A Summer to Remember - Would You Believe it?

by Ray1031

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Humor, Oral Sex, Petting, .

Desc: Sex Story: He's her Dear Abby, Father Confessor and Big Brother. Her Shoulder to lean and cry on who is "too close" for a romantic relationship. Or is He? Besides, She is in love/lust with the man next door, or is she. Almost an unrequitted love story ... almost.

I was her Big Brother, Dear Abby and Father Confessor. Her Shoulder to lean or cry on and the one person whom she trusted, here. Trusted in all things, in all ways, beyond all others she knew here. I was her semi-constant companion, her guide, her drinking buddy and her friend. I knew more about her, understood her better, than any other she had ever known. In short... I was too close for her to consider a romantic relationship with. She loved me and couldn't imagine her life here without me, but it wasn't 'that' kind of love.

Of course, as in most matters of the human heart a two-edged sword was at play for I was smitten'... Cupid had shot me when my back was turned with a double dose of testosterone and emotional confusion reigned supreme. Having her around as much as she was often became physically and emotionally painful for me. Besides, she'd decided she was in love/lust with the guy in the next room.

We were both Air Force Cops and had finished our last 'Swing' (evening) shift. With twenty-four hours to elapse before we reported for our first Midnight shift, we always tried to stay up for most of the night in preparation for the shift change and changes in our sleep schedules. As usual, it was back to the dorms, a quick shower and change of clothes, then we headed downtown. A couple of servings of Giolza (Gee-ol-za: a Chinese pasta meat roll served with teriyaki and mustard sauce) and it was on to Tachikawa nightclubs for a little dancing, conversation and lots of drinking.

Tonight I'd taken her somewhere she'd not before been - a little club I'd found in a disreputable part of town. One of those places American GIs were not usually welcome. But I was, at first, I was only tolerated and later actually liked. When I found places like this, private spots where I didn't have to put up with normally loud drunken GIs. I was very protective of these places when I found them. Not wanting to either see them ruined turning them into a GI hangout, nor find my welcome withdrawn. I made many a good friend in these places during the eighteen months I'd been in Japan.

Lynn loved the place and promised to never go there without me, nor to take other GIs there.

After, we returned to my room in the dorm (I had a room to myself because of my grade - most, including Lynn, didn't) and continued our party. I kept the room stocked with Bourbon, cokes and ice.

About three AM we heard her boyfriend come in next door. She quickly made her departure, saying she didn't want to see him. She took a last large drink with her when she left, quietly letting herself out of my room and the building, returning to her own dormitory.

It was July. Sweltering muggy days and hot nights. The air conditioning was from massive swamp coolers mountedon the building's roof. Anyone familiar with them can tell you they are not very effective.

Another quick shower and I retrieved the makings for a sandwich from my small refrigerator. A glass of ice water and three aspirin (my personal hangover cure) and I was crawling into bed when I heard a familiar tapping at the window next door. Lynn had decided to visit Mark after all. I heard the window slide open and soon the iron framework of Mark's Bunk was slapping against the wall rhythmically. One problem I didn't have.

Having a room alone, I'd taken the bunks apart, stored the iron frames in an unused closet and turned the bunks into a single bed. Nesting the bedsprings, I'd placed both mattresses on top. It was still a single bed, but with a double thick more comfortable mattress. I didn't have the framing to worry about and it made the room seem more spacious.

Ten minutes after it started, the thumping stopped and the voices in muted conversation began. Listening to the tone and volume of the conversation, I found myself anticipating the direction it was headed. I rose from my bed, pulled the heavy curtains over the open window and unlocked the door. A few minutes more of steadily increasing argument and I heard a single loud sob from Lynn before the window again slid open and, after a moment's pause, slammed shut. Only three minutes passed before there was a light scratching of fingernails at my door.

"Come in," I called softly.

The door opened and closed quietly, the lock clicked and the light came on. There was Lynn in all her glory. Naked as the day she was born. Not an unfamiliar sight to me. It had become a twice weekly habit for her to get drunk and then walk naked from her dorm to Mark's window. After, though, she would always come to 'borrow' one of my shirts for the return walk to her dorm. Outside of my uniforms, I only owned seven civilian shirts, so twice a month I would have to stop by her room and retrieve those she'd borrowed. At least they were always laundered and neatly hung when I did.

Five foot six, dishwater blonde, and one-hundred twenty-eight pounds. A heavy Vee of blondish brown curls below and heavy bottomed breasts with perky upturned nipples above. She had slightly wide hips and heavily muscled thighs. Yet her waist was narrow and her long neck was always straight. She slways held her head high with a sparkle in her blue-green eyes and a ready smile. Lynn was an exceptionally attractive young woman. Though she had stood before me in this fashion many times before, she had never seen me naked since I slept in my BVD's and a T-shirt.

Expecting she only wanted to borrow another shirt I pointed to my closet. "You know where they are. Don't take the orange and brown print shirt though, I want to wear that one later when I get up."

Tears and mascara streaks were drying on her cheeks, her eyes still tear misted as she simply stood and looked at me for long moments. "I need a hug. Can you please hold me for a few minutes?"

Without a word I slid out of the bed and crossed the two steps to her. Slipping my arms inside hers, I wrapped my left around her waist and pulled her naked form close. I slid my right hand up her back and used it to guide her head to my shoulder as the dam of her tears broke free once more. Long minutes we stood there, me simply holding her, gently rocking her from side to side as she soaked my shoulder and her body shook and quivered with silent sobs. Finally a single long shudder passed through her and she seemed to calm a bit. Guiding her to my bed I sat her on it's edge and moved to turn on my stereo, increasing the volume slightly so we could talk without our voices carrying through the walls. Sitting beside her I gently placed one arm around her waist and held her as we talked.

I'm not meaning to be rude here, but it was the same story I'd heard from her frequently before. She gets drunk, throws herself at him, fucks him silly (which doesn't take long), they argue and she accuses him of cheating on her (He does - but I don't like him and she knows I don't, so I'm careful to stay out of that). They fight some more and he tells her to leave. Many of their regular dates end this way too. Of course, the telling was interspersed with a multitude of 'Bastards', 'Assholes' and 'Son-of-a-Bitches'. But this time it ended differently...

"... and he leaves me so frustrated, Damn it! In the times we've been together I've only had one orgasm, that first time. I really think it must have been an accident. He never seems to care about my needs, only his own. Damn it!"

Her arm was around my waist, her head on my shoulder as we talked, or rather; she talked and I listened, making small appropriate sounds and non-committal comments here and there. As she finished I hugged her close once again and kissed her forehead, whispering, "He doesn't know what he's fucking up, does he?"

She made a sound like a cross between a sob and a guffaw and hugged me tightly for long moments before finally sitting straight once more and wiping at her eyes.

"So, what now? Do you want another drink? Do you want one of my shirts for the walk home? What do 'you' want?"

"I want to go next door and cut that bastards balls off... I want to get drunk again and just pass out... I want to stay here and cuddle with you... I don't know what I want. I know I don't want to look at or think of him for a while. I know I don't want to go back to my own bed - not alone, I don't want to be alone right now. I just want to be held. I want to know someone cares. Can I stay here and sleep with you tonight? I don't want sex, but I would like to have you hold me as I sleep. Would that be okay with you?"

Crossing to my wardrobe I opened a drawer and tossed her a couple of towels and a wash cloth. "You can stay if you wish, but you're going to shower first. You smell of alcohol sweat, dried sex and Mark's cologne. Soap, shampoo and conditioner, if you wish them, are in that closet, second shelf," I said, pointing. "Besides, I really don't want to see 'that' face when I first wake up. There's a mirror inside the closet door."

She staggered twice crossing the room. Checking herself in the mirror she made a face. "Don't blame you for not wanting to wake up to that," she said with a grin. "But I don't know about taking a shower here. This is the guy's dorm, after all."

"No sweat. I'll stand guard for you while you clean up. Use the end shower and the wall will hide you from anyone coming into the bathroom. I'll make sure they don't come closer." Retrieving a belted silk smoking jacket for her, she donned it like a shorty robe. I pulled on a pair of cut-off shorts and we headed for the latrine. She leaned heavily on me as we moved.

In the shower she adjusted the water carefully before stepping into it and promptly dropped the soap three times in thirty seconds, lapsing into a giggling fit. Dropping my shorts and underwear on the bench, I stepped in behind her and took the soap and wash cloth from her hands. She was stunned and her mouth began to open when I first stepped in and touched her.

Yet she said nothing, simply watched passively as I soaped up first the cloth, then her back before I began scrubbing lightly. I cleaned her back, legs, arms and front before moving on to her neck and then the crack of her ass and pussy mound, cleaning all gently but thoroughly. Rinsing the wash rag well I resoaped it and handed it to her telling her to clean her face as I began turning her this way and that rinsing the last bits of soap away. Soaping my hands to a froth I altered her position once again, moving her slightly out of the main stream as I placed one hand in the small of her back and bent her backwards slightly. Reaching between her legs I guided my fingers once again over and around her pussy mound. This time pressing between and soaping her from front to back, coating everything. Rinsing my hands I again moved her into the main stream and began washing away the soap.

Through it all she made no sound, neither affirmative nor negative. She simply allowed me to move and position her as I would, accepting the cleaning as I did it. It was as I was turning off the shower that she first opened her mouth to speak. I quickly place a finger over her lips to stop her. I'd heard something in the outer room. It was only the slightest sound, but I'd been keeping my ears tuned for any noises.

Even though the military was much less strict than they once had been about females in the male dorm, or individuals rooms, they still had this expectation that visitors come only during the day and remain fully clothed. Especially the female military members. Although I was sure most would not have turned us in, There were people in the dormitory who disliked me and would like to cause me troubles. There were also guys in the dorm who had been rejected by Lynn and were still rankled by it. Besides, whether anyone said anything to our bosses or not, word would get back to Mark and I was sure Lynn didn't want that... she hadn't given up on him, yet.

I heard water beginning to splash into a urinal and made sure Lynn couldn't be seen as I stepped from the shower and reached for a towel, tossing it behind me to Lynn and taking the other to dry myself. It was Ken from across the hall with his back to me. He and I exchanged morning pleasantries as he completed his business and I dried myself. He was soon heading back to bed and that last hour of sleep. Lynn used the toilet before we returned to my room and got ready for bed.

Lynn sleeps naked.

Climbing into the bed first, I held the covers high for her to slide in beside me, then gave her my second pillow for her own use. Once in bed, Lynn turned onto her side away from me and snuggled back against me, forcing me to turn onto my own side and spoon myself against her back, wrapping one arm over her and between her breasts.

I forced myself to relax and 'not think', 'not feel' the position we were in or the body pressed so tightly against my own. In the shower it had been no problem to ignore who and what she was and what I was handling and doing. I had simply applied myself to the task at hand and ignored the rest. Like earlier, with her snuggled so tightly against me and sobbing into my shoulder, I simply paid attention to her troubles and ignored the rest.

Now, though... No task at hand to concentrate on. Nothing to divert my attention from the sexy, softly breathing body pressed so tightly against mine. I could feel the first true stirrings and knew she soon would as well.

Diverting my attention I began a relaxation exercise I'd long ago developed to help me sleep more easily. Thinking about im individual body parts and consciously relaxing them. First came my toes and feet, concentrating on them, imagining them relaxing and the tension leaving them in preperation for sleep. Then on to my calves, after that, my knees, feeling each part relax as I thought at it, and feeling that relaxation beginning to spread slowly through the rest of me. I reached my thighs and felt hers against mine. My mind immediately flashed back to the shower and began replaying the cleaning of her, this time feeling each part, each inch of flesh as I cleaned it. The softness here, the firmness there, the pliability and silkiness of the whole as I first spread the soap, rubbed it with the cloth, and finally rinsed the soap away. The stirrings returned and I forced my thoughts away. She 'trusted' me, and I wasn't going to betray that trust.

I began my relaxation exercises again and was successfully moving through them when I realized she was crying again. Thinking that she was crying about Mark once again I hugged her gently and whispered into her neck, "Shush, Sweetheart. There's tomorrow. You will talk to him tomorrow and make everything right again. Crying about it now won't help."

"It's not that. Mark's not what I'm crying about."

"Okay." I softly kissed the back of her neck as I held her close. "What are you crying about?"

"It's... It's... Oh, never mind. It's not important."

"It is important. It's important enough for you to cry over. It's something that is troubling you. It is important. Tell me and I'll try to help you with it."

"Oh, you don't want to know."

"I do, or I wouldn't ask. Tell me. Why are you crying?"

"It's you! You don't love me like you once said you do. Either that, or you are gay."

"Oh, have you got that wrong. Why would you say that to me? What makes you think I don't love you?"

"It's... Well, it's just... things!"

"Things? What things? Wait, before you answer. You once told me I was special to you but you didn't love me - 'that' way. How many guys would spend the amount of time together that we do and not try to take liberties? How many rooms in the dorm could you walk into naked, repeatedly, and not find yourself molested in some way? How many men could share what we've shared and not insist on more? How many men could bathe you as I just did and not turn it into simply another sexual advance - even after you had just said you didn't want that? How many guys do you know who could lay with you this way, with you smelling freshly scrubbed, smelling of soap and woman, feeling so enticing and fragile and inviting and soft, and not react? Who else would not allow their hands to roam or raise a rod into your butt? Simply holding you as you asked and accepting what you allow?"

"But I'm obviously not sexy to you. You haven't reacted at all, in all these times I've been naked with you or teased you, you never reacted."

"I simply haven't allowed it. Those times I couldn't control it I made sure I was covered, or remained seated until I distracted myself and it passed. Haven't you noticed that each time you've done those things I 'controlled' my position or made sure I was covered somehow?" My mind wasn't on my relaxation exercises. I wasn't paying attention to my body's reactions as we spoke and my reactions suddenly made themselves obvious to both of us as the little man began standing out on his own. Swelling and stretching he suddenly rose up within my shorts and began growing against her buttocks.

"Even here and now, until I became distracted, I was concentrating on relaxation, trying to ignore your body and how it felt pressing so tightly against mine. Refusing to allow the reaction that wanted to make itself known, and is now doing so. You are a very sexy woman and I want nothing more than to push our relationship further. Are you now saying that you 'want' to sleep with me? You want to make love with me?"

"Yes, I do."

"Well Lynn," I said, kissing the back of her neck once again. "It will keep until morning. You are still drunk. You are still mad and hurt."

"You don't want me!"

"Oh, but I do want you. Very much so. I want nothing more than to shift slightly and slide home into the warm depths I know are so close. But I am not going to. Not tonight. I want to know that it is you speaking. Not the alcohol... Not the anger... Not the hurt. Sleep on it, my love. If you still feel the same when we wake up, I'll be more than happy to serve you... and will do my best to make sure you reach your own pleasure as well - hopefully many times. But I want you to know one thing right now. I want you to think about it and remember it."


"When we do it... when we start... it's not going to be over in ten minutes. You should be thinking more on the lines of an hour to hour and a-half."


"I like to take my time. Now go to sleep."

She snuggled back against me and shook herself, causing my hard-on to grow larger, firmer against her backside.

"Goodnight, Emett. You're going to love waking up later."

We'd been asleep for only two hours when I woke to the sound of a key in my door lock. 'Shit!! Fuck!! Dammit-all-to-hell!! What a fucking time for the Fucking First Sergeant to be making a damned Dorm check!' Thinking that we were both screwed, but good, I first looked to see if Lynn was awake and found her eyes looking up into my own. Then, moving quickly I grabbed the blanket and slid it up over Lynn's head, reaching quickly to insure she was fully covered just as the door opened and the First Shirt stepped in.

"Oh, sorry Emett. I thought you were out. I knocked."

"Didn't hear you, Sarge. Woke up when you put the key in my lock. Spot check or do you need me for something?"

"Just a spot check." His eyes hadn't left the extra lumpiness of my bed until that moment. Now he glanced around the room quickly before returning his eyes to the bed. "Room looks okay, as always. Looks like you have a couple of extra pillows there."

"Naw. Trying to sweat out the beginnings of a cold. Put on extra blankets last night and got so hot I kicked them off as I slept."

"Unh Huh. Word to the wise. Commander's coming through tomorrow morning. Make sure those 'extra blankets' aren't with you when he comes through or there will be hell to pay."

"Thanks for the word, Sarge. I'll be just off my first mid-shift and only interested in sleep. 'Extra blankets' will be the last thing on my mind."

"See that it is. And, don't make this 'extra blanket' situation a normal thing in the dormitory. You know what the regulations say about the male dormitories and 'blankets'."

"I understand, Sarge."

"Goodnight then. I'll let you and your 'blankets' get on with your sleep."

"Thank you. good-day, Sarge," and he was gone, relocking the door as he left.

The next five minutes were painful for both of us, shaking with silent giggles and choking back guffaws that threatened to shake the walls if they were released. Simply holding one another and quivering together, suppressing the laughter the situation demanded, tears filling our eyes from the strain. Both knowing that loud laughter or sounds that would carry through the dormitory walls was the last thing we could allow. The man had cut us a break, knowing what was going on and (because I had the foresight to cover her and she was not visible in any way) refusing to acknowledge it. But, any loud laughter or noises, especially the sound of a female voice, would force his hand and we'd both get busted.

We made it through though. Until we heard the sound of the Sarge's voice, announcing his departure, and the outer door closing at the end of the hall. Even then, when she looked at me through tear-filled eyes and started to laugh, I touch her lips with two fingers and she choked it back once again as I rose from the bed. Slipping on my pair of cut-offs I moved to and opened the door to check the hall. I wanted to be sure. The hall was empty and I was laughing out loud as I closed it once again turned the lock.

Three minutes later and calm once again, Lynn looked at me and said, "I can't believe he let us get away with it."

"We were very lucky. Had I not covered you or had it been one of three other people I could name from his office, we both would have been standing tall before the commander. Thank God it was him and not the Commander! We would have really been in the shit then."

"What now?"

"Well, I don't know about you, but I have to piss like a race horse."

"Now that you mention it..."

"You know where my T-shirts are, you'll find sweat pants in the next drawer down. They'll stretch to fit. It's daytime now, and you don't need more than that to be a legal visitor. Then after, if you are still interested..."

"Are you sure it will be safe?"

"It is now. The Commander won't be through until tomorrow and no one else will follow the First Sergeant. Mark is at work so you don't need to worry about him...

"Screw him!"

"No thanks, you will do just fine... but we'll turn the stereo up a bit to cover any noises we might make. It will be safe."

Once back from the latrine she asked, "You think it is going to be good enough that we will get noisy?"

"Not if you are going to make it into a challenge. But, if you really want it, and you want to be satisfied, then things might get a little loud."

"I've been thinking for weeks that I am with the wrong man. I really want to see if we can be good together. After last night, I really think we probably can be. You gave me three small orgasms just in the shower last night."

"Lights on or off?"

"On, I think. I usually have them off to hide the little cellulite puckers in my lower ass and upper thighs. Never have found an exercise that works well there... my legs just get stronger. But you have already seen all of me, many times, and I want to see all of you. Is that okay with you?"

"Love to see what I'm eating. Nothing is as enticing as a pussy as it gets excited, the color gets rosier, it gets moister and the temperature goes up. Not to mention the flavor, richer and richer as the rivers flow."

"O-o-oh, I haven't had my pussy eaten since I arrived in country. I like this already."

"Shall we remove the blankets from the sacrificial bed then, Ma'am?"

Lynn started to throw the bedding into my one armchair and I stopped her, tossing them into a corner of the room instead. "We may want that chair later, and I don't want to have to move them again in the heat of the moment."

Stopping to look at the chair, Lynn's eyebrow went up and her smile widened. "Do we want to wait, or do we want to start there? I was thinking that I could sit you there and start on you, first"

"No. We may go there later, but we start on the bed in one another's arms and let things go where they will from there. Get on the bed milady."

We didn't make it there right away though. I began reaching for my briefs and Lynn stopped me. Lifting my hands over my head she pulled my T-shirt up until the neck band hooked on my nose. With the shirt trapping my arms and covering my eyes she began kissing and nipping at my lips and chin, making a 'catch-me-if-you-can-find-me' game out of it. Allowing herself freedom to roam, she trailed a line of kisses across my left cheek to my ear, then my neck, down my chest to my nipple and there she paused to suckle for a time. Lips teeth and tongue laved attention to the entirety of my left chest before travelling to my right and pausing there once again. Then it was back uphill as she moved to my neck my ear before crossing my cheek to once again attack my lips and chin. Finally, she attached her lips to mine in a lasting kiss. Beginning closed mouth and gentle, twisting her head slightly this way and that before finally allowing her lips to slowly part and her tongue to come out for play. She wrapped her arms around me and allowed them to roam freely up and down my back, traveling and exploring from my neck to my butt.

I had been standing quietly through all of this. She broke the kiss and I felt her move slightly away. Almost immediately, one fingernail began tracing lines and patterns across my upper chest. Soon it was joined by one fingernail from the other hand and they began a complex dance of cris-crossing lines on my torso.

I took this moment to speak for the first time since she had started. "Lynn, my sweet. Tell me what you like and what you don't like people to do for or to you during sex. What pleases you and what is an instant turn-off. We are after maximum pleasure for both of us here and I don't want to violate any taboos."

There were now eight nails on my chest slowly dragging themselves down either side of my torso. She seemed to be searching for the tickle spots, trying to make me to squirm in place. Though I am really quite ticklish, as a child I had trained myself not to react to tickling. I did it as self protection, since almost all of my relatives are ticklish. During childhood wrestling matches, tickling was a way to turn the tables if you were losing. Now everyone thinks I am not ticklish since I won't allow myself to react to it.

"I love having attention paid to my tits. Soft and gentle or rough and nasty. Simply pleasurable or highly painful, I don't care as long as they get maximum attention. I hate anything in my ass. Fingers, toungues, toys or cocks, they are all painful and uncomfortable. Except for hands gripping my buttocks during hard sex, there is nothing you can do back there that will be pleasurable for me. I love oral sex. Giving and getting, which is where I'm heading now, I want to see what your briefs are trying to hide. It looks big enough, but I want to see it and taste it. Anything in, on or around my cunt is allowable. If it hurts too much or is more than I want to allow, I will stop you and you'll have to do something else. Just don't forget my tits while you're down there."

I felt my briefs slide to the floor and raised first one foot, then the other as she removed them. "You're still not hard, Emett. After having my lips, tongue, tits and hands all over your chest and you're not completely hard yet. Am I doing something wrong?"

"Not a thing. It's just me and my ways. Either I have to get directly involved and contributing to things or he needs direct stimulation to reach his full maturity. Being able to see helps a lot too."

"I want to get you off first."

"No. This morning is supposed to be all about you and your sensations, not mine. Help me with this shirt. He'll be there all morning, playing peek-a-boo with you. There for you to play with some times and others not. Enticing you, promising you greater pleasures later when I do let you finally have him. I want you to think about it, anticipate it for later. It'll be all the better for the waiting."

"But I want it now." she said and I felt her breath on it as she leaned forward to take it in her mouth. At least she hadn't grabbed it with her hand yet.

Stepping back I started applying pressure to the shirt. She'd grabbed it at my shoulders as she'd leaned down to prevent me from removing it, but it was an old shirt. I kept it just for sleeping in, to save wear and tear on the ones I used under my uniforms. The bottom hem had mostly unraveled and there were holes in it already, so it didn't take a lot of pressure before it started tearing out. Within only a few seconds, I'd torn it mostly away. I was left with the short sleeves on my arms and the collar like a necklace around my neck. The rest of it I dropped to the floor in a couple of pieces as I reached down for her.

She wanted to fight me a bit, to stay where she was on her knees, so I joined her, kneeling before her and applying what she had told me I leaned forward for another kiss and placed my hands on her breasts. At the first contact, when my hands cupped then and my thumbs rested beside her nipples, she froze. As my thumbs began circling her nipples she seemed to melt, sitting back onto her heels. As I broke the kiss and moved my lips to her neck, her head tipped back and away from my face, giving me more room as a soft sigh escaped her lips.

I began nipping and sucking softly moving up and down her neck and onto the top of her shoulder, laving generously with my tongue as I went. My hands continued their massage work as I used them and my face, my greater weight, to lean her backwards. Her feet went to the sides and parted to beyond her buttocks as she sat back to the floor. I continued leaning her backwards until her shoulders were on the floor, her back heavily arched. I moved my attentions to her breasts and the minute my tongue touched a nipple both of her hands went to my head tangling themselves in my hair. Tipping my head back and looking upwards, I slowly dragged my teeth over her areola and nipple, I found her eyes closed. Her nostrils were flared and her tongue was extended, the tip riding her upper lip as it flickered back and forth across it.

I slid forward until I was astraddle her right leg, my cock, now fully hard trapped between her hip and my belly as I lavished attention to her left breast. Kissing, licking and nipping at the entire thing. Working first one slope of it before returning to her nipple for a long suck, a whirlwind attack of the areola with my tongue and a gentle gnawing on the nipple. My right thigh was pressed solidly against her vagina and as my attentions continued her hips began an excited twitching, a small up and down motion through the coarse hairs on my thigh while pressing tightly against it.

During all of this, my left hand on her remaining breast had been completely still. Covering, cupping and holding the breast to be sure, but making no overt actions towards stimulation. Once, she had tried to coax my hand into some type of action, but I pushed her hand away and merely continued holding it.

Her hands had returned to my hair, stroking and massaging my scalp for a time before moving to caress my neck. Three times she moved them to my shoulders in a loose hug which she turned into a short shoulder massage. Her strong fingers and thumbs squeezing and manipulating the muscles there for a time before returning once again to my hair. She traced the outlines of my ears with her sensitive fingertips. Something about her movements, the simple contact, almost caused me to lose control and drop my first load on her hip. Almost, but not quite.

Something about the way Lynn had insisted on attentions to her breasts made me think that in the past she had achieved an orgasm simply through breast play. It may have been a silly thought and I'd certainly never experienced it before, but I was willing to try.

I continued my attentions on her left breast and had been at it for eight or ten minutes when I decided I should move to the right one. The nipple of her right breast felt almost flaccid under my palm and as I checked it, the left seemed enflamed. The nipple was a thick distended knob gone white and quivering with excitation. The surrounding areola, though not in the least puffy earlier now seemed as an engorged plateau surrounding the nipple, puckering down and in at the nipples base. As a final act before moving I opened my mouth wide and lowered it over the tip of her breast, sucking hard. I was trying to suck as much of her breast into my mouth as I could. I was working my jaw in a slight gnawing motion to open it still further and accommodate more of now pulsing flesh in my mouth. It may have been my imagination, but I thought I could almost feel the quivering tip of it just brushing against the back of my throat before I began pulling my head backwards.

Still sucking hard and fighting the release, knowing I was pulling hard at the breast with my mouth as I did so, I pulled my head backwards and felt the breast slowly sliding free with the movement. It was then that Lynn pushed her vagina harder against my thigh, jerking it upward once, twice, three times where it locked itself momentarily in place, her shoulders rising from the floor beneath her. Only her head was still in contact with the floor, her neck muscles tightening and her hands now gripping hard at my hair as she froze in place. She relaxed and I felt the least little trickle of fluid sliding down the top of my thigh as her breast slipped from my mouth with a popping sound.

She was smiling like the Cheshire cat as I slid both hands to the base of their respective breasts and squeezed then gently out towards the tips of each in a milking motion. As I neared the tips of each, I simply held them and brought the tips of both together for my mouth to suckle both together for a long moment before transferring my attention to the right one. As I squeezed and suckled both together, Lynn's hips bucked once, sliding her vagina once more through my coarse leg hair. Then I began repeating my earlier attentions to her breast, this time the right one. This time however, I did not allow my hand to remain motionless on her free breast, but continued a gently milking massage. Starting at the base and slowly sliding outwards to the tip where I would grip the breast, holding it still with my remaining fingers as my thumb and index finger would gently pinch and stretch the nipple until it snapped back. The thumb would then circle the nipple once or twice, sometime three times, before brushing across the tip of the nipple and sliding down to begin once again.

I won't swear to it, but I think she had two more orgasms while I worked on her other breast. I know she had one for sure.

When I had paid equal attention to her right breast I pulled back and rose to my feet without releasing her tits. Lynn opened her eyes and watched, her eyes locking momentarily on my waggling cock as it came into view. Her hand slid down my arms and were stroking my forearms as I moved my legs to straddle her and placed my feet against hers. I gripped her breasts tightly then and pulled gently. She got the message and gripped my forearms tightly, using them and her abdominal muscles to support her weight as I raised her into a standing position. She tried to stand but fell forward against me, her hands going to my shoulders to help support herself. The unusual position had made both of her feet fall asleep.

I lifted her into my arms and she nuzzled my neck, beginning to suck on it as I moved towards the bed.

"If you give me a hickie, I'm going to give you two, dear. One under each breast, right where your bra strap rides," I promised.

She pulled back from my neck pouting (I'd seen a few love marks on Mark in the past) but it changed to a smile as I laid her on the bed with her knees over the edge. "What now?"

"How about a sixty-nine?" She grinned at my words. "I may not last long at first, but I trust you can keep him up and recharge his batteries while I eat you through a couple of more orgasms this way." A small shiver seemed to pass through her at my words. "Do you want me to warn you before I come so you can pull away? Would you like a towel or something in bed with you before we start?"

"I want you to warn me, yes. But only so I don't miss any. I want to taste all of you and I won't need a towel if you are in my mouth at the time."

I got into the bed beside her, facing her and positioning myself so we'd each have access, but she was having none of it. Pushing me onto my back she rose to her knees and settled herself squarely across my face, reaching between her legs and spreading her labia as she rubbed herself all around my mouth from nose to chin. My tongue snaked out and as far into the depths as I could reach. My hands once again locking onto her breasts, where I pinched from the outside of the swollen areole inwards before beginning my milking motions again.

Sighing heavily she settled herself forward, holding my cock erect with a light touch. She slid her mouth down in a single smooth motion until she had engulfed my entire length in her mouth, the tip throbbing in her throat as she buried her nose in my scrotum and inhaled deeply.

Very quickly we fell into a bit of a routine. She would deep throat my cock and hold it there, sucking hard for long minutes. Then she would face fuck herself, bobbing up and down on my cock as she fondled my balls with a free hand, sliding them back and forth in the sack and occasionally applying a very gentle pulling pressure. Then she would jack at my cock as she sucked my scrotum into her mouth and played my balls with her tongue, sliding them this way and that as she chased them around the warmth of her mouth.

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