No Quarter Given


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Desc: : A drinking game turns personal when Patsy and Kim each resolve to make the other loose. Sex is 'off-stage'--strictly for those arroused by drunken females.

Author's disclaimer: This is a drunk fetish piece; In other words, if you want hot sex, look elsewhere. But if you are arroused by pretty young women getting completely sloshed, by all means enjoy.

Patsy was in trouble. She never should have let Kim talk her into coming back her to play this game. It had all looked so easy. But she was loosing and the room was spinning. She had been having a great time dancing in the main room. Why did she have to come back here?

Keenan went for his third shot. If he made it, he could make another rule, one that would probably insure that Patsy wound up under the table. But if he missed, the quarter would finally be back to her and she would have a chance to get back at them for always making her drink.

If only she could get her eyes to focus.

Patsy crossed her fingers and uncrossed her eyes. Keenan grinned at her and bounced the quarter without even looking. It landed in the cup without even hitting the sides. Dave and Terry cheered. Shit.

"Hmmm," said Keenan, beeming. "Who to pick... who to pick..."

He looked slowly around the table. Was he really considering picking someone else? But everyone else at the table was grinning at her. Kim, her supposed best friend, started softly chanting her name. Dave and Terry joined in and the three of them started tapping the table as they did so, getting louder and harder until the quarter bounced in its glass.

"Pat-sy! Pat-sy! Pat-sy! Pat-sy!"

"Aw, cummon guys! You always pick me!" she whined.

"Hush!" Keenan cried over the chanting. "Hush! It's my decision!"

"Yeah!" said Patsy, "Iss his decision so shut up!"

She smiled wanly at Keenan. Surely he would pick someone else. He grabbed the bottle and poured another shot of Lord Calvert's Fine Canadian Whisky, which Dave had declared they exchange for the beer they had been drinking when he had won the chance to make a rule. So far only Patsy had been chosen to drink the stuff though.

"And the winner is..." he said, holding the glass over the table, "Patsy!"

Her friends cheered.

"Aww come on!" Patsy cried, "Iss naw fair! You picked me the lass two times! Everybody always picks me!"

"We can't help it, Patsy--you're beautiful when you're drunk!" said Keenan, "It makes you blush."

Patsy blushed furiously, her skin a rosy pink, the curse of being a red-head.

"Drink, Patsy, drink! Drink, Patsy, drink!" Kim began the chant again. Patsy looked about the table for sympathy and found none.

"Okay-Okay!" she said. "But iss not fair!"

She took the shot glass and drained it as her friends cheered. It didn't burn nearly as much as it had seven shots ago but as she slamed the shot glass down, her eyes felt like they were about to fall out of their sockets. The room wobbled.

"Way to go Patsy!" Dave exclaimed, "You rock!"

"Sankyou," Patsy slurred, smiling winsomely at him. Gosh, he was cute. And he liked her! They were all so impresed with the way she could hold her liquor!

"HIP!" said Patsy, causing the room to bounce, "Essuseme."

Everyone laughed. So did Patsy. This game really wasn't so bad.

"Okay!" Patsy delared, "Tha was three!"

She showed Keenan three fingers to be helpful.

"You gotta make a rule!"

"Right you are," said Keenan, "Hmmmm... I declare a second chance rule. If you miss the cup you can have a second chance if you take a drink and remove an article of clothing!"

"Yeah!" shouted Terry. "That's the ticket!"

"Waizaminu!" prostested Patsy, "Waisaminu! Thas naw fair! If you c'n have a sec-hic-con' chance then I'll never get a turn!"

"All right, all right!" said Keenan, "You win, Patsy. The second chance rule goes into effect after my turn. That way Patsy gets to be the first one to use it! Fair?"

"All right then!" declared Patsy, "Thas' more like it!"

She showed him! She might be a little tipsy but that didn't mean he could pull a fast one on her. Now if he ever missed, she could keep playing for as long as she had clothes and get back at all of them--especially Kim!"

Keenan bounced the quarter again and it went right in. Damn! He was good at this.

"Patsy! Patsy!" Kim started to cheer again. Keenan grinned wolfishly.

"Aww, no, Keenan! Please?" Patsy begged, placing her hand on his thigh. That got his attention. She tried to look coquettish. It wasn't hard. Keenan was looking really hot!

"Pleeeease! You alreazhy got me three times! Make Kim drink it--She's too sober!"

Keenan looked over at Kim, back at Patsy, down at her hand on his thigh.

"Hmmmm. I pick..."

His lips came together to say Patsy and Patsy's heart sank.

"P-Kim!" he said.

Patsy's heart leapt and she giggled. Keenan grinned back at her. She could kiss him! Hell, why not. She reached over, grabbed his shaved head and kissed him full on the lips. She had never done anything so impetuous in her life--she had just met Keenan last week! But it felt great and seeing Keenan's dumbstruck expression felt even better. She giggled, then turned to Kim and stuck her tongue out.

"Your turn Kimmy-kim!" she said. Drink it!"

"All right, all right," said Kim, taking the shot Dave poured for her. "But it's under protest--Blatant bribery and conspiracy!"

"Yeah, well you be'er jus get use to it cuz once iss my turn yer goin' down! <hic!>"

Kim tossed back the whisky, slammed it down on the table and flipped her hair back defiantly.

"Yeah right!" said Kim, "You're too drunk t'make change, let alone play quarters!"

"You be'er jus shut up now, Kimmy, cuz you'll be way drunker en me when iss over!"

Kim was about to retort but Keenan interupted.

"Ladies, ladies... Calm down. It's all in fun. And if you'll recall, it's still my turn."

Patsy stuck her tongue out once more at Kim then turned back to Keenan and patted his thigh. Maybe she could distract him into missing and it would be her turn. At the very least she could keep him targeting Kim for her. And after the game, who knew? He was looking soooo yummy right now!

His quarter bounced on the rim, flipped and wound up inside the cup. Dave and Terry cheered. Patsy and Kim called out eachother's names, each nominating the other as the drinker.

"Kimmy takes another!" Keenan declared.

Patsy beamed at him and slipped her hand further up his thigh.

Kim scowled at the two of them from accross the table but she took the cheap whisky Dave poured her and drank it down.

"Mmmm," she said, "Yummy! But not much of a kick to it, hey Patsy? I'm not even buzzed yet."

"Yah, whazever! The games jus' gettin' started!" Patsy declared. That pretentious little bitch! Patsy would see her drunk under the table if it took all night! With a little help from Keenan, she thought as she inched her hand further up his thigh.

Apparently it was a bit too far because Kennan's quarter misssed by a mile and came to rest in the middle of the table.

"Damn!" said Kennan, but the way he looked at Patsy made her think he didn't regret it too much.

"All right, all right, all right!" Patsy declared. "That quar'er is mine! <hic!>"

She reached out into the middle of the table, belatedly realizing Dave and Terry could see down her scoop-neck blouse but not particularly caring.

"You're goin' down, <hic!> Kimmy! " Patsy declared.

Kim snorted derisively.

"This'll be over quick!" she said.

Patsy squeezed her eyes tight shut and then blinked twice, trying to focus on the cup in front of her. This would be so much easier if the cup would just hold still! She took a deep breath, held it, and bounced the quarter...

It went in!!!

The three guys applauded and Kim stared unbeleiving. A huge grin took over Patsy's face and she giggled.

It took her a moment to remember what came next, but when she did she pointed emphatically at Kim.

"Drink up, baby!" she shouted.

"I can't beleive you acshully hit it!" Kim said, taking the shot Dave poured her. "Here's to you, Patsy-poo!"

Her dark-haired friend downed the shot, blinked and wobbled a bit. Yes! Patsy could still come away from this less hammered than Kim! For once, being 30 pounds heavier than her tiny Asian friend was going to work to her advantage!

"Gets ready for a 'nuther Kimsy <hic>!" said Patsy, grabbing for the quarter and getting it on the third try. Kim giggled.

"Patshy, yer drunk!" she observed.

"Yeah, well I'm nawso drunk I can kick yer butt!" Patsy declared and bounced the quarter. It went wild, bounced two feet in the air and dropped down Kim's blouse.

"Yeah! Three points!" declared the three guys in unison.

Kim snorted and pulled her blouse neck forward, looking down into her cleavage to see where the coin went.

"Is that really worth three points?" Patsy asked.

"No it ishn't, you silly lush!" Kim said, shimying her shoulders to try and dislodge the quarter. "You loose your turn!"

"Well, it ought to be worth something!" said Dave.

"No, no, no, no, no!" said Kim, bouncing up and down to work the quarter down. "You canna change the rules in the middle of the game unless you get 3 in a row!"

"She's right Dave," said Keenan and Patsy's heart fell. How could he betray her like this after how nice she had been to him?

"You can make a rule about it if you get three," Keenan continued. "But for now, the rule says Patsy can have another chance if she wants it."

Patsy perked right up.

"Heeeey, thas right!" she exclaimed, "Keenan, yer a genius!"

She couldn't help it--she kissed him again. God he was hot! Once this game was over she would really thank him. For now, though she had a friend to beat. She pulled her blouse off in one fluid motion and slammed it on the table.

"I wanna secon' chance!" she demanded.

Kim put her head in her hand and shook it with exagerated frustration.

"Gawd, Patsy, you shoulda taken yer shoes off fris. Now the guys can see yer boobies!"

Patsy blushed deep, looking at her little pink bra now exposed for all to see. She hadn't thought of that. But she didn't want to admit it to Kim!

"Yeah, well, um, I don't wanna take my shoes off, uhm cuz if there was like a fire or sumpin an we had t'run outta here, then I wouldn't stub my toes and stuff."

Kim blinked and screwed up her face trying to get her mind around that, clearly dissatisfied with the answer but not sure why.

"Thasstupid!" she said.

"No, no, Patsy's right!" Keenana said, leaping to her rescue. "Safety is important, isn't it guys?"

"Oh yeah, yeah," said Dave.

"Definitely!" said Terry. "You're really smart, Patsy! I never thought about it, but I'm definitely

keeping my shoes on! Thanks for the advice."

Keenand and Dave nodded vigoroulsy in agreement and Kim looked abashed for having criticized her. Patsy felt great and she beamed with pride, puffing out her chest. Let the guys look. She had nice boobs and besides, Keenan was really hot and Dave was cute and Terry, well, he was kind of funny looking but he was really nice and he thought she was smart!

And she got another turn! She grabbed the quarter.

"Wait a minute, Patsy," Keenan reminded her, grabbing the bottle. "You still have to drink for missing."

"Oops! <giggle>" Patsy said, accepting the shot Keenan poured her, her fingers lingering on his as she took it. "thsank you Keenan! What would I do wissout you tokin' out fer me?"

She toasted him and downed it. The happy little burn was almost enjoyable now.

"Alllrightythen <hip!> here we go again!" Patsy declared.

"That's right, Patsy! You can do it!" Keenan encouraged. She blushed and grinned.

The question was, which of the three cups to go for? The middle one seemed less wobbly so she chose that one. She bounced the quarter. At least she tried. It missed the table.

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