Warm Night, Warm Dream

by Sokar

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Fiction, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: Ever been involved with someone online? Yes you have, admit it - we all have had our "flings" online, and sometimes, it even feels real. For a lucky few, it can go beyond that - but for the rest of us, we can just... dream...

The rain was falling most of the morning, but in the late afternoon, the sun came out, and warmed the day up. As evening came, we chatted via instant messenger and had a quick call on the phone to wish each other a good night, trying to impart some feeling to each other over the static of an unusually bad connection. I sat in the porch swing, and listened to the sound of the wind in the trees, wishing for you to be here with me to share this moment. Next door, Tom's daughter was outside, talking to her boyfriend on the phone, smoking a cigarette, the red tip glowing in the dark with each puff. I heard her laughing and the faint sound of her voice, as she talked with him. I thought of you again, of you on your balcony, laughing sometimes as we talked.

Since the night was so warm, I opened the windows in the bedroom and slept with just a pair of loose shorts and a thin blanket. I thought of you, and wondered what it would be like to have you sleeping next to me, breathing softly. I turned to my side, almost prepared to see you lying there... but all that was there was an empty space, echoing the emptiness I sometimes feel inside. I closed my eyes, and forced myself to go to sleep, overriding the emotional pain that I felt.

In my dream, we were together, somewhere. It was dark, and we were inside, sitting in front of a roaring fireplace, no other lights in the room. A bottle of wine was next to us, and we were laughing and talking. The firelight danced in your eyes, and on your lips. Your lips invited me to kiss them, which I did, softly at first, and then stronger, with more passion.

As with dreams, things moved at a different pace. The power of dreaming removed all of our clothing with none of the usual fumbling and clumsiness that is involved... just sudden intimate nakedness. A white fluffy rug was covering the floor in front of us - it must have been there from the start, but did not become a detail until this point in the dream. The wine bottle and glasses were similarly removed, as if they never were, to join our clothing in the nothingness of dreams.

The firelight reflected on your nipples as I kissed them and licked them both, making them wet. I can still feel that sensation - of them growing hard against my tongue as I flicked them, and then slowly licked around them, making them grow proud with desire. A slow release of breath from you told me of your desire, as you leaned forward into my kissing. I kissed upwards, licking, teasing, and placing tender kisses on your throat and your chin. You opened your mouth to welcome my tongue inside, and we kissed deeply and hungrily, neither one willing to stop.

I finally moved away from your mouth, and kissed your wonderfully cute nose, and placed tender gentle kisses on your fluttering eyelids, as your aroused breasts rubbed against my hairy chest, the curly dense hair tickling you and sending wonderful sensations down your body. I stoked your back as I kissed you, and slowly made my way back down, stopping to kiss and lick each breast fully, and enjoy the feeling of them. I made my way down your body, kissing and licking your skin, and causing you to shriek with laughter when I ran my tongue over and in your naval.

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