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Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Mind Control, Magic, Fiction, First, Oral Sex, Slow, .

Desc: Sex Story: Inspired by Azil's "My Reward", I decided to write a story about what _I_ might with absolute power. The first chapter has no sex, but story codes will expand as the story continues.

Note to Readers: I've used a convention of text in <angle brackets> to indicate telepathic voices, such as Aide's.

Chapter 1: Aide Appears

I'm not sure why I was chosen -- why I was given the power I have. I don't even know where the power comes from, or how it works. What I do know is that I can reshape the world as I see fit -- to create things, even people, from nothingness, or send them into oblivion; to alter the past, or at least everyone's memories of it; to control the thoughts of a person, or a nation, or of the entire world. In short, I was given the power of a god.

It all started when I was watching Return of the Jedi for the umpteenth time, looking at Princess Leia in that gorgeous slave costume, and thinking to myself, "God, I'd love to fuck her."

<If that's what you want, you can, > said a voice in my head.


<If you want her, you can have her, > repeated the voice.

"That's impossible." For some reason, I wasn't questioning the existence of the voice, just what it was telling me.

<Almost nothing is impossible for you now.> As if in demonstration, a woman appeared on my couch: Princess Leia, just as she was in the movie. She immediately snuggled up next to me and began massaging my thighs.

Needless to say, I was stunned. "What's going on? Who are you?" I asked the voice.

There was a moment's confusion, as the woman thought I was talking to her. "I'm Princess Leia, and I'm here to fuck you," she said, in an almost haughty voice completely at odds with her words and actions.

"I'm sorry, Leia, I didn't mean you -- I was talking to someone else." I repeated my question to the voice silently -- Who are you?

<In a sense, I am you, or a part of you. I don't have a name unless you give me one. You asked what is going on. What has happened is that you have been chosen to receive a gift. You have been given the power to change the world in any way you want, with only a few restrictions. I'm the interface for that power -- you tell me what you want, and I do it. You wanted to have sex with the Princess, so I created her for you.>

Leia had continued to massage my thighs, getting ever closer to my crotch. I was as hard as I'd ever been before, but I simply wasn't ready for this aggressive approach.

"Send her away please -- I need to think about this first." She instantly disappeared. "What do I call you?" I spoke aloud, preferring to hear myself think.

<Call me anything you want -- I am your servant, here to grant your every desire.> I could almost hear it bow unctuously.

I had to call it something -- I remembered the Belisarius novels I'd read recently. "I'll call you Aide. You said restrictions -- what are they?"

<Your power is limited to the Solar System -- just past the orbit of Pluto. You can do anything you choose as long as you don't destroy the human race. Those are the only restrictions -- you can even re-write the laws of physics within the system, as long as humans can still live under the new rules.>

"And for how long do I have this power?"

<For as long as you live -- and you will live as long as you desire.>

"Okay," I nodded slowly. "Now, why did you create the Princess like that?"

<You expressed a desire for her -- I was simply carrying that out.>

"If I'm going to live with this, I don't want you jumping the gun like that -- her sudden appearance almost scared me out of my skin. From now on, don't anticipate -- wait until I give you specific instructions, so I can think about what I want before hand." I thought for a moment. "If it's a life-or-death situation, go ahead and do whatever's necessary to prevent me from being hurt."

<Understood. Do you want me to bring the Princess back?>

"Where is she now? What did you do when I asked you to send her away?"

<She doesn't exist anymore -- I simply unmade her when you didn't want her around. I can re-create her any time you wish, however.>

"I don't think so -- Leia is beautiful, but her personality isn't really what I want in a lover -- she has a tendency to be a bit arrogant." I considered this for a moment. What did I really want in a lover? Up to that point in my life, I had had no social life whatsoever. In high school and college, I was too shy to ever ask a girl out, and too much of a nerd to be asked out. In fact, I never did anything social except with my family -- I didn't go to parties or clubs, or do much of anything except work, reading books, or surfing the Internet. My life was a very lonely one, which explained why I was still a virgin after 25 years.

I decided right then and there that I didn't want to live the rest of my life -- which just might be eternity -- stuck in that same rut. I would use this power to break out of that cycle, to do something different for a change. And the first thing I wanted was to get rid of that damned virginity.

For which, of course, I needed a woman. I decided to think things over very carefully before I actually had her created.

First, though, I looked around my aparment -- it was a mess, mostly because I hated cleaning up. "Aide, clean up the apartment, put all the books on the shelves, and get rid of all the trash."

<You don't have enough bookshelves for all your books -- I could make the apartment larger and give you more bookshelves.>

"Just shelve the books I haven't read yet, and the ones I read most often. Get rid of the rest -- I can always ask you to create it later if I want to re-read it."

<Done.> The apartment was clean, really clean, for the first time in several years.

Next I sat down (metaphorically -- I was already sitting down) to consider what I wanted in a lover. I checked with Aide and verified that he knew all my thoughts -- he was part of me, as he said earlier -- and asked him to take notes on the decisions I made, but hold off on actually doing anything until I gave the word. I also asked him to chime in with any suggestions he had along the way, particularly if I was forgetting something.

First, appearance: Leia was beautiful, of course, but I already knew what the woman of my dreams looked like. The closest thing I'd had to pornography growing up was a pair of Victoria's Secret catalogs, both featuring the same gorgeous model. A Caucasian woman, mid-twenties, with long, dark brown, curly hair, lightly-tanned skin, and the sexiest pair of eyes I had ever seen -- gray-green, almost silver-green in color, with exotically tilted eyebrows which always reminded me of a bird in the distance. When she looked straight at the camera, her eyes appeared to be examining your soul.

I didn't know her name, and it didn't really matter. The catalogs were ten or twelve years old, and I didn't want the real model -- just a woman who resembled her. "Aide, can you create a hologram-type image, and alter it as I give you the details?" Immediately, an image of the model stood in front of me. "Let's see... shrink her breasts a bit, about a C cup (I preferred smaller breasts, and while hers weren't huge, they were still just a bit larger than I liked). Trim back that bush -- all of it off the lips, just a small triangle above the mound. Get rid of all the rest of her body hair. That's good. Remember that." The image was perfect -- she rivalled Cleopatra, or Helen of Troy, at least in my mind.

A name was easy -- I'd long ago named the model Irinna in my dreams, and decided to stick with that. Intelligence -- never settle for less than the best. I had Aide make her as intelligent as myself (I tend to score very high on IQ tests and the like, and consider myself very intelligent indeed). I told Aide to make her completely devoted to me -- her only desire was to make me happy. Sexually, she would be completely uninhibited, willing to do anything I wanted her to, and experienced in all the forms of sex.

"Is there anything else I need to consider?" I asked Aide. <What about her past -- who is she, where is she from, what's her job?> After some thought, I decided to keep it simple. "Let her know the truth -- that she was created by me for my pleasure. Make sure she's familiar with my favorite books and movies and so forth, so we'll have the same cultural references. Does that cover it?"

<What about her voice?> "Like Faith Hill's, I think."

<That covers all the basics.> "Then make it so."

I didn't jump this time. It helped that Aide didn't create her right next to me on the couch, but rather several feet away, standing near the doorway. I immediately noticed that Aide had handled one last detail -- she was dressed in an exact duplicate of the same slave costume Princess Leia had been wearing earlier.

I sucked in a breath as the most beautiful woman I'd ever seen sank to her knees in front of me. "How may I serve you, Master?"

Chapter 2: Master

Master. The word both frightened and thrilled me. For the first time in my life, I was about to learn what sex was all about, from a gorgeous woman who would do anything I wished, indulge my kinkiest, darkest desires.

Yet this same word finally brought home the implications of what my new power meant -- I was her master, she was my slave. I could use any euphemism I chose, but she was still a slave -- and so, potentially, was every other person in the world.

I put aside these thoughts for later -- right now, I just wanted to lose my virginity.

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