Inventory Control

by Michael & Phoebe

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Desc: Sex Story: WRITTEN BY PHOEBE: Have you ever had to work a Saturday? Well, then you know how easy it is to let your guard down when you're almost by yourself, working in the warehouse with only the boss in the front office.

God, I can't believe that I did it! And anyone who reads this I want to be the first to caution you against doing what I did. It will really screw you up at work, and even if you do have a moment of nastily wonderful excitement, what comes after probably isn't worth it.

It happened one Saturday afternoon when my boss Phil and I were doing some overtime trying to finish up the cycle counts on the inventory at work. We'd had nothing but computer problems all week and had fallen way behind with the cycle count updates. By working all Saturday we would be able to catch up so that the inventory would be totally caught up on Monday.

I had been working since 8 o'clock that morning and for some reason my thoughts kept going back to the weekend before when my boyfriend Rob and I had spent the whole Saturday in bed having great sex. He's such a stud and he always makes me crazy with lust when we decide to spend the day under the covers.

Rob had been away all week on a trip back east to visit his ailing father. And I couldn't get the memory of his big stiff weenie out of my mind. I could envision it in all its glory; the way it looked when we'd start out, so huge and thick. Then after his first orgasm how slick it was, almost like it was made out of plastic. The way it looked when I got on top of him and started riding him like a rodeo cowgirl.

I tried to stop thinking about Rob's handsome body part but the more I tried to think about other things the hotter I got, and the more I wished that he would be home when I got there that evening. I really needed him because I was feeling super horny. And that's the only excuse that I can come up with for what I let happen.

Working on cycle counts put me out in the warehouse in the shipping and receiving department. The only other person was my boss Phil who was working up in the front office. I hadn't seen him since he let me into the warehouse at 8 o'clock and I felt that I was all alone.

Well, the continuous sexy thoughts that I was having about my boyfriend's nice dick made me do something that many of you might have done under the same circumstances. I reached under my skirt and pulled my panties down and began to finger fuck myself with the image of Rob's wonderful cock in my mind's eye.

My intention was to get off as quickly as possible; to stop thinking about Rob and his wonderful meaty male shaft of pleasure, and to get back to work. But the combination of being in a place that usually had so many people running around and the thoughts that I'd had all morning made my pleasure that much more intense.

The moment that I touched myself down there I could tell that this was going to be super-intense. I almost jumped out of my skin as my finger touched my clit; the feeling was exquisite, totally wonderful. I began to moan quietly as I rubbed my pussy lips together, using them as a moist masturbator, rubbing them against my clit and bringing myself higher and higher.

Time seemed to stand still as my body thrilled to the pressure that I was causing between my legs, and I closed my eyes to savor the feelings that were more intense than ever before.

My heart almost stopped when I heard a rustling sound from behind me. I pulled my hands out from under my skirt and tried in vain to pull my panties back up without being seen. Sitting up straight I looked over my shoulder to see Phil standing there with his eyes wide and his mouth open. I also noticed that he had a big bulge at the crotch of his pants. Fuck! He'd seen what I had been doing. Now I was going to get it.

Visions of being fired for lewd behavior ran through my mind. But then I thought about that boner of his that was so obviously poking out against his pants. And as quickly as I'd had the fear of being fired, I now wondered what he might try, knowing that he had the advantage over me, both being my boss and having caught me doing something like masturbating at work.

I didn't have to wait long to find out what his intentions were. Phil walked over to the counting table and reached down to take hold of the panties that were already down around my thighs. He looked into my eyes as he pulled them down to my ankles. I don't know why I did it, but I lifted my feet off the floor so that he could remove them completely.

There I was sitting in the warehouse with my panties in my boss's hand as he looked down at me. I was scared shitless, I mean it. I had no idea what was going to happen, what this man, my boss, was going to do to me. I held my breath as Phil brought my panties to his nose and watched as he inhaled a long deep breath as if sniffing perfume from a handkerchief. I couldn't believe my eyes.

My boss had to be at least 40 years old, and although he was tall and somewhat thin, his hair was gray and he wears glasses. I'd never thought about him sexually, not even once. Being only 20 myself, and Rob who was a year older than me, my preference was for someone my own age or maybe a couple of years older. (Generally when I look at older men sex with them never comes to mind.)

But watching Phil breathing in my odor like that made me excited for some strange reason that I didn't understand completely. Here was a successful businessman who could have just about any woman he wanted and he was sniffing my undies. It made me feel strange, and powerful all at once.

I completely stopped breathing when Phil stepped closer and bent down and then knelt in front of me then he shoved his face between my legs.

I wanted to yell at him to stop, to be indignant, but when his hot moist tongue touched my skin down there I couldn't make a sound. I watched him as he started to lick me, and fuck me with his tongue.

God I'd never had anyone do it like that before. Even Rob, who likes to eat me just fine, didn't actually fuck me with his tongue. I closed my eyes and spread my legs, leaning back letting my boss tongue fuck me without protest. The thoughts running through my head while Phil kept up his tongue action on me would be x-rated in any media. And before he stopped and looked up to say he wanted to fuck me for real, I'd already decided to screw him if I could.

He stood up and so did I, tugging at his belt as he quickly untied his tie and stripped in front of me. I watched as he shoved his slacks down and was amazed at his size when his underwear when next. Phil for 40, looked every bit as good as Rob who was half his age. I knew that what we were doing was wrong, that things would never be the same again. I briefly wondered if I would tell Rob about this or not.

Then it didn't matter any more. Phil reached into my blouse and started fondling my breast. I reciprocated by grabbing his big stiff boner and squeezed it. He sure did have a big one, at least 2 inches longer than Rob's and a little thicker too. It was strange that I could make comparisons like that and still not seem to care that I was cheating on my boyfriend. Fuck, I just wanted this guy to stick it in and show me a good time. I'd already made up my mind that I wanted to fuck him.

It was all so perverted; to have an old guy like this fuck me like a whore. At least that's the way I felt, cheap and dirty being fucked by my boss in a dirty old warehouse. He hadn't even been prepared for any rejections from me. He'd "assumed" that I'd let him take me without a fuss. Well it looked like I was going to let him, so I might as well enjoy it, I thought to myself.

I bent down and without telling Phil my intentions I started licking the head of his cock. I knew that guys enjoy watching girl's giving head so I made a real slutty show of it looking up for his approval from time to time.

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