Teen Male's Special Examination

by bentreed

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, Teenagers, Reluctant, BiSexual, Fiction, Humiliation, White Male, White Female, .

Desc: Sex Story: a teenage male receives a special examination form his male dr, as fem nurse assists

I was very anxious as I got off my bike in front of Dr. White's office. It was time for me to receive a basic checkup from him. The last few times I had been examined by him, I had to fight back the urge for my young cock to harden when he would pull down my jeans and white cotton briefs. My Doctor was an older man, maybe in his mid fifties. He had gray hair, and wore these old fashioned half rim glasses. His eyebrows were bushy and thick; he would peer down at me, as he would examine my young body. He always wore a white lab coat; he carried a stethoscope in the pocket.

His cold, and unfeeling middle aged nurse led me back to the exam room. I was thirteen years old at the time, aroused by girls, never by other males until I was on his exam table, with my white, cotton briefs pulled down, his hands on my young cock. I was told to strip down to my jeans and briefs, and sit up on the table. I removed my T-shirt and socks. The crisp, white paper that covered the exam table crinkled as I sat on it. The room was chilly; Goosebumps formed on my smooth skin. The nurse left the exam room, telling me that the Dr. would be in shortly. I sat waiting for him to enter and begin my exam. I was both nervous and excited.

After a few minutes, the door opened and he entered. He gave me a cold and callous look as he went directly to the sink and began to wash his hands. Then he came over to me, and he placed his stethoscope in his ears, then he placed the cold tip directly on my chest, having me breath deeply while he slid it all over my chest, including my nipples, which he had never done before, rubbing them slowly with the cold tip of his instrument. This was the one of the rare times that a family member wasn't in the exam room with me while I was being looked at. Often, my mother or my aunt would be in the room; it was so humiliating when he would expose my young cock while they were watching. When no family member was in the exam room, his demeanor changed. Dr. White would become very cold, unfeeling, and stern towards me.

I have to admit that this made me even more excited, as I liked the control he had over me, the helplessness that I felt towards him and the nurse.

He removed the scope from my body, then he told me to lie back on the exam table. I began to feel anxious because I knew what would soon happen. I lie back on the table as told, then Dr. White's thick, strong fingers began probing my smooth belly, firmly pressing into my tan skin, going lower and lower. I stared at the ceiling, trying not to focus on what was about to happen. I felt his fingers slide underneath the tops of my jeans and my cotton briefs, onto my pubic mound, into my sparse growth of pubic hair. Now, I knew what was next, this was always the routine before examining my cock. He peered down at me as if I was nothing but a piece of meat, no expression on his face, no emotion. I felt his fingers unsnap my jeans, and then pull down the zipper. Dr. White's hands then went to my sides; he hooked his fingers into the waistbands of my jeans and white, cotton, briefs, getting a firm grip. "Raise up" he said coldly, not a request but an order. I arched my bottom up off the table, at the same time looking down at my crotch to watch him expose me. Then with one swift motion, Dr. White pulled my jeans and underwear down onto my tan thighs, as he did, my soft, young cock popped out, falling back onto my pubic mound. I placed my butt back on the exam table, and I placed my arms behind my head, keeping my head raised so I could see what he was going to do to me. I felt so exposed, so helpless, but yet I had to hope my young, overly sensitive cock wouldn't show signs of arousal as he examined it. Dr. White then reached down; he took hold of my soft cock, holding it between his fingers. I was cut, but still had a bit of foreskin. Holding my limp shaft by the base, he then firmly peeled back what foreskin I had, fully exposing the pinkish tip of my 13-year-old cock. God it felt so good as he then twisted it from side to side, intently looking at my penis. This time though, it seemed that he was spending more time on my cock than he usually did. He pinched on the head of my cock, pulled on it, treating it a bit rough, causing me to flinch. He just looked at me coldly, "be still" I was told. Then he placed his large hand on my scrotum, cupping my balls, examining them.

Then he removed his hands from my privates. I was relieved and disappointed. I had made it through without getting an erection while he fondled my young cock, but I also wanted him to keep touching me. I reached for my clothing, now was when he always told me to pull up my pants, so I did it before he said anything, but this time it was different, "no" he said, " leave them down".

I was confused and surprised, wondering what he was going to do now. He went to the foot of the table and then he pulled out the steel foot stirrups while I watched shocked, lying there with my pants down, young cock exposed, still soft, but I didn't know for how long. Once he locked the stirrups into place, he then took hold of my pants and roughly jerked them and my briefs all the way off. I was now completely naked, I felt so helpless and humiliated. He grabbed one of my ankles, then he lifted it towards the stirrup, "put your feet in these" I was told, raising up my other foot for him, placing it into the cold stirrup. I was now spread wide apart as he stood between my open legs and looked down at me with no emotion at all. I watched in even more shock and confusion as he snapped on a single, white, rubber glove. He then sat on a roller stool directly between my legs. I began to realize what he was going to do to me. I had never felt so helpless as I did now lying on his exam table, stripped naked, while my feet were in stirrups, I thought that stirrups were only for women. I knew that he could see everything, including my now exposed butthole.

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