Josie's Fantasy

by Slutluver

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Lesbian, Gang Bang, Black Male, White Female, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, .

Desc: Sex Story: Wanda and Larry make Josie's fantasy of gangbanging some bums come true.

Wanda went over to Larry's apartment, wearing only a short, transparent negligee under her coat. When Larry answered the door he was surprised.

Wanda said, "I'm here to get fucked now. I'm so horny and you are going to take care of that and I will make you cum and cum and you will enjoy it."

"Come, right in then, Wanda," Larry replied.

As they went to the bedroom, he removed his clothes so he would be ready to fuck her cunt. After getting Wanda to lay on the bed, he ripped the negligee off her, spread her legs wide and rammed his prick up her cunt as hard as he could. This caused her tits to bounce. He grabbed her waist for leverage as he fucked Wanda with all his might. She was breathing hard as he continued to ram into her cunt.

"Oh Larry, fuck me. Fuck me. Oh my. YES!!!!!" Wanda said between breaths.

By now, Larry was ready to shoot his cum into her steaming cunt. A few more pumps and he was there, but Wanda was there already. Her orgasm left her sizzling with passion and relief. It took a few more hard thrusts before Larry emptied himself into her.

When they finished, Wanda and Larry laid on the bed and Wanda said, " Larry do those old bums still sleep in the alley behind your shop?"

Larry replied, "Yes, Do you plan to go there next?"

"No," replied Wanda, "but Josefina, you know Josie, has this fantasy about being the slut for some bums for the night and I would like to arrange it for it to come true. Do you want to help?"

"Yes, why not It will make their night" Larry replied.

So Wanda and Larry made plans for the following evening. Wanda brought Josie to Larry's shop the next afternoon. Upon meeting them Larry told them he had a few errands to run and they could wait in the backroom for him to return.

Upon entering the backroom, Wanda turned to Josie and said, " Let's not wait for him to return. Why not start without him?'

Josie agreed.

"Then take off my shirt and my bra, slut." Wanda said.

"Yes," Josie said and did so, leaving Wanda naked from the waist up.

"Remove my shorts, and panties, and eat me."

When she was naked, Wanda sat on a high chair. She pulled up her legs and opened wide, giving Josie complete access to her pussy. Josie knelt down and put her head in Wanda's crotch. She began sucking and licking all around Wanda's pussy. She pushed aside the short hairs around Wanda's slit so she could suck her clit. Wanda leaned back in pure enjoyment.

"Josie, my pussy hasn't been eaten so good in weeks." The job Josie was doing on her was exciting Wanda, but she wanted and planned for more.

"Stop, slut. I need to get something." Josie looked at her with disbelief.

"Is it not good for you?"

"It's good. I just want to get something. Do you know what this is?"

"Yes, Wanda. It's a double dildo."

"Take off your clothes and lie down on the cot. I want to fuck you with it."

Wanda took the monstrous looking device and placed one end of it inside her pussy. When Josie lay on the cot, Wanda climbed on and inserted the other end in Josie's cunt.

This gave Wanda a chance to play the active role in sex with another woman. Wanda and Josie were a little bi, both enjoyed being with another woman from time to time.

"Do you want me to fuck you with the dildo?"

"Yes, Wanda."

Wanda pushed the dildo until it was well lodged in both of them. She was ready to fuck. With each thrust, the dildo pushed against their clits. Wanda leaned over and played with Jossie's tits. She rubbed her own tits against Josie's. She increased her rhythm, but Josie accepted the whole thing. Wanda wanted it to last. She wanted to fuck this slut forever. But soon the tension got too much. Wanda was groaning and moaning with each thrust. Wanda wanted Josie to cum with her.

"Do you like this, Josie?"

"Oh, Yes, Wanda, Yes."

"Good, because I'm going to cum soon. I want you to cum, too."

"Yes, Wanda." Indeed, Josie was getting very excited too. It did not take much to get her to cum. Josie was moaning in an orgasmic even before Wanda was.

"Yes, I'm cumming!" Wanda shouted. Several waves coursed through her body, until she could relax.

When she got up, Wanda said, "Josie, this is just the beginning, you are going to have your fantasy fulfilled, you will be a great slut tonight.' With that Wanda opened the back door, pushed Josie out in to the alley, slammed and locked the door.

Josie pounded on the door and then suddenly realized that she was not alone in the alley.

Two bums appeared and said, "Well, look at this, a naked slut.I'm Pete and this is Mike and it's been a while since we have gotten laid."

Pete added, "We have ropes to tie you up. With these ropes we can make you move in to any position we want or you can be willing."

They pushed her back on to a mattress and said, "We can tie your legs, and spread them as far as we want, " said Mike. He pulled her legs apart. She was obviously helpless.

Pete said, "We want to fuck you. Would you like that?"

"Yes, Pete. You can use me any way you want."

Pete and Mike rapidly stripped. They positioned themselves so that her mouth was even with their pricks. Josie did not even have to be told what to do. She lurched forward and took each one in turn. First, she gulped on Mike's thick penis. He held her fucking her mouth, but then Pete insisted on a turn. Pete raised her up so he could fuck her breasts instead of her mouth. He placed his prick between her tits and pressed them together.

Josie said, "Put that in my mouth, too."

Mike said, "Now we're going to screw you properly."

He lay down, pulled her legs apart and made Josie squatted over his dick and then embedded it in her pussy. Pete placed some lubricant on his cock, and then did the same thing up her asshole.

"We're making a slut sandwich, " Pete said.

Both of them pushed together. They tried to keep in the same rhythm. Mike pinched her tits tightly, while Pete slapped her ass. Josie was clearly excited by the abuse her body was taking. Because Pete was getting more friction from her ass, he was getting excited faster. He slowed down, because he did not want to cum before Mike.

Mike did not care what he did. He was lost in an erotic whirlwind, as they both banged into her.

"Oh yeah. I'm going to cum soon." Mike said.

"Wait for me," Pete said.

"Not a chance. This slut is too good."

Mike closed his eyes as his cum spurted into Josie. He moaned and grunted as he squirted out, and dripped down onto the ground.

As soon as Mike was finished, Pete took Norma for himself. He had her get on her knees so he could fuck her more deeply. He pounded into her ass as hard as he could. Finally, he started cumming, and he kept ramming up her ass as hard as ever. Only when he was empty did he pull back and relax.

"Did you like that, slut?" Mike asked.

Josie was still breathing hard. "Yes, Mike. You used me fully."

"Play with me to get me hard, again." Mike said.

Josie took his dick in both hands. Slowly, it resumed its stiffness and tension. Mike let her do her thing, but then, he knew what he wanted.

"Turn around so I can do you from behind," he said.

She turned and leaned against the wall. Mike easily found her pussy, which he had so thoroughly used earlier. Now he took his time. He moved slowly and deeply into her tight pussy. And this time Josie pushed back. She skewered herself on his prick. She wanted him as much as he wanted her.

"Give me your prick, Mike. I want you to fuck me with it," She said, moaning.

Mike continued to move with her, letting her cunt engulf him.

"Harder, Mike. Fuck me. Fuck me." She said, grunting her encouragement.

Mike was also getting there. He pulsated into her deep pussy, until his cum was almost ready to burst.

"Yes, you're making me cum, Mike!" She exclaimed.

He exploded into her pussy. They stood there, united for several minutes.

Then Mike pulled out of her cunt, and step back.

Suddenly Josie realized that three more bums had come down the alley... "What do you want with us?" she asked.

"With them, nothing, I'm Butch and theses are my pals'" Butch said... "With you, well we'll get to that won't we boys " Butch said grinning. "This here is Charlie and the other one is Sam, we heard some noises down this alley and came to see what was going on.

Josie looked at them and saw that Butch was way overweight and as ugly as sin and had rotten teeth. Charlie was the shortest of the three and looked like a little weasel. Sam, was the biggest one but just as ugly as the other two, and was black.

Charlie was ogling Josie. "Look at the tits on this bitch" he screamed as he marveled at her body. Josie said, "I'll do what ever you wish, but please don't hurt me." Charlie reached over and gave Josie's nipple a hard pinch and a tug. Charlie cackled as he roughly grabbed both of her tits with his hands leaving red marks. She pulled back in pain

"Come on, Babe" Butch said as he dragged Josie to the mattress. As he threw her down he said "Me first." He placed his hand on Josie's inner thigh. Josie spread her legs to allow Butch clear passage to her pussy. Both of Josie's nipples were hard and aroused. As Butch's fingers reached Josie's pussy he exclaimed, "This slut is hot. Her pussy is just dripping. Man it's been so long since I had a hot piece of ass." His fingers, as he pushed them in and out, were covered with Josie's wetness. She squirmed as he continued to finger her. Then she started to meet his thrusts. She was getting hot.

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