by Catherine Guarini

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Ma, Rape, Gay, .

Desc: Sex Story: Two boys are kidnapped for no apparent reason

Joey and Robert went to the movies with Deirdre (Joey's Mom) and Lillian (Robert's mom), when they got out of the movies. Deirdre and Lillian decided to take the boys for a little walk. As they were on their walk, they see a man in the on the sidewalk near them selling Federal Express boxes.

Down the road a trucker starts shooting at Deirdre and Lillian for no apparent reason. Lillian and Deirdre dive to the ground each grabbing one of the boys and telling them to lie down and don't move. Lillian, Deirdre and the boys play dead.

With their eyes closed Ben, the guy selling boxes grabs the two boys from underneath the woman and puts them into the trunk of the truck while the man driving the truck and the guy in the back of the truck are still shooting at the two women. Even though the guns contain only blanks the woman don't know that.

The boys, not knowing if their mothers are dead or not. Decided to tell their captives to stop shooting at their mothers and they will do anything that they says.

They stop at a gas station to get gas for their trip.

Robert says, "I have to go to the bathroom."

Ben opens the door and said, "You may go but your friend here will stay with us. Just in case you don't you try something really stupid and don't come back."

While in the bathroom Robert decided to make escape attempt, by climbing out the window, when he see that Ben not even twenty feet from by the bathroom window. Robert exits the bathroom starts running.

The truck driver while holding on to Joey's hair said to Robert, "You better stop or I will pull all of his hair out, hit him, and then killing him, and his death will be on your hands."

Robert not wanting his friend to get hurt stops running and goes back to the men reluctantly. Where the driver hits Robert with a stick leaving a red mark on his backs, and said to him, "Don't ever think of running away again. I have special plans for the both of you and I don't want to kill either of you just yet."

Robert said, shaking and crying from the pain, "What... what... are you going to... do to us?"

The truck driver says, "You will find out! Now! Get in the back of the truck, with Ben! And don't make a sound." Crazy Al and the two boys enter the cargo area of the truck. "My name is Crazy Al, but you can call me Al, and the other guy, is Ben. What are your names?"

Scared of being hit again by either of them they have no choice to tell them their names. "I... I'm Robert, and this is Joey."

"Please to meet you, both. Now! You two boys are going to take all your clothes off, and lie down on the floor of the truck, if you don't want to get hit any more."

Robert and Joey having no other choice but to listen what Al says. Taking their clothing off and put the clothes on the floor of the truck. Al takes the clothes and puts them in the cab of the truck.

Ben stops the truck in a wooded area and gets out of the drivers side and enters the cargo area, to join Al and the two boys. Ben sees that all three of them are naked and he also takes his clothes off and lays his clothing down next Al clothes.

"Excellent, now I want you two to just lie there and let Ben and me explore your bodies." Al says.

Al starts with Joey first. He starts takes hold of his dick, sliding it up and down, back and forth. He then takes it and put it in his mouth and sucks on it. Joey moans with delight. "Ohhh! Fuck! That feels sooo good. Stop! Stop! Please stop! I can't stand it anymore! Ohhh! Ohhh! Stop! Please stop! It's driving me crazy!"

Al says, "That's the whole idea. That's what it's all about. Just enjoy it."

Ben is doing the same things with Robert.

He says to himself, how are we going to get away from these two men. They might kill us after they are done with us. He than says, "What are you going to do with us after you are done with us?"

Al takes Joey roughly by the hand and drags him outside.

He says, "I want to make a proposition to you, I think that you are a really swell, sexy looking kid. I would like for you to join with us. I like you a lot. We can kidnap other kids and make them do as you will with them. I will let you think about it for a moment before we go back inside the truck."

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