by Darkendeed

Tags: NonConsensual, BDSM, FemaleDom, Spanking, Humiliation, Anal Sex, Violent,

Desc: : B&D with a "slight" twist.

Through the door walked a tall, slinky, dark haired beauty. Thigh high 5" spiked heel boots graced her feet and lower legs leaving her tanned upper thighs bare. Shoved into the top of the right boot was a riding crop. She wore a bustier with a little patch of satin attached to it that barely covered her pussy while at the top her nipples were covered but not all of the areolas. The black gloves that covered her hands went up passed her elbows and were fingerless but no mask hid the smile she wore as she looked around the room. Her dark eyes sparkled as she observed what was there.

Draped across a 'discipline horse' she saw a nude male. Well built, muscular and fit. He wore a collar about his neck and chains ran from each ankle and wrist to hold him in position.

"Well, well. What do we have here? Looks like another puny MAN who has been brought before his betters!" she sneered.

"I am not for you, Mistress," spoke the subject of her scorn quietly.

"Listen worm, YOU are for whoever finds you in this position. I have now found you so that makes you mine!" To reinforce her statement she gave him a strong, slashing cut across the lower back with the crop she had removed from her boot.

Inhaling through clenched teeth the man again quietly repeated himself, "I am not for you Mistress, do not hit me again. My lady will be here shortly."

"And when she does arrive she will find you well and freshly striped!" jeered the Dominatrix slashing him a second time with her crop even harder. This one lower down where the cheeks of his ass started to rise from his back.

"Mistress, should you strike me again with that thing I will take it from you, break it and shove it up your ass. I am NOT for you!" the voice still low and controlled.

Laughing at him as he was bound over the discipline rack she shook her head. "How, you trussed up, sniveling worm? Looks to me like the only ass that's going to have things done to it is YOUR'S!" and struck him for a third time, this blow across his ass in line with his anus.

Pulling away the tape holding the chains to his leather wrist and ankle cuffs the man did a spinning leg sweep, cutting the legs out from under the abusive female. She was still startled from her shapely bottom striking the floor when he brought the heel of his foot down hard on her solar plexus stunning her. Taking the collar from his neck he placed it around her's and this time CLOSED the hasp of the lock that had been there. Using his own leather cuffs he placed them on her wrists, buckled them tight and joined them together by the large "D" rings that were sewn into each one. While she was still groggy he balled up her long flowing dark hair and jammed it into her mouth as a gag.

With a knee in the middle of her ass to hold her he slowly began to unlace the bustier she wore. Pulling the heavy leather lace all the way out and tearing away the scrap of cloth that covered her anus and pussy, the garment fell on either side of her squirming torso as he made it into a leash by attaching one end to the ring on her collar.

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Story tagged with:
NonConsensual / BDSM / FemaleDom / Spanking / Humiliation / Anal Sex / Violent /