Monkey's Penis

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mind Control, Magic, TransGender, Fiction, Incest, Mother, Son,

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Prologue - David Moreno finds things becoming surreal as a relic of antiquity collides with his everyday life. He finally figures out what is going on and tries to turn the tables. But watch out ...

They say that you should be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it...

There is an ancient folk tale among the Bhaharadi people in northern India concerning a monkey with a most unusual penis.

A young accolite sought to capture a monkey, that he might study its approach to life and learn from its ways.

He had heard of a practice by aboriginals of the area, of hollowing out a gourd, tying it firmly to a tree or large stone, then placing a few morsels of food inside it. If it is located where monkeys frequent, one of the monkeys invariably smells the food, reaches his hand inside and grabs the food, but then is unable to get his hand out of the gourd because his fist is now larger than the opening. If the monkey would only let go of the food, he would be able to get his hand out of the gourd and escape, but the monkeys are unable to figure this out. And thus the aboriginals are able to cleave their skulls and dine on monkey-brain hors d'oeuvres.

The accolite prepared his gourd, tied it to a tree, and placed a few morsels of fruit in it, then walked back into the bushes to wait in hiding.

Within an hour, the accolite saw a monkey approaching, swinging through the tree limbs, but he was very puzzled, for this monkey appeared to have three arms. When the monkey approached close enough, the accolite was astounded, for he saw that the third arm was actually the monkey's penis.

"A prehensile penis!" the accolite muttered. "A fucking prehensile penis! I gotta get me one of those!"

The monkey approached the trap, but did not reach his hand inside. Instead, he inserted that amazing penis and began humping the hole. As the monkey's erection reached a certain size, the pistoning action siezed, and the monkey began squealing, unable to withdraw his swollen penis and also unable to continue pumping to orgasm.

In the distance, the monkey's mate heard her lover squealing. Unable to bear the thought of anything happening to his precious tool, the tool that did such marvelous things for her, she scrambled rapidly towards his screams. She would save him and his tool -- or at least his tool -- no matter what.

The accolite decided that he truly must have that magic penis, as a fertility charm, as a good luck charm, and he approached the trapped monkey with a long knife bared.

The monkey saw the accolite approach with his knife, and knew instinctively that the accolite sought to take his magic gift, to cut it off and take away that which made the monkey special. The monkey's brow furrowed with anger -- he WOULD NOT let his precious organ be stolen! He would see to the destruction of anyone that tried to take it! Concentrating, he placed a wish in his magic tool, a wish that was a curse across the ages, bringing misfortune to those that were subject to it.

The monkey braced himself, and as the accolite came within a few feet of him, he forced his pelvis hard to the gourd. He ejaculated, casting his spell, and the magic tool spewed jism so hard that it burst out the other side of the gourd.

The accolite started the swing of his great knife.

The monkey's mate leaped from the tree limbs and landed between the monkey and his attacker, ready to take on the attacker all by herself if needed to protect that precious gift of her lover.

The jism hurled from where it had burst out of the gourd, splattering the back of the monkey's mate, causing her to cry out in pain.

The accolite, not expecting the monkey's mate to drop from the trees, cut her head off before he could halt his swing.

The monkey stared aghast at what his magic tool's seed had just done.

The monkey's mate's dying eyes stared at her lover's eyes angrilly, laying guilt and blame there for being such a stupid monkey. Then they drifted to his magic tool sticking out the far end of the gourd, and she died smiling dumbly with the half-conscious anticipation of pleasure from that marvelous tool.

The accolite's blade swung a second time.

Stunned, the monkey took three steps back from the gourd and realized that he was several pounds lighter. How?! How could his magic tool have let this happen to him and his mate?! He clutched his wounded groin, then fell over.

The accolite leered greedily as he carefully cracked open the gourd so as not to damage the precious charm. Over the next few weeks, he annointed the penis with sacred herbs, drying it, chanting sacred prayers over it.

The dried penis has been handed down through the ages to this day, granting wishes to the owner and exacting strange costs to those around him and especially to those that try to help him.

They say that you should be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it. The monkey's mate could tell you to be even more careful what you don't wish for, because you just might get it anyway...

... while the gods laugh and laugh and laugh...

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