage cock in my soap-covered hands. He looked at it as I did this; his own young cock hard and bit larger than mine, his pubic hair blonde, mine brown, both of our lean, firm asses pale white in contrast to our tans. We just finished our shower and got dressed, nothing was said about this experience, but I knew he was interested in my body. I had never had sex with another male except for my Dr., I had never wanted it either, but I found myself sexually attracted to my best friend, and he was the only other male that I wanted to have sexual contact with besides my Dr.

'Yes" I answered my cousin, "of course he will be the Dr., and you will be his nurse". She looked at me once more confused, "but he is a boy" she said, "and you want him to be your Dr.?" I looked at Todd "well if he wants to, sure I do" She shook her head, "but doesn't that mean he will touch you down there"? I smiled, "yes, it does, you both will touch me down there when you give me my examination" I said.

Now my cousin grinned, "and you don't want me to get naked"? She said, "because I'm not taking off my clothes if we do this". I shook my head, " no, I told you, no one has to take off their clothes but me".

I could see the excitement in her eyes now, "I mean it, and I'm not getting naked in front of you". I smiled at her, "ok fine, I said you don't have to". I really wanted her to get naked though; she was very pretty. I wanted to see her body, to see if her young pussy had hair on it yet, and to see if it was as blond as the rest of her hair. Now my cousin gave me a big smile, "ok" she said, " I want to do it, and I want to see your dick". I was surprised and taken back by her enthusiasm. " Great" I said.

Now I looked at Todd, his face was flushed, he looked a bit uncertain. " Well" I said, " its up to you, if you say no, then we aren't going to do this" I was already hard under my shorts; I leaned back so they could clearly see my erection under my clothes. I saw his eyes go to it, and I wondered if he was thinking about the day in the shower. "I'm not sure if I know what do," he said. I now knew he would do it. 'I will help you as we go along" I said. He looked down at me lying on his bed, he sat in a chair across the room, and Marci sat on the end of the single bed. " Come on Todd, we can all have some fun" I said. " Yeah" Marci said, "do it Todd" He grinned now "and I keep my clothes on, I'm not getting naked, I mean it" " So, then you're going to do it"? He shook his head, 'Ill do it" he said.

I got up off the bed, "great" I said excited, " I'm going to go to the bathroom, " Ill be right back". I quickly went to his parent's bathroom, once there I grabbed a towel, a small bottle of baby oil, and a container of Vaseline. I got a hand towel too, and I wrapped the baby oil and Vaseline inside it, I didn't want them to see it right away.

I now came back into the room. They both stared at me in anticipation and curiosity. I laid the large towel out on his single bed, and I placed a pillow at the end of it. I sat the small towel beside it, keeping the lubricants hidden inside it. I grinned at them, and then I began to remove my clothes. I took off my socks, and then I peeled off my T-shirt. I now stood before them in just my cutoffs and underwear. My exposed skin had Goosebumps on it. Then I sat down the bed, "ok" I said, as we do this, I will call you either Dr. or nurse." "I want us to act like we are really at a doctors and you are giving me a real exam, ok?" They both shook their heads, " yeah sure" they replied. I lay back on the bed now, putting my arms behind my head, looking down at Todd, "I'm ready for my examination Dr." I said smiling. They seemed a little awkward, so I told them to both come and sit on each side of me. Marci came over quickly, she knelt beside me, and we both looked at Todd as he slowly made his way over, and then he sat beside me on the bed.

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